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Kenosha County Eye

A Criminal History Check on Gaige Grosskreutz

Source: Greenfield Police

Gaige Grosskreutz was allegedly the third man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. The leftist media is quick to make him out to be an angel.

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Here is an objective look at his criminal history. The Wisconsin Criminal Justice system leaves a lot of ambiguity as far as conviction info, so we’ve attached the official Wisconsin Department of Justice records on Gaige. We make no assertions on what he has and has not been convicted of.

Click here to view his vast criminal history.

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Click here to view his (now expunged) Felony Burglary Criminal Complaint

*This article was updated on 1/28/2021 to include expunged Complaint link*

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  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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101 Responses

  1. How exactly is his past relevant to the situation? You people jump through all the hoops to try and control your crazy narrative.

    1. The crazy narrative is that these were “peaceful” protests. The crazy narrative is that the people attending were these great righteous people as the media would have everyone believe. Your problem is that truth about lies you want to believe is getting out.

      1. A big SO WHAT? I believe George Floyd had a criminal record. So I guess you all think what Derek Chauvin did to him was all fine and dandy.

        1. george floyd was a career criminal and a low life POS. he got caught committing a crime and all you soy boy skinny jean wearing cellar dwellers are putting him up to be a hero. its pathetic. giving that POS a heroes flag ??? making statues for him ??? are you people freaking crazy ???? good riddance to trash. the world is a better place with him gone and rosenbaum and all scum like him. thats why we need a purge. one day to go out and legally hunt crap like them down and rid the world of them.

          1. im not disagreeing with you that its insane to give a guy like that a heroes flag, or build statues of him or anything of the sort. Its funny cause in 80 years people might do the same thing were doing now and look back at this guys life and go “why the hell is their statues of this guy that was a criminal who did nothing profoundly good and is only remembered because he was killed while getting arrested committing yet another crime? Lets tear it down” we are taking down statues of men who accomplished great things and did lots of good in their lives because they weren’t perfect and might have done some unethical things we question now. I have to say though I guarantee you aren’t going around saying all that same exact stuff you just typed at your work or with friends in public or family events, which actually makes YOU the “cellar dweller”

          2. Jesse, I hear people talk like that at work, and among friends, and occasionally at family events. Not everyone works at a place full of pansy liberals. Go meet people who aren’t exactly like you. Learn how to shoot.

          3. This piece of garbage that is a stain on society is basically the same as Marquis Lloyd here in Florida. Don’t forget about the pedo that molested five underage boys and then tried to assault a seventeen year old. The only difference is Kyle had the means to stop that assault. Good will always prevail over evil………

          4. Ashli Babbit had no criminal history, had served honorably in the military, was invited in the Capital by police and Fed Roy Epps who whispered into the ear of the man who pushed the gate, starting the “riot”. Comparing her to a career criminal like this piece of human feces is pathetic, and you Godless commies will rot in Hell. We will fight you next time you fuck around. Find out.

          5. The Left doesn’t give a flying Fuck about That career criminal Floyd!! They use the Phony “Racist” narrative as the excuse to destroy our great country. So yes Rick, we need to rid our society of these COMMUNISTS!!

        2. George Floyd was attempting to pass counterfeit money(a federal felony) in order to buy booze. He got caught.
          His felonious activity brought on his death. Too bad.

        3. Grosskreutz, like Floyd, found themselves in their unfortunate situations because of their own poor decisions and patterns of criminal behavior. I’m not judging, and especially not saying anyone “deserved” anything. But neither was a bystander to their own demise.

        4. Was he a convicted felon? What are Wisconsin laws of possession of a firearm by a convicted domestic abuser? If he was a convicted felon why did he illegally have a firearm.

          1. Felons can NOT carry firearms in Wisconsin. Grosskreutz will be getting another felony coming his way, to add to his long criminal resume. He’s a lifer criminal! Grosskreutz is the one who belongs in prison. Not Rittenhouse!

          2. Regardless, he was a human piece of shit. His permit was not valid, and he is being charged for attempted murder of Kyle Rittenhouse. Godless Commies rot in hell, try and fuck around outside of your shit stain cities and see what happens to you.

