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Anthony Huber – He Wasn’t A Hero: Opinion

Anthony Michael Huber Source: Kenosha Sheriff

We will open with this: It is a tragedy that Anthony Huber had to lose his life on August 25, 2020. He and his family, including those who he victimized, need our prayers.

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We’ve all seen the photos and videos. While Kyle was running towards police, violent protesters attacked. One man drop-kicked Kyle. Huber struck Kyle in his head with a skateboard. Anthony Huber lived a life of severe violence and crime. He was given several chances in life to change course. With his most serious conviction, the Judge showed him some undeserved mercy and sentenced him to probation. He later had his probation revoked and went to prison for new crimes. His terrible life choices ultimately ended with his premature death. No one else is responsible, certainly not Kyle Rittenhouse.

In 2012, Huber held a 6-inch-long butcher knife to his brothers neck and violently attacked him. He told his brother he was going to “gut him like a pig.” He choked his brother and dug his nails into his neck. His brother could not breath for 10 seconds. He then stabbed him in the ear. He then threatened to burn the house down and kill his mother, grandmother and siblings. Huber left on his skateboard.

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In 2017, Huber was in an argument with his sister. His mother called the police and told them that “(Huber) has a history of abusive behavior.” He Karate kicked her and she fell down in pain. He told the police that it wasn’t “wrong” to hurt his sister.

These are just two examples of his violence. Here is a look at his troubling arrest history:

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Kenosha Police 2012-3906

Domestic Battery
Domestic Disorder Conduct

Kenosha Police N135455

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Consume Possess Alcohol Unauthorized Person

Kenosha Police N136026 and N1316027

Disorderly Conduct and Vandalism

Kenosha Police 2012-10622

Second Degree Reckless Endangering Safety – Felony
Strangulation and Suffocation – Felony
False Imprisonment – Felony
Domestic Battery – Use of a Weapon

Kenosha Sheriff 2015-2314

Possess Drug Paraphernalia

Kenosha Sheriff 2017-12504

Domestic Battery  Repeater – Felony
Domestic Disorderly Conduct Repeater – Felony
Resist Officer Repeater

Click here to read more of his criminal history.

In this country, we tend to elevate bad people. We make them out to be “heroes”. Kenosha ADA T. Clair Binger (D) said that Huber “valiantly intervened and attempted to disarm (Kyle).” The Liberal KUSD School District sanctioned an OP-ED in the Indian Trails High School Newspaper about how Huber “died a hero.”

Anthony Huber was out that night because he is drawn to violence and conflict. He saw an opportunity to hurt someone, like he had done so many times before. This time, his victim didn’t take it – he fought back. Kyle won. Anthony lost his life that night. His family is understandably upset. Heartbroken. But the rest of us need to cut it out with this crap. Anthony Huber was not a hero.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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76 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting.
    Anthony Huber got what he negotiated with Kyle Rittenhouse and died a fool instead of seeking safe harbor.

    Huber’s father appeared in yesterdays court hearing and during his appearance in court proceedings displayed himself as a pathetic example of being a father.
    IMHO, Huber’s name is synonymous with trash.

      1. LOL Why don’t you stop praying for your microscopic dick to get bigger and realize that WHITE PEOPLE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM? We perpetuate the environment where there is a need for other human beings who are not white to take a stand to be treated like human beings.

        1. Well that is just stupid, you have been brainwashed by the imbecilic left and refuse to look at data, statistics and facts. I pity your stupidity, go kill yourself.

          1. Seriously sir, I get that you’re angry. However please refrain yourself from telling people to go kill themselves. That’s how psychos come to be. May God unharden your heart.

        2. To blame white people for the issues of non white people in America is just ridiculous. You even made an ignorant jab at the size of his penis… real mature bro. You are the type of white person that is the problem. Fake virtuosity all the way. Who have you actually helped? I bet you brag about your one black friend too huh? Fuckin clown.

        3. Spoken like the true racist you are Ciese. The world became a safer, and some may argue a better place on Aug 25th 2020. Those turds were stains on society and anyone who defends them are no better.

