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Kenosha County DCFS Boss Needs To Go: Opinion (Photos)

Kenosha County DCFS Director Ron Rogers
(Photo By Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Recently, we told you about how Kenosha County DCFS ignored a young child’s plea for help as she alleged she was being sexually assaulted by her grandfather. Unfortunately, it isn’t difficult to find big mistakes being made by the county’s largest department. Mistakes have always happened and will always happen. It is important, however, that someone is being held accountable for the big mistakes.

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I want to tell you about one such large mistake where no one was held accountable. Tabitha M. Ruiz is a terrible mother and should have had her five children taken away for good, but that didn’t happen. When a county board supervisor called out DCFS Director Ron Rogers for this mistake, he assured the supervisor that the “employee responsible would be getting a letter in her file.” KCE would learn that never happened. In fact, no action was taken at all by Kenosha County DCFS.


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Neighbors told police, their Alderman, and many more government officials about Tabitha M. Crocker-Ruiz, a 33-year-old Kenosha woman. The neighbors had been giving the kids clothing and other items of necessity. Their Alderman was yours truly. I went to the house and took some photos of the front and back (with the neighbor’s permission) yards.

Back Yard
Front Yard

I decided that the city department of Inspections should be involved and order the owner of the house to clean up the outside of the home. I called them and an inspector, Robert Newhouse told me he didn’t find anything wrong with the outside of the house. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Couldn’t you smell the grotesque home?” I asked. Newhouse responded like a smart ass and told me that he “couldn’t regulate smells.” It was clear that City Inspections, at that time, wasn’t going to help me help the kids. I drove by the house at least once a week to see what was going on, and on one hot summer day August 11, I witnessed a small child go inside an oven that was left in the front yard:

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I immediately called the police and KPD Officer Pep Moretti did nothing. I had to beg him to call DCFS, and he said he did. DCFS chose not to send someone out.

A social worker at the youngest kids’ school notified DCFS also. The two youngest kids came to school with the same, dirty and smelly clothes day after day. The other children were making fun of them. The kids told the social workers that they slept in the basement on the dirt floor and in the attic. The social workers wanted the kids out of the house. DCFS, again, did nothing. They opened a report on October 5, 55 days AFTER they were contacted by Kenosha Police – and who knows how many days after the social worker called DCFS.

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It wouldn’t be until there was a complaint about dogs being in danger inside the home, before someone would do anything. That’s right – five young kids living like this is OK, but once you mention a dog, the government gets right to work. KPD Officer Luke Hoffman made the choice to enter the house without a warrant pursuant to the community care taking doctrine. What he found was living hell on earth for five small children.

No running water or working plumbing.
Kids had to poop and pee in buckets in the bath tub.
Moldy food and garbage throughout the kitchen.
Furnace was not working.
Refrigerator contained rotten and spoiled food.
Black mold through out the house.
Dog feces all over entire house.
Infestation of bedbugs and mice.
Basement had a dirt floor and the couches were covered in cat feces.

Office Hoffman took the below photos. (Very Graphic)
Click here to see all of the photos.

I met with the County Board Supervisor of the district and Ron Rogers. He sounded appalled that his department subjected these kids to this life for so long. “Someone will be getting a slip in their personnel file,” he told me and the Supervisor. I would later find out, no one was disciplined. There was no accountability. The woman was criminally charged with ten misdemeanors, but the liberal DA’s office let her plead to only five misdemeanors and she got probation. She moved out of the county and avoided any sanctions from DCFS. Kenosha County didn’t even notify the new county where she moved to.

After speaking to many people in the foster community, most have the same thing to say about Ron Rogers – he sucks. He doesn’t listen and makes terrible decisions. He, like his boss John Jansen, are far-left liberals. They take kids from good parents and let kids live with evil parents. There is no consistency. For a man making more than $100,000 we should expect more.