        5. George Floyd was a full time criminal escaped to Minnesota to avoid paying child support for his daughter here in Houston. Derek Chauvin accidently did us all a favor by getting another violent lifetime criminal off the streets, and is the real hero. Crybaby lefties are trying to erect bronze statues of Floyd everywhere as a shining example of what they represent, but tear down statues of Abe Lincoln.

        6. The left has no standards. It slanders Kyle or any other opponent as a white supremacist even if they are black (for example Larry Elder). But I’ve never heard a leftist object that Kyle’s background has nothing to do about his guilt or innocence in this situation. You are o.k. with the phony narrative that these were peaceful protestors. You ignore the salient point that Walking on Sunshine made and you switch the subject with the spurious allegation that if people object to the false reporting about “peaceful protestors” then they are fine and dandy about police misconduct.

      2. So destroying cars and lighting fires is peaceful? Do you really want someone to take you serious? The guy beat his grandmother . What do you call violent?

        1. Anyone who treats their Grandmother that way deserves what they get. Put him in prison…..He won’t last long!

    2. Because it’s what you do that defines you. By having his criminal past revealed the jury as well a s general population will be able to reach a more righteous conclusion about him and his actions.

    3. Because a felon possession of a firearm, attempting to murder a person whom for all Gaige knew was not involved in any wrongdoing, is once again a felony and should absolutely be treated and prosecuted as such.

      1. Gaige WILL NOT be prosecuted!!!! You really THINK he didn’t demand immunity to testify???? I find it DUMBFOUNDED that some HERE think there’s NOTHING WRONG with 3 out of 3 having VIOLENT criminal records!!! As with ALL LIBTARDS….there are 2 justice systems in this nation BASED on politics…..AND THEY ARE ALL GOOD WITH THAT! Kyle NEVER should have been charge!!! PERIOD

    4. It simly shows that like Floyd, the guy is a low IQed idiot, who creates way too much misery for others. He got what he asked for.

    5. Maybe because he is a felon in possession of gun??? The fact that he is not allowed to even have one due to his violent past???

    6. It’s relevant because he’s been arrested for unlawful possession of a fire arm by a felon, so what was he doing with a handgun at a violent protest?

    7. His past is relevant because if he was convicted of a felony, it was illegal under any circumstance for him to be in possession of a firearm.

    8. Criminal past is completely relevant for the same reasons many companies won’t hire you if you have one. You have 1) demonstrated a pattern of untrustworthy behavior and 2) are the most likely to demonstrate that behavior again in the future. People should be more suspicious about a person’s involvement in the crime that night when they have a long criminal history. A person with no criminal history, and a history of community volunteering is less likely to suddenly decide to start a life of crime. While it’s certainly possible for people to make decisions to do anything at any time, a person’s history speaks to their character.

    9. Jump through hoops? ??? Who… you or me? Which one of us is pretending that criminal background checks are irrelevant in predicting future behavior? Turns out that wasn’t the first time Gaige was caught illegally concealing a firearm. That means he was on the scene with the intent to break the law. Yes. Thats totally relevant.

    10. His violent past is important for context. If he was an “angel’ then it would be easier to buy his story of going there to help as a former medic…with a gun. He has a history of aggression, violence to women and the elderly, etc.
      I agree it’s not the most important thing – the video is the best evidence in this case and it clearly shows a self defense shooting.

    11. The pesky fact is that all of these “victims” were engaged in criminal activity by engaging in violation of curfew, riot and in one case attempted arson of an occupied police vehicle which BTW under Constitutional guidelines would justify the officers using deadly force against him. Video and witness testimony shown in the trial prove these facts. The law in that state permits self defense which the testimony and video show Rittenhouse did, not the alleged criminal homicide charged. Furthermore it is a felony in every state in the nation to point a loaded gun at someone when you are not defending yourself from attack as Grosskreutz clearly did as shown in the video. It is also a fact that it is a Federal crime for a convicted felon to be in possession of a firearm. Ask yourself why, with the video evidence proving his crime, was he not charged?

