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A Profile of A Troll In Kenosha County- Steffany Caputo

Mugshot of Steffany Lynn Caputo “Stef Cap” (47) of Salem Lakes, WI
(Kenosha County Sheriff)

Steffany Caputo (47), formerly known as Stephanie Strickland, goes by “Stef Cap” on social media. She is an internet troll. She posts on social media at all hours of the day, criticizing the police and republican lawmakers. She shows up to community meetings and listening session, taking photos with her phone.

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Steffany Lynn Caputo At A Salem Lakes Board Meeting
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Caputo’s hatred towards cops started in 2011, after she divorced her husband. The family court didn’t give her what she thought was enough custody or placement of her children. Her ex-husband’s new wife was granted a restraining order against Caputo for allegedly stalking her. The ex-wife said that Caputo has severe mental illness that she is supposed to take medication for but does not. She said Caputo also abuses drugs and alcohol. Caputo began to have a great deal of police contact because she wanted the Kenosha Police Department to supersede the courts and give her more time than the courts allowed. They refused. She would oftentimes not exchange custody on time, or would arrive hours late and call the police, demanding to have the kids. One such time, she fought with police and the incident was caught on camera.

A sweet woman named Kathy who runs the front KPD desk was trying to assist Caputo on July 26, 2016. She was supposed to exchange custody with her ex husband at 10am that morning. She was a no-show. She showed up more than two hours late, demanding her kids to be brought into the police department. Caputo began to scream at Kathy. This caught the attention of several officers, including Lieutenant Gemignani. Gemignani said in his report that Steffany “began screaming loudly ‘I want my daughter!’ She pretty much lost it and was acting wild and screaming at the top of her lungs.” Police then told her to leave the building, but she refused. Gemignani’s report continued, “As the officers were escorting her out, she pushed them and she started to struggle with them and go into her purse… She flailed about.” In all, it took about 6 officers to arrest Caputo.

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This arrest was caught on camera and lead to a criminal charge against her:

7-26-2016 PSB CCTV @ 12:36pm

After this incident, Caputo called her Alderman (that was me) to report that the Kenosha Police were the most corrupt department in the world and were working with her husband to keep her away from her kids. She wanted an in-person meeting. I have heard about her being “off” so I was reluctant to meet with her alone. I brought a friend to Starbucks and asked my friend to sit down a couple of tables over. She saw my friend. She freaked out and went crazy yelling at me for bringing someone else to the meeting. “I’m sorry,” I told her. “I don’t meet with people alone.”

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She then went on to accuse me of being in on the conspiracy of depriving her of seeing her kids. I looked into her a little bit. Here is her contact with police from the time of her divorce until her arrest in 2016:

Ted Kmiec

Steffany now trolls people on social media every single day, for hours. Only those on the right though. She has now made friends with the ousted former Salem Lakes Board member Ted Kmiec. They attend meetings together regularly. Caputo is very similar in behavior to Ted’s wife.

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The two started a Secret Facebook Group called the “Salem Lakes Sentinels” where the group is planning to take over the village board after all incumbents were kicked out of office by a 2 to 1 margin.

So when you see Caputo talking poorly about me, cops, or republicans, you know why. She thinks we are all involved in the conspiracy to keep her kids from her. Yes, it’s that crazy.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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28 Responses

  1. Lol. Another Joel Trudell deciple. What do they all have in comin? No job, troll on social media all day like teenagers and cause drama. The goof troop

  2. wow! i am loving this new series and it really explains a lot when I see all these attacks on conservatives. She, Sue Grace, Joel Trudell and Jodi Muerhoff are so unbalanced and unstable.

  3. Hates cops, cries about cops. Called them all the time for help or complaints. That’s what we call a hypocrite.

  4. She needs counseling. It sounds like she has unresolved trauma that she is vomiting all over everyone.

  5. Three suggestions !!! Drugs are bad!!!! Teddy should really rethink his choices in friends!!! And last but not least!!! Teddy I would rather run my scrotum through an open loaded tackle box than any of the women he’s been with.