        4. We? Are you saying that all white people perpetuate this environment? Was not Huber and Rosenbaum white men? That being the case, why the vigorous defense? Aren’t they to blame for the environment as well? Or is it just certain white people? What about those people of color who disagree with you? Did they perpetuate this environment as well? Your argument is extremely weak.

        5. Ciese,you should have stayed in school. “perpetuate the environment”? What the hell kind of garbage goop is that? White people are not and never have been the problem, we are the answer. White people built the United States from scratch and now every grievance grifter alive wants to pretend they have a right to it, I CALL BULLSHIT! PS. (Do you hate all men or just the one thar hurt you?)

        6. You aren’t helping anyone with your lies. The other guy is right, you should leave the planet completely

      2. shows near-total tribal control of all mass-media and other key areas of authority and infleunce. COLIN FLAHERTY youtuber has collated thousands of examples of the tribally-controlled “press” having egregiously misrepresented reality. Take a look and understand the dire manipulation of your — and, much more dangerously, your peers’ and neighbors’ — minds.

  2. Careful. People don’t like facts. The go fund me raised more then actual murdered families in town. And quickly closed and taken. His father was disrespectful and rude

  3. Pro tip; when trying to disarm someone, do not grab the business end of the gun, point it at your heart, and yank while the other party’s finger is on the trigger.

      1. That cowardly, slimy “sucker-punch” of using the skateboard was magnificently rewarded. I notice that two of the three Rittenhouse attackers who were killed were dg3wish, as was the 3rd who survived with only a bicep vaporized. The “jump-kick man” and the “rear-of-head rock-hitting man”, both of whom survived, were dark-skinned. The “news” fails to report any of that.


  4. It’s official! I have nominated skateboarding criminal Anthony Huber for a Darwin Award under the heading Vigilcante.

  5. I would just say this to those people calling the three who died heroes…….what if we reversed the facts and Rittenhouse had the criminal record any of those three had……and the deceased had the record Rittenhouse had (which is no record)?

    We would be talking about what POS the killer was….why are the deceased choirboys? It’s a double standard.

    1. Really?? Because it goes to show the dude was a scumbag and it is relevant in this case since Kyle was trying to run away.

    2. The true heroes are the 12 men and women jurors who sifted through the liberals bull shit to exonerate that young man. Very courageous of them.

    1. Murder? He did pass away but not by murder
      I’m sure if someone smacks your ass in the head you would just say man, that hurts and just walk away. “Karen”

      1. HAHA Thanks JJ for calling out KAREN(s) as they need to be shown for the pathetic human excrement’s they are

    2. I’ve lost count of news reports talking about him being a hero. He was violent and abusive and we shouldn’t celebrate people like that.

    3. He defended himself against other sick individuals who shouldn’t have been there either. What a brave courageous jury!

    4. Do you not understand, that this man was violent and Kyle was trying to DEFEND himself against an attack?? I guess if you are defending the idiot pictured above, you must be just as stupid a person as he was.

  6. Kyle was not the police. He had no reason to come to my state, my town. He came prepared to kill in a chaotic situation where anything could happen. The police were everywhere – they were well-armed. No one hired Kyle (and it would have been illegal to do so, especially with an illegal firearm). He shot an unarmed person in the head, made a phone call, then ran in the other direction. When you see someone trying to flee after shooting someone in the head, you stop that person. That’s why Anthony Huber was shot – he was trying to stop Kyle from getting away. Well, Kyle got away. He didn’t go to the police – he got away. Kyle committed murder.

    1. YOUR state? YOUR town? Were you a part of the violence or were you on the sidelines watching? If you were part of the violence then you are no hero and are part of the problem. If you were on the sidelines watching then shame on you for not being there with the gun yourself protecting YOUR state, YOUR town. Kyle had tried to run but was chased by this violent animal who deserved what he got. You claim Kyle was not the police so he had no business being there and the cops were everywhere? Then where were the cops when the mob tried to burn down a gas station? Where were the cops when shooting started? Then, after claiming Kyle had no business because he wasn’t a cop you say, “When you see someone trying to flee after shooting someone in the head, you stop that person.” Really?! You just defeated your own argument because Huber wasn’t police so he had no business “stopping” that person and should have just let the police handle it. Had he not been a violent thug and let the police handle it Huber would be alive.