    12. Gaige Grosskreutz is a felon! With a criminal history of violent behavior. Arrested 6 TIMES! The Gaige Grosskreutz is carrying a firearm ILLEGALLY! Felon’s can not carry firearms. So, yes! His violent past is relevant.

    13. It has everything to do with it. He’s a criminal w oi thought a gun yet where are charges against him for illegally possessing a firearm and attempted murder? It’s not about a narrative it’s about law. The only law Luke committed was possession of a firearm while under age. Period.

      1. Because Just before the Rittenhouse Trial the States Attorney “Expunged” his Previous Charges so he could Testify in Open Court without the Defense demanding his testimony be stricken

    14. What’s crazy is that you think a domestic violence/felon with a handgun is okay. That just shows you who the crazies are. You and your kind. The only narrative here is that your hero Gayge pointed a loaded chambered handgun at a person who then proceeded to shoot him. Only sad part is he loves to commit more crimes later.

      You all are a mental disorder that needs eradicating. You condone looting, rioting, arson, and murder, but you think we won’t defend ourselves? Lol. Yeah okay. Come at us.

    15. He’s a felon with lots of violence in his legal background, Hod only knows what this fake over actor got away with!! Hides the gun behind his back. If he was .01% legitimate the little Angel wouldn’t speak about things like he’s an expert when he sounds like a pathetic liar. Dramatic bs is Gaige. I hope working extra, extra hard to help the prosecutor his conviction in order to not get charged himself. I hope they put the felon away all on his own dramatic actions. Omg, this punk makes me ill just hearing his testimony. Loser

    16. It shows that he’s a violent dirtbag but using your logic,the prosecution’s bringing up what video games Rittenhouse played so exactly how is his past relevant to the situation? The hypocrisy of the left is beyond parody.,

    17. Your past has everything do with the present and makes you what you are today. You cannot say it is irrelevant.

    18. You are aware that having a gun while a convicted felon is illegal. Also this tells you he isn’t a good guy.

    19. >How exactly is his past relevant to the situation? You people jump through all the hoops to try and control your crazy narrative.

      Oh honey. The irony is palpable.

    20. Gaige Grosskreutz pointed a loaded gun directly at Rittenhouse. I would fear for my life. The fact He omitted that in his statement then had to admit it bc that damn high def video showed up. Then to find out facts he is a convicted felon who was in possession of a loaded gun and faces no charges mysteriously. He took over state lines from Antioch IL who has no connections to Kenosha and Kyle had family there. This case is media bias and failed to give facts.

    21. a thief, a lier and he slapped harshly and destroyed his grandmothers house
      Always evil in his blood
      My grandson beats me up. He’s dead

    22. A violent felon who had previous arrests for violent assault and weapons charges. I would say that’s relevant

    23. It’s relevant because the left is constatly slamming Kyle’s character while giving his attackers a free pass.

    24. Why does a convicted felon have a gun at all. Gaige Grosskreutz was convicted of a felon for stealing more than a $1,000 of property. So, why does a convicted felon have a gun?

    25. Actually, we are controlling the left’s narrative (The leftist media is quick to make him out to be an angel.). No one is staying he ‘should have been shot’ or ‘he deserved to be shot’, simply that the prosecuting attorney and the media have called him a hero. He is not. He was participating in destruction that night, and from his criminal record, a lot of destruction prior to then.

    26. He was a convicted felon, And according to the law, not allowed to own or possess a firearm. . Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person is a federal crime charged under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g). The crime is punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. It applies to both firearms and ammunition. This charge is commonly referred to as felon in possession, although it may be applied to people who have no prior felony conviction.

      A “prohibited person” means the crime is applicable to any of the following person:

      Convicted felon,

    27. Well that question is really silly on its face, he is a very bad hombre thats why, also, the man seems to be a police informant of some kind or other, he was caught dead to rights as a felon in possession of a loaded(chambered)pistol, which is a mandatory 5-year prison sentence, he was also intoxicated while carrying which combined with his felon in possession charge should have landed him in jail on a substantial bond release.

