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School Drop Off Dispute Goes to Trial – Kenosha Man Found Not Guilty: Video

Then 45-Year-Old David Prill
Photo Courtesy Kenosha Sheriff

To many of us who have to drop off and pick up our children from school every day, know it can be stressful. Especially when not everyone is following the rules. One Kenosha man got peeved on the morning of March 2, 2020 when a then 28-year-old woman was speeding and driving dangerously, according to Prill. Both were dropping off their children at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy on 14th Ave. A verbal confrontation ensued thats was captured on the woman’s phone:

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In this 26-second-long video, Prill can be heard saying something along the lines of “you can’t follow the rules and you sped…”

The woman then responds “You will start talking about immigration? You will call I.C.E.?”…and “You are racist, racist”….and “And you are telling me to fuck me?”

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The woman would later call the police and tell them that Prill told her he was a police officer, which was not captured on the video. Kenosha Police took the woman’s statement, but didn’t attempt to get Prill’s side of the story. The Kenosha DA’s office charged Prill with two misdemeanors – Disorderly Conduct and Impersonating a Police Officer. The DA’s office usually pleads low-level misdemeanors, but in this case, the DA’s office wanted a conviction. They took this to trial and Prill hired an excellent defense attorney – J. Eric Olson, who’s phone number is (262) 653-1314 and email is (Proud KCE Sponsor) Because the complaining witness’s story changed several times and the skilled work of an experienced criminal defense attorney, a jury today found Mr. Prill not guilty of all charges.

Former St Joseph’s Catholic Academy Administrator Robert Freund and Former Principal Kerstin Santarelli

St. Joseph Catholic Academy expelled Prill’s young daughter. The decision was made by then-principal Kerstin Santarelli and then-Administrator Robert Freund. We emailed the new principal and administrator and neither wish to give KCE a comment. We asked if the school would re-consider the expelling after the not guilty verdicts.

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Reached by phone Tuesday night, Prill release the following statement:

“This is the second time I was found not guilty after being charged with BS from Kenosha [DA’s Office]. This one was different because charges should have never been filed. Two years of tax payer money should not have been waisted. My daughter should never have been expelled. All this happened because I told a reckless driver to slow down. But that is our world now and don’t say otherwise or you are a racist. Also I was able to Eric Olson in my corner every step of the way. One of the best attorneys in the region.”

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  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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41 Responses

  1. Pathetic, they expelled her because of this?

    St. Joe’s is just a money grab…..they don’t seem to care who they admit as long as the parents pay tuition. 98% of those people end up doing nothing in life, too.

  2. If his last name had been PrillO it would have been a different story.
    St. Joes has a two track system. All the connected Italian families’ children are in classes together with the best teachers. The other kids are in classes with the second rate teachers.
    This even happened to the child of my very successful Italian friend who moved to Kenosha. They left Kenosha for better schools in Northern Illinois and he commutes to Kenosha now.

    How do you say a Karen in Spanish?

  3. I would file a civil suit against that woman for filing false charges against me. If for no other reason, than to see how she likes getting jerked around by the court system.

  4. I thought this guy looked familiar. Maybe it was from the horrendous car buying experience. Prill is no standard for orderly behavior.

    With a history of OWI, unlawful firearms possession as a felon, driving a motorcycle without a license, probation holds and more, who’s to say the woman wasn’t telling the truth that he’d also impersonate an officer? Clearly he doesn’t care about the law either. Maybe the not-guilty finding was because of a lack of evidence or non-cooperating witness. Who knows. I don’t see why we’re going to bat for Prill here. Perhaps these paid sponsorships are beginning to infiltrate the KCE and sway its interests just like what happens at typical newspapers (on a smaller scale of course) since this post is roughly half advertising for Olson. Congratulations, you’re a true publication now. Ya made it!

    1. I agree the objectivity in the original article may be lacking and the defendant has his own history but this case seems like one that should have been handled outside of the criminal justice system.

      Kenosha law enforcement clogs the courts with too many marginal cases and the District Attorney’s office fails to use alternatives to prosecution when it should. The net effect is that prosecutors get worn out from trivial cases and have less to devote to the serious ones. Temporary community disturbance cases are made for municipal courts. We can’t do a good job fighting crime when the troops get worn down.

      1. The DA’s office has the ability to just charge as a basic forfeiture case when they see fit. If the public actually followed closely what cases law enforcement agencies sent over, and how 99 percent are plead down to “disorderly conduct”, they would be appalled.
        I believe there should be a web page posted by the law enforcement of every complaint sent to the DA (daily), and a brief description, with their booking photo. Then the DA’s office should be required to follow up on that same page with the conclusion of the case. This would allow citizens to actually see how ridiculous the mostly incompetent Kenosha DA’s office is; or show how they have no regard for laws or public safety. Lets face it, prosecutors for the most part are not top of their class at law school.
        The only people that pay a penalty or feel fear and punishment when arrested are good working people. Career criminals get a signature bond, and walk out the door to commit more crimes, all the while “out on bond” (free- signature bond).

