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Kenosha Veteran Announces Bid For KUSD School Board

Lamar Madison of Kenosha
(Submitted Photo)

Training and compliance professional, Lamar Madison, announces his candidacy for a seat on the Kenosha Unified School District school board. The KUSD member seat will be up for voter decision in the spring election, which will take place on April 4, 2023.

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Lamar Madison has been increasingly concerned with the plummeting test scores of Kenosha’s student population. “Less than 30% of Wisconsin students can read and do math at grade level,” Madison stated. “Under current leadership, the achievement gap in KUSD has grown exponentially, especially for students of color and from low-income families. There are no excuses for this.”


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Madison will focus his campaign on curriculum he views as divisive and distracting from the real goal of the educational system, which should be the academic outcome of the students. “Young people are leaving the school system without skills to compete in the real world,” says Madison. “They’re not so much ‘graduating’ as they are ‘aging out,’ and it’s a tragedy.”  He is also a supporter of parents playing a more active role in their children’s education. “It’s time to bring parents back into the process of learning, and protect our future generations from being divided before they ever have a chance to work together.”

Madison attended the University of South Florida, graduating with a B.S. in Political Science. He later earned his Master’s degree in Business and Organizational Security Management from Webster University. He served 11 years in the Army as an officer in the Military Police Corps, then later as a Civil Affairs Officer.

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He is looking forward to joining the KUSD School Board to provide effective and responsible fiscal oversight, curriculum transparency, and support


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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49 Responses

    1. Only Yolanda Adams. She will be difficult to beat because she is the swampiest of all the members of the board. She has political connections everywhere. She is the worst of the worst, so it is important that we fight hard to defeat her.

      1. Mathew,

        This is true. She may be hard to bet, but no one is unbeatable. Hold the line with me, and we shall be victorious.

  1. Amen brother !!
    Just a few pieces of advice before you enter the snake pit

    1) Trust no one . They are only concerned with saving their own asses.

    2) Embrace charter schools and parental school choice. It is their kryptonite.

    3 The black community in Kenosha is responsible for this crisis. Ignore them.

    4) Former union stooge leaders and administrators are the enemy. Fire them.

    5) Be happy with only four votes. That is all you need to move forward.

      1. How is it racist? Racist because KUSD is failing period- but is especially failing those of color and low income? Not racist. Stating a fact. KUSD needs to do better.

        1. When they say you are racist” you are under a cancellation attack. You are being denounced not criticized. Criticism means someone says “your ideas are factually incorrect or illogical” or if they “disagree with you” they explain why and you can defend your ideas and a discussion ensues, with or without your critic, perhaps with others.
          A denunciation is different. Your ideas are not being addressed in any way. You are treated as if you do not exist, you are accused of doing something deplorable. You are accused of racism, sexism, transphobia, or some other form of bigotry. You might be accused of being a Nazi or fascist. You might be accused of causing unidentified flying “harms,” and of making people “unsafe.”

      2. Mr. Anonymous,
        Will you please elaborate on your statement? I have never been called a racist in all my life. If being a racist means telling the truth, then I am okay with being called a racist. I am willing to have an honest conversation if you are. Thank you for the engagement. That is what this race is all about. As an American, you have the right to call me whatever you like. This country is great and let no one tell you differently.

  2. The biggest racism of all is forcing poor, underserved children to remain in terrible schools with ineffective teachers and administrators. KUSD test scores for black and hispanic children living in poverty are sinful. They are little more than an incubator for minimum wage slavery and prison. The rotten people/adults that run this kind of plantation bursting with ineffective, unaccountable teachers board members and administrators must all be placed on notice and fired if they do not deliver results.
    They have squandered billions of taxpayer dollars with little to show for it, mostly for their own salaries, pensions and benefits and put the future of Kenoshas workforce in great jeopardy. When the protestors descended upon Kenosha a couple of years ago they should have gathered around every failing school instead and demanded reforms in writing before they were allowed to reopen. How much longer much children and parents living in poverty wait for educational opportunity/ justice ??

    1. As if all that weren’t bad enough, the “pension” money is invested in dirty schemes that harm society as well.

  3. The black community means the poverty pimps and race hustlers in government and business that do not give two shits about young children living in poverty in Kenosha receiving a horrible education. They talk a good line of bullshit, but mostly feather their own nest. I could name a bunch of names, but I think you get the picture.

  4. This guy sounds like he’s not afraid to kick ass and take names.
    I just wish that the current losing deck wasn’t stacked against anybody
    with his obvious accomplishments, qualifications and discipline.

  5. Sir you sound like a candidate I would back 100%. It will be a tough battle and I look forward to meeting you and hearing more.

    1. Thank you Kindra Kim for your support! I look forward to meeting people like yourself every day. Soon I will have websites and social media for you to have direct contact with me.

  6. KUSD board another socalist filled govering board . You can see the results for yourself ! Remember Kenosha you get what you vote for !

  7. Thank goodness Mr. Madison sounds like he has Kenosha’s youth as his priority instead of political power. The failing test scores has been a big problem in KUSD for a long time, greatly exacerbated by the senseless covid shutdown. Wishing him much success for the sake of our children and the entire community!

    1. Thank you. My success will be your success. Please join me on the ground now. Start spreading the word. Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Terry Rose,
      I appreciate your support. This race is your race as much as it is mine. I will be the community conduit to the School Board to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the system.

  8. I can only speak for myself but Lamar has the integrity & honorable character that can make positive changes! He is a no nonsense guy, thank goodness! Looking forward to helping get you elected Lamar!

    1. Glenn W,
      Let’s make this happen. You will not regret it. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take and not we have a chance for new ideas.

