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Sheriff David Beth In the Hot Seat Wednesday Night At County Board Committee Meeting

Kenosha Sheriff David G. Beth (D) at Committee Meeting on September 7, 2022
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

For decades, there have been rumors and allegations of Sheriff David Beth using money from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) fund inappropriately. The County’s Judiciary and Law committee, Chaired by Supervisor Zach Rodriguez decided to investigate the many expenditures documented in the account.

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Beth originally said in an email, “No one [Sheriff or his staff] will be attending a meeting held by the County Board for the D.A.R.E. program.” It was only after notice of the committee issuing subpoenas, that the Sheriff attended tonight’s meeting with other Sheriff’s department staff to answer questions. Notably missing, was failed Sheriff candidate Ray Rowe, who has run the D.A.R.E. program for the last few decades. The Sheriff would not allow Rowe to attend. The committee’s majority-conservative members bombarded the Sheriff with tough questions about what Finance Director Patti Merrill called “unusual [spending].”

County Board Supervisor Brian Bashaw
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Supervisor Brian Bashaw criticized the Sheriff for his poor fundraising practices. He pointed out that the annual golf outing only netted about 50% of the total expenditures. “Most consultants want to see under 33% [in expenditures]” said Bashaw. Bashaw said he put all of the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet and found that the Kenosha D.A.R.E. program only spends about 12% – 23% ‘direct to student.’ “Do you have any comments as to these numbers?” Asked Bashaw. “No.” replied the Sheriff.

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Supervisor Erin Decker had many questions like why Sheriff Beth:

Donated thousands to a non-profit called “Concerned Citizens Coalition” that he is the president of.

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Spent thousands on DVD’s called “Computer Cop” which was supposed to teach kids about internet safety but she said ended up infecting computers with spyware.

Spent thousands on gifts for deputies. She said the gifts should have been paid for with Sheriff funds, not D.A.R.E. funds.

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Spent thousands on upfitting two UTVs.

Spent $13,000 to fix a bus for a pastor friend of the Sheriff.

Gave the Sharing Center $5,000 for snacks.

Fellow democratic allies on the board, John Franco, Laura Belsky, and Jeff Wamboldt didn’t ask any questions of the Sheriff and seemed to be OK with the unusual spending. Supervisor Brian Thomas, who attended the meeting but isn’t on this committee brought up the D.A.R.E. mission statement on his cell phone, and said “While I won’t read the mission statement, theses things you are spending the money on don’t seem to align with the mission statement of D.A.R.E.” Thomas suggested a more organized way of spending the money.

Kenosha Sheriff David Beth (D) Answering Questions from County Committee Wednesday Night
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Sheriff David Beth has less than four months left in his position. Beth suggested this probe was political in nature, but his hand-picked candidate, Ray Rowe was beat handily in the Republican primary by Sheriff’s Sgt. David Zoerner. Committee members denied political motivations and rumors of plans to eliminate the program.

Beth had alerted residents, some who attended this meeting, that members of the committee wanted D.A.R.E. scrapped. Decker and her husband Mike, who own Merlin Complete Auto Care, have made numerous donations to D.A.R.E. and took exception with Beth’s assertion. “My family supports the D.A.R.E. program with our voices and our wallets,” said Decker after the meeting.

Alleged Criminal Probe

KCE caught up with the Sheriff after the meeting, who tried to sneak out of the room though a back door. We had some questions for the Sheriff, who is allegedly the target of a criminal review by Milwaukee DA John Chisholm unrelated to the D.A.R.E. issues. The review was requested by the County’s lawyers and Kenosha DA Graveley asked the Milwaukee DA to review.

Here is a video of our interaction: (Note. I’m not always polite. I can be a dick – I was tonight. I’ve learned in elected life and as a government watchdog, I get very little success with being Mr. Nice Guy.)


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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22 Responses

  1. It is refreshing to see a local journalist ask tough questions of a powerful local leader. It is something that corrupt leaders of Kenosha never have to confront. Please keep up the good work. Shame on the other local media that enables Kenosha corruption.

    1. Simple. Other media does not want to risk alienating their advertisers. We need more people like Kevin, that actually have a pair.

  2. A program’s using tax dollars should be reviewed every year. To ensure our money is spent appropriately.

  3. David the mercenary loser top cop will not be charged. Why? Dave has a huge card to play. He will spill the beans on the Rittenhouse false flag. I expect David will be killed by the people he took his orders from and that is the feds. His wife Sharron must be s do ashamed of David

    1. Please elaborate.
      The pedo, the skakeboarder and the armed commi “medic” would, it seems to me, be very difficult patsys to direct.

