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Sheriff Forum Will Proceed As Planned, Even After Candidate Backs Out

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Sergeant David Zoerner (R) and Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy James Simmons (D)

A Kenosha County Sheriff candidate forum scheduled for next week will continue as planned, according to Kenosha Professional Police Association President, Pete Deates. This is, after candidate James Simmons canceled today, after previously agreeing to debate Sgt. Zoerner. Deates planned a forum for the two candidates to occur next Thursday, October 13, 2022 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Kenosha’s Southwest Library. The forum is a joint venture between the police unions from the three largest police departments in Kenosha County – Kenosha Police, Kenosha Sheriff’s Department, and Pleasant Prairie Police. All three unions will work together to come up with the questions and each candidate will be allowed to make a 5-minute opening statement. The forum will be moderated by KPPA Vice-President Jason Melichar. According to Deates, this was all revealed to Simmons when he agreed to participate. Deates said Simmons canceled right after the notification was made to the media about the forum. Deates says this does a disservice to the residents of Kenosha County, saying, “Unfortunately, this just prevents our Association and others from learning about both candidates to be able to make an informed decision about endorsements and votes.  Even though James Simmons changed his mind about the forum, that is his right to do so.”

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KPPA President Pete Deates and KPPA Vice-President Jason Melichar (Both Kenosha Police Detectives)

Simmons made a Facebook post on Wednesday saying that the KPPA is the “right hand of the Republican Party.” This confused KPPA President Deates and the Chairman of the Republican Party of Kenosha County, Erin Decker who is also Vice-Chair of the Kenosha County Board. Reached by KCE Decker told us “The Republican Party of Kenosha County has no association with these organizations. To be honest I met [Deates] once or twice very briefly to donate to KPPA’s ‘shop with a cop'” We spoke to Deates who told us that he doesn’t know Erin.

The bulk of KPPA endorsements are for so called “non-partisan” offices, like Mayor and City Aldermen. Throughout the last couple of decades, the KPPA has endorsed both Democrats and Republicans.

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We make our endorsements based off of what we have learned about the candidates running and who aligns with the views that help us achieve our mission of being fair, impartial and upholding the law.  Anyone in law enforcement should have that same mission,” said Deates.

KCE emailed Simmons. We asked him why he doesn’t trust other police officers to administer a fair forum. “I trust cops but I don’t trust politics!” said Simmons.

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Erin Decker – Kenosha County Board Vice-Chair and Chairman of the Republican Party of Kenosha County

Erin Decker doesn’t take Simmons at his word, however. “Candidate for Sheriff, James Simmons, is afraid to answer questions at a forum hosted by the KPPA, KCDSA, and the PPPA. Instead of being honest about it, he is blaming the RPKC……We need a sheriff who isn’t afraid to answer tough questions and fight crime in Kenosha County.”

Reached Wednesday night, Sgt. Zoerner was disappointed in Simmons’ decision to skip the event. “I was very much looking forward to standing next to my opponent and telling the Kenosha County residents how I have the expertise and experience to make Kenosha County safer. I will still be there.”

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Although Simmons has said he won’t be attending the forum, Deates told KCE, “I hope he changes his mind. If he does, he is certainly welcome to attend.”


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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43 Responses

  1. Illinois is a circus and they keep trying to send us their clowns. We do not need anyone from Illinois to come up and be the Kenosha County Sheriff. It would be a step up for them, but not us.

    1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Wisconsin needs to build a wall, and make Illinois pay for it.

  2. Last Month Didn’t David Zoerner back-out of The Women’s Network Club which held a Sheriff’s Forum? Zoerner doesn’t respect women enough to answer their questions face to face like a true Sheriff’s candidate? Kevin why didn’t you write about this? This was on Simmons’ social media page! Erin Decker is the most racist person on the County Board by attacking Simmons on his social media page. Decker said those 3 associations weren’t Republican. However, truth be told to everyone those 3 associations has voted Republican in the past and present! The KCDSA endorsed Zoerner and Rowe without talking to Simmons. Tell Zoerner to meet in a neutral sheriff’s forum! Zoerner is only comfortable around his cronies that he has known form many years! This wouldn’t be a fair Forum if only republicans are asking the questions! Kenosha County do your research and don’t be fooled by the republican party tactics! By the Way is Zoerner going to participate in the Sheriff’s Forum hosted by WGTD radio? Or is Zoerner going to back out of this one too? This won’t effect Simmons chances of winning at all. Go Simmons For Sheriff!

    1. I like this site but it’s pretty obvious it’s going to push all Republicans…..

      I am Republican but the ones running in this county all fucking suck……

    2. FYI this comment was written by Lori Hawkins who is the nut job leader of the Kenosha Democratic Party. She’s been pushing this narrative on her Facebook page with the same exact wording and spelling.

      1. Ha! Figures to afraid to use her real name but will talk shit. Typical of the left. She probably hangs out with people like berg, trudell and other hypocrites from the democratic side.

        1. Lori crazy kook Hawkins also is the one who employs Nick Leedom who is the local election organizer for the party. Ask any local female bartender around for their Nick the sexual harasser Leedom story. He tries so hard to be a rapist. So much so he even leaves his toddler home alone to go out. These are the types of evil scum trying to destroy us. Wake up sheeple!

          1. Instead of asking Senator Johnson about stupid shit it would be nice if One member of media would ask Barnes or Evers or old walking corpse Bob Wirch how they feel knowing their “party” (aka cult) feels about this.