      I think the dates are wrong on that case as it was October of 2020 when he was stopped, unless he has two such stops, which means he would have had two felon in possession charges, both miraculously wiped away, Mind you in WI an expungement of a felony conviction does not reverse his prohibited status with a firerarm, only a pardon from the Governor restores his rights, and he has not had such. This man is an informant for WI LE at some level.

    28. Seriously?
      3 career criminals attacked and were shot!
      Propaganda machine claims upstanding citizens and victims!
      One was a serial child rapist (pre-teen) chasing / threatening a 17yo!!! (released from a mental hospital, then went directly to join the mob that was burning downtown Kenosha)
      Another has 2 domestic abuse cases!
      Sure is telling that leftys always side with such career criminal biden voters!

    29. It’s completely relevant in relation to their character. Grosskreutz mysteriously having his record expunged earlier this year after the Kyle R. incident occurred and his Felony DUI dropped prior to the hearing should be of more concern. Gaige had a history of being violent and at least 2 felonies. I thought you Progs were all about gun-control and keeping them out of the wrong hands?
      I imagine your lot would be happier seeing “3 men attending protest beat teen to death.”

    30. It’s relevent because it shows that these were no concerned citizens trying to disarm a gunman. These were psychopathic people who were looking for violence. The truth is literally the opposite of the media narrative that says Rittenhouse was looking for violence. He tried running from his attackers and only shot when cornered or knocked to the ground. Rosenbaum, Huber, Grosskreutz and “jump kick man” were ALL… (let that sink in)… ALL career criminals. They were ALL attacking a boy who was running away. They are the guilty ones, and Kyle was ONLY defending himself. That’s why it’s pertinent.

    31. Hey, fuc* stick, point your pistol at me, and get the cure to you ever feeling that righteous indignation again! Damn I hope your dumbass shows up armed and woefully unprepared to use that sidearm at next event, a real street brudda like me arr says:

      Rittenhouse! Shot at, responded with swift and deadly force, EQUAL the threat posed him.
      Rittenhouse assaulted with at least a as much attention a lot skateboathat was dr4hûgé7 to see

    32. Goes to motive.
      You don’t think if he was a pre-school teacher, married father with 2 children who attended church every Sunday that this wouldn’t have been revealed by his attorneys? Showing him as an upstanding citizen who suddenly turned violent wouldn’t have seemed very plausible. Why then with his apologists and the media making him appear to be an angel wouldn’t his criminal past be important? Goes to his mindset and motive. He was a POS before these events and he’s a POS now at the time of the trial.

    33. What a dumb comment. Past behavior is a very strong indicator of future behavior. Most criminals don’t have only ONE previous crime; and both Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz have lengthy rap sheets. If someone murders someone and then murders another, should the first murder be kept quiet? Rosenbaum’s serial pedophile crimes showed what kind of a man he was. He was thrown out of his home and a kind samaritan took him in. To repay her, he raped her children. Gaige Grosskreutz is a felon with a criminal history of violent behavior and a lengthy rap sheet. 11/17/2010 Simple Assault/Domestic Violence; 5/27/2012 Burglary of Home/Criminal Tresspass to Dwelling/Disorderly Conduct; 5/27/2013 Criminal damage to Property; 5/29/2015 DUI/Possession of FIREARM by Felon/Possession Firear m While intoxicated, Endangering Safety by the Use of Dangerous Weapon/Warrants Blew .159 while driving/Possessed Loaded Firearm While intoxicated and being a felon; 11/4/2019 Loud Noise/Obedience to Officers. Loud music and Refused to Provide Police with
      ID; 8/16/2020 Prowling, videotaping personal police officer vehicles in PD Parking Lot.” He demonstrated violence and it is obvious he had a violent streak. It is common for criminals to reoffend.

  2. Perhaps in line with this article, we should go through the 3,000 dead from the World Trade Centers. We can publish the long lists of domestic abusers, felons, DUIs, petty larsonists, deadbeat dads, the list I’m sure is extensive. And none of those people jumping, or dying on 9/11, would deserve your sympathies, we’re you to know their background, adjudicated or not. Correct? Because that Scarlet Letter is forever. Correct?

