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Prison Guard On Bail Takes Another Incarcerated Lover, Gets Choked and Beaten In Motel Room

Gutfolane “Guy” Osborne (34) (Incarcerated) and Former High-Ranking Prison Guard Jacqueline Heidt (38)
(Racine County Sheriff)

The disgraced former high-ranking prison guard, Jacqueline Heidt, seems to be attracted to a certain type of man – an incarcerated one. One such relationship caused her to be charged with 22 felonies and she is now out on a $5,000 cash bond for a sexual relationship with an inmate while she was working as a unit manager at Racine Correctional Institution, a prison with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

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Gutfolane “Guy” Osborne (34) (Incarcerated)
(Racine County Sheriff)

According to a criminal complaint, Heidt who is married, has a second lover – an inmate in the Wisconsin State Prison system named Gutfolane “Guy” Osborne. The convicted rapist who was recently released, was charged late last month for choking and beating Heidt at the Country Inn hotel in Sturtevant, WI, not far from the prison where she previously worked. The two were drinking when Heidt used the word “bitch.” Osborne thought she was referring to him and grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. He also choked her. According to a source, Heidt met Osborne while he was at the prison where she worked and where he was incarcerated, leaving the possibility, or likelihood that she was having sex with him in the prison as well. He was later transferred to a prison in Green Bay and she reportedly sent him thousands of dollars.

Heidt was charged about a year ago by the Racine County District Attorney’s office with 20 counts of 2nd Degree Sexual assault by Correctional Staff, one count of Delivering Illegal Articles to an Inmate and one county of Misconduct in Public Office/Excess Authority – all felonies. This is 19 felonies short of what Racine County Sheriff’s investigators asked for. We asked DA Patricia Hansen to explain and she refused comment. Even withstanding, Heidt faces 807 years in the Wisconsin State Prison system if convicted of all counts.

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Travis D Jones (37)
(Racine County Sheriff)

In the 7-page criminal complaint, the more-than-five-month affair between Heidt and an inmate are detailed:

The internal affairs unit at the prison contacted the Racine County Sheriff’s office on August 24, 2022 to ask for an investigation about an in appropriate relationship between a high-ranking Unit Manager, Jacqueline Heidt, and an inmate. The inmate is identified as Travis D Jones, who is serving 45 years for kidnapping an 18-year-old girl from a bus stop and raping her. DNA evidence linked Jones to the rape. He and Heidt began a sexual relationship on or about March 4, 2022. The allegations apparently surfaced when Jones overdosed on drugs given to him by Heidt. A cell phone was found on his person at the hospital that Heidt smuggled into the jail for him. It allegedly contained nude photos of Heidt. There were conversations between Jones and Heidt in the phone. Heidt even told the inmate that she wanted to have his baby and got pregnant with his child. She sent him photos of her children also and told him their names. Heidt’s husband would later tell police she “went to a clinic for a medical procedure that stopped the pregnancy.” KCE thinks this is a strange way of saying “she had an abortion.” The inmate told investigators about the sexual contact. They had sexual intercourse 3-4 times a week (more than 20 times, but less that 40) in her office. She performed oral sex on him about 15 times, and he performed oral sex on her about two times. The inmate was very clear that the sexual contact was all consensual, although Wisconsin Statutes don’t allow consensual sex between a corrections employee and inmate. Prison staff had also obtained sexual recorded phone conversations between the two. Investigators asked Jones if he knew of any tattoos or birthmarks that could prove that he’s seen her naked. He told investigators that she had a birthmark between her butt cheeks about the size of a 50 cent piece and larger than normal nipples. Heidt denied having either, but this was confirmed by her husband and investigators obtained a warrant to view the area between her butt cheeks and her nipples. When police looked, they confirmed what the inmate had told them. Heidt initially denied the allegations to police, but later invoked her right to remain silent when confronted by the evidence.