      1. This trial is about far more than a matter of the parsing of the legal definition of self defense. It is posing an “existential question”. How far will law-abiding citizens continue to step back and permit mobs to loot, beat and burn before someone raises the counter price for their lawlessness with the potential of death?
        I believe those who chased Rittenhouse down, were outraged that someone dare to threaten their right to violence with counter violence. They felt totally entitled to riot, but felt those who owned businesses or were in their path of destruction must themselves follow the rule of law and exercise utmost restraint.
        Rittenhouse (whether he knows it or not) has upped the ante for engaging in mob chaos and introduced the counter risk of death or severe injury, previously not in the mob’s risk assessment analysis. I say it’s about time!
        It’s a clear signal law-abiding citizens have had enough of their chaos because the police have been hamstrung by virtual signaling politicians and MSM trashing. We, the lawful, aren’t.

    2. haha right. Then where were the police when the mob of criminals tried to burn down a gas station? Where were the cops when they burned down a car dealership, or meted out violence on the innocent citizens of Kenosha? You are uninformed about the role of police. They are not here to protect. They are merely enforcers of the law. Google “Castle Rock v Gonzales”, and then stop talking out of your ass. Whether kyle had a reason to be in your state or town is irrelevant. He was attacked, fled, feared for his life, and defended himself. That is one of his human rights protected by the constitution. If we lose that right, God help us.

    3. Careful Scott, Karma has a funny way of eventually putting you in a similar situation and then we will see how you react. My guess is you would end up a statistic of violent crime, but will have passed knowing you took the righteous way out…

    4. Kyle had a job in that town, friends, and I’ve read his dad lived there. He had a right to be in the town that he was a part of.

    5. You’re right that Rittenhouse isn’t the police. Kenosha PD was blocks away failing to do their job protecting the community from rioters. Instead a child stepped in to defend his 2nd home… or as you put it your “town”. The rifle wasn’t illegal either… I recommend you read up on your own state laws. And the kid shot only those physically attacking him… and only in those moments of being attacked. The state should have never pressed charges because all the evidence shows is self-defense… and an adolescent stepped in because the adults were failing to do their jobs.

    6. Horse Bleeep.

      Rosenbaum is on video lighting a dumpster on fire. Somebody dressed like Kyle was seen putting that out. Thwarting him from destroying another part of your city. That made Jojo mighty angry. So he pulled a shirt over his head to disguise his identity and sought to pay KR back. He was taken down after he lunged at the kid. And grabbed his gun. Huber then got it in his mind that the smart thing to do was beat the kid for what he did. So after the kid was on the ground, he hit him with a skateboard. Then also grabbed his gun. Don’t make the dead out as saints. If KR doesn’t pull the trigger those two jagaloons are on trial for murder. And people like you pretend it’s not happening because the kid was just a white power loving punk. Don’t hide from the truth here. It’s all on film. It’s textbook FAFO. End of story.

    7. Hopefully you’ve watched every minute of the trial, as I have. This was Rittenhouse’s town, too. He has a stellar history of being a good guy always seeking to help others. This was soooo obviously self-defense. If you think otherwise, you probably get sll your info from leftist media, haven’t watched the trial, and don’t know how to think critically.

    8. Oops, Scott! Rittenhouse has family, dad, friends in Kenosha so has as much right to be there as you. Police were not doing their job as witnessed by multiple days of rioting. He was asked to be there. He did not have an illegal gun. He shot in self defense. A convicted felon swinging a skateboard to your head does not count as “unarmed”.

      Running away from rioters towards the police shows restraint. Obviously he wasn’t just randomly shooting into the crowd. He ran away from people yelling and screaming that he should be craniumed. He did go to the police. Raised his hands above his head and said that he had shot someone. So basically you got everything, EVERYTHING, wrong. Perhaps you should be more careful about what you say.

    9. I realize that your comments were made months ago before the facts came out in court. I hope you watched the trial and realized that you were misslead by the media.

