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Kenosha Parks Committee To Mull Memorial Tree and Plaque For Violent Felon Who Was Killed By Kyle Rittenhouse

Anthony Huber

The career violent criminal and felon, Anthony Huber might have a memorial tree planted and plaque installed at Kenosha’s Anderson Park. That is, if the all-democrat parks committee approves the request with at least 3 votes.. The request was made on April 5, 2022 by Huber’s girlfriend Hannah Gittings who lives in Spring Grove, IL

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We’ve all seen the photos and videos. While Kyle was running towards police, violent protesters attacked. One man drop-kicked Kyle. Huber struck Kyle in his head with a skateboard. Anthony Huber lived a life of severe violence and crime. He was given several chances in life to change course. With his most serious conviction, the Judge showed him some undeserved mercy and sentenced him to probation. He later had his probation revoked and went to prison for new crimes.

In 2012, Huber held a 6-inch-long butcher knife to his brothers neck and violently attacked him. He told his brother he was going to “gut him like a pig.” He choked his brother and dug his nails into his neck. His brother could not breath for 10 seconds. He then stabbed him in the ear. He then threatened to burn the house down and kill his mother, grandmother and siblings. Huber left on his skateboard.

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In 2017, Huber was in an argument with his sister. His mother called the police and told them that “(Huber) has a history of abusive behavior.” He Karate kicked her and she fell down in pain. He told the police that it wasn’t “wrong” to hurt his sister.

These are just two examples of his violence. Here is a look at his troubling arrest history:

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Kenosha Police 2012-3906

Domestic Battery
Domestic Disorder Conduct

Kenosha Police N135455

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Consume Possess Alcohol Unauthorized Person

Kenosha Police N136026 and N1316027

Disorderly Conduct and Vandalism

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Kenosha Police 2012-10622

Second Degree Reckless Endangering Safety – Felony
Strangulation and Suffocation – Felony
False Imprisonment – Felony
Domestic Battery – Use of a Weapon

Kenosha Sheriff 2015-2314

Possess Drug Paraphernalia

Kenosha Sheriff 2017-12504

Domestic Battery  Repeater – Felony
Domestic Disorderly Conduct Repeater – Felony
Resist Officer Repeater

Click here to read more of his criminal history.

The Parks Committee meets tonight, Monday April 25, 2022 at 5pm. The parks committee is chaired by Eric Haggard (D) and the panel is expected to pass the measure. The other Aldermen on the committee are Jan Michalski (D), Rollin Pizzala (D) Kelly Mackay (D), and Rocco Lamacchia (D). All five of these Aldermen ran unopposed this past April. None of the five committee members return our request for comment.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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78 Responses

  1. Ive got a GREAT pic of a dead skateboarder taken from the trial that Facebook permanently banned me for sending it through messenger.
    Ill make sure that picture is attatched to the tree and pissed on.
    Career criminal got what he had coming.

  2. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. How on earth can anyone, even a Democrat, think that’s ok? The guy was a criminal. He does NOT deserve a memorial in one of our public parks. If this goes through and my kids ask about it when they see it, I’ll tell them the city government apparently thinks it’s ok to glorify criminals. So very sad…

  3. Beyond stupid, to put it mildly. I like previous commenter’s suggestion re: picture of Huber after he
    was shot – make a big placard of it and put that up instead. If they go through with a “plaque,” they
    better not be surprised if it’s vandalized.

  4. Scrap that idea! The only plaque, or better yet, a monument that should be placed there, is one remembering our feckless Governor Tony Evers for the chaos and destruction that occurred for failing to even lift a finger to stop the violence from occurring. Evers should have been the one on trial, not Rittenhouse.
    Placing a tree & plaque for a career felon and an imported riot actor to participate in his trade to degrade and destroy Kenosha is a BAD idea.

    1. Dave Beth had ALL the authority he needed as Sheriff to prevent the city from burning. Blame Evers too if you want but the first weak link was a weak Sheriff. I wish he cared as much about Kenosha and it’s citizens as he does about being big shot at country thunder.

      1. Go ahead and chastize me for posting and expressing MY opinion. But remember, you’re as bad as the Liberals when you step on anyone’s 1st Amendment Rights.
        You can better express YOUR opinion separately.