    1. PJ, you’re trying to compare people who were at work and died as the result of a terrorist attack to people who willingly attacked an individual simply for having a different opinion and protecting the property of a family friend. blm destroyed soooo many lives in 2020, lives of people who were already struggling because of democrat lockdowns. The United States was attacked repeatedly by the democratic party in 2020.

    2. PJ: It’s unbelievable that anyone could be so stupid that they wouldn’t understand the difference between Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskruetz and the 3000 innocent victims on 9/11. So let me mansplain it to you:

      The 9/11 victims, regardless of their past crimes or good deeds, were where and when they happened to be, legally going about their everyday lives. They were not rioting, burning, looting, or trying to intimidate or push radical political views on the terrorist scum who killed them. The events of 9/11 would have turned out no differently if the victims with less than perfect pasts had not been present.

      The criminal records of Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskruetz provide are evidence that these individuals never had any respect for the law, and were probably motivated to participate in the rioting out of hatred for the police who enforce the law. They were present at the riot, committing violent crimes, and made the mistake of attacking Kyle Rittenhouse, who was there to protect private property. Rittenhouse didn’t shoot until he felt that his own life was threatened by their actions. Unlike the 9/11 victims, Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskruetz brought all of this upon themselves.

    3. That is a stretch… and not even comparable. That is like comparing an apple to a rocket ship. Not even close.

    4. That is the most stupid argument ever. You compare 3000 dead victims of terrorism to a guy getting shot while pointing a loaded handgun at someone, or two other losers shot while attacking someone.

      That speaks volumes to the scumbags that support these convicted pedophiles and domestic violence perpetrators. You are a disgusting foul individual and I pray that you get to meet a suitable ending to your disgusting miserable life.

    5. Wow. Apples and oranges.
      The people on 9/11 didn’t chase down and assault an armed person who rightfully defended themselves.
      Strange how you reconcile 3 grown men who are felons, one a pedophile, and 2 of them, domestic abusers, for chasing down and assaulting a teen.

  3. How is this relevant asks one commenter. Well, Grosskreutz is a felon and was illegally in possession of a firearm that he intended to use on KR per his own statements to friends. The media trying to portray him as an innocent paramedic is complete bullsh*t and in reality exactly what KR was doing in Kenosha that night.

    This entire ordeal happened due to KR putting out a dumpster fire that Rosenbaum, a convicted pedophile, wanted to push into a gas station. This angered Rosenbaum who then riled up other rioters and started chasing KR. around the time Rosenbaum caught up and tripped KR, an unidentified individual can be seen firing a gun in the general direction of KR. Rosenbaum attempted disarming KR and was killed. Anthony Huber continued the chase, KR was tripped up and Huber then slammed a skateboard onto KR’s head and subsequently lost his life for it.

    Anyone who watches the full video evidence of what occurred and comes away thinking the felons chasing KR are innocent victims don’t live in reality.

  4. Kyle traveled to another state with a deadly weapon to start a fight and to kill people. He is not brave, he is stupid. He is not a hero, he is a murderer. The people who continue to sing his praise need to do a reality check and ask themselves if they would be doing the same thing if it was a liberal shooting two conservative protesters. If not, then you aren’t fighting for justice at all.

    1. Look here’s the thing everyone who Has a carry permit and wants to stop a shooter needs to take from this story. Don’t point at him and try to talk him don’t. Take him down. That way you don’t end up disfigured or dead. He was lucky the kid stopped there. Now whether he was innocent or not I will let the jury of his peers decide that. Glad I’m not on that case

    2. First off, he never travelled with a weapon. 2. He did not start any fights. 3. He is much braver than anyone who would slander his name with the video evidence that is available for review. 4. He is not a murderer, murder implies that he was out to kill someone with prejudice, which this situation clearly did not present. Self defense is not in any way/shape/form; murder. The guy who got shot in the arm is a complete pile of bovine excrement, as noted by his criminal record, lengthy as it is. The other two that were flat out murked deserved it as well. Anyone who diddles kids deserves far worse than a timely dispatching at the end of a firearm. I’m glad that you consume all of the leftist talking points that make you seem as smart as a sack of hammers, but hey; without examples like you we wouldn’t have anything to point at later and use as an example.

