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World War II Vet Celebrates 97th Birthday in Kenosha

World War II veteran Carlton Stanton poses for a photo with, clockwise from left, friend Rick Bose, Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman and state Sen. Robert Wirch, during a Friday celebration of Stanton’s 97th birthday at the American Heroes Café at Festival Foods in Kenosha.
(All Photos By Joe Potente)

A member of Kenosha County’s waning population of World War II veterans was honored on the eve of his 97th birthday Friday at the American Heroes Café at Festival Foods in Kenosha.

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Carlton Stanton served in the U.S. Navy as a Morse code operator from May 1944 to May 1946, spending most of his enlisted time serving in the Philippines.

Carlton Stanton stands while friends and Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman sing “Happy Birthday” to him Friday at the American Heroes Café at Festival Foods in Kenosha. Stanton, who will turn 97 on April 25, is a member of Kenosha County’s dwindling population of World War II veterans.

A native of Barnerville, N.Y., Stanton and his family moved to Kenosha in 1965, as he pursued his career in retail management for the Ben Franklin store chain. Stanton and his late wife, Dorthy, were married for 65 years and raised four children. He now also has six grandchildren, two step-grandchildren and five (soon to be six) great-grandchildren.

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The cake served as part of a surprise celebration of World War II veteran Carlton Stanton’s 97th birthday.

Stanton reflected on his World War II service in a 2021 interview in which he described his role as a radioman in the Phiippines.

“All the time I was there, I never received a message in English, with one exception. That’s when the war was over; I received a message in English. It was all coded messages. I would just sit there four hours at a time, copying code. We never knew what we were copying. As soon as we copied it, we handed it to a lieutenant behind us, and they decoded it. We never knew what it was.”

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Today, Stanton is a regular attendee of the Heroes Café gatherings each Friday at Festival, and Friday’s celebration of his birthday — which is April 25 — came as a pleasant surprise.

Amid the celebration, Stanton received a commendation from state Sen. Robert Wirch and Rep. Tod Ohnstad, and a proclamation from County Executive Samantha Kerkman, who declared it Carlton Stanton Day in Kenosha County.

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More than 77 years removed from the end of the war, Kenosha County Veterans Services Director Ali Nelson estimates there are fewer than 30 World War II veterans still living in Kenosha County.

“This is why it’s so important for us to take every day and celebrate every veteran that we have on their special day,” Kerkman said. “Carlton, thank you so much for your service to our country.”

World War II veteran Carlton Stanton poses for a photo with, clockwise from left, friend Rick Bose, Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman and state Sen. Robert Wirch, during a Friday celebration of Stanton’s 97th birthday at the American Heroes Café at Festival Foods in Kenosha.
State Sen. Robert Wirch reads a commendation honoring World War II veteran Carlton Stanton in honor of his 97th birthday. Looking on is County Executive Samantha Kerkman, who also presented a proclamation declaring it Carlton Stanton Day in Kenosha County.
World War II Navy veteran Carlton Stanton joins in a singalong at Friday’s American Heroes Café gathering at Festival Foods in Kenosha, flanked by fellow veterans Rick Bose and Dick Stader.
Fellow World War II veterans Carlton Stanton, left, and Tom Van Dahm pose for a photo at Friday’s American Heroes Café gathering at Festival Foods in Kenosha. The weekly event this week included a surprise celebration of Stanton’s 97th birthday. Van Dahm’s 99th birthday was celebrated at the café in February.