          1. Oops, error in talk-to-text on my comment. Should be:

            Let her put a tree up on HER own property and dedicate it to this thug.

        1. Let the citizens of the town vote on it then. The woman who wants the tree installed doesn’t even live in Wisconsin. She lives in Illinois. Let her put a tree up on our own property to celebrate this thug.

    2. What in God’s name are you thinking.. they burn the city down, looting etc and you want a tree in his name.
      I’ve got a good Psychiatrist for you too

      1. Who even thought this was ok to plant a tree for someone that was in our town to destroy it. Did you forget all the buildings that were burned down. Let’s plant a tree for this are you insane.

    3. The people of Kenosha cannot possibly think this is okay. If nothing is done to stop this, I’ll know I was wrong and Kenosha is the new arsehole of the US (Reno will thank you). Give us all an idea where to build another wall.

      Shut down this dumb idea. The GF is likely “in the system” herself – tell her to pound sand.

      Replace the current Parks Committee dandied ASAP

  5. This committee should have their brains removed from their respective arses. Duh, the guy was a criminal. What next Al Capone, John Dillinger or Jeffrey Dalmer? A better idea, make it a fire hydrant where people walk their dogs! Useful and more appropriate.

    1. This is absolutely ridiculous that you are even considering planting a tree commemorating a convicted felon who was in Kenosha in 2022 to engage in looting and rioting. What about we the the people, the people of Kenosha who lost their businesses , many of which still are not open and may not ever be. What have you done for us? This wrong is right, up is down, backwards way of thinking is destroying us. It has to stop.

  6. Please make sure all the yea vote signatures appear on the plaque, thus preserving this stupidity for generations !!

  7. Absolute insanity!! Waste of time even considering giving this criminal a memorial. It’s time to stop rewarding felons & criminals! I urge people to call to voice their opinions ASAP! Tell them to deny!!!

  8. That chick is an absolute idiot. Odds are he mistreated her. She’s just trying to pretend he was a good person.

    If this ‘memorial’ gets approved you folks in Kenosha need to step up. Heck…you need to anyway. Your town is nuts! Not that mine is much better. Our cops beat a kid to death a while back and officials get away with drunk driving and stealing money.

    1. Odds are she just is an attention whore and has loved all the sympathy and feelings that have come her way since this happened….another professional “victim”.

  9. The lack of compassion and empathy from this thread is astounding. While sitting here demeaning and demoralizing, I truly hope you are not thinking about Christ-as I am yet to see a very Christian comment come from anyone on here. Christ believed in compassion, loving thy neighbor, and forgiveness. What I see here is HATRED, LOATHING, and HARBORING of Ill feelings toward another human being. Before throwing stone, I sure hope your house is not made of glass and that you are keeping your side of the street clean! May you all be blessed and learn some humility!

    1. Bill, exactly and thank you, the person wanting to plant the tree purchases it and she has ever right to do so. Just as these so called “disciple’s of Christ” say they have the right to spew hatred here and elsewhere I’m sure.

      One of these aldermen lost their daughter to a criminal and has a tree growing in honor of her down by Lake Michigan. She, Kelly and their family are true victims. I hope that ia all remembered and I have sympathy for Kelly. But he is also a Bernie Sanders supporter, which means he is also a communist.
      So who knows how he will vote on this.
      Hannah doesnt know it or wasnt smart enough to realize it, but she would eventually would have been a victim of Anthony’s that is clear as day.

      If a plaque is placed at the skate park it is close enough to the dog park that it could be covered in dog doo everyday. Im betting the police wouldnt be monitoring it much considering how Anthony felt about law enforcement.

    3. There is a number of places to install a memorial plaque or plant a tree. If the city didn’t want to scrutinize every application there would not be an approval process.

  10. Huber was not a citizen of Kenosha and neither is the girlfriend. Why put a memorium in Kenosha? I for one feel this is TOTALLY unnecessary. Taxpayer money spent to honor a man with a criminal history such as his? Let the girlfriend or his family do something in his honor in their hometown…this does not belong in Kenosha.

