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Kenosha Teachers Strike In Support Of Shutting Down Schools – 219 Teachers Didn’t Report To Classrooms

Tanya Kitts-Lewinski (D) Kenosha Teacher’s Union President

On January 3, 2022 teachers from around the country participated in what they coined #sickout2savelives. This movement made its way through Twitter and other social media platforms. It encouraged teachers to call in sick even if they were not sick, to encourage school boards to close schools.

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Social Media Post That Went Viral

Some Kenosha teachers participated in this “strike” this year. They did this in 2020 as well. Kenosha Education Association (KEA) President Tanya Kitts-Lewinski (D) called in sick on this day. We emailed her to ask if she was really sick, or if she was striking. She didn’t respond to our email. In all 219 teachers did not report to their classrooms last Monday, the first day back from Christmas break. We have decided to publish this list. Please note, there are teachers on this list that were genuinely sick with covid-19 or another illness, had funeral leave, took a personal day, mental health day or FMLA leave. There is no way to know which teachers were striking, and which had a valid excuse to stay home.

This teacher’s union tactic has spread to many KUSD parents. Sabrina Landry, a KUSD mother spoke to the school board on January 3, 2020. She advocated for schools shutting down and condemned “anti-maskers” and “anti-vaxers.” The day before, she made a Facebook post encouraging people to keep their healthy kids home to force school closures.

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The Kenosha News reported yesterday that 22 KUSD Schools have closed their doors to students. It appears, for now, that the teacher’s union has won the battle for closing schools leading to the question – who is running our schools? The Union or the parents?

Click here or look below to see the names of the teachers who didn’t work on the strike day.

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  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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45 Responses

  1. Expesl tags means they had covid. Why release personal information like that?!. I get the ones the just say personal sick bc u can call anything for that but to get the EXPESL tag means you have had a positive test by a clinic or source that’s not a home test. How cruel of you to include them as well. they have probably been subbing for the ones who suck and now you put them out here like that.

    1. I think you passed over my disclaimer. A lot of these teachers did nothing wrong. If I redacted teachers who had reported that they were positive with covid people would accuse me of hiding things. Information is power

      1. Interesting. This is a joke! First of all, you don’t have my permission to print my name anywhere. Secondly, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN!!! There was absolutely no sick out…you are making things up. FALSE NEWS!!! Actually, you don’t even report news. You report what you want to report. And I was out sick, because I have Covid. Brought on from all the people who have it, don’t get tested and run around not caring about other people and spreading it. You are not a news source. You are a joke in this community. Additionally, why are you using Ms. Kitts’ picture? She is the president of our union, she is not the only person who is a part of our union. Shame on you.

        1. Hi Janelle. You work for the government. I don’t need your permission to publish information related to the government. I’m sorry that you feel like people will associate you with the bad teachers but I think you have made it clear that you are not one of the bad teachers who called out for political reasons. Have a great night

    2. Maybe you have really poor fucking reading comprehension…….he clearly stated that some of these people were out for valid reasons. You have also clarified which of these teachers actually tested positive and there obviously is no issue with those teachers not showing up.

  2. I comprehend just fine but I’m also not an ass. You can blackout a name on a sheet of paper . why be a dick if there are good teachers out there? Putting a disclaimer doesn’t make it right. You just wanted to release personal medical info for people that are sick or people who had funeral. Everyone is struggling. Attacking the good ones does nothing. Putting a disclaimer or saying no offense doesn’t make the statement better or your news more credible. It’s just salacious and in bad taste. You and you ego stroking friends can say what you want but facts are… released good teachers personal medical information.

    1. “You just wanted to release personal medical info for people that are sick or people who had funeral. ”

      Clearly. Because that’s a thing. A fetish of sorts.

  3. A page right out of Chicago ! Here is your reward for voting Democrats . What’s it going to be next ? Gas money to drive to school. Open bar tabs so they can decompress at the end of a hard virtual day ! We are all living with Covid . By closing schools you are forcing parents not to report for their jobs and thus shutting down a small business or forcing that business to run short of help. So do like the rest of us adults do and go to work!

  4. Thank you for everything you do! So sad that the KEA runs everything! Our children deserve better and need to be in school.

  5. Would be great to see a side by side of this list and the one from the 2020 sickout, clearly indicating the names that appear on both.

  6. Can you clarify from the personal teacher data you shared publicly how you came to the conclusion that this was in fact a “Kenosha Teacher Strike” or “Sick out” as stated in your article title?
    Today we are ALL used used to seeing headlines and articles with unverified information and skewed “facts” but combining and sharing that with detailed information about our teachers and the reason they called in sick one day is ignorant especially when it doesn’t even align with your headline. As a reader I can only assume you wrote this based on the one ignorant parent’s Facebook post you shared about keeping kids out of school or maybe it was an opportunity to put the KEA President on blast, either way it doesn’t seem justified even though you probably could have found way better evidence that might support this. It’s ignorant, unethical, tasteless and honestly really bad journalism. Do better!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. For every person that was upset that this list was published there have been at least two or three people happy to see the transparency. I think we can all agree that the Kenosha Education Association president does not have the best interest of our children in mind and I suggest you vote her out next time.

      1. How will you vote the KEA president out next time? When is her election? You clearly do not have much factual information to share, otherwise you would know that this is not something the public can do.

    2. It was not an ignorant post. Kevin likes to twist people’s words. And add things in that people never said. All I wanted was there to be a gap between the holidays and returning to school. As we can ALL clearly see, it would’ve been better to do things that way. And Kevin, what’s up ass?