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Embattled Director Of Women’s Shelter Drops Lawsuit That Was Allegedly Filed Illegally

The embattled director of Women and Children’s Horizons dropped a lawsuit yesterday, two weeks after it was filed, and only 10 days after KCE published an article alleging she was practicing law without a license. According to a 8-count findings document outlining an investigation into misconduct, Paine was disbarred May 20, 2023. The documents says in part, “After proceedings conducted pursuant to [Michigan Supreme Court Rules], the panel found, based on [Paine’s] admissions to all of the

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Man Who Escaped Kenosha Prison In July Captured In Milwaukee County, Was In Possession of Firearm

On July 26, 2023 a State Prison inmate named Parish Eckford escaped from a Kenosha Prison. This is a State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Facility and not associated with the Sheriff’s Department jail. Eckford was serving a 16-year prison sentence for the following convictions in Milwaukee Circuit Court: Eckford was scheduled to be released the month he escaped. He previously served 5 years for armed Robbery. The prison, is a minimum security prison that is

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54 Responses

  1. Hardly recognized Bob Wirch without a mask on. He always likes being in the photos thinking he is relevant. He is everything that those men thought they were fighting against. I’ll ever forget this piece of shit hiding in Illinois to avoid voting on Act 10.

    “We defeated the wrong enemy.”
    – General George S. Patton

    (In fairness these guys didn’t know any better.)

  2. If you have to choose between the far left, or the far right it seems obvious unless one has cow shit for brains.

    Love for America, faith, family, hard work, personal responsibility, 2nd Amendment, law and order, smaller government……

    VS. crime, drugs, immorality, government control, welfare, white christian hatred, racial warfare/intermarriage, perpetual victim brainwashing, transgender cult, handful of liberal billionaires keeping the poor in poverty.

    Congratulations Robert Wirch .
    Your democrat party is completely fucked with the next economic collapse.

  3. Does Kerkman actually fucking do anything but photo ops all day long? I’m sick of seeing her….especially considering she seems to be doing shitty in her new position.

    1. Oh the horrors!! Samantha went to an event honoring a WWII vet on a Saturday afternoon. Quick, get the torches and pitch forks, doesn’t she know she should be in her office…doing things….on a Saturday…????

      1. Agree. Its important to be at functions such as these to mix it up with the local community. It keeps her relevant while also hearing feedback from locals that are the backbone of our community. Protecting corruption like Ted Kmiec is not good though Samantha!! You know better.

        I would rather see Samantha at functions like this than seeing traitors like Dave Beth taking knees with BLM and serving coffee and doughnuts to the likes of BLM or standing in front of that shit hole church on 60th street that pushes communist (Jew) agenda. (The one that the guy playing Biden visited where the young black female talked from her heart rather than read the postcard that was given to her to read.)

        Which reminds me: Has Zoerner or county board done anything to investigate the politicians like Dave Beth, Michael Gravely that allowed our city to be burned? Those events were way too coordinated to be grass roots and heads need to roll for it.
        Anyone here have any info to share on whether ban investigation is taking place?

      2. Are you sure she didn’t hear there was going to be a bunch of horny sailors getting together and ran straight there?

    2. Matthewson was apparently going to do an article on her first year in office, but I’m guessing she bought him off. Either that, or Decker squashed his plan.

      1. You need to get your head examined if you think KM seems like the type that would be “bought off” by the likes of Kerkman, Decker or anyone for that matter.

        Im sure he’s busy like anyone with a work ethic right now.

  4. The only thing standing between decent people and millions of thug, America hating young felons/ university brainwashed shitheads and liberal millionaires are we the gun owners. If/when we are ever granted complete control again we need a Putin like strategy to crush the liberals once and for all. Force all of the Lexus liberals to serve the minorities, poor and disenfranchised that will all be sectioned off within their own communities. Americans are already more segregated now than when MLK was alive proving that all of the social engineering was simply a big lie. Give the liberals a true taste of what its like to live with and among all of the people they profess to want to help so much. Wall Street bankers, lawyers, media moguls,
    union busters, multimillionaire small business owners, professional type liberals/professors need to be the first ones to have their faces rubbed in the shit for how they completely fucked up the United States. During the French Revolution the country experienced intermittent, severe basket shortages for heads when the nationalists took power. If things do not begin to change soon, unfortunately we could see a repeat episode of something like this in the United States in my opinion.

    1. There is no political solution at this point.

      However Trump will be ushered in to look like a savior and most people are going to fall for it like they did with the plandemic and his operation “Warp Speed” (war seed) where war was declared not militarily but against citizens of the world by their governments. He will run against “evil” like trans story time, lockdowns, migrants, inflation. Ukraine $$ all to get that support again. And again, good people will do nothing because they’ll think Trump will “Save America” or “Make America Great Again”. All too predictable at this point.