  11. Wow, Mr Matthewson. First of all, I’d love to extend the invitation for a live dialogue between you & I sometime. I have many questions that I’ve been dying to ask you for a long time, and clearly based off of the amount of misleading and false information in this opinion piece of yours, you might have some for me as well.
    I’d like to start by highlighting a few hypocrisies based around your claim to be a “disciple of Christ”, because as one commenter stated above, your abhorrent behavior is anything but Christlike, sir. James 2:10 says “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.” Did you not incite, in your own words, a “call to arms” to defend the city of Kenosha using firearms? I personally saw many posts and comments in the Kenosha Guard event page blatantly calling for and planning to shoot and kill protestors. I’m fairly certain that God himself said to his children (ahem, that would be you) “Thou shalt not murder”. What’s that about, Mr Matthewson? 1 Corinthians 8:13 says “Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble.” Personally, I would say that your call to arms certainly caused many other of your brothers to stumble on their paths to righteousness (aka, caused them to break the law, which you are apparently staunchly against).

    Another relevant passage from your favorite scriptures: Hebrews 12:14 – “Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Do you strive for peace, Mr Matthewson? Or do you strive for division? Do you strive to cause as much chaos and hate as you can possibly sow among the people in your reach? I have never seen a single productive post or action from you. I have never seen a message from you that wasn’t full of hatred, lies, and promotion of conflict.

    This is indeed an opinion piece, and you are indeed entitled to your opinion. As am I. And in my opinion, it is incredibly unnecessary for you to chime in on this subject trying to highlight my partners criminal history as reason for him not to be deserving of a goddamn memorial tree at one of his favorite places in Kenosha, a city he was in fact born and raised in, unlike you. I feel that your day to become a person with a criminal history is coming, given you incited a violent and ultimately murderous militia presence in Kenosha on Aug 25th, 2020. But who knows, plenty of people commit crimes and get away with them every day. However that doesn’t make them any less guilty of committing crimes than those who are convicted of them, now does it?

    My question to you regarding this article is: what’re you trying to achieve here? Anthony Huber is dead, and Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted and free. What do you stand to gain from publishing this opinion on your page? What exactly is the Kenosha County Eye’s mission statement? Because based on your lack of stance on a mission statement, and the content of nearly every one of your published articles, your mission seems to be just to stir the pot and cause as much division as humanly possible. That’s a little concerning.

    In light of keeping the door open to civil conversation and maybe potential future dialogue between us ever happening, I’ll refrain from my instinct to you remind you that MY opinion piece in response to this one would be called “Why Kevin Matthewson is the Largest, Smelliest Shitstain in the Yellowed, Ages Old, Holey Briefs that is the City of Kenosha”, but instead tell you that I actually am a huge fan of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and have a wonderful relationship with him, and that although I despise your actions, I still have LOVE for you and am willing to talk face to face with you ANY time in the hopes of bridging the gap between you, and my partner and I, and really get to the bottom of your unadulterated hatred for us. ????

    1. Hi Miss Gittings! I appreciate the long, thought out message. Since your comment is lengthy and genuine I want to take the time to respond to you and it may not be until tomorrow. I am always willing to speak face to face to anybody.

    2. Your dead, moronic, idiotic, skateboard boyfriend got exactly what he had coming. Shows up to a gun fight with a skateboard, clearly not an Einstein and certainly no hero.
      You, sweetheart, were probably on the list to be his next victim. You didnt even know him long enough to have good insight and clealy blinded by love because based on his picture of laying on a gurney…….ugh.
      Kenosha and the world is a better place due to were dead skateboard guy and Rosenbaum currently reside.
      GO AWAY!?

    3. hannah- i did read again what you claim you wrote- which has grammatical errors.
      my favorite words you placed in your idiotic rant is ” my partners criminal history”,
      correct- he was your partner- not your husband- HE DID NOT LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU HIS WIFE- you are 100% irrelevant. you should devote time to learning how to write and speak english properly instead of going to bat for a career criminal who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse. go find that fat ass aunt of his and go cry on her shoulder.

