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Kenosha County Sheriff’s Candidate James Simmons – Hypocritical And Misleading

James Simmons Purchasing An AR-15 Rifle from Paladin Protection Academy in Kenosha

James Simmons (D) will be on the ballot for Kenosha County Sheriff next Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Simmons has been making a lot of attacks against his opponent, Sgt. David Zoerner, but seems to be saying just about anything to be elected, even if it means lying. Here are some examples.

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Second Amendment

Simmons has been hounding Zoerner about his stance on the legal status of AR-15s. He also says he wants to institute a “gun buyback” and get guns out of the hands of citizens. However, Simmons bought himself an AR-15, just this past March. He posted the above photo saying “I’m out at Paladin Protection Academy in Kenosha. I purchased my new AR 15 and love it! Being a responsible gun owner is one of the key components to being a responsible citizen.” Many local democrats gave him a mouthful of disapproval, to which he responded:

“Hello, the weapon of the AR-15 isn’t the real issue. Any firearm can cause death or great bodily harm. I didn’t urge anyone to purchase an AR-15. I’m a Sheriff’s Deputy and the AR-15 for my choice of weapon. A deer rifle, pistol or shotgun is up to the individual’s choice. People have to do their homework with regards to purchasing a firearm. My whole premise of the post is be a responsible gun owner. Thank you for your comment.”

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If Simmons really feels this way, why did he post this in October?


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We told you about Sgt. Zoerner’s discipline. Many years ago he briefly fell asleep while on duty. He realized he had a sleep disorder, received treatment and it hasn’t happened again.

Simmons told KCE that he has never been disciplined. KCE learned this is not true. In fact, Simmons received a very serious disciplinary action. According to a source within the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, where Simmons is a Deputy, Simmons was disciplined for “failure to act” when his partner was in a physical struggle with a suspect. Simmons reportedly stood by and watched without assisting the other deputy. We don’t know what else is in his file because he won’t release it. His opponent, Zoerner, did release his own file.


The Kenosha Sheriff’s department recently uploaded some photos of a community policing event. Sgt Zoerner was in some of the photos. Simmons claimed that Zoerner was “campaigning dirty.” Zoerner told KCE that he didn’t post the photos and doesn’t even have access to the department’s Facebook page. The department frequently posts photos of community policing events.

According to a source that shared documents with KCE, Simmons is under investigation becuase he has been on extended sick leave for several months. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office did confirm his status of “sick leave” with KCE. The Department’s Office of Professional Standards is investigating Simmons for campaigning while on sick leave, which is a violation of department policy. The investigation is ongoing. Simmons denied what we already knew, via email today. We heard back from Christopher Covelli, Deputy Chief at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office who confirmed the active investigation.


Simmons criticized the men and women of the Kenosha Police Department and Sheriff’s department for their handling of the riots. While many of us think that politicians failed us, most believe that the hard-working men and women of the departments did the best they could, and frankly, risked their lives.

Believe it or not, Simmons actually supported law enforcement giving citizens badges during the riots, but later said that the citizens who open carried during the riots “made things worse.”

Personal Issues

Simmons has attacked Zoerner for personal issues that don’t have any relevance in this race. However, Simmons lives in a glass house. KCE received dozens of police reports from Simmons’ residence. The reports included domestic disputes, mental health confinements, and many other issues that cause alarm. Many officers can recall being at his house constantly for personal issues that frankly call into question Simmons’ fitness for duty.


Simmons has criticized Zoerner for being an entry-level supervisor. Simmons was once promoted to the rank of Detective at his department. But for an unknown reason, he was later demoted. He won’t tell us why. Chief Arrandondo of the Minneapolis, MN police department testified at the George Floyd trial. He explained how the rank of Sergeant is the “most influential role” in a police department. They are the supervisors that work most closely with the men and women protecting and serving on the road each and every day.

When you chose who to vote for for Sheriff, please keep this information in mind.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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22 Responses

  1. I knew his true colors would come to light hate to be the guy that says told you so but here it is. Damn sheep

  2. Both candidates have credibility issues.

    Zoerner last ran as a Democrat. Now he’s a right-wing Republican. No excuses for that. His ideas are dated and show little or no insight into the job of sheriff.