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No trial date has been set for Heidt yet. She was allowed house arrest at first, but a judge lifted the house arrest in April this year, allowing for her to see her lover. Her husband has since filed for divorce.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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52 Responses

  1. America’s finest men and women work in jails and prisons. She should be respected as a law enforcement person until she is convicted. Can’t call me a racist for this post. On a side note, could you imagine being married to this coal miner? Her husband comes home from work and she is all greased up, smelling like afro cream or that dry skin covid vax smell that many colored folks have. She seems to love men that rape. Some chicks are into this type of fetus.

      1. Truth of words cannot be racist. Stop virtue signaling!
        ? this guy too
        Truth hurts, huh?…

        1. No true, just like white peoples smell like old clothes hanging in the basement for years. Hair smells like wet dog

    1. Well racist I mean Dennis shall I say you’re more ignorant than racist. I don’t know where you been sniffing, but you are incorrect. Until you smell most you don’t know what most of them smell like. If you have only experienced that smell I wonder where you congregate. Check your own stench of foul hot bologna.? True she’s trashy and the choices she made were not the cream of the crop, but don’t class everyone of a race because your ancestor picked from the bottom because she couldn’t do better.

    2. Miscegnation is racist. You think for one moment these black men in prison don’t deliberately target mentally vulnerable white women? lmao I can tell you first-hand that they do.

      I spent three years listening to these hustling pieces of shit con women out of everything from money to clothes to cars.

      lol Just wait until you hear about how the NOI is actively recruiting and radicalizing inmates in Wisconsin…

  2. I hope her soon to be ex-husband takes the kids and puts a lot of distance from this worthless piece of garbage that is doing her best to destroy their lives. What a sorry sack of flesh.

  3. Kevin can you please quit calling her a prison guard. It an insult to the hard working law abiding guards with the DOC. She was a SUPERVISOR. A low life POS SUPERVISOR. It would be like calling Jason Wells a guard. That would also be an insult to us officers…

      1. The ways to be an upstanding prison guard are simple.

        1. Remember, you’re there to keep the peace, not punish inmates. Punishment is not the duty of a guard, ever. That is the domain of the court, and the imposition of prison is the punishment.

        2. Be respectful. This doesn’t mean just talk nice. This means respect the space around you–you get to go home at night; inmates do not. You are effectively coming into what is their home–treat it like you would anyone else’s home and not just a “facility.”

        3. Be consistent and clearly state your expectations. New guards will come hang out at the tables in mediums, and that’s fine–but listen to the inmates and what they’re actually telling you underneath the bs bravado. Enforce the rules, but enforce the spirit of them moreso. Passing canteen? Yell, confiscate their stuff, and give it back in an hour. But tell them next time to just ask permission. It’s right in the 303–inmates CAN pass items so long as they have permission. You, as a guard, have the right to give permission as you see fit.

        4. Don’t let yourself be walked over and be afraid to crack the whip. Just don’t be a dick about it. Shut down the table gambling and being loud af, but tell them why and tell them how to fix it. “Look, in an hour, come back and play if you want, but keep it quiet.” Or “Look, I’m shutting it down for now. Wait until after dinner, and don’t be passing crap without asking first.” Boom.

        5. Don’t go out of your way to be a dick. Yeah, you’re going to get inmates that asshats. Others you’ll send to the hole and they’ll be pissed. When they come back, welcome them back and give them your expectations so they know what to not do. Be clear and concise.

        6. Be human. Don’t be afraid to approach inmates and give compliments if you actually find their art or craft interesting. This fosters better inmate-guard communication.

        7. Just don’t talk too much. Don’t use a conversation as a pretext to get information, or you’ll get labeled as a tool immediately. If an inmate has something to say, they will say it. Just listen.

        8. Learn to read between the lines. A lot of inmates will say one thing and mean the complete opposite because they cannot come out and just say certain things. Understand that the expectations among inmates for other inmates is vastly different than the expectations that guards have for inmates.