    4. Ms. Gittings. Sorry for the delay. Here is my response:

      In the beginning of Jesus’ ministry He told his disciples, “Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: and salute no man by the way.” Lk 10:4. However at the end of His ministry He encouraged His disciples to arm themselves.

      “And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Lk 22:35,36.

      The times had changed and the Lord wanted His disciples to protect themselves.

      In addition, when Mr. Huber positioned himself as a person seeking to violate someone’s human rights, namely Kyle Rittenhouse, by imposing bodily harm upon Kyle, Anthony became a criminal of the law. Thus Rom 13:1 – 4 applies and Anthony should be exempt from receiving any form of recognition for violating the law.

      You have a passive view of what true Christianity is about. Jesus Christ was NOT passive, timed nor compromising concerning His stand on truth. You claim to be a follower of Christ, but refer to me as a large, smelly shitstain.

      By the way, the reference used concerning James 2:10, has absolutely nothing to do with my posting, “A Call to bear arms or to Defend the city.” Any person with any common sense is fully aware of the need to protect themselves. That is why we have the 2nd Amendment.

      You cited I Cor 8:13. Paul the Apostle was referring to, “Getting the Gospel out.” In other words, “If a person had the belief that eating meat would keep them from receiving the Lord Jesus Christ, then Paul would NOT eat meat in front of them”

      My desire to protect the innocent people of the City was not an immoral decision. We will all have to face Christ one day. I fear God. I always strive to do better. 847-924-7285 is my cell phone. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee any time.


      1. I wonder if you’re this diligent to vet the criminal histories of every application for a memorial tree or bench that comes through, or just Anthonys because you pander to a certain agenda.

        You’re acting as if this is a monument or statue dedicated to Anthonys actions the night of Aug the 25 2020 (which, for the record, did NOT include ANY rioting, looting, arson of any kind or, up until he confronted the shooter, violence.) No, this is a memorial tree planted in remembrance of his life, which despite your misinformed opinions, was not exclusively comprised of the events which led him to catch a felony charge. I realy fail to see how a tree will ever come to negatively impact yours or anyones lives in the city of Kenosha.

        Jesus also spoke of righteous anger, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to be angry, but do not sin in your anger. You’re going out of your way to cause myself and Anthony’s loved ones further pain and resurfacing of trauma, for what reason? what righteous reason is there for that? Like I said, no one is asking anyone to worship or pay their respects to the tree, or Anthonys life. The only semi-feasible reason you’ve given as to why this is wrong is because of the “example it would set”? Do you honestly think anyone is going to see this tree and think “hmm this dead guy has a tree in his memory, i think i’ll go commit some crimes so I can get one too!”? And even if that is your reason, then I hope you’ll do your due diligence as a concerned citizen to go through every single memorial tree and bench in the city, and make sure that none of those people had criminal backgrounds either. How about “Remove the log from your own eye before you point out the speck in your brothers.” Are you without sin? Is any sin greater than another?

        I have plenty of righteous anger myself, Mr Matthewson. But i don’t feel hatred towards the person who murdered my partner, nor his loved ones, nor anyone who contributed to the circumstances leading up to this incredibly horrifying event, including YOU. I don’t go out of my way to find opportunities to make any of these folks life more difficult. We don’t want any more pain or suffering, we want to remember Anthony Huber for who he was to us, and we’ll do that with or without a tree, make no mistake.

        I don’t hate you, but i do find you to be incredibly disrespectful and vile in your words and your actions. I see no love emanating from anything you do or say, thus far at least. I’m not perfect by any means either, but i do try my best to make the world a less shitty and horrible place when i can. So i’ll shoot you a message sometime this week so we can get together and try to find some common understanding to end this unnecessary hatred that continues to fuel the falling apart of our city, country, and world. As long as that’s our mutual goal, and it can be done on both ends with baseline respect, im happy to do it.