  7. I see my name on the list as taking a sick day. I was out because I was waiting on COVID test results; I was trying to be responsible and not come into the building, potentially infecting students and staff. I’m sure that’s why some individuals are on this list. It’s really sad to see you blasting teachers publicly when you don’t have all of the facts. I am sure you will say that you posted a disclaimer, but the damage is done. Accusatory posts like this contribute to more and more educators leaving the profession every day. I have been teaching for more than a decade, but I am truly starting to consider jumping ship before things get worse. If you have an issue with our schools and want to see improvements, perhaps you could spend some time subbing in the district rather than making a post filled with rumors simply to stir up more hatred towards school staff.

  8. 219 called in absent that day…what is the normal number of daily absences? If the norm is 200 then the 219 is insignificant…if it is 25 then that is significant.

  9. Lol 2 people like it and you feel great about it. Yay for you. But all you did was piss off the teachers that are actually working. This does nothing against the union or Tanya which you clearly have some weird obsession with. Also do you have any proof that anyone from KUSD was connected with that meme you posted? It seems generic af. If you are a so-called journalist ….this is completely unethical, biased, and has misleading information which come out to egregious fabrications.

    1. You didn’t read carefully enough. I said for everyone person that was upset I posted the list there are two people that are happy. In other words there are double the amount of people grateful for this publication than not. If you truly think that note Kenosha teachers called in for this Nationwide strike then you might be naive, disingenuous, or both

  10. Abolish Teacher Unions.
    Abolish Public Schools.
    Promote Vouchers for Private Schools.
    Public Schools = Marxist Indoctrination of our Children.

  11. Good luck finding babysitters for your children when there are no more public school teachers left. It is bullshit like this that makes people want to leave the profession.

    1. Hey NoName, I’m assuming you’re a teacher. It’s teachers like yourself who need to get the hell out. The ones who refer to themselves as babysitters for our children. You see doing your job and educating our children as a burden? You have contempt for parents? You think you can’t be replaced? No more public school teacher’s left? I look forward to a day when education is competitive, rather than a public bureaucracy. The union is a swamp of underperforming, incompetent, and mentally ill individuals who would be fired in any other profession.

      1. But that’s the thing……have you seen test scores from Kenosha schools? They AREN’T educating our children.

        Most teachers are really great and work hard at their job…..I commend them. They are underpaid. However, some of you just fucking suck, bring nothing to our children, and only are teachers because you get summers off. Seriously…those people can kick rocks.

      2. John you forgot arrogant snobs with ‘teacheritis’ aka inflated ego.

        I know how we can tell. Post pics. The kool-aid hair, piercings, tats, and lgbtqlmnop/blm flags are the ones that should go immediately.

    2. Funny you are so angry. I see so many teachers at parties, the dells, traveling, shopping all with no masks. But suddenly teaching is dangerous. Get the hell outta here. It’s hypocrites like you that want a cookie for being accountable for the career you chose and the shit people do outside of school, and then complain teaching is scary

    3. You never answered the meme question. You literally just continue to talk about the people stroking your narcissistic ways. How did you connect that to KUSD? That was a question and it wasn’t rhetorical

      Also it does nothing to help your cause if half of your fan base is shouting off things about Marxism , communism, and whatever else qanon tells them too. Facts are what journalism is about not skewing numbers.. Also somebody asked what is the regular rate of teachers taking off or what is the connection to the last protest that you supposedly said they did. Did you cross reference names?Journalism is not making baseless memes and connecting them to somebody just because you hate them. We got it You don’t like Tanya. Maybe just put personal opinion on it next time because so far you’ve got nothing but conjecture on absentee rates and a lack of facts that connect anyone to KUSD making that meme.

        1. I didnt say anything about babysitters. go take your medication and reply with something that makes sense billy boy.

  12. Some solid reporting here. The list is public information due to the fact KUSD and it’s staff are taxpayer paid. Public paid, public information. The teachers are public servants so to speak providing a service. Let’s not forget that.
    The KEA has in the past, set a precedence of being unreliable in providing their service to the taxpayer. In 2020 I witnessed one teacher strongly advocate on social media to shut it down while holding a pool party. Unfortunately they make the reliable teachers with a solid work ethic look bad. This makes the zeros stick out while the heroes get tarnished.
    The reporting brings the zeros to the forefront.
    By the way, if they want to use “Omnicron” as their sick-out predicate at least they could spell it correctly.
    Nice job KCE!

      1. Thanks Bill. The median wage in Kenosha is $48,000 so a lot of people are struggling out there to hopefully give their children a chance to succeed. Moms and Dads working two, and often three jobs to make ends meet.
        And here are a percentage of “teachers”, and adequately compensated at that, purposefully and proudly taking away the possibility for our future citizens to succeed.
        Disgusting and out of touch
        So disgusting!

        1. Not just trying to take it away, but feigning indignance when light is shined on them.

          Teachers are mostly spoiled brat indoctrinators. Some are good, and yes the job can be difficult but like you said, the compensation is commensurate.

          Not to mention all the fake outrage and ‘fear’…

  13. How many teachers are at the cheer competition in a packed Indiana hotel and venue? But only schools are for Covid. How many if the “positive” teachers and kids came from the wack and false pop up sites that are now shut down? Quit playing the we care about the kids and need to be virtual when your out all year round at parties, dells, vacations and pool parties and then tell working parents to deal with it. Hypocrites

  14. Boy…y’all sure don’t like to get called out! Liberal banshees sure like to reeeeee.

    HILARIOUS someone telling Kevin he can’t print their name…

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