  6. We were in Somers Chargers Kenosha County 4-H many years ago. She was a bully, then. Most of the kids who weren’t in the horse project (she was in the horse project) were terrified of her.

    Clearly, she’s only gotten worse.

  7. I have seen her comments. She hangs with the groomer crowd in support of sexualizing our kids. Disgusting.

  8. I looked at the facebook page..It isnt secret, it is private, and so, you must ask to join the 40 other members and to see the others, likely baby killing, invader loving, child abuser liberals. Ted had a few terms to accomplish something, anything, but didnt/couldn’t. Walk away Theodore. Consult with Joe. He’ll tell you that your time is over. Really, do you need $7500 so badly that you must sell your soul against the village? Refresh your personal life, family life and business life, build a retirement fund and let others govern. Puhlease, will ya?

    1. What concerns me about this is we see this a story as something to just “blow off” like it’s just a couple of “crazies” and nothing is going to come of it, but I look at what has happened in America today and get to thinking….THAT”S how we thought years ago…look at us now!

      People like this have more invested than just the $7500 a year( if that’s what they get, I don’t now). They have all the inside connections, they have the POWER, they have the swipe of a pen to pass ordinances/“laws” in their area, they have the influence or retaliation against others if you don’t vote the “right” way. It all starts with 2 crazies. When that is taken away, like with the Salem group, they aren’t going to back down. We should all keep an eye on these people and whoever their followers are. I don’t think we should blow it off as “these are just 2 crazies”. Thanks Kevin for exposing them.

      1. And, they only really hang with the same beasts so the feed like a frenzied pack. Silent when alone.
        December is coming, the time to circulate papers to run for office. Please, conservatives, gather your like minded friends and clear the rest of the old board. Work now, when the weather is nice. Make plans for the second PAC, because those ousted will try hard to get that $7500 back into their checking account. Foil them!

  9. Can’t wait until you do Joel and Katie. I wonder what she saw him, I mean she’s not a prize by any means, but WOOF. Those poor children. I think she’s just as crazy as he is, but hides behind him because she works for Johnson’s, and she’s an attorney. But k think any fool with enough money can get a law degree from Marquette, or whatever crackerjack box she got hers from. The quality of lawyers in this neck of the woods is horrific. Anyone with a brain and a computer coils do better

  10. Crazy Stef has too much time on her hands. Stop feeding her for free. If she was actually earning a living, she wouldn’t be making so much noise. Her idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

    1. Liberals don’t age well. The ugliness of who they are inside makes it’s way to the outside.

      She needs to be loved and has never had it. Quite simple.

  11. Kevin does so much for the people of Kenosha!
    I’m sorry Kevin and other innocent people have become targets of another unhinged woman.
    Why hasn’t Steff been ordered to attend anger management classes & to get a psyche evaluation?
    Too often LEO wash their hands of big mouths.
    Then one day the big mouths kill people’s pet’s, set fire to vehicles & house’s, cut brake lines and even snuff out people’s lives.
    Will Steff be the next Betty Broderick, Ilhan Omar or Maxine Waters?
    I feel for her children & for Kevin.
    Steff is a ticking time bomb, IMO.
    You can’t reason with crazy.
    Perhaps if the leftists that spew hatred & lies towards conservatives, would stop infecting the mind’s of the unhinged, they could lower their cortisol levels long enough to look in a mirror.
    Being a rabid angry troll can lead some people into a “Festering” reflection. (Uncle Fester.)
    *IMO, allegedly.
    May God bless and protect innocent lives.
    Especially President Trump and Kevin. ???

  12. I knew her in Highschool. I actually liked her back then. She was friendly and personable, and not ugly. Can’t believe what’s happened to her over the years. It’s as if she’s been consumed by some sort of ugly and angry blob.

  13. She looks to me, that she gave up the will a long time ago, to even try to look presentable, or half way attractive.

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