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Move over Foxconn – Here comes “Casinoconn”: Opinion


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Right after the holidays, elected leaders from the City and County of Kenosha are poised to approve a sweetheart casino deal with the Seminole and the Wisconsin Menominee Tribe that will forever place 60 acres of prime real estate into sovereign trust never to be taxed again.

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The wink and nod Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) include no internal or external renderings and no landscaping detail but propose only to construct a big box building with 1,500 slot machines, 150 rooms and a 2,000 space parking lot.

The tribe did include a hotel, music venue and Hard Rock restaurant in the economic impact study they’re touting to sell us on the casino, so why aren’t those amenities included in the IGAs? Maybe it’s because even Edward Tracy, CEO of Hard Rock Asia, admitted that Hard Rock probably won’t build a Hard Rock Live and music venue in Kenosha (start 4:3:30 to 4:6:08).

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For the handful of skeptical city and county officials and dozens of concerned citizens turning out for public hearings on the casino plan, it’s beginning to look a lot like Foxconn.

Remember Foxconn, the deal with a Taiwan based company that promised a $10 billion investment and 13,000 jobs? Taxpayers invested hundreds of millions of dollars in land acquisition and improvements and about 100 farmers and homeowners were forced off their land and out of their homes for what was supposed to be a “manufacturing megasite”. 

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And how’s that working out? 

In August the Washington Post reported, “Foxconn today does some manufacturing at the site, where the company says it employs 1,000 people building computer servers for data centers and electronic devices for solar panels.

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Sorry. Foxconn is not sorry. They played revenue hungry politicians like finely tuned pianos. Now the Seminole Tribe of Florida is about to do it again.

Questions and concerns about the casino linger

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Last month, after dozens of citizens called their officials and turned out for public hearings, both the Kenosha City Council and the Kenosha County Board postponed their votes to approve their Intergovernmental Agreements with the tribes until January. There appears to have been no move to revisit or amend the IGAs. Rather it’s likely that both bodies are simply delaying the vote in the hope public opposition will die down. But buyers beware. There has been no public input and there are a number of real concerns and unanswered questions that must be addressed.

  • Given that the casino project footprint included in the IGAs requires maybe 30 acres of land, placing all 60 acres will not only take that land off the tax rolls forever with no promise of further economic benefit to Kenosha, it could lead to a future disaster. One such disaster is currently unfolding in Northern Wisconsin with two tribes who are using their sovereign status to block “access to private properties, levy unreasonable fees on local municipalities and cause skyrocketing property taxes.
  • The proposed casino will likely increase traffic in the area by 2000 vehicles per day but there is no traffic study available indicating what the actual impact will be on local traffic and what will be required in terms of improvements to address those impacts and what that will cost local taxpayers.
  • What impact will the casino have on local crime, who will have authority, and how will it be addressed?
  • What will the total cost of the casino be to local taxpayers? One report estimates the increased cost for social services alone will be $2 million.

Good economic development requires attention to detail. There is no city, county, state, and/or federal timeline requiring these agreements to be rushed. City and County elected officials should slow down and utilize experts that will represent the best interests of all Kenoshans.


  • Jack Flemming

    Jack moved to Kenosha County in 2019 in order to escape the crime and bad policy of Chicago. He is an editor by trade and an avid hiker and outdoorsman. He lives with his wife and two children, and spends much of his free time gardening.


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94 Responses

  1. When you say,
    “What will the total cost of the casino be to local taxpayers? One report estimates the increased cost for social services alone will be $2 million.”

    Is that $2 million “a year” ?

    Or $2 million to set up/hire social services people ?
    Or infrastructure improvements ?

    What is the $2 million for ?

    1. Please explain the 2 million.

      I’m not disputing it, I just want to understand if that’s a one time cost or reoccurring ?

      You know how they say “this project will create” x number of construction jobs? It doesn’t. Those workers are already workers and just build it and move on. Only the employees running the business are new.
      Numbers need to be explained.

        1. Kenosha county did approve a casino . I just hope they visit the agreement. Joliet the Indians did tremendous improvements for the community. I can only hope Kenosha and the county can get similar improvements

          1. Please share with us how the Indians improved the community? What exactly did they do? Were the “improvements” just bonuses added to schools, like swimming pools and things like that ?