    2. Not guilties are always newsworthy. Why? Because the DA gets to choose which referrals get prosecuted and which don’t. So when there is a not guilty that means that a case was tried that should not have been.

      1. Not necessarily. Thats like saying why did you try to win with at poker with a straight. Jurys are human, so both sides can bluff.

  5. i’ve known david prill for a long time. there was no owning firearms as a felon. there is no felony you may be the next one going to court for slander. The kenosha police department is just as stated above . they are all connected. i have purchased two cars from him on payments because my kids and i didn’t have the money to pay it all at once and i am so appreciative of that. know what you are talking about I will happily be a witness.

          1. What can we do as PP residents? Maybe start showing up to the hearings? One is Dec 22 and another in January.

            ALSO Get your name on the ballot by Jan 3 2023 if you want to go for Steinbrink Sr. Job….SOMEBODY??? Anybody???? Also, Trustee #1 and#3 I believe are going to be on the ballot too.

  6. from what i hear they are going to sue st Joes for the trauma they caused his daughter. All the uniforms they bought, kicking her out of school and girl scouts? an eight year old? really? because her father was concerned about the rest of the kids in the parking area asking an aggressive , rude person to slow down? this is a christian school? what exactly are they teaching???

  7. Can somebody make recommendations for a good civil attorney for cases like this? To go after the accuser, the school and the police department?

    This guy goes through the ringer with jail time and defense attorney fees and at the end of the day everybody that fucked up goes about their business Like nothing ever happened. Meanwhile the guy with the law on his side bares all the burden.

    Please make some recommendations.

  8. you are right he should also go after the accuser too. she caused this whole thing did you hear her on the video? wow calling the race card?

  9. He’s right you know. If you dare to tell a POC they’ve done something wrong, and they have…. Immediately you are racist. Can’t call them out for their bs at all.

  10. YOU DONT EXPEL A CHILD FROM AN EDUCATION over that bs! St Joes can go to H! I wouldn’t even want my child there?

    1. Yeah who wants quality education that is spiritually motivated. Always rated high in testing. Keep them in public schools where bomb threats and school shooting always happen as well as fights.

      1. Personally, Homeschooling would be the best choice, but it’s really sad to see someone defending the actions of the school treating a girl when none of this was her fault. So So sad. Where did YOU go to school to defend such actions? St Joe’s?

  11. you are right he should also go after the accuser too. she caused this whole thing did you hear her on the video? wow calling the race card?

  12. What the Kenosha DAs office didn’t kick this to Racine or Walworth counties DA ?? So unlike them. Take heart Kenosha this is proof positive that the Kenosha DA can’t win a simple misdemeanor case ! You get what you vote for Kenosha!

  13. I guess all I learned from this is if someone accuses you of wrong doing, go right for the “race card” instead of having a simple conversation about what you did.

  14. I just realize the administrator and principal are formers what happened to them? And why isn’t there a photo of the accuser on there along with the defendant she seems to be the only one left out.

  15. Kevin,
    Seems a lot of these deputies and officers don’t know the law. Who was the arresting officer that shit the bed on this one?

  16. Real story is why St. Joe Principal Santarelli got fired (maybe quit) after Covid money went missing or allocated differently?

    1. That’s a good story too but I’m still interested in why this parent got fucked by the police department, the school and the district attorney and why this racist Cunt is getting away with making fraudulent statements.

  17. Can we all just take a step back and just be thankful there’s not a young boy victim of sexual assault in a story involving a Catholic institution?

  18. Most police reports are public record (unless sealed for juvenile, sexual, mental health…) In cases like this perhaps it would help for KCE to post a link to the report, so people can read through the reports/statements and watch any video. Get a true representation of what occurred, or what was alleged.

  19. Prill had the alligator because it’s owner abandoned it and moved to Florida. It wasn’t ideal for him but wanted to make sure it was taken care of properly and now it’s been adopted by a fabulous reptile place in Michigan. that was in the article

  20. I’ve known Mr Prill for well over 10 years and have purchased a multitude of vehicles from him. Never have I experienced a negative side of him. I’ve watched in person as an irate would be customer of a neighbor physically attack him as he eluded her and was still respectful believe it or not. Personally he’s a calm kind hearted person who cares about the community and has morals about how people should behave. I am blown away that people are upset that a person was set free from false allegations placed on him by the corrupt DA office (who I would hope a majority of people are aware is totally corrupt). Anyways. Y’all negative opinions don’t matter because you obviously don’t know him.

  21. He really needs to find a good civil rights attorney. St joes, DAs office, Kenosh PD, and the 30 year old “Rodriguez” of Kenosha all should be very nervous. He could throw in archdiocese of Milwaukee that controls St Joe’s. I heard St Joe’s didn’t follow protocol and he never got to explain or appeal the decision to the board of directors of St Joe’s which is supposed to be part of the expulsion process. He got an email and they shipped his daughters belongings in a box home in the mail.

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