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Don’t Like Kids Drag-Queen Story Time? Don’t Shop At My Bookstore – “Blue House Books” Owner

Drag Queen Story Time – Blue House Books, Kenosha
(Photo Courtesy of Facebook)

Today, Sunday September 18th, 2022 at 2pm, Blue House Books (5915 6th Ave A) held an event called “Drag Queen Story Time.” This event encouraged children to come in and have a book called “If You’re A Drag Queen And You Know It” read to them by Veronica Vaughn, a Drag Queen.

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Alina Jordan’s Daughter
Illinois Mom Alina Jordan

Some folks took to social media to criticize the event, which raised money for Kenosha Pride. The director of Kenosha Pride, Daniel Seaver caused a car crash during his Second OWI that almost killed three family members. While some criticized the event, some lauded the initiative. A 33-year-old mother, Alina Jordan form Illinois, posted a photo on the event page – her daughter with the drag queen saying, “Such a fun event! Thanks so much!”

Blue House Books Owner Samantha Jacquest (33) of Racine, WI
(Courtesy of Twitter)

The owner of Blue Books, 33 year-old Samantha Jacquest of Racine, WI made it clear, however that people who opposed the event are not welcome in her bookstore. She said she is “perfectly happy without the patronage of close-minded judgmental people. We have enough support…..”

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We reached out to Jacquest to see if that meant that conservatives, republicans, or about 50% of the country that disagree with the sexualization of children aren’t allowed inside. We didn’t hear back from her. Since our publication, however, she has removed the ability to comment on her Facebook Post.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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93 Responses

  1. Feel really sorry for these kids.

    This is the issue in our country and it has been for a long time….shitty parents, whether in the hood or suburbs…..and these kids grow up to be all screwed up in the head or criminals or they end up wanting to kill themselves.

    1. The consequences of young children being exposed to this are more numerous than the stars and too awful to fathom. I don’t like regular drag, I honestly don’t know anyone who does, but that’s a form of entertainment…for adults. This is not entertainment. This is radical drag. This must be quelled NOW.

  2. It will be terrifying to see what Chinese Red Generals do with the LGBTQIE folks and their allies when they ake over the Unites States. They have experience with revolution, civil war and the slaughter of millions of people that would not adjust to the reeducation camps. China, Russia and the Middle East are salivating right now while we focus daily on critical problems like LBGTQIE issues ??Keep spending and racking up debt. Keep trying to destroy the emotional soul of the country. It truly seems like they keep pissing on the things that so many of us hold sacred. The problem is the radical left wing Anti God, Anti Family, Anti White Christian male crowd will have nowhere to run and hide their billions when the US collapses upon itself. China, Russia, the Middle East, South America……….who will embrace this crowd ? Answer……No one……..Good Luck 🙂

  3. What is it exactly that the LGBTQIE cult wants ? Why don’t we cut them a deal and give them a nice blue state city like Seattle, Chicago,Portland ,or Minneapolis. They can create their own laws and government, care for and support one another emotionally and financially and live in peace for the next 100 years. What ever the vast majority gives to this cult will never be enough, so we might as well just give them everything they want right now and be done with it

      1. I’ll get in on that. I’ll say 18 months tops. It will take her a little time to burn through that donor money.

        1. The only color they actually care about in their precious rainbow is green. It’s all about raising money from sycophants eager to appear supportive of the in-thing at the expense of people suffering from mental issues that should be treated rather than enabled or told their insane perception of reality is acceptable.

      2. You can count on it! This is blowing up and causing the outrage it deserves. Send this pedophile enabler packing back to Racine with such fury that no other business DARE follow in her footsteps.

    1. Kind of like Dearborn? No thank you, you don’t cure cancer by giving it its own private bodies to live in. If there is a customer base for her business, it will survive in the meantime if all it can do is just barely survive, then federal taxes from people with successful businesses will be paying for her health care subsidies. Everybody probably likes a good freak show, but you shouldn’t bring the kids.

