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Kenosha County Eye

Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director On Leave Amid Alleged Criminal Investigation: Source

John Steinbrink, Jr (52) of Pleasant Prairie

Pleasant Prairie Village President John Steinbrink, Sr announced today that his son, John Jr was placed on leave for a “complaint.” John, Jr is the Public Works director for the village.

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A source told the Kenosha County Eye that agents with the Wisconsin Department of Justice Bureau of Criminal Investigation were questioning Village staff today. KCE could not independently confirm these allegations.

Village staff have been givin a strict gag order by Village Administrator Nathan Thiel according to our source. Discipline has been threatened to any village employees that talk about the details.

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Village President John Steinbrink, Sr

Reached by phone, Village President John Steinbrink, Sr refused to answer KCE’s question and hung up on us.

Trustee Kris Keckler

Village board member Kris Keckler told Kenosha County Eye that the Public Works director was placed on leave over a week ago and had no knowledge about any police presence at Village Hall today.

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This is a breaking story and we will give you more as soon as we learn more.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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49 Responses

  1. The City, County, Pleasant Prairie, and other local governments in Kenosha are all infected with incestuious power structures. This obstructs transparency and fosters an environment where corruption becomes common.

      1. Of course it’s corrupted! How can an investigation be done when you have father and son working together and the father is in a position higher than the son! Who has gotten his job do to the father! It’s a wonder our roads Don’t get fixed

  2. Another Democrat doing what Democrats do ! Look at the county board of Supervisors! I’m sure Kenosha has a few skeletons dancing in the Democratic closet. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    1. This guy has been a dirt bag his whole life. I met his 2nd grade teacher a couple of years ago a she said “he was a prick back then too” Fire this guy

      1. Absolutely correct! Let’s not forget why he is like that, snakes breed snakes. Get rid of his father and him. The village will be in better hands!

      2. He still is! I’ve been trying to get our roads fixed for 10 + years and nothing all they keep doing is patching up already patched work, hell even the worker doing the work said this is a waste of time! All we need is a resurfacing, but he talks about drains and sewer systems when we are fine the way it is, but they won’t fix unless we the tax payers pay for it! I call bullS*%t!

  3. Nepotism. Thats another thing I do not miss about living in Kenosha. Ever notice that places where nepotism is common also tend to be cesspools of graft, corruption, and crime? Chicago and Waukegan come to mind too.

    1. Looks like Karma is finally putting him in his place. Even if daddy is able to fix this (and I hope he doesn’t) he cannot undo his name being dragged through the mud (as it should be). Look into his past and you will find quite a few cover ups Sr. has bailed him out of. I say get rid of senior and tear it all down. Get rid of the good old boys club and start anew. Fyi… how is a government employee on leave, under investigation, able to bring his “work” vehicle home and leave it there? Just a douche bag still thinking he is untouchable and doing as he wishes!

        1. As of Wednesday night it is parked in his driveway backed up to his garage. It is a white unmarked Dodge Ram.

          1. I hope you can bust him for that. If he really is on administrative leave, he should not have is village issued vehicle.

          2. Just a few weeks ago I believe that same pickup was pulling out of that driveway with one of those newer wakeboard boats. Those things cost $80K to $140K! Must be good to be the son of the King! I also found in very interesting that before Jr got that job, they spent over $50K on a Nationwide search to fill the position and then, magic, they found the best candidate right across the street from Sr.

      1. There was a cover up and eventual plea deal for this guy a few years ago having to do with an accident in a village vehicle.

  4. How much is Kenosha County wasting on having an outside company come in to do Woke Training with all of the employees a week before their new Woke Director starts?

  5. As a village resident who has had to deal with him, I can tell you he is a grade-A asshole. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about him and the public works department from other residents too in recent years. Seemed like he was enjoying daddy’s protection, and didn’t care what people thought of his job performance.

    1. Excellent point. Look at the City. The City Attorney is the Mayor’s cousin. How can the City Attorney give the Mayor sound legal advice? The City Attorney will certainly provide advice that protects the Mayor over the citizens. I don’t understand why more people don’t see this as a problem.

      1. How about the Mayors nephew was lead detective during the Rittenhouse trial sitting everyday with corrupt Assistant DA’s. The Mayor has more relatives working in city jobs, some under their married names. same with Beth, former police chief now the city administrator, etc. the swamp! My hunch is the county guy and son of a dirtbag will be swept under the carpet and go nowhere as usual. It’s the swamp!

        1. You presented another great example. I heard that the Kenosha Municipal judge is also related to the City Attorney and the Mayor. I wish someone would confirm that. If it is so, think about this. If you take a traffic ticket to municipal court the judge is related to the guy prosecuting you. Do you think you will get a fair shake?

  6. KEVIN- you should write a book- i am not sure if it would be a humor or horror genre. losers breed losers. nepotism, incest, inbreeding, their corruption needs to be exposed. thank you kevin for staying on the allegations and keeping us informed.

  7. Absolutely agree that if Kevin did not report this news we’d never hear about it. The Kenosha News is controlled, WLIP would never mention it. Vicki McKenna may be the only one if she heard about it. So thank you Kevin for doing what you do.

  8. Great to see these comments.
    Deafening chorus at board meetings would be better.
    The “infinite grift growth model” is sucking the Pleasant AND Prairie out of Pleasant Prairie.