    3. This anonymous dope needs to look at Dave Zoerner’s background to see that he has been on the board of directors Women’s and Children’s Horizons for 20 years. So you need to just take your liberal talking points that he is anti women and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. Simmons is just another liberal who needs to stay in the State of Illinois for his employment. We see just how good of job they are doing down there.

      1. So your saying the media and what people tell me isn’t true? Our country is doomed with the left and their cult of a following

  3. I think that if someone wants the honor of my vote they should earn it, regardless of party. Yes, you may wind up walking into the Lion’s Den but to me that is an opportunity to earn respect by stepping up to the plate and doing your best. How well a person responds to adversity is part of the mix, too. I am undecided and would like to hear from the candidates.

    1. Simmons doesn’t trust politics (who does, btw?) But he wants to avoid politics so badly that he backed out of a debate to avoid it… how exactly, does he think he’d avoid politics if he became sheriff???? it may be a good debate question.

  4. The Sheriff of a county, any county is a very high profile and demanding job. You need to know your community and have ties to the same. You have to be able to make tough decisions and have a fair and level hand in running the office. I can not see where electing a out of state person would serve the community. The laws in Illinois are different and there is a question of his law enforcement certifications regarding Wisconsin. Further what is his job at Lake County Illinois Sheriffs office?
    Republican or Democrat Kenosha needs a Sheriff that is from Kenosha and has the knowledge of Kenosha and its people in order to do the job.

  5. Same reason Mandeadbeat Barnes won’t debate unless he’s guaranteed that he will get nothing but softball questions from the liberal media moderators.

      1. And his mom was a teacher, and he’s not like most senators, probably because he’s not a senator. My truck isn’t like most cars. To find Dumber s*** than Mandela’s ads you’d have to look at the latest ad from Tony evers. Did you know that Roe versus Wade won’t take criminals off the streets? I’m guessing that football bats won’t produce Maple syrup, either. Not really sure what the connection was supposed to be about a incorrect Supreme Court decision some years back when they ruled on something they weren’t even supposed to be deciding, and why Tony ever’s ad would say something stupid like culture wars never lowered the costs of anything. Very strange that a Democrat would be accusing someone of cultural Wars but that’s what Democrats do, they accused everyone else of doing what they are actually doing. That’s why all of a sudden the Democrats are calling all of the candidates on the right extreme and radical.

  6. Democrat policies cater to criminals, we don’t need a democrat Sheriff in Kenosha. The city is going to hell already.

  7. This is a trend across the country. Democrats are afraid to debate Conservatives. They know their Marxist agenda isn’t wanted by the vast majority of the American people, so they hide in their basements and put out hate filled disinformation ads instead of telling the people what they ACTUALLY STAND FOR!

  8. Why should Simmons expose himself to hatred and bigotry from the Republican party? If there is a fair Sheriff’s forum that would allow questions from either party to be answered. I’m quite sure Simmons would comply.

    1. Magic 8 ball says even it cannot tell us ahead of time what would have happened in the debate that hasn’t happened and isn’t going to happen, but even a small child knows when the race card is being played with no cause.

    2. If he wants to be Sheriff it would be nice to know how he will handle these “republican” unions, since as sheriff you unfortunately have to deal with them a lot. So you aren’t even the sheriff and you can’t handle the unions. Joke! Furthermore us is about Unity but doesn’t even know how to unite the union.

  9. Why are the republican party so upset? Aren’t the Republican Party supporting a Democrat in disguise? I am a true Republican and I won’t be fool by David Zoerner! Wake up real Republicans!

  10. Why are the republican party so upset? Aren’t the Republican Party supporting a Democrat in disguise? I am a true Republican and I won’t be fool by David Zoerner! Wake up real Republicans!

  11. I like this site but, I will vote for a true Democrat versus a fake Republican anytime! David is a clown, when you take his makeup off he is a true Democrat!

    1. Well, duh. You’re saying that given a choice between a person who brags about being on the left and a person that says they are in the party of the right but might vote towards the left, you would want the one that’s farthest to the left.
      Is that supposed to be some kind of Kenosha News Bulletin? ( see what I did there?)

      1. Negative, Zoerner was far
        Left in 2018 and now he’s far right now? No way! Sell that shit to someone else. I rather wait for real republican to step up as a

  12. I resent you calling Erin Decker a racist. Erin and husband have contributed Buku bucks to different organizations whether they be black or white she is kind to everyone so Mr. anonymous chicken it’s just really easy to call everybody racist you don’t like . so I guess that makes you the biggest racist .

    1. Erin sometimes goes off the deep end and can be difficult to work with but I have not seen any evidence of her being a racist.

  13. I resent you calling Erin Decker a racist. whether they be black or white she is kind to everyone so Mr. anonymous chicken it’s just really easy to call everybody racist you don’t like . so I guess that makes you the biggest racist .

  14. Deputy Simmons is being a dumbass if he skips this. He is a first time candidate and many people don’t know him. Tyler Cochran did not win the Republican nomination but he did win a lot of respect and people are certainly keeping their eyes on him for the future. Simmons should learn that you don’t get on base every time you’re at the plate but you never do if you don’t step up to the plate.

  15. I heard Zoerner and Simmons will be on another Sheriff’s Forum… this month. So Simmons is stepping up! So when the forum happens, I hope to see you there! Zoerner didn’t step to the plate by not responding to the Women’s Network Club Sheriff’s Forum! So Zoerner is a dumass and you! I’m a KCSD and Zoerner isn’t talking about higher wages for us only himself! Simmons will ask for higher wages for his employees!

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