  9. KUSD needs to focus more on education and discipline rather than wokeness and left wing indoctrination period!

  10. Mr Madison,

    You have my support and encouragement %100 behind the scenes.
    Please do not underestimate what a snake pit you are entering.
    KUSD has been broken and dysfunctional for over 30 years.
    They are in lockstep with every left wing radical group in the country.
    The only way to reform the system is to dismantle it.
    Break it up into three, or four different school districts ie Pleasant Prairie, Sommers etc.
    Governor Tony Evers has his head buried so far up DPI, left wing radicals and former union leaders asses that he will do everything in his power to fight you.
    Keep your head low, keep quiet and out of the paper and work behind the scenes with every group that opposes this soul crushing monopoly. Every democrat in Wisconsin will fight you tooth and nail because the teachers unions are their biggest financial supporters. Non KUSD authorized Charter schools and Parental School Choice will move the students in poverty and the tens of millions of dollars that follow them away from these shitheads. They care first and foremost about the money, the fat salaries and benefits, the pensions and preserving their prison ,minimum wage incubator. The children, their parents and families as always come last.

  11. Cannot wait to vote for you! We need good leadership in our school board and someone who actually cares about the students and teaching them to go into the real world with a set of basic skills and desire to work and do good in the community. End the indoctrination of our children or homeschooling will be the parents new school choice. Thank you for your courage to run. Hopefully the radical lefties in Kenosha don’t lie and try to smear you. Start packing, Yolanda!!

  12. The swamp is too deep, and there’s a vested interest in keeping people dumb and subservient. Just ask the inner city.

    1. Covid and the current school system took away people’s free daycare. I can believe that the general public will vote against any current School Board member.

  13. You sound like a great candidate and I look forward to voting for you. Literally anything would be better than Lady Yolanda, but you would be better than almost any other candidate. You have my support 100%

  14. As a KUSD graduate who attended both Elementary and High School in with KUSD and a school distract up north I’m here to say that KUSD needs a major facelift. My parents moved us to Kenosha when I was in 4th grade, I attended Bain for 4th grade and the start of 5th grade. We then moved back up north. When I started back to my old school there I was VERY behind in what they were learning. Up there they were already multiplying and dividing fraction while here we hadn’t even touched on fractions. I remember being so lost and working endlessly to try to understand what my peers were doing. My education had slipped so far in the year and half I attended Kenosha schooling and I was embarrassed to say I needed help. Fast forward to High School. I moved back to Kenosha for 11th and 12th grade. I literally felt like my junior and senior year were childs play. I never took work home and never studied. I didn’t need to. What I was supposed to be learning here was learned in years past in my previous district. It not in the least bit of a challenge to me. I can attest this is still happening as I now have nieces and nephews that attend KUSD both public and charter. Charter schools are well ahead of public schools in their education. I also don’t like how “no child left behind” is failing our children. If this meant that struggling children get extra help, I would love it. What I see, is children who aren’t passing their current grade level simply be placed in the next grade level without the knowledge they need to achieve and pass to move forward. How can we expect our children to succeed in a higher grade level if they don’t even understand the information in a lower grade level? As this continues on through high school we now have a senior graduate with (maybe) freshmen knowledge who is supposed to move on to college? KUSD is failing our children and our future.

  15. Dear Mr. Madison:

    KUSD’s latest failure was not having a plan to restore the learning lost from the covid lockdown. The administration and faculty had plenty of time, and everyone on the payroll knew that relying on the internet was failing and doomed.

    I’m now a retired Vietnam army veteran. I ran for KUSD in 2012. Voices like yours were silenced by the KEA, and the KEA endorsed candidates almost always won. Ever wonder why Rebecca Stevens, who has lorded over disaster after disaster (canning superintendents, failing academic scores, financial mismanagement, supporting children like Kyle Flood for the board, Hancock’s transformation plan, et. al.) still gets reelected. Yolanda Adams has nothing but name recognition and is a failed, far left gadfly. I am familiar with what you are facing, but there are ways for you to win. I have experience from losing to offer you, I’ll get you nomination signatures in my neighborhood, and I’ll do what I can to help you get elected. You have the winning message, and I hope no other candidate with your message will
    split votes, resulting in Adams hanging around..

  16. The tragic part of this is that %50-%75 of the employees in KUSD will tell you in confidence that the organization they work for is a disaster. After about ten years ,two types of employees remain within the system. Those who got out and those praying for the day they are able to retire. No other organization in Kenosha has crushed more souls, both young and old than KUSD. Most of the retirees from KUSD will tell you thank God they survived the entire ordeal. One only has to look around at the people that have been within the system 20 years or more. Most of them look as if they want to jump off the end of the north pier down by the lake in my opinion.
    The system will eventually implode without anyone having to lift a finger. We hope to God we can replace it with something better for the children and their families.

    1. This is so true, it was a complete disaster before I left. Incompetent administration because they are all afraid to what is right.

  17. Mr Madison,

    Please believe me when I say that the fastest way to bring KUSD to their knees is to have every single black child and family stay home for one week before a school board meeting.

    Have 100 black men with white shirts, black suits and ties show up at the board meeting( Malcom X style) with your list of demands. Charter schools, school choice and speciality schools exclusively designed to meet the educational and mental health needs of black children and families living in poverty in Kenosha must granted by KUSD in writing. KUSD receives nearly $40,000,000 dollars per year to provide educational services for these children and families. In my opinion they have failed miserably.

  18. Thank you for running, Mr. Madison. It will be a blessing to have sober, adult leadership on the board. As a fellow veteran may I suggest that you solicit veterans’ groups for support? Best wishes for a resounding success.

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