      Trump wants to get the guns before any due process (red flag laws). He is recorded saying this. He must stand with Israel because they are his puppet masters and he couldn’t stand without their strings and as long as we have guns, they can’t destroy us and lock us down like they did nearly every where else in the world.

      Note it.

  5. Real American hero.Wirch not so much.Probably a free lunch included. Kevin I know you need to pay the bills but your ads and pop ups suck!

    1. Wirch has had a free lunch for years on the backs of the taxpayers. Does he show up if there isn’t a free lunch.

      Best analogy I’ve ever heard was a local businessman comparing him to the Loch Ness monster. He shows up for an occasional photo and then you don’t see him again.

    2. Use DuckDuck go App on your phone and you don’t get all that pop up shit. I like the ads, let’s me know which businesses are patriots in our area.

  6. Wirch is a poster child for term limits. He’s milked a salary and per diem out of the taxpayers way too long.

  7. God Bless all those World War II Veterans and for serving our country! I am sure they saw much more than they wanted back in those days of combat!!

    All these people on here talking politics, lets not forget the real reason that Kevin wrote this article!!

    Happy 96th Birthday to this War hero and truly, thank you for your service along with all the other Veterans amongst us!!

    1. Imagine how great things would have been if Germany would have won WW2 and if the Americans would have teamed with Germany.

      This country is turning to shit. Look at South Africa now to see what will be the United States in the next 50-100 years. That’s where it’s headed.


  8. It doesn’t take much to destroy a country from within.
    Half of all the “hate crimes” in America are supposedly committed against Jews.
    Is a discussion of Jewish power and influence in America a “hate crime”
    My own experiences with Jews has been quite entertaining.
    In my opinion they seem hyper sensitive, complaining and always the victim.
    I have found many, especially from NYC to be neurotic, paranoid and aggressive.
    Many I have known are in therapy which in my opinion is like a religion to them.
    It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize how much American wealth they possess.
    What good will all their money be if the country collapses…..Germany 2.0
    If so much of the world hated my people perhaps I might react the same way.
    Not sure where the Jews will travel to next if America collapses ?
    If they kill the goose that laid the golden egg who will want them ?
    One thing is for certain.
    Jews have the money, power and political influence to make America much better.
    The question is whether or not they will only help themselves, or help all of us.
    Please pray for America.

    1. You sir get it!

      They haven’t been kicked out of 109 countries for nothing. If
      they get the guns, Christians and whites will be eliminated.