  9. Kevin will poke the Bear with a sharp stick. Look forward to hearing more. John Steinbrink Sr. Is truly unprofessional for the hang up call and resembles Captain Kangaroo. He’s Snidely Whiplash. He has a lot to hide and not talk about. Got to love the threats and intimidation during damage control.

    1. John is a democrat, so before you go defend someone, maybe you should look into what they actually stand for. In his case; nepotism, corruption, abuse of power. He is literally taking your tax dollars,l

        1. You’re out in left field and the ballgame ain’t being played. Wtf brings the Trumps into this bullshit. Democrats to die

  10. I live in Pleasant Prairie and John Steinberg Jr. does an awesome job. All you shit talking Democrats in Kenosha don’t know what you’re talking about I live in Pleasant Prairie and know what he does….and does nothing but GOOD for us in here Pleasant Prairie! Awesome job thank you John thank you!

    1. John does not do a good job for the village. He does a good job for himself, his family and his cronies. He was never qualified to be pwd. His father abuses his position to farm other peoples land rent free. They use tax payers money to install gates on their farm property on Bain station road. It’s really time to clean up the village board. Take pollocoff with them.

      1. I live right down the road and saw village employees installing those during the week during village hours. I thought to myself, I wonder if he paid for the materials and why are village employees doing the work? Every other resident has to hire a company, get a permit., etc. Kevin can you check to see if a permit was pulled for the work that was done? Was an inspection done for the work? Can you request proof that the gates were paid for by the Steinbrink’s and not just taken like the chipper? Why are they allowed to use village employees to do work on their personal property? Wouldn’t that be an abuse of his position that isn’t afforded every other resident?

      2. Is someone investigating John Sr.? There is no way he didn’t know that village gates were put on his property and not paid for. He is as corrupt as his son. Every time either one of them have stupid grins on their faces with village residents/friends it’s because they are laughing they are robbing them blind and we are too stupid to see it or demand better! I hope both of them are investigated and held accountable!

        1. Exactly those green gates on his property on Bain station rd came from the rec plex and we’re installed on his property along with the culverts and all the gravel to access the property. I know this because I used to work for pleasant Prarie public works. And I helped install everything.

          1. Village property installed by village employees on the village payroll installed on steinbrink private property supervised by steinbrink jr under the watchful eye of steinbrink sr. And they do it in plain site.
            Nothing wrong with that if your name is steinbrink.

            After jr goes to jail, can we please vote out sr or at least ask for a resignation. Maybe he will see the light and resign! But then would would do the work on his property?

    2. Shane, you do realize the Steinbrink’s are democrats? I highly doubt you will find a lot of “shit talking democrats” on this site. John does not do an awesome job. I hope everything he has done and all the corners he cut throughout the years become public knowledge because you would be singing a very different tune. I would love to know Shane how you feel
      About this wonderful man basically stealing a $20,000 chipper by only paying $2,500 for it (how and who made that deal go down I want to know!) he literally stole money out of your pocket as a tax payer. So how does that make him do only good for residents? He did good for himself because he has a tree cutting side business. I think his bad deeds are
      like roaches…if there is one there are many, many more that we aren’t seeing.

    3. You must be talking about another John!? Because he’s a real piece of work! Come to carol beach west of the track’s and look at our roads! That I have been asking to get fixed and all he keeps doing is fixing it with and already bad patch job!

    4. Really? Tell that to all the farmers he scammed money from to build his commercial companies! He wouldn’t allow the farmers to change their zoning after they saw what the “new” mapping for 2030 was but after they finally caved and sold it under Agricultural Zoning, STEINBRINK, rezones it.commercialand.makes a ton of money! Don’t TELL ME he’s doing a good job unless.its for deceiving people and scamming them! He’s STILL doing it too! Rezoning land as WET LAND so nobody can build on it and then when he or someone he knows wants to build on it, the zoning changes. Wake up!

  11. Kris keckler touches kusd employees and harasses women all the time. He’s dirty AF too like the rest of keno employees. Theyve run a few investigations on him. Last person to go against him was Dr Sue and he got rid of her (told her to resign or he’d release info on her) Like seriously he’s a funny uncle type. Don’t leave your daughters around that creep.

  12. I’ve been living in Pleasant Prairie for almost ten years and the Steinbrink family has been very kind to me and my family. They are good people. And the area is a great place to live.

  13. That new deck he has around his pool. Built on village time with tax payers dollars by village employees paid hourly. Must be nice. Its time drain the swamp.

  14. I’m a ex employee from pppw I personally have had to do jobs for jr on their property nothing huge but it was all done for free with village material and labor all on the taxpayers dollar so it all adds up.The family is crooked if you speak up your on the s..- list and you didn’t want to be there.I’m sure if they look hard enough they will find a lot more things. And as far as his tree trimming business jr was always taking the chainsaws out of the village truck’s and bringing them back damaged and blaming the employees he runs that place like it’s his personal business. Not a good place to work no other municipality in the area has that kind of turn around that tells you something

  15. You guys sure are brave talking sh*it about someone more successful than you on the internet… I am pretty sure none of you have any actual proof or knowledge of what(if anything) actually happened.. Did any of you so called former VOPP employees lodge a formal complaint when he had you doing work at his house? Doubt it, because it didn’t happen you just want to throw your super important opinion out there…. Grow up. Get a life and worry about your own jobs.

  16. Word on the street is John was fired yesterday about damn time that man is corrupt as it gets next is his dad.

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