    Simmons refused to debate Zoerner. That alone is a strike against him. And his rationale was insulting to the organizations that would have sponsored him. These law enforcement unions are the people he’d have to work with if elected. That’s another huge boner.

    Zoerner does act like he wants the job even if he doesn’t seem to quite grasp what it is. Simmons doesn’t which is too bad. Maybe if he acted like a serious candidate more people would take him seriously.

    The paucity of good choices suggests that maybe Wisconsin should look at establishing county police departments that are nonpolitical.

  3. Being a sergeant doesn’t necessarily make you a good chief. Some of the best managers and coaches weren’t always the best players. Sheriffs appoint sergeants. Way different skill set.

  4. While we can debate skill sets and worth of rank until the proverbial cows come home, there is a two-person choice in an election a week or so away. That is what needs to be debated right now, who to vote for. personally, I don’t need a huge Second Amendment hypocrite who apparently can’t even make it to work in his current Sheriff’s Department job, heading up my Sheriff’s Department.

  5. Wow. See alot of people said he is a piece of shit. Well there you go. He’s on leave from his own department Can u imagine how crooked the kcso would be. He’s a joke. Always been.

  6. Wait what? He’s on sick leave? He’d be perfect for riot city. Sir the city is under attack; I’ll get back to ya, I have to fill out my FMLA forms. Haaaaaa.

  7. Some stuff doesn’t square or needs further investigation.

    1. Simmons said he’s a deputy sheriff and as such the AR-15 was his rifle of choice. He also talked about no problem with responsible gun owners owning one. The party raffle concerned me to and I’m a member. I worried if there was any control, such as a background check, over the winner of the raffle. There may have been but it seemed a little reckless. I wouldn’t call him a hypocrite but then he may not be the brightest bulb which may be a distinction without a difference.

    2. On extended sick leave and campaigning for sheriff? Pretty serious charge and one that ought to have been confirmed before going public. If true, he may be both stupid and corrupt. If true. Still, he’s kept a lot of his career accomplishments quiet.

    1. Background check is being handled by Paddock Lake Sports, where the rifle has been stored, since purchased.

    2. The winners of these raffles always go through a background check. Same as when a company gives them to employees as Christmas gifts, or bonuses.
      They don’t actually get the gun itself, they get a voucher for a store that runs the checks and handles the paperwork. The rifle is just for display and photo ops.

  8. I have a real problem with someone who lives in one state and is a civil servant in another. It appears he could not get a law enforcement job in Wisconsin.
    His job experience is in lake county SD which will carry over to this position should he be elected which in and of its self it a huge problem. It appears that he has discipline problems with his current job so we can expect the same mind set moving forward.

    1. There are many Lake County employees who live here (and some good ones, I might add) and even some who work in farther Chicago suburbs. We worked closely with Lake County (sometimes closer than Racine, which is far more liberal). We tried to recruit some people because they would have a shorter commute but there was no lateral hiring and, of course, pension considerations.

  9. Any candidate, elected politician or individual that talks of taking/ limiting our gun rights is a domestic enemy of We The People and should be dealt with as such.

    Undermining the US constitution and your oath to uphold the US constitution is treason.

    Rise patriots!

  10. I liked a comment someone had made on the James Simmons for Sheriff Facebook page, and put the laughing emoji on Simmons reply to the comment. It appears he’s now blocked me from his campaign’s Facebook page. Simmons incorrectly stated that Zoerner was “campaigning on duty,” as Zoerner has attended some PR events the KSD posted photos of on their Facebook page. As a supervisor, he is not entitled to overtime pay for these events as Simmons has accused. He also claimed to have spoken to a sheriff’s sergeant that told him Zoerner was paid overtime for the PR events. He’s either misinformed, or flat out lying! If Simmons thinks he’s qualified to be sheriff, he’s going to need to develop some thicker skin!

    1. That’s what he does. If you say something that he don’t have the answer for or truth hurts. He blocks you. I’m telling everyone this guy is a real pos. Who stands by when your partner is in a struggle. Failure to act lol. And he wants to be sheriff. If he wins it won’t be long until he’s forced to resign.

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