  9. Congratulations Carlton!
    God bless Tom and Carlton for their service and sacrifice!
    You fought for our country and the world.
    Let other’s rise up to follow in your footsteps! Starting with walking to the VOTING BOOTH. Demand paper ballots, voter ID, one day voting, signature verification, clear dead voter and ex-resident voter roles. No ballot harvesting, have 3 to 5 each, of Republicans and Democrats (as oversight ballot counters.) No same day registration and no invaders voting ever!
    When Democrats give “amnesty” to illegals, it’s their way of getting RIGGED votes!
    Cowards on each side, “RINO’S and Democrats” want to get rich by destroying our borders, language, culture and voting integrity!
    Shasta County, California has boldly decided to boot the machines for good!
    A new well tested paper ballot method is fast, fair and honest.
    Let’s honor all of our military heroes by stopping Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, the Lincoln Project goons and other rich “tilters” by banning all electronics in elections, big and small!, Frank, LindellTv 1&2 post the TRUTH!
    Kevin Mathewson is also a truth teller.
    Let no one divide us.
    We are Americans, period!
    Semper Fidelis??????
    ☆This is my OPINION!
    ☆Allegedly, cough cough…
    ☆All of our SPAM is filled with MAGA Republicans and President Donald J. Trump’s email’s!
    Why haven’t we had one Democrat’s email dumped into SPAM?
    I’m sure Goongle will start slipping RINO and Democrat email’s into our SPAM boxes now that I’m pointing this out.
    ☆Put our veterans FIRST!
    ☆God bless Kyle Rittenhouse too!
    A young patriot that’s being lawfared by the criminal freak and the family of the dead violent pedo freak.
    Democrats want to scare good people from owning guns for self defense and pleasure.
    Guns save lives! People kill people!
    If Chicago residents were allowed to own guns there wouldn’t be so much crime, misery and murder in gang infected Chicago!
    ☆Open carry for all, is the fastest way to end home invasions, hold ups and car jackings. IMO?
    ☆BAN birther babies, chain migration, migration lotteries, buying citizenship with manipulated foreign investor investments. Do LIFETIME BANS for all illegal invaders and foreign violent criminals!
    Job’s and housing are being given to invaders! American youth and lower income citizens will find it much more difficult to seek entry level employment and Job’s they can grow with because robot’s, computers and invaders are stealing away jobs!
    ☆Law enforcement officer’s are being blocked from performing their duties!
    Now cop’s give free “courtesy rides” to criminals that no longer get arrested, cited or fined!
    Animal abuse, cruelty, theft and killings rarely get attention.
    The “law” says PETS are PROPERTY!
    You can’t use deadly force to protect your dog, horse, pets and livestock.
    How about changing that law?
    PETS and animals are our FAMILY!
    Repeat arsonists don’t get locked away in most cases. You’re lucky if they get cited.
    Just say you’re having a “MENTAL HEALTH EPISODE” to escape justice!
    “I CAN’T BREATHE” is also the tool of the criminals to escape justice!
    Alec Baldwin is a killer! He grew up with guns. Baldwin’s father was the high school shooting coach!
    Baldwin knew the rules of firearms on movie sets! Baldwin has always been above the law! Attacking people verbally and physically is how KILLER ALEC lived.
    His FAKE SPANISH wife is getting rich selling lies for WOKE garbage platforms and companies!
    Hollywood humps are above the law!
    Killer Alec and the Cuomo Brother’s prove that every day!
    In my opinion America is on the brink of being forever destroyed by globalist goons and their political puppets.
    There’s no place to escape to.
    America is the last stand!
    Sadly leftists have thrown Americans into quick sand.
    ☆Allegedly IMO!
    45/47 is our only hope! May God protect him and the patriots putting everything on the line to save ?? America!