    2. They don’t want to be off on their own. They want to flaunt their filth in your face. Above all, they want your children. Why? They need to propagate their sick and twisted ways and your children are their only option because their sex acts are fruitless and unnatural. And make no mistake…they want to have sex with your children, too. Normalizing homo and transsexuality was all building up to this: age dysphoria, “MAP”s, etc. Their lives are empty of any real substance and they’re filling that void with our children’s innocence. I hope they all rot in jail up until the moment they roast in hell.

  4. Chill out, folks.

    Her place, her rules. Move on and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    That said, if it was KUSD doing this was taxpayer money then I’d be concerned.

    1. Close but no cigar, a marginal business like this will generally use more public funds than it creates. There are subsidies Galore and since the Obamacare system depends on some people paying virtually nothing for their health insurance While others pay double, when/if this place finally goes out of business, we will all share the bill. Kind of like Pajama Boy and the people who were all excited because they finally got to open their own little ceramic store in the Obamacare commercials. Anything that can’t completely fund itself depends on entities that can more than fund themselves

  5. It sure would be a shame if someone posted the phone number of this store. (262) 612-5525 . Please don’t call this number. Don’t let her know how evil Drag Queen Story Hour is.



  6. This store is located directly behind the creative space gathering place (7th ave & 57th st) that should put some prospective into this whole affair. The guy who runs that space has survived for years off the graces of other people and community grants . Bottom line is the alpha bet people are attempting to gain a foot hold in the political say of the community. The bookstore owner is from Racine please note no Drag Queen stories in Racine . So question is do we embrace socalism and let our
    Children be indoctrination into the next generation of Socalist?

      1. Yep…next they’ll be easing themselves inside your children little by little. If they’re saying “be more open-minded and inclusive” to adults, odds are they’re saying “it’ll only hurt the first time, don’t tell your mommy” to the children. These people are rotten to the core and the time for placating them is over. Run them out of business and out of society.

  7. Blue House Books is a lovely store that’s doing a booming business in downtown Kenosha. Yes—many people do buy books and actually read. They are not as closed minded as so many on this thread. For Gods sake-don’t go if you don’t like it. They also sell all the “banned books” u all so approve of. I’m happy to shop there and support a small business!

    1. I do buy books and actually read, but if the store’s proprietor is going to call me “closed minded and judgmental” when she doesn’t even know me, then I’m obviously not welcome and I won’t force my business upon her.

      Is anyone actually banning books these days? I thought that went out with the “Lady Chatterley” trial.

      1. Yeah there’s no book banning going on in 2022 outside the delusions in the progressive lunatic mind.

        Then again, see if you can find Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn at Blue House Books. Better yet, To Kill A Mockingbird. The Left has done a bang up job trying to Year Zero those classics.

    2. What is your definition of banned books? We don’t band books we band books with pornography in them that are being displayed to all children and if read in public you’d probably be Wisthoff to pet aphelia land. If you think being close minded is protecting children and I think you should rethink your statement

    3. So you support the grooming of young children into homosexual sex (pedophilia), the use of hormone blockers, removal of breasts, hysterectomies, removal of male organs all for the sake of your worship of political power. If the owner of this bookstore were to conduct such a reading for young children but with traditional women (those with wombs) dressed in next to nothing, or strippers it would be shutdown in a heartbeat. This owner and her ilk are GROOMERS of young children and will be held accountable for their works in this life, just aw we all will.

      1. Hearing “well done, my good and faithful servant” from Satan won’t make the pitchfork going where the sun don’t shine feel any more pleasant. My only hope is that they get what’s coming to them before the afterlife. Lock them up, one and all! ?

  8. My guess:
    This business is like the many cupcake businesses that have opened and closed in downtown Kenosha.
    A stay at home mom gets the bright idea to open a business and her husband, who has a real job (not a fun job like cupcakes or childrens books) cuts a check to placate his wife and subsidizes the business until the bleeding of cash is too much.
    Husband is happy, for a while (he still gets pu$$y) and wife is happy for a while (stupid vanity project to post on Instagram and yap to about with her friends).
    The children of liberals lose short terms having their minds scrambled but the real loser is the husband, because we all know noone can keep a liberal woman happy.
    Samantha J. is hot. Maybe I will stop by and ask for an inclusive book for my tictional adopted minority de jour nephew and feel her out, after all, we all know liberal woman are easy.