Unfortunately for watchdogs like myself and others, there is no possibility for oversight from tax-payers or the media. The DCFS records are all sealed from public view. The only person that can hold him accountable is the County Executive, Samantha Kerkman. She should fire him. The county board recently gave her the authority to fire any employee for any reason. She should take advantage of this.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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18 Responses

  1. So VERY SAD on so many ways, Where were teachers and principal to step in they want to control students every way they could of stepped up and called someone!!! Landlord lets his investment be ruined oh wait he collected rent money instead, where were neighbors to complain?
    DCFS needs to flushed starting at the top. The court system is unbelievable, I can’t put into words how low the DA and these judges let Kenosha County down.
    Samantha Kerkman, MUST STEP UP and clean up this sad story or she will be looking for a job she has the power to fire people like Rodgers, without giving golden parachutes to them!!

  2. It’s the midterms man. You think any city or county politicians or supervisors care about this? It’s about their agenda. Berg and other are more worried about a lawsuit and why others are resigning. Fuck what’s going on In their own city. Bunch of hypocrites

  3. What planet is this sick monster from? Where’s the father?
    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.
    Third world countries are cleaner that this rat infested hole.
    Find this lady immediately and save those kids before we read
    about anything even more horrifying.

  4. DCFS in Racine isn’t any better!! I had a family member call for a wellbeing check on her grandchildren and DCFS never went to check on the kids and 2 weeks later, one of the kids died!! And after a year and a half, DCFS returned the kids to the parents who go on trial in April 2023, but no one cares about the damage to these young kids once the parents go to jail and they are removed fir a second time!! No one even wants to run the story on that!!

    This case is disgusting and everyone involved who ignored helping this children should be fired!! WTF is wring with these officials? Are they afraid of having to do the paperwork??? This is makes me sick to my stomach, just looking at these photos!! The system is there to protect the kids, but instead they are failing miserably!!!

    And the DA’s office…what a f’in joke!! And to think that these kids are probably still living in filth!!!

    1. Iowa and Illinois DCFS or CPS or whatever some states call it, is also poor in my experience. My sis and I was abused by our “Mother” and any time people were sent out to the house they were so incompetent they bordered on brain-dead. When you got two kids in front of you with open cuts, and obviously not ones from normal play, so less skinned knee and more slashed faces and chests, and you got a woman who keeps talking over what the kids are saying, and always starts with “What he means to say is…” then yeah, that should be a big red flag. But hey, apparently if you got the two working brain cells to figure that much out, you’re way overqualified for DCFS staff.

  5. Citizens should round up Ron Rogers, Robert Newhouse, Pep Moretti and others in authority who ignored this horrendous filth and lock each one of them, one by one, in this hell hole for 30 days. If Samantha can’t get her act in gear, lock her in this hell hole for 60 days. Kenosha County has a serious problem with those in authority that echo the actions of DA Graveley’s Punish those that are Good and Reward those that are EVIL.

    1. I got a better idea. Lock them all in simultaneously. Keep it locked until only one is left standing. Let them duke it out battle royale style for survival. Then you only got one crook to make disappear. Simple.

  6. Bless Officer Hoffman for taking action.
    This sounds EXACTLY like what happened in Crystal Lake Illinois when little AJ Freund was tortured to death in the home.
    Police did all they could but incompetent and corrupt DCFS has the authority and did nothing.
    Look up that story.
    I have no kids but I’ve had personal and business experiences with 2 Wisconsin County DCFS workers … it blew my mind.
    NO WONDER this stuff happens.
    Can you even imagine being in a circumstance(divorce?) …….. where these people would be looking after the welfare of YOUR kids??
    I’m glad I don’t have kids.

    1. Exactly!!! My sister questioned DCFS all the time and it’s obvious that the caseworker, wasn’t use to dealing with people that have an education and know the questions to ask, especially when they have worked in childcare previously!!! The entire system needs an overhaul!!!

  7. Start posting these peoples’ (in this case, Rogers and Newhouse) home addresses….contact info.

    Also, the mother deserves an ass beating….

    1. That info is readily available to anybody that would rather do the research themselves. Not sure what that would accomplish though.

  8. I would like to have a conversation with the person who wrote this article. I am a good mother, provider, caregiver and parent that has been being run over by DCFS/CPS in Kenosha. I have some very interesting information and would like to BLOW THE TOP off DCFS/CPS issues, irregulations, and out right Abuse of good parents and ignorance of bad parents as these article writes about. PLEASE CONTACT ME KENOSHACOUNTYEYE!

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