    10. All those rioters George Soros bused in from New York and California to burn the city down traveled a lot further than Kyle did. They brought guns and bombs, and tried to kill him for putting out a fire.

      By the way, he lives less than ten minutes away, his father lives in Kenosha, and he worked in Kenosha.


    11. Well Scott, your comment sure didn’t age well. That’s what happens when you listen to the liars at CNN, MSNBC and much of the MSM.
      Kyle is a hero and was correctly acquitted….by a jury of his peers.

  7. Huber got what he asked for, I doubt he has more than a few REAL friends if any at all…good riddance.

    1. Kyle is going to be convicted on weapons charge and that’s it. He was justified using deadly force in both incidents. I was just reading an article on CNN’s site painting the 3 victims as heros. When mentioning Kyle shooting the third guy in the arm they forget to mention he was pointing a gun at him when shot. The media is probably the single most reason there’s as much chaos going on in liberal cities. When rioters act the media covers for them promoting people who would have not gotten involved to join the mob’s cause. When someone at the riot defends themselves they’re labeled a white supremist by the media. What they don’t understand is these violent thugs can take them out at anytime because thugs have no moral compass and could care less about republicans and democrats and members of the press.

  8. I am a leftist who has read plenty about this incident, watched a whole lot of the video footage, and also Rittenhouse’s own testimony on the witness stand. So far it seems clear to me that Kyle Rittenhouse committed several acts of self defence, against at least 3 attackers who were physically assaulting him. The first victim, Rosenbaum, appeared to attack Kyle without any provocation, and thus became a victim of his own stupidity. The second two; Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz, may have been somewhat more justified in attempting to subdue a person who they perceived as an active shooter, and therefore a threat to others, but it would seem that Kyle was also justified in defending himself against armed attackers. I’m far more concerned about how the police handled the whole situation, than about what Kyle did. Kyle was running toward the police when Huber and Grosskreutz were chasing him, and after he got away from them, continued towards the police to turn himself in, at which point the police ignored him, told him to keep moving. And it was the police who had intentionally pushed the crowd of rioting Leftist “protestors” toward a heavily armed group of Right wing “defenders” in the first place. The cops knew full well where the “good guys with guns” were, and chose to herd a violent mob in their direction. I do not blame Kyle for defending himself; I blame the cops for making this situation happen.

    1. I agree for the first time with a lefty ? woohoo The media is disgusting nothing but biased lying liberal troublemakers like the Prosecutors who twist and turn the truth for there own agenda.The left wants socialism and they will lie steel and cheat for political power and their using Kyle as a by product for there selfish climb to POWER!

    2. You are far from being a leftist. You care about the truth and take the time to seek it out. Leftist don’t care about the truth. Also I would guess your moral compass is true, something a leftist lack.

