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Kenosha Court Commissioner Heather Iverson To Run For Judge

Kenosha Circuit Court Commissioner Heather Iverson
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Commissioner Heather Iverson, a dedicated public servant and life-long resident of Kenosha,
proudly announces her candidacy for Circuit Court Judge – Branch 3 in Kenosha County.
With a commitment to justice, community, and the values that make Kenosha special,
Commissioner Iverson is eager to use her extensive legal experience and commitment to public
service as a judge.

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Having served as Kenosha’s Circuit Court Commissioner since 2021, Commissioner Iverson
has a proven track record of fair and impartial decision-making. Prior to her appointment as
Circuit Court Commissioner, Iverson has worked as an attorney for the State of Wisconsin for
over 10 years safeguarding our community.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Heather is a proud resident of Kenosha
County. Raised in Kenosha, Heather has deep roots in the community, having witnessed its
growth and changes throughout her life. Her love for Kenosha and its people have inspired her
to dedicate her career to public service, ensuring that justice is served and the community’s
needs are met. Heather is a passionate volunteer in the Kenosha community having been the
President of the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra, helping with the Kenosha Alzheimer’s walks,
talking to students about the rule of law and the importance it has in society. She understands
that a strong community relies on the dedication of its residents, and she has been actively
involved in various local initiatives that have made positive impacts in the community.

Kenosha County is where Heather and her family call home. Heather and her husband Mark
Iverson’s decision to raise their family in this county exemplifies her dedication to creating a
safer and more just community for everyone. Heather believes that understanding the unique
challenges and opportunities of our community is essential to making fair and informed
decisions as a judge.

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When asked about this choice, Heather stated, “I’m not just here to seek a position; I’m here to
serve the community I love. My family and I are proud to be part of Kenosha County, and I am
committed to upholding the principles of justice that make this place special. I want to ensure
that every individual who enters the courtroom receives a fair and impartial hearing. Kenosha
County deserves a judge who is committed to justice and understands the unique needs of our

“Judge Schroeder has been a true pillar of justice in Kenosha County, and I am honored to
follow in his footsteps. His dedication to upholding the law and serving our community sets a
high standard, one that I am committed to maintaining and building upon.”

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With her extensive background, local ties, and commitment to public service, Commissioner
Heather Iverson is poised to continue to make meaningful differences in the Kenosha County
Circuit Court. Her candidacy is a testament to her dedication to the community, the law, and
justice for all. Kenosha residents can trust that Commissioner Iverson will bring honesty,
integrity, compassion, and deep understanding of the local community to the bench.
For further information, inquires, or to support Heather Iverson’s campaign, please visit: or email

Heather Iverson
(Submitted Photo)



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64 Responses

    1. Kevin wrote anti iverson article when she got commissioned – . its suddenly gone- they made him a sweet deal no doubt. Flippy flopping just like rest of media

        1. In all fairness I suspect almost all of us have some youthful indiscretions that in hindsight we wish we hadn’t done.

          1. So lower the bar for judges?!? Liberals love making excuses for bad choices. How can anyone take a judge seriously when they can look up her nudies online!!!??? She’s running for judge, not onlyfans and she wasn’t youthful- it was only a few years ago- just ask the DAs, half of em saved the pics

            1. I understand your point but it’s not just liberals. Matt Gaetz is a case in point. Wheezeball. And Lauren Bobert?

          1. I’ve taken down two articles in my time running this website. Both times, not becuase what I wrote wasn’t true, but that I regretted publishing them. This was one that I removed. No one asked me to remove it. I made that decision on my own.

        2. I’ve taken down two articles in my time running this website. Both times, not becuase what I wrote wasn’t true, but that I regretted publishing them. This was one that I removed. No one asked me to remove it. I made that decision on my own.

      1. Let’s be honest….most of the people endorsed here have turned out to be shitty….so take that into account.

      2. I’ve taken down two articles in my time running this website. Both times, not becuase what I wrote wasn’t true, but that I regretted publishing them. This was one that I removed. No one asked me to remove it. I made that decision on my own.

        1. You posted the same comment 3x – cut and paste much?!?! Why does Kevin regret exposing The old girls club and the reason heather got hired because of Jodi and Angie. Why regret telling the truth? He posted social pictures of heather and angie and jodi and he also mentioned her naked photos scandel. But the main post was about how she was chosen cause of her friendships. Where. Are the regrets?

    2. She is running for judge but her website doesn’t follow THE LAW. Make it make sense…

      Attribution Formats & Examples
      Registered Committees
      A committee should identify itself as the source of a communication by the words “Paid for by” followed by the name of the committee. The attribution may also include the name of the committee’s treasurer or other authorized agent of the committee. Whether a committee directly pays for a communication or accepts a communication as an in-kind contribution, the committee is responsible for the communication and should be listed in the attribution (§ 11.1303(2)(b))

    3. These comments did N O T go the way Heather and pals expected…

      Time people find out the truth about her and her squad. Kevin- maybe ask how only she knew the interview questions for commish and if she’ll have early access to debate questions too?!