    1. You people really need to get a life. First, the bookstore is not behind Creative Space. The store did so well that it moved into one of the many empty buildings downtown and made it into a bright and cheerful place. Yes-people do want to ban books as ridiculous as that sounds in this day and age. I imagine many of them are on this thread. Enrique—your take on this is disgusting.

    2. Enrique, your comment was well thought and irrelevant to this business. A for effort. Maybe you could harness that energy and put it into something a little more constructive in your life.

  9. She has the right to run her business as she wants, as I have the right not to patronize it.


    “A closed minded, judgemental person”.

  10. Not my cup of tea but it is a private business, they have as much rights as a bakery…..oh wait, maybe more than a bakery……..

  11. Definitely NOT a story time for my family but to each their own. They can gradually learn as they get older & ask but definitely not shoving it down their throat.

  12. Peeved comment on my “disgusting take” has prompted further research;
    The Illinois mom has a nose ring.
    Zooming in on the group photo reveals two more moms with excessive arm tats.
    Blue (Democrate) House Books is a goldmine of tatted (easy) liberal (easy) women.
    Liberal women are like mopeds (and fat chicks); guys will ride them but won’t show them off to thwir friends!

  13. This is very interesting how an article, with the most basic facts being wrong, can spread such hate and assumption. It seems as though Kevin Mathewson needs to do a bit more research before publishing any article if he wants to be taken seriously by an educated community.

      1. Location of Blue House books. Her age and location which is irrelevant. And you’re a day late and a dollar short. This author is already been here for her Sunday storytelling time for the children. Keep up sir.

      2. Location of Blue House books. Her age and location which is irrelevant. And you’re a day late and a dollar short. This author is already been here for her Sunday storytelling time for the children. Keep up sir.

      3. THE FACTS ARE, PERVERT PEDOPHILE GROWN MEN DRESSED LIKE PROSTITUTES ARE GROOMING CHILDREN IN A NEST OF VIPERS CALLED A “BOOKSTORE”. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. MATHEW 18 : 6

  14. Get Woke & Go Broke!
    Just ask Bed Bath & Beyond how that has worked for them.
    Just keep spreading the word on this den of Satan’s and watch it disappear…

    1. Yes, I have not shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond nor at Kohl’s since they have entered the political spectrum. Their CEO’s and Board’s have destroyed both companies.

      1. Lots of people drive right past Dick’s Sporting Goods and Gander Mountain / Camping World now, to patronize other businesses outside the city. Liberals made a point of saying they didn’t want conservatives money and conservatives listened.

  15. Two great documentaries to help the lost understand what’s happening to the USA:
    Europa: The Last Battle
    Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

    Might need to view on Telegram or Bitchute, Google and YouTube keep truth from you, as most should know.

    Germany was also being destroyed from within prior to WW2. Banking, culture, reparations, inflation.

    History is repeating itself but people in the US are too dumb to realize why and to preoccupied to care.

    General Patton’s revealing quote: “We fought the wrong enemy,”

  16. Why are you so obsessed with drag queens? If you don’t like it then don’t shop there. If you don’t want your kids around it….don’t bring them to the event. It’s her business she can do with it what she pleases.

  17. If she’s so open minded, will she be open to someone painting on blackface and reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Drag is making a mockery of womanhood.

  18. These “drag queens” are quite literally the over-sexualized clown version of John Wayne Gacy. They are evil, the organizers of these events are evil and the parents who expose their children to this are evil. A millstone around all their necks! The destruction of childhood innocence is a crime that cannot be forgiven.

  19. Not sure what’s worse this article or the comments below? Always funny how anytime it comes to drag queens or trans it’s automatically turned into “pedos or dangerous pervs” when it’s probably some deep seeded desire to of you guys to be turned out by one of them ?
    If it’s so evil don’t go there and leave them alone. Obviously the parents are not close minded idiots like you guys and have no problem so not sure why you do. If you don’t like it, don’t go it’s as simple as that. Get a life and move on sure you’ll find something else that’ll outrage you in the next five minutes.