  9. Follow-the-money. Such as George Soros & Associates have consistently been financiers for confrontational groups like: Acorn, Black-Lives-Matter, Antifa. In the example of Joseph Rosenbaum, a young man with 14 years in prison, sexual assault of minors & other egregious assaults, Anthony M Huber, with multiple extreme violence police records, Gaige Grosskruetz with multiple violent violations, find themselves as a valued part of a financed false ‘community’ (Latin ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’) group. All Rosenbaum, Huber or Grosskruetz have to do is be their crazy, fear-inducing, uncontrolled self. Destruction of the means of one’s own or national livelihood such as against the Asian heritage owners of Car-Source lots with 137 cars destroyed, is the crime (UN Definition) of ‘genocide’. Although I don’t drive a car, I respect the right & reality of those whose livelihoods depend upon cars. I respect Kyle Rittenhouse for defending the constructive livelihood of the seemingly ‘Indian’ (?) entrepreneur owners of Car-Source 1, 2 & 3. Strange that Acorn, BLM, Antifa, Soros & others on the false ‘socialist’ (L ‘socius’ = ‘friend’) haven’t taken a strong stance against such white middle-class boy, institutionally directed youth destruction of ‘Black’ livelihood. This ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-generated’) financing, arming & organization of violent, alienated, economically sidelined individuals through such ‘well-meaning’ but tactically egregious groups, is the practice of our detached alienated finance-oligarch class since empires began 7000 years ago. Western oligarch targeted violent destabilization of communities like Kenosha, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Vietnam is done regularly by such oligarchs, who pay no reparations for the massive loss of many millions of lives nor the destruction of the livelihood infrastructure for whole nations. BOTH-SIDES-NOW During all humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) heritage of peace & prosperity, Council Process guaranteed the right of each person affected by any action on the part of individuals or groups, to raise a formal challenge to Both-sided, Equal-time, Recorded & Published Dialogue often witnessed by devoted circles of people. This cultural recourse provided interpersonal relationships in family, friends, extended-family, Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes (eg apartment, townhouse & village-clusters where 70% of people live today), Neighbourhoods, Cities, Regions, Nations, Confederacies, Continents & Hemispheres the means to create understanding & agreement right at the base of society as well as ‘fractally’ (‘fraction, multiplier, building-block where-the-part-contains-the-whole’) at all other levels. IGNORANT AGGRESSION BASED IN DELIBERATE MISINFORMATION. Whenever there’s conflict both at home & worldwide, we’ve two main choices to: 1) believe the finance-media-religion-education-military-industrial-legislative-judicial complex, demonize the other, armour ourselves against our perceived enemies, launch pre-emptive war & create hell, 2) engage the other in formal equal-time recorded & published dialogues. Mohandas Gandhi developed ‘Satyagraha’ (Hindi ‘truth-search’) based upon simultaneous inquiry with both parties in dispute or re-search asking, “What are your best intentions & how can we help you fulfill these?”. Gandhi, “I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward. Possession of arms implies an element of fear, if not cowardice. But true non-violence is an impossibility without the possession of unadulterated fearlessness.” We need transparency in all levels of human solutions at home, school, media, business for all stakeholders. As Socrates proposed, dialectics (both-sided inquiry) should be the foundation of social & economic literacy both for collaborative-research & as necessity may arise for conflict-resolution. The west plays ‘Right-to-Protect’ game for 100s of colonial years keeping citizens in the dark staging many 100s of False Flag events, colonial invasion & genocide. NO-WAR until we hear Both-Sides present in Equal-Time, Recorded & Published Debate. Most issues & events in our colonial oligarch manipulated & consumptive world aren’t as they appear. With Both-sided, Equal-time, Recorded & Published Dialogue, the whole of any people caught in any conflict as well as whole nations can begin to weigh the issues in their own minds & hearts as well as make positive overtures to proactive typically economic solutions. These formal structured dialogue tools are what we can all do in order to make sure that vulnerable young people such as Rosenbaum, Huber & Grosskruetz & finally a responsible young man like Rittenhouse are not destroyed by the oligarch manipulated ongoing violence of our time.

    1. George Soros is the anti christ I wouldn’t be surprised if those rioters weren’t paid to go in that town and do what they did by Soros.

      1. Thanks for being patient with DJ, Mary; he may just be off his meds? Should have stopped after the 1st two sentences because the rest is just manic indecipherable gobbledygook

  10. The prosecution went to great lengths to portray Rittenhause as a “chaos tourist.” WTF were these three POS’s? They were at the riot to cause trouble, pure and simple, they all had long history of violence and were solely to feed their desire for more violence. They were using the “n word” in the middle of a BLM riot. That makes perfect sense. Rittenhause shouldn’t have been there, BUT NO ONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE BEN THERE EITHER!!!! In his youthful naivete, Rittenhause THOUGHT he was doing the right thing by being there to protect other peoples’ property, including his father’s, who lives there. The THREE POSs that got shot were there strictly to cause violence and ended up being on the receving end-BOO HOO EFFING HOO, good riddance!



  12. I’m so very, very glad, giddy in fact, that three unemployed violent career criminal losers got exactly what they deserved. My only regret is that jump kick man didn’t get a couple slugs in his groin.