    1. Safeguarding the community as a child support agent? Nice spin shes gonna use alternate facts to seem qualifued

    2. She’s proven biased. I’ve been following her cases in eviction court…for a while. She’s not fair. Landlords in Kenosha should be held accountable for proven neglect, bullying, & retaliation antics. But she supports them its sad. I’m in a bad fight treated unfairly for 3 years so I left Kenosha and still was not given justice by this woman. So I’ve been sharing her cases. It’s a NO for me. She’s dangerously biased period!

    1. Judicial elections are nonpartisan. We should fight hard to keep it that way so we don’t get like Madison. Ugh!

    2. she’s whatever you want. Supported Becky and Samanthyy. Supported walker and Evers. zero loyalty and is pretending to be a conservative but look around her Trax record.

      1. She bad mouths everyone. If you have nothing to “offer” her she will smile in your face and stab you in the back.

        1. they call her Jody Junior for a reason and gurl it ain’t a good one.. 2nd biggest ego and pick-me energy in all the land

        2. Now that I can see. Biased. The truth means nothing to her, she will use her lawyer ability to go around the true facts. It’s sad because she will have to sit where we sit one day.

  1. The news story seems a lot like a reprinted press release. From what we hear it’s going to be between two younger attorneys. Iverson and her family have made donations to Republicans. The other guy and his family mostly to Democrats. None of that says squat about how they’d be as judges. Neither of them is perfect. I’m not supporting Iverson but I won’t bad mouth her, either. One thing I will say is that there’s never going to be another Judge Schroeder.

    1. Bruce Schroeder was a Democrat. Appointed then elected DA as a Democrat, unsuccessful candidate for legislature as a Democrat and appointed circuit judge by a Democrat. Party labels don’t mean a damn thing.

    2. Regurgitated PR release. She’s trashing all other judge wannabees behind there backs and following Sam/Jody playbook to get elected thru any mean necessary . get ready for more planted stories and schmear campaigns…………..

        1. Prayer warriors in the city. Prostrate for spiritual war. Change the guards in charge for your people God.

      1. A lot of adjectives in this press release. Besides the fluff there’s this:

        “Judge Schroeder has been a true pillar of justice in Kenosha County, and I am honored to follow in his footsteps.” She hasn’t been appointed or elected to succeed him nor apply to be appointed to fill the vacancy.

        1. Gonna be awkward when the new judge starts and she is running around the courthouse yapping about how honored she is…oh to be a fly on the wall

    3. Noooooo way can we vote her in as a judge. Citizens in our community are blended. This lady is biased to wrong. I’ve seen her evict people when she should have reprimanded the landlord. She helping kenosha landlords who already take for granted that housing is horrible to say the least in Kenosha and treating people bad. The campaign to stop her from winning begun long ago. We should pay attention she’s not good for our community.

  2. Doing some online looking. I think I’ve figured out the issues with the judges and commissioners in Kenosha. They basically do nothing for about 100k a year. Seems like the career criminals don’t like them, understood….. but the rest of the people who have disgust and disdain for them..: because they treat them like horse sh7t are people who make more money and have a better career then they. So they just want to punish the rest of us who bust our asses.

    1. Why lump them altogether…sounds like a disgruntled attorney who couldn’t hack it outside their daddy’s lawfirm

    2. They sure do….I had a slum landlord for 3 years….end of story…I’m in appeal court to reverse a eviction. Off my ccap….just because this lady is biased. I had all my facts. Got counsel from legal aid. This commissioner Iverson ignored all facts promise….it’s so sad so sad. I’m awaiting fox6 and my attys to meet up…it’s sad we have to resort to public humiliation to get results from people who promise to serve and protect.

      1. Tell fox news a man stood outside tcourthouse recently with a huge neon sign protesting her in custody case.. now she can’t do custody cases so Elizabeth and Micheal do them and but kevy refused to publish an article about it cuz he likes her now and showed his lack of press morals now hiding his story about her and how she was hired when they’re were actually qualified candidates. Member that Kevin cus we do pitch the article back up and let the people decide

        1. I saw that, wasn’t sure what he was doing. Kevin like her, that’s one of kenoshas issues….good Ole buddy club….whatever happened to decency and honesty…jeeesh

  3. She may be a commish and may have a law degree, but that doesn’t make her qualified to be a judge. Can’t Kenosha actually elect someone based on qualifications to do the job well vs based on who they know for once?!

    1. It’s so sad that they keep this good Ole buddy club going. We need honest commissioners and judges who will not go against our community for a lie

  4. Correction: Commissioner Iverson is one of three full-time circuit court commissioners in Kenosha County.

    Bill Michel and Elizabeth Pfeuffer are the other two.

    There are also several part-time supplemental commissioners who fill in “on call” as needed.

    1. She made it seem like she was the only one in her press release – who wrote this junk? Off to great start… glad others share the truth

      1. From her website: “Her passion and justice for the community led her to be hired as a special prosecutor for the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office. Heather then transitioned to serve as an attorney representing the State of Wisconsin for the Kenosha County Child Support Agency, dedicating over a decade to advocating for the welfare of children. During her tenure, Heather spearheaded a groundbreaking partnership between the District Attorney’s office and the Child Support Agency. This collaboration empowered her to take on the role of special prosecutor, handling all felony and misdemeanor cases related to child support.”