      1. Why would this be difficult? The pedo, the skateboarder and the medic were all doing what the Talmud says is acceptable for them to “Goyim” (their word, not mine.) They are all part of the synagogue of satan and are part of group think. Read the Bible. Jesus called them out too and they crucified Him. The same evil that was cast into pigs that ran off a cliff is the same evil inside these people. One of the biggest lies is that J*ws are Gods chosen people, they are not!! However He will be their King in the end whether they like it or not! ? The blood line of kings is from the seed of Jacob (Israel). How many J*wish kings are there or have there been? None.

        Same enemy, different faces and time.

        Judeo Christians that get the warm fuzzy message from the pulpit are being misled. If you think J*ws follow the 1st testament and not the 2nd one
        you again, like I once was are wrong. They follow the Talmud and the Kabbalah. They hate Christians and Jesus. All the “republicans”
        that come here don’t understand the dark forces of their “democratic” counterparts although most of them believe in God. Jesus was sent to the “Lost sheep of Israel” and that is who the majority of republicans are however they overwhelmingly don’t know who they are and where they came from as they are still lost. Evident by calling me stupid and a racist yesterday because of what they don’t know.

        I commented on this yesterday. J*ws are satan worshippers and so is Grosskr**tz.

        General Flynn touched on this (spiritual warfare) the other day. We are not only in a political battle but more importantly, a spiritual battle. If you don’t believe it, there are (2) groups of people that do and are waging in it. Yahweh wins in the end and He is the One True God and Yahweh is His name although it’s been greatly removed to keep confuse people.

        While they own the banks, corporations, governments and all worldly things, we have God the Creator of everything. Satan can only do what God allows (read Job).

        Pray and know where you will spend eternity. Pray God uses you to bring Him praise and use the gifts He has given you to be a lamp for Him in a world of darkness as KM is doing here almost daily.

        KM, I Don’t mean to turn your articles into biblical and political lessons and how they intertwine but I think it is important if we have a shot in uprighting the sinking ship. Please delete my comments or say the word here and I will stop. Thanks again for all you bring into the light here for so many.

        1. Yeah, this was for sure a false flag from the dirty free masons aka Synagogue of Satan. They made a ton of money of this hoax. And Kyle’s acting was pretty darn good, but not good enough for the trained eye.

        2. Please stop. You sound like a fucking ASSCLOWN and hurt the credibility of this site when you go off on stupid tangents like this. It makes you sound uneducated AF, too.

    2. I’d love for you to elaborate.

      False flag gone wrong or according to plan? Jacob Blake was part of the plan too and the officer that was a terrible shot?

      Wonderful drone footage of Rittenhouse being hunted and the orange on guys like Grosskreutz made them easy to spot in the crowd too for their watchers. Feds had time to observe but no time to stop anything.

      Something how Grosskreutz wasn’t charged for anything, phone wasn’t able to searched and had an international lawyer. KM have you ever dug into this? I wasn’t aware of your site at this time but I was aware of you manning up with Kenosha guard! You are a hero in my book.

      Everyone knew the caravan was headed to Kenosha with their blacked out plates, I think they even had an escort. Also BLM we’re communicating directly to Gravely.
      Also knew of drones up before it was public. Dude was calling out agents on 4chan.

      I see your book on Amazon, I think I may be well versed in what you put forth based on the cover. Not sure I would be learning anything but perhaps a review. Not your average Kenosha guy. Well water here if you know what I mean. I do have a solution for flouride effects for those that know what I am talking about.

  4. Not too m any years ago, there was a Sheriff’s deputy in Green Bay who got convicted and was sent to prison for stealing DARE money.

  5. G.I. Joe— Dave. We saw this happen in Illinois with the DARE officer. He off’d himself and left his wife to pay for his crimes. Dave and his buddy Ray should be locked up in Waupun, A few people who would love to see them.

  6. How can the “Republican” sheriff say that this is political in nature when the county board is majority republican?
    Maybe some of the “critically thinking” liberal readers can explain that one away.
    What a scam!
    All real democrats know how to do really well is lie.

    1. Dave Beth is a RHINO. It’s the only way he could of got the votes to get elected in western Kenosha County.

  7. Are there documents that support the effectiveness of the DARE program? It sounds like it should be scraped.

  8. I’m interested in finding out more about the community organization (CCC) he gave Dare funds to…

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