    1. ” Always funny how anytime it comes to drag queens or trans it’s automatically turned into “pedos or dangerous pervs” when it’s probably some deep seeded desire to of you guys to be turned out by one of them”
      Yeah, Or its the truth that they are pedos or pervs. Why would some guy that wants to dress like a clown want to read a book to children? Yes its possible they just want to entertain them but maybe its something more. I agree, don’t go there and leave them alone but use your voice to object to their grooming, it’s sick.

    2. We aren’t the ones who get outraged over pancake mix packaging art and “misgendering”…only that which is actually outrageous and disgusting like this. Parents shouldn’t be open-minded when it comes to what they expose children to at a young age, there’s a careful thought process involved that clearly every parent who’d bring their child to a man who likes dressing in women’s clothes to get near them skipped. We automatically think they’re perverts because anyone who isn’t blinded by propaganda or submitting to wokeness can see that’s exactly what they are. It’s not normal, it’s normalized…BIG difference. I’m not going to infringe on degenerate adults who enjoy that type of entertainment, but I will loudly speak up when young children are confused, misled, and their innocence trampled upon by these same adults getting off on the fact that they’re seeing it, too. Radical drag must be stopped.

  20. As a conservative I can’t have it both ways.

    This is a private business on private property. Unless something illegal is going on it’s THEIR business, not mine or anyone else’s. If you don’t like it, don’t go there (and you’re certainly free to express your views, of course).

    I don’t like it myself. But that’s just my take.

    1. This is my opinion also as a fellow staunch conservative. I don’t support bans or boycotts ever. Let free market Capitalism decide the winners and losers.

      1. Bands and boycotts are part of free market capitalism, just give them different titles if that’s inconvenient to you.

    2. Saying it’s legal is a weak argument. Obviously many people want to MAKE it illegal – that’s the point.

  21. Thank you for so clearly illustrating the danger of removing faith and morality from conservatism. Not everything is purely political…children’s innocence is at stake. This is as spiritual and visceral as it gets, this isn’t the time to put our faith in an economic system. Children deserve better than to be sacrificed out of our reluctance to give these scum a taste of their “cancel culture.” Have enough trust in those who share your beliefs to not let the pendulum swing too far past a necessarily furious response to this evil. No system is perfect enough to weed out all the nasties, not even ours. Sometimes more needs to be done and there’s nothing wrong with taking business away from people who support this kind of thing, how else will they learn that actions have consequences when they don’t have consciences? Money talks.

  22. Disgusting. Please tell me what young innocent children gain by being in the presence of creepy men dressed as women? Liberals have lost their minds!

    1. They gain nothing, they only lose their innocence and sense of reality. This is by design so wicked liberals can fill them with hideous lies and unnatural filth.

    1. Won’t see that story covered on MSNBC or CNN, FAUX News neither for that matter. Funny how other countries have no problem reporting the truth about these sick people here in the USA.

  23. the parents who were stupid enough to bring their children to a perverted event like this should be charged with child abuse and child endangerment. This is disgusting and should not be in Kenosha or anywhere. We are sick of this garbage from these groomers!

  24. How can any parent take their young innocent children to this crap! Why not open the bookstore in Racine and keep this crap there?

    It won’t be long before she is in the same situation as the Uprising Bakery & Cafe in Lake in the Hills where someone vandalized the place due to the owner scheduling a so-called “child friendly” drag show!!! What a shame that they had to cancel it because someone vandalized the place…NOT!!!!

    There is no room for this crap!!! Send her back to Racine!!!

  25. How wcan any parent take their young innocent children to this crap! Why not open the bookstore in Racine and keep this crap there?

    It won’t be long before she is in the same situation as the Uprising Bakery & Cafe in Lake in the Hills where someone vandalized the place due to the owner scheduling a so-called “child friendly” drag show!!! What a shame that they had to cancel it because someone vandalized the place…NOT!!!!

    There is no room for this crap!!! Send her back to Racine!!!


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