        1. hannah- i just though of the perfect way to solve this tree thing for huber- ride all around kenosha- find the most beautiful piece of real estate you fancy- buy the land- plant as many trees as you want-you can even spell his name out in hedges- then donate it to the city of kenosha as a park. in my hometown- there are 3 parks here that my kin folk did exactly that- donated the parks to the county(our town is not incorporated)- there is a plaque that tells about my kinfolk and the donations of the parks. if you do not have the money- just do like kyle rittenhouse did- he got folks to donate lots and lots of money to help him. since huber was such a fine upstanding citizen of kenosha- i am confident you would have loads of folks donating piles of money to procure the land for you to donate to kenosha in honor of huber!
          i am such a fart smeller- ooops- i meant smart fellow- that i solved this for you!

      2. Kevin don’t bother with this scammer subversive. She’s playing the sympathy card and is herself a lowlife who abandoned her baby, cheated on her husband and ‘got around’ quite extensively.

    5. Is it true you were only with him 4 weeks and started a go fund me that raised $150,000 and you kept it all?

  12. hannah- who wrote this for you? i assumed your proficiency was fuc*ing & smacking gum- i had no idea you could construct a sentence. did huber ever confide in you he was a jew? i would assume not with the scripture you are deciding to parade about. here in the south we say you should practice what you preach. before you elect to pick and choose the words of Jesus Christ- my southern Baptist lord and savior- gather the true facts.
    this tree idea is so retarded- if it is planted- i hope it dies like hubers’ dumb ass died. thank you kyle- you did such a good deed to rid this earth of such a vile creep.
    i love you Kevin- i applaud your hard work- keep it up!

  13. To Hannah, Your loss is real. I am sorry for your loss. I wish you the best in your future and you will have one. You may not win this battle. That is okay. The people of Kenosha were very severely traumatized by the riots. Let’s be honest. Anthony’s behavior was very threatening and he assaulted a man that was down and vulnerable. He very well could have killed Kyle and that is why he is not here today. If you live by the sword, you very well may die by the sword. What you are asking is opening up a huge community wound. They will not support honoring a criminal. I don’t support honoring him either, but I don’t mean you any harm. I pray you find peace and true love and are healed of this trauma.

  14. Nate informed me about this an hour ago. Our Secret Service is so lame they can’t vet Gaige K.from shaking ands with Biden. It doesn’t surprise me at all the Parks Committee would even consider this, it’s Kenosha. Just look at the decision makers. We came to the conclusion the the city should consider renaming Sheridan Rd. To Kyle Rittenhouse Dr. and just before KR build a shooting range where residents may obtain the skills Rittenhouse demonstrated. Sees like a more worthy goal than this tree idea.

  15. i just now saw the tree hannah is asking for is a dogwood tree- wow. the cross Jesus carried and was nailed to was made from a dogwood tree. and huber was a jew- imagine that.
    and somewhere in one of the above comments- a concerned person was knowledgeable enough to point out the fact that neither hannah or huber are from kenosha. i would assume that hannah owns zero real estate and pays no taxes in any town, county, or state.

    1. My cousin responded best saying, “She (Hannah) is trying to force her version of events and memorialize it -truth be damned! She is free to plant a tree in her own backyard.

  16. You all are disgusting sick individuals and actually know nothing about Anthony or his life. Go fuck yourselves. Disrespectfully

    1. I know everything i need to know about that scumbag! I would gladly piss all over a memorial dedicated to him. Play stupid games win stupid prizes! BTW i only mean that is most disrespectful way possible!

    2. Rittenhouse rules!

      We are going to plant a tree in honor of Kyle’s actions right in the middle of the park across the street from the courthouse.
      Come try to stop us!

    3. i know all i need to know about huber
      1) he was a pew
      2) he had an ugly girlfriend named hannah
      3) he had a fat aunt that enabled him(she is almost as ugly as hannah)
      4) he was a career criminal
      5) he failed when he attempted to kill kyle rittenhouse with his stupid skateboard
      6) he is burning in hell

  17. Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared for defending himself from his attackers and furthermore the long criminal history of Mr. Huber is indicative of someone who was not a good member of society, but rather a dangerous and violent sociopath who preyed upon society and even his own family. This individual should not be celebrated by investing public monies in any type of memorial what-so-ever.

  18. What the fuck is wrong with these leftists? They are beyond redemption and the only cure is THE BIG SLEEP.

  19. Eric Haugaard is the Director of Product Technology at Cree Lighting. Hit them up on facebok and twitter.

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