        9. NEVER, EVER MESS WITH MAIL. Let the mail room sort it out, you just hand it out, or make sure it gets to them, even if you have to track them down. That’s the difference between good guards and bodies to fill uniforms: a good guard will go to an inmate after they come back from work to hand them their mail or let them know they need to go to MCS or whatever. You don’t have to broadcast everything over the PA.

        10. Be courteous during room searches. Yes, you have a job to do. It doesn’t hurt you to pause and put things back as you go. This will go a very long way towards earning respect from inmates and keeping you, the guard, safe. Inmates don’t mess with guards who won’t trash their rooms or give them extra duty at 3 am to be a dick.

    1. lmao Unit managers aren’t guards (unless you’re the dickhead unit manager who got fired from being a guard and letting Dahmer die on your watch…).

      They’re civilians with overinflated senses of self-importance.

      1. So many corrupt pimples to pop, so little time and Noxema…lol

        Keep going, man. You may eventually come to find out about how the DCC-SORP was funding the state budget to keep wisconsin solvent by commingling funds under Barbara Kerkmann’s watch on the Judicial Committee way back when. I’m sure it’s only grown larger since then…

  4. LOL@ “Internal Affairs.” You’ve been waiting for somebody to comment on that one, haven’t you?
    That made my day.

  5. Another brainless white woman getting what she deserves.
    When will theseidiots figure it out?

    1. @notaretarded she is out on 5k bail, living with her children, and continuing to sleep around and have fun—that doesn’t seem that she got anything she deserves

  6. unbelievable! You would think prison guards would be highly credible individuals, but boy, they must have been desperate for employees. This one is probably worse than most of the inmates!

    1. Hahahahaha! “Highly credible!” Lmfao

      Oh, Tool, if you only knew how bad it really was. This one is just a sample of what is actually going on there. RCI is a guard swinger’s club. Let one of ’em like little rat-faced Cruz come down with that package, and they’ll all have it in six months or less.

      “If you want to see the dregs of society, go down to the jail and watch the changing of the guard.” –Mark Twain

  7. She tried to kill Travis Jones after the story broke of their sexual relationship but after the story broke of the encounter she then brought in the fatal dose to kill him but thank God Mr. Jones lived. We would have never known.

  8. Jason Wells and Julia McLaughlin was apart of this corrupt behavior and the cover up to save heidt job they always knew what she did they are friends of here’s Jason Wells and Julia McLaughlin also allowed heidt to do this same stuff while being her boss at RYOC and they allowed it even more at RCI.

    1. When she was at RYOC and the possibility that she was doing shady business with inmates was even floated, she and the “unit manager” got the whistleblower fired. man, I guess people should be glad that she moved from being a social worker in CPS on to getting busy with inmates.

  9. There were also several supervisors at RCI that helped Warden Wells,and SD Julia McLaughlin cover up heidt sexual and criminal activities so all of them should go down as well. Let the clean up begin in the Department of Corruption.

  10. Captain Jones, Captain Ciara, Lt. McBride,and her friend Lt. Bayles and her direct Boss was deputy warden Mellman who acts like the clean guy but he’s a quiet crook as well all was apart of the cover up.

    1. Could start by demanding that guards submit to random UAs at least once a month. Half the guard population would be gone. Ban cell phones and fire ones bringing them in, and there’s the other half. Ta-dah.

  11. Dennis you are a racist or is it that your girl left you for a black guy and your feelings are hurt. But I’ll bet anything you wouldn’t say that to this guys face!!

  12. They fired an upstanding guard who recently got his job back they used him as a scapegoat to cover for this piece of shit because they claim he didn’t tell what an inmate told him in a timely fashion when management at RCI knew for months that she was coming in early morning for over 4 months screwing Travis Jones and looked the other way those supervisors should all be charged along with heidt.

  13. So what I would like to know is what judge in their right mind On April 3rd of this year removed her GPS monitoring/ house arrest So this piece of garbage could go to a motel and carry on and do whatever she fancies. Do they not think that she is a threat to society? What kind of world are they living in? And these poor children! What they will have to endure because of the selfishness and disgusting acts of this so-called woman. Wow! What a mother of the year story this is!