  13. I love how you chose the worst pictures of him. Really tried to be fair and not project your own self-disgust onto another human being who had struggles and doubts, didn’t you? I see how hard you tried to control yourself. Had you taken the time to look for more recent information than just an outlet for your own misery by destroying someone who is no longer even here to defend against your accusations, you would see that of late, Anthony had a light about him. He was finding happiness again. Yes, he did some fucked up shit. Who hasn’t? But everyone deserves to not be judged for who they were, but for who they choose to be in recent times. If a person has a light, they are trying to do good. Everyone gets lost. They should not be judged for just trying to survive. I don’t know the whole story. I didn’t share Anthony’s thoughts, I don’t pretend to know who he was. But someone who behaves as he did, treating others like that is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. That being said, take a look in the mirror. Your shit stinks too. He has a violent past, but he chose to do something good and died as a result. HE TRIED TO DO SOMETHING GOOD AND DIED AS A RESULT. It is that action that should be remembered.

    1. It sounds like you knew a side of Anthony Huber that others don’t. The videos show that what he chose to do the moment before he died was fucked up shit. If what you do right now is what you are right now, then he had blocked out his light. It’s too bad he died, but his death was a consequence of his choice to “cranium” a man. He chose to be a vigilante. Kyle Rittenhouse, who he struck with full force with his skateboard was, at that moment, just trying to survive. I agree one should not be judged for just trying to survive. That is why the law recognizes the right to self defense. It looks like the photos were “mug shots” taken at the time of his various arrests. They are public record and are notoriously unflattering. If you have better photos of him, please post them and leave us a link

  14. I have asked five people if they would chase after a person with a machine gun in their possesion. All five said no way. Those people who died should have been in mental facilities and not walking the streets. This unfortunately seems like the culling of the herd of stupid people. It is sad.

  15. How is it legal to walk around a city with a loaded gun during a protest?????????? Any other country in the world you would be arrested as in rational states in this country! The state of Wisconsin just said go to a protest with a loaded gun and if you feel threatened shoot someone….so people on both side will just start doing that.

  16. No one has mentioned how strangely the TWO fires were at the one CarSource. First night, no arsonists appear in any pic or video, yet many dozens of cars catch each other on fire…and not just any fire, but extreme conflagration of excessive heat. Then the exact same thing happens again the next night.

    The other places we see this kind of extreme heat, to the point that the aluminum wheels melt into molten metal running like candle-wax, and the cars sink into pavement inexplicably molten, is during 9/11 and other similar attack sites bearing hallmark damage of Directed Energy Weapons. See to understand the invisible weaponry that is being used to alter your reality…before They shine it on you or yours.

  17. From a comment above: “…Joseph Rosenbaum, a young man with 14 years in prison, sexual assault of minors & other egregious assaults, Anthony M Huber, with multiple extreme violence police records, Gaige Grosskruetz with multiple violent violations…”

    Rittenhouse did more cleanup that night than the system had managed over years.


  18. Isn’t it strange, the extreme number of pro photog and videographers conveniently present that night, shooting every shooting and scene of drama from multiple angles with near-perfect clarity, near-perfect Pulitzer quality.

    Just like at 9/11, where alllllll the “witnesses” just happened to be mass-media “Producers”, and 37 of the 39 existant videos just happened to be made by mass-media Producers. (This was revealed in the SEPTEMBER CLUES youtube).

    Let’s examine the unlikely documenters. I suspect we will find they were paid, perhaps something like Zapruder was put in place and rewarded. There is similar stinking fishiness about the whole event.

  19. At 15:15 in, the Green Gittings says 38 words, two of which are phh, uqq giving Green Gittings a 5.5% swear-word quotient. Magnify that by the hair discolor, the medically-unwise piercing(s) (and likely tattooings), plus the surely funded placement at the event (and later, for the Zionic “press” including this video), and you pretty much arrive at what counts as either a shill or stooge, and likely both. Ref youtube ===>>> /watch?v=VpTW2AJE9MQ — look into what are called “lifetime actors” or “crisis actors”.

  20. To finally truly see the truth of “black on white violence”, see the youtube COLIN FLAHERTY and the thousands of examples he’s collected over years showing the very extreme distortion (to the point of absolute inversion) of reality, always to portray the violence as being white on black, instead of its awful reality of black on white.

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