  10. Thank you for your honest, heartfelt commentary Reality Bites.
    Everything you said is well thought out and true.

  11. Hey Red Pill,
    President Trump did the best he could, regarding the “Fauci-Gates-Panda PLANDEMIC!”
    President Trump listened to the so called “EXPERTS.”
    Trump had no idea the White House (and offshoots) were filled with globalist commie RINO’S and Dems!
    President Trump knows the truth now!
    Trump NEVER MANDATED staying locked down for month’s on end!
    He was told 10 to 14 day’s (I believe,) to stop the spread of the virus.
    Trump was the first person to state we must open up and get back to living.
    Do our best to protect the elderly and sick people, most at risk but get back to work, school and living life. UNLESS YOU are a CUOMO, a PELOSI, a NEWSOM, a SCHIFF, an AOC, a SCHUMER aka a radical Dem.
    Meanwhile greasy Gavin Newscum and his auntie Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Beetlejuice, were dining mask-free at parties and getting salons to secretly open up to coif their hair do’s!
    President Trump WILL BE OUR “SAVIOR!”
    No one else will keep globalist warmongers in check!
    No one else will free up gas and coal production.
    No one else will end wars!
    No one else will cut taxes!
    First Step and Second Step Acts!
    Freeing nonviolent prisoner’s after they go through drug & alcohol counseling (if needed,) getting their GED, free job training and support when these people return to society.
    Just ask ALICE! Sweetest black woman locked away for year’s now reunited with her family.
    No one else is vowing to allow law abiding Americans in all 50 states to legally carry a gun!
    Trump will get our shameful airports, bridges and tunnels repaired. He was blocked last time.
    Next time he will take the funds from other sources. Like he took military funds to do the border.
    President Trump vows to get rid of wokeness in the military and clean out corruption in the three letter agencies.
    President Trump has ALWAYS been AGAINST MANDATORY JABS!
    No one else forced countries to start paying their percentage (commitment) to America for our military protection! Bringing billions of dollars back to USA, to help fund our needs and to strengthen our military.
    Now “Pedo Peter” (Hunter Biden’s nickname for his daddy, “Big Guy,” Joe Biden) is no longer demanding countries in the “rears” to pay up!
    The woke general’s and Bush CIA puppet, Bill Barr told President Trump that he’d destroy US intelligence agencies, put asset lives at risk and get targeted forever, if Trump pardoned Assange for exposing the truth, as a journalist.
    More lies by dirty people trying to cover their own behinds!
    Peter Strzok and his gummy lover, Lisa Paige got “work” done. Wink Wink. By plastic surgeon’s, dentist’s and hair stylists. Lol. jk? I doubt it!
    Trump feels differently now. He won’t believe the once “honored” men and women of the three letter crime cabal.
    Bozo Bill Barr refused to uphold the law and go after criminals involved in the Russia Hoax, Clinton Crimes, Hunter Biden’s “LAPTOP FROM HELL” (INCLUDING NUMEROUS BIDEN family member’s on the take,) election rigging and more.
    Barr told Trump he was scared he himself would be impeached.
    Larry Kudlow has been exposed as blocking great thing’s in the financial realm in his time serving at the White House.
    Dirty FBI, CIA, DOJ, NIH, DEA, 5 EYES goons skate free!
    Many got hired by the FAKE NOOSE MEDIA and given (money laundering payoffs) disguised as “book deals” and “high priced speeches!”
    “Moobs boy,” soy puffy Jeb Bush and crusty Chris Christy promoted Barr (and certain judges) as the one’s to choose because they were pro constitution. This was a lie! Many are leftists.
    President Trump left the “King Kong Virus” mandates up to the states because that’s the way our government was designed.
    Now Trump says he will never allow anyone to take-over town’s and burn thing’s down like Democrats let happen over and over again!
    He followed THEIR rules.
    Now creepy Joe ignores the rules and sells away America!
    Electric vehicles are trash! They aren’t “GREEN” except for lining bank accounts of DemocRATs and RepubliCANTs. For example, Pelosi’s son MAGICALLY bought a battery recycling plant!
    Solar and electric batteries are extremely expensive.
    Ask any firefighter how difficult it is to extinguish a Tesla on fire.
    How come Gavin Newsom was GIFTED his river view estate in Fair Oaks, California? To dodge taxes! His best pal “bought” the home. Put it into a trust of sorts to GIFT it to Gavin. Gavin then pulled cash out if the home! Why do millionaire DemocRATs lie about the “wealthy” needing to pay more taxes as they park their yachts in state’s without high luxury taxes and they manipulate real estate purchases and investments to avoid paying taxes??
    Meanwhile President Trump REFUSED to take a SALARY!
    President Trump gifted his salary back to the federal government. Choosing various places to gift his salary. Including to buy acreage to add to our federally protected land to save from development and private ownership. Like from leftist creeps like Ted Turner, Bill Gates, David Letterman and Jeff Bezos.
    This time “BIG DADDY TRUMP” will not wait for governor’s to call in their guard. Many Dems never protected their cities!
    Trump will send in the National Guard.
    President Trump is a patriotic businessman that trusted Republicans and DemocRATs would come together to make America strong again!
    Instead DemocRATs and RINO RAT RepubliCANTs sought ways to get themselves and their families rich! As they obstructed President Trump!
    RAT Paul Ryan and China puppet Mitch McConnell, blocked the wall and numerous pro-America thing’s President Trump wanted to get accomplished. Partnering behind closed doors with lefty Dem’s.
    Despite being surrounded by jackals, President Trump got more accomplished than any other president!