  14. Hey, Mathewson, I can give you all the dirt you want on RCI–I did 7 years there. The guards were so brazen that I’m surprised the entire staff isn’t out with STDs.

    Like when Cruz was banging Sheffner, and then started sleeping with Smith, and Scheffner found out and went off and smashed Smith’s car windows and left a bunch of racist crap on his computer. This was after he was disciplined for disrupting the visiting room by screaming into the phone at Broudie to quit fucking calling and slammed down the receiver.

    Or how about the music director banging an inmate and getting caught by Dennis, and offered a resignation or an arrest? There’s also that time that the crank guard got busted with huge amounts of pot, some even in Lava Protein Whey jugs (sold on canteen) that he was using to transport it marked “INMATES.” Lmao Yeah, Aldana was after him.

    Or that time that guards were stealing so much ice cream and food from the garden and blaming inmates that they had to shut the whole thing down. Or that time that Stentz, O’Brien and Ramirez beat the crap out of a 60+ year old Mexican inmate that stood all of five three, and almost caused a riot in Dane unit and had the whole prison shut down?

    Oh, yeah, I can tell you stories about the Nigerian Noodle Slinger (a tall buck-toothed black guard who would be at every single new female guard to come through) and Tokyo Rose (the woman who could barely speak English that they decided was a good idea to put in the bubble to make all the announcements.

    I’m sure Jay Aldana, Greg Fortmann or David Wiedenkiller could give you great info, too.

    1. Via corrlink
      I AM an inmate at RCI and to say the corruption is BEYOND BELIEF. You have Lt. Bells who does whatever he wants. An ice lady who also works as a co, and deny over 75% of the inmates complaints even if you correctly quote the DAI. Oh FYI just because an inmate has drugs in their system when they die doesn’t mean they overdosed RIP PJ. The staff will openly provoke and disrespect an inmate and then punish the inmate. Co Johnson was beat with a piece of wood after CONSTANTLY provoking the person. After the innate was cuffed and was being walked out co Johnson begin to spray him with pepper spray. The WHOLE rci staff needs to be replaced. THAT’S the ONLY way to clean that prison

      1. I know the few good ones there hated working there because of how thick the good ol’ boy network was. After Aldana left as security director, that prison was doomed to be run by woketards and bureaucrats.

        Fortmann, Wiedenkiller, Haney, and Broudie were about the only decent ones there, though I will say Muncie was actually pretty cool, too, if you weren’t a dick. Muncie once reamed HSU for leaving me laying on the floor in the hole for two days unable to move. He was shouting so loud on the phone that I could hear him all the way down on the end of Waukesha and he was in the bubble. lmao

        The ICEs are a joke. Basically, you’re just documenting all the BS for the court to review because nothing will be done at the administrative level, although I did once succeed in getting the ICE reviewer removed at RCI through forced retirement because her husband was the head reviewer for medical ICEs and he would just sign off on whatever she dismissed. Popped them like the boils they were. Then Hall got busted (YAY!!!) with dope after Aldana warned us all on Kenosha unit that he was gonna find out who was bringing it in–doubt he realized it was a guard at the time! lmao

        Now, they’re forcing people to use a third party system to mail people in the joint because the guards are so understaffed that they can’t be bothered. lmao

        Here’s a kicker directly from a guard in violation of their own NDA: the guards’ union has a clause in it that bars them from being randomly tested for the presence of drugs in their system. Yep. White shirt or the warden cannot demand they submit to one, even if they came in wasted.

        Stentz used to come in trashed all the time, and they finally fired him. I don’t get why the warden doesn’t broadcast a guard being busted to reinforce to inmates that no one is above the law. You wanna earn inmates’ respect and keep them in line? Show them that guards can get fired for being screw ups just as easily as inmates can go to the hole.

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