        Not quite accurate. The “ground” was already broken over 20 years earlier when DA Bob Zapf brought in a welfare fraud/criminal nonsupport prosecutor who worked with the Special Investigative Unit of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department that had five detectives assigned — two for welfare fraud, three for nonsupport. There was federal reimbursement for this. The prosecutor developed a screening protocol checklist to identify which nonsupport cases should be handled as criminal prosecutions and which were civil contempt actions. The next DA, Jambois, diluted the position and assigned the prosecutor to general prosecution duties.

        1. Judge Gabriele handled those cases when she was in the DAs office. Before her Judge Ginkowski who was brought in by Zapf as part of the grant that set it up.

        2. Passion and justice for the community. Looks like she’s just fattening the pockets of slum landlords and putting that community she cares so much for…at risk of a bigger serious homeless problem.

    1. No one said she has to be perfect. She just has to be fair and do the job she was hired to do. 0 for 2 so far…so…..

  5. Maybe stay in that role rather than jump into the big leagues before ur ready.

    who wants a judge who wasn’t even cutting it as commissioner? heathers only commissioner because her BFFs got her the job over much higher better qualified lawyers. Too bad mathewson hid the real article cuz he named names and had photo proofs too. He’s really doing a disservice to our Kenosha community by hiding his proof…….

    1. i wanna see the other article. Can’t find in archives Anybody save a copy somewhere- post online!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Judicial abuse or misconduct, hopefully important people who care are reading and positioning for change. Once she rules against you, getting housing is close to impossible for months sometime years. The landlord rerents the units and eviction again and again never making updates or repairs but in some cases increasing rent by 80% with no accountability. That does not sound like anyone who loves the community she was raised in.

    1. They over charge us with housing vouchers. They watch to see the max section 8 will pay and they charge only the ones on section 8 that price. Just to steal money from housing.

  7. Commissioner Iverson I’m sure is a good person, she’s a mother, wife, daughter to someone so I won’t demean her. But what I will reveal is the fact that kenoshas housing situation is horrible and she has no doubt it is because she claims to be from kenosha. This town is too small for her not to be aware of the problems created by landlords, and management companies, and supported by the flawed eviction process. I won’t believe she’s not aware however I do believe she share some interest (who knows what) that benefits her with these landlords to keep helping them evict by retaliation. It’s horribly embarrassing because I was born and raised here.
    Watching her gives me the same chills I got when I was introduced to her years ago. I don’t believe she will be good for the judicial system. I cannot imagine her looking in the face of people she judicially mistreat and ask them to vote for her. We’re a small town.
    The Truth will be revealed just like always.
    Thank you

    1. I agree that this is shaping up to be an unusual situation. In fairness, the deck in Wisconsin got stacked in favor of landlords during Gov. Walker’s era when most tenant protections were diluted and the laws were rewritten in favor of landlords. The Iverson/Cernak family donated at least $2100 to Gov. Walker’s campaign.

  8. Unfortunately worst Governor Ever(s) gets to appoint his favorite. It is obvious that he doesn’t have Kenosha County in his best interest. Perhaps he doesn’t even know where we are located. Therefore, don’t be surprised if he appoints the most unqualified Commissioner ever instead of appointing Mrs. Iverson who is professional, experienced and well respected.
    We are in Kenosha, what’s new?

    1. Don’t think she applied. There is a statewide committee that screens applicants and conducts a background check. That committee then sends its recommendation(s) to the Governor. It’s possible that he could appoint someone who wasn’t vetted but unlikely.

      1. I would think/hope that the governor would be more cautious this time around. His last appointment bombed but there are some new people on the screening committee. The process begins with filling out a lengthy questionnaire, completing essays and furnishing legal writing examples. There is also a background check to determine if there is anything in the applicant’s past that would impair their ability to serve as judge and/or would embarrass the appointing governor. Applicants have to agree to this character and fitness investigation in order to be considered for a governor’s appointment.

        1. She has naked photo scandal- no wonder she not apply.

          Kevin may regret posting but we don’t forget.

          He also posted about her special treatment from the good old girls club, aka mean girls. Now they include him so he feels popular good old kenosha high school aka courthouse. He doesn’t realize what they actually say about him.

  9. The photo scandal wasn’t necessarily her fault, but just throw it on the pile when it comes to looking at a person’s character overall. She is not as professional or competent as portrayed. It’s clear she got to where she is based on who she knew, not what she knew. She’s in her current role for looks and not to support the community she loves so much (insert eye roll here), barely does the job she was hired (HIRED) to do, and is generally a real treat to be around if you are not on her good side (if she even has a good side). Being a mother, sister, daughter, wife–whatever, doesn’t mean you are exempt from your character being questioned and shortcomings discussed based on facts and statistics, which is just how it goes in politics.

    1. She walked into commish interview fully &unfairly coached…check her text, emails and phone records and you’ll see…
      People like her are too dumb to cover up their actions. people complain about the old boys club but yhe taylor-swiftie barbie squads do the same BS

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