    Trump now sees who are the dangerous people.
    There is a team of proven patriots that will pre-approve of President Trump’s next administration candidates. General Flynn will be involved. Flynn exposed the horrible thing’s Barry Soetero, aka Barry Hussein Obama was doing. Including gun running to cartels and cuffing the hands of our troops. Never forget the torture and murder of US Agent Kiki Camenera. (Unsure of Kiki’s last name’s spelling.)
    Troops weren’t allowed to kill terrorists or hostage takers without multiple line approvals. If and when the soldier got an approval the terrorists and killer’s were long gone.
    “Right To Try” has saved many lives.
    Lowering insulin costs and making it legal to shop for medication and health provider’s across state lines plus canceling the FORCED OBAMA BS fees, helped Americans!
    Traitor “STAIN” John McCain LIED to President Trump. McCain promised he would VOTE “YES,” to kill Obamacare! McCain lied as he snuggled with his bestie Lindsay Graham!
    How did Stain McCain become a multimillionaire? Look at the insane house McCain had built in Arizona! Land and secured far-away from the cartels that now rule the border.
    I’m saddened to see a “RED PILL” poster have yellow stripes on his belly!
    Trump will be “TRUMPZILLA!” The 47th President of what’s left of America!
    Thank you for “SPACE FORCE” President Trump!
    I bend a knee to pray for the best president ever, President Trump!
    We happily boycott woke companies.
    We seek out flag loving companies to do business with.
    We LOVE seeing ADS on “Kenosha County Eye!”
    Good food, good people and a great news organization.
    Thank you Kevin Mathewson!
    I’m not sorry to get “political” here because our veterans fought for our “right to be RIGHT!”
    *I heard “Bud Light” is re-branding as “BUD LIGHT IN THE LOAFERS.” Whoops, that was my idea. Lol.
    Perhaps shifty professional liar, DemocRAT Adam Schiff can open a brewery called, “Tutus & Woke Brews!”
    ☆His name was “SETH RICH!”
    ☆His name was “Isaac Kappy!”
    ☆”Bill Binney,” …say their names.??
    ☆”Hammer & Scorecard” was paid for by Jeb Bush’s VP candidate. The program to “rig” (flip) votes.
    The creator has come forward admitting this and to fight to destroy all voting machines. He created the UNTRACEABLE algorithm known as “Hammer and Scorecard.” He regrets it! He became a Democrat after being disgusted by Republican Bush and others…
    Despite DemocRATs “magically” flipping votes to suddenly “win” elections, the creator of “Hammer and Scorecard” participated in a SEEKING THE TRUTH event. Mike Lindell, numerous computer experts, white hat hackers, election experts and Whistle-blowers stream live event’s to show the truth.
    If crooks weren’t so scared, they’d allow the evidence to get into court cases! Instead cases are DISMISSED 99.9% of the time without being adjudicated in trials for all to see. Filed in leftist court’s all too often. Lawfare has replaced justice.
    Arizona governor candidate, Kari Lake has finally won the right to access a limited number of ballots. Whistle-blowers and eyewitnesses already shared evidence with a independent retired judge.
    He confirmed there were illegal acts committed during the election and the evidence should go forward.
    Including numerous dead voter’s voting and long dead people being registered to vote recently before elections!
    A new event is coming up soon.
    You can download the free “Frank Speech” app or go to their website. Lindell TV is on Frank Speech app/website. View uploaded video’s and watch the uploads of livestream events plus future events.
    Frank Speech/Lindell TV, also stream many real news shows live daily. “War Room Pandemic” show, is Steve Bannon’s show.
    Brannon Howse’s news program, the “Stone Zone,” (Roger Stone’s show) and other shows.
    ☆Mike Lindell should put “My Pillow” ads on KCE! Promo code: “KEVIN” would be sweet!
    *Kevin, why are law enforcement and fire agencies allowed to communicate over texts, cellphone calls and computers?
    This hides the truth from scanner feeds.
    I’m pro “good cop!’
    Fire and police scanners don’t air the truth when they edit their version’s of reality.
    This is as bad as refusing to turn over “Freedman Of Information Act” documents. Redacting documents and censoring airways is for commies and criminals!
    ☆Heartbeats matter.
    Have pro baby (fetus) butcher’s ever watched a fetus dodging the butcher’s abortion scalpel on a ultrasound? Have they witnessed a fetus sucking it’s thumb or waving it’s fully formed hands?
    People can get pregnancy tests at Dollar Stores. There’s no reason to be killing innocent babies (fetuses) and newborns, in this day and age!
    Shame on the people that use abortion as their method of “birth control” over and over again!
    Pro-decency for all. ?????⚰?
    *There are some good Democrat politicians, I’m sure of it.
    Some have switched to the Republican party. The party that freed the slaves, support freedom of speech, gun rights, protecting life, following the US Constitution, school choice, healthcare insurance choices. Pro border security, stopping the drug invasions, crushing cartels, freedom to make jokes, freedom to have gas mowers, vehicles and stoves. Protecting our culture. Not allowing illegal Chinese and radical Islamic police patrols. We conservatives are anti-NO GO ZONES!
    We are pro law enforcement! Meaning PROSECUTE the CRIMINALS!
    Black Civil Rights lawyer, Leo Terrell was an outspoken Democrat and pundit.
    Terrell realized Donald John Trump was the man fighting for blacks and every Americans rights!
    Mr. Terrell is now a big President Trump supporter! “Leo 2.0” is what’s on Terrell’s red cap! Terrell has announced he is supporting PRESIDENT TRUMP to be the 47th President of the USA!
    Terrell said he plans on going into the White House with President Trump!