    3. If you have watched the video footage and actually believe what you are saying, you have to be the stupidest MFer in the world.

    4. That is the most stupid argument ever. You compare 3000 dead victims of terrorism to a guy getting shot while pointing a loaded handgun at someone, or two other losers shot while attacking someone.

      That speaks volumes to the scumbags that support these convicted pedophiles and domestic violence perpetrators. You are a disgusting foul individual and I pray that you get to meet a suitable ending to your disgusting miserable life.

  5. Hey @HangKyleTwice You are a compete fcktard. He did travel in to protect local businesses from radical a55hats like Grossboi and his buddies. Kyle put out a dumpster fire that they (the liberals) were going to push into a gas station. This angered them so they chased him down. If Kyle was hellbent on causing harm, why was he even trying to get away in the first place? He would have mowed more down at the gas station if that were the case. And, as for conservative protestors, they wouldn’t be trying to set a gas station on fire. Of course they would get charged and jailed for almost a year just by being there.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I have questions about Grosskreutz being a felon in possession of a firearm the night he got his arm “vaporized”. I see that this burglary charge, making him a felon, for which he was previously charged with felon in possession of a firearm when arrested for DUI.

    I can’t find anything to show why his burglary charge was expunged. I guess that would raise the question whether or not he again violated the felon in possession of a firearm that night. Any answers?

  7. If s/he was defending him/herself from harm, then yes, I would defend them. However, you have a lot of misinformation in your comment. Kyle did not bring a deadly weapon across state lines. He did not go to Wisconsin to start a fight and kill people, and he did not kill two protesters but rioters who were trying to harm him. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, then you need to use facts instead of quoting junk media.

  8. Why was a convicted felon from another state there with a loaded hand gun and pointing it at Rittenhouse?

  9. Let’s see, woke leftists have no comments or criticisms about antifa d-bags who came to Kenopsha to terroize innocent people (most of antifa come from dysfunctional backgrounds and many have serious criminal histories and were in possession of lethal weapons) Antifa punks do this to “protest” other punk criminals who resist lawful arrests. Kyle comes to Kenosha to help protect a car dealership, gets attacked by leftist criminal freaks (among them a convicted child molester!) who literally chase him down the road trying to murder him. It’s all on video for God’s sake! And Grosskreutz all but admitted it under cross examination, conceding he pointed a loaded pistol at Kyle’s head while he was on the ground.WTF? What is wrong with you people? Are you so filled with hate that self-delusion completely overcomes you? Or are you just evil liars?

  10. What should concern all of us, is why no criminal charges have been brought against this guy. He has a history of illegal firearm use, had no valid license, is a convicted felon, which disallows him of firearm ownership. the question is why hasn’t the district attorney charge him????? when we live in a country where our government chooses to prosecute based on a political agenda, we are screwed as country. If we cant trust our justice/legal system, to do the right thing, we have nothing,

  11. Gee, where’s the “me too” crowd with this violent girlfriend-stalking douchebag? Or MADD and the Brady Handgun people with this drunken gun-toting douchebag? Oh, right, he’s a leftist so he gets a pass.

  12. He even said he was sorry he didn’t kill Kyle.
    He should be charged with attempted murder.
    He admitted it.

  13. George held a loaded weapon to a pregnant women’s belly during the comission of a robbery, we’re all just sorry it wasn’t your family!

  14. >How exactly is his past relevant to the situation? You people jump through all the hoops to try and control your crazy narrative.

    Oh honey. The irony is palpable.

  15. Anyone know when his felony was expunged? Was it before or after the shooting? Was it a situation where the prosecutor’s office was cleaning up their witness?

  16. The Left will shout Gaige Grosskreutz’s criminal record does not matter to the issue of self defense being litigated, but shout at the top of their lungs falsely accusing Kyle Rittenhouse of being a white supremacist. To the Left, you just shout that anyone who opposes the Left is the “far right” to rationalize Leftist violence. Any protester who is peaceful should leave a riot so the police can handle their fellow protestors who are rioting. If this was a peaceful protest assaulted by a white supremacist gunman, it would be a sin to mention Gaige Grosskreutz’s criminal record. That is not the case.

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