    Ban the Soros clan!
    Other countries have banned Bill Gates & Soros!
    They are racial dividers that put Americans lives and grandeur at risk.
    Sorry this was long but President Trump DOESN’T deserve the lies and attacks he receives by the ungrateful people that face no lawfare, no targeting and no slander from their mommy’s basement.
    Thank you for allowing my opinion while I’m still able to share it with the world.

    1. Hey Reality Bites:
      Q Derangement Syndrome is real. You giving blind faith to Trump is exactly what I’m talking about on how people will be fleeced because they think Trump is their Savior. TRUST IN NO MAN!

      Think mirror: The mirror is what they are doing to you.
      Trust the plan: Trust it so you sit on your hands. I know all the Q bullshit you muttered. It was a psyop!

      Trump surrounded himself with AshkeNAZI Jews and himself became a Jew in 2017. These people hate whites (Israelites). Their goal is to destroy all bloodlines except their own. Trump is from the tribe of Dan.

      There is nobody coming to save this country unless people wake up and fight themselves . The Savior will come in Gods name, false saviors come in their own name…like Trump.

      Trump is the father of the jab. I could present much more.

      Wake up Alice!

      Flat earth destroys the illusion.

      Space Farce!! Lol!!

      I’ll post a link later so you can get your head out of your ass.

  12. Red neck, loud mouths ass wipes like you shit their pants and whimper like a bunch of pussies when confronted .

    Plenty of disgruntled haters on here that Kidon would have a good time with.

    So convenient that Chicago is just a stones throw away.

  13. I was moved by the story of Carlton Stanton. When he said that he never received a single message in English except for the one stating the war was over my heart melted.

    My dad as also in the same area of operations as a Navy radio (Morse) operator. He told me that same story! I have no doubt that Mr. Stanton and my dad crossed paths, at least on their Morse keypads, and probably never knew each other.

    I would love to write him a letter to show my appreciation of the job he did. My dad told me of how they operated back then and it would almost be like finding a long lost friend by communicating with him.

    God bless you Mr. Stanton and thank you, Sir, for your service. – …. .- -. -.- -.– — ..- … .. .-.

  14. Takes 7 or 8 swipes to get thru redpill crapola..more to get thru rbites!

    I resolve to only read comments that can be read without a swipe, that amount to 2 or 3 real sentences……

    1. Short attention span.

      Lack of comprehension.

      Simple minded.

      Useful idiot.

      Hopefully you made it through.



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