        2. I read the article in the Kenosha News and the estimated $2 million annual cost to the county was its estimate at covering social service and sheriff costs. They have no idea how much it will cost them to improve the roads and all of the other impacts to the community because they don’t know what is being built. This is a joke.

          1. There will be minimal cost to the Sheriff’s dept. because the Casino is in the city. KPD will be the main respondent.

            1. Most of the social costs of the casino will have nothing to do with officers or deputies having to report to the physical building itself, it will have to do with the associated crimes throughout the area for people coming up with ways to get more money to feed their gambling addiction, not to mention the additional law breakers coming into the area to pick the low hanging fruit of people coming to the casino, the same way they like to harvest free items at Ulta 🤣

              1. There are Soooo many cost that individual families bare that don’t rise to needing governmental help.
                We all know what they are.
                They still cost dollars just not tax dollars.

        3. I just heard today about the Green Charter Township MI, ousting their entire Govt last night for doing business with the CCP and ignoring the citizens about a Green New Deal. Can we do the same thing here in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie? I know there is a “process” to recall people, but isn’t there something about when the Gov’t misuses their position in office or betrays the public trust when we can just oust them out like Green Charter Township did last night?

    2. Good question, but the real issue is that the net economic impact to our community will be negative. Then there is the social impact, which always harms innocent people, in addition to the $$ cost of the social and law enforcement costs of crime, gambling addiction, etc.

    3. No one has a clue what the total costs will be to the community taxpayers because the tribes refuse to share or commit to their true plans so all that is happening is a lot of guessing and hoping. Our government is a joke and getting taken for a ride by the powerful Seminole tribe. Permanently giving the land to a tribe is a massive decision that the entire community should have the right to decide – not a bunch of politicians who are leaving office. This has never been done in the history of Kenosha but they want to give the land to a foreign nation without anyone really knowing about it until it is too late to reverse course.

  2. There is no actual benefit to the average citizen to have a casino here. It will only help the politicians and crooked city/county officials get their under the table deals for pushing it through.

    Do not let them fool you. Once the land is gone, it’s gone for good. We cannot take it back (by law). We cannot control it. We cannot dictate what happens on it.

    Being between two larger cities and on a main interstate system, a casino will increase traffic, crime, poverty and addictions. They aren’t going to offer ANY good paying jobs to locals. They will ship in workers.

    Kenosha County is being sold off by the very people who are supposed to be in charge of it. TELL THEM NO! We need better social and economic growth here… not slot machines. Giving our land away is ridiculous.

    You’ve seen the twisted and crooked behavior of the city and county officials already. They do not care about you. They want a retirement fund, jobs for their lazy relatives and attention for pushing the casino through.

    Predictions: The current mayor already has his casino job lined up. And Tappa and friends will be right behind him…. continuing their trashing of the county.

    1. Former Kenosha County official sentenced to 2 years in prison
      By John Diedrich of the Journal Sentinel
      Published on: 9/24/2008

      “The former county executive of Kenosha County was sentenced to two years in federal prison Tuesday as three more people were charged in the FBI’s widening investigation into corruption there.”…………………..”Kehl, 64, who resigned after his February indictment, accepted envelopes stuffed with $100 bills from American Indian casino-backer and former trucking magnate Dennis Troha, who was convicted earlier and received probation.”


    2. Wait, are you saying John Antaramian , the guy who let Kenosha burn is a crook ?
      I say , you’re right.

      1. Not only let it burn, but knew about it ahead of time likely. Kind of funny how the west side of 22nd burned but not the east.. coincidental… NO
        I saw city plans for that area back in 2015 that called for exactly the demolition and new construction of that area. What better way than to burn it down and start again. They didn’t wanna have to go through all of the meetings, etc.

    3. Your land statements are incorrect. If they dont gable for 365 days, it’s closed. The tribe cannot build anything other than what they stated, otherwise they would be breech of contract.

      1. A difference without a distinction. Unless you actually think we are all gullible enough to believe they’ll simply forget to have it open for gambling for an entire 365 days. They will never ever ever ever go without gambling on that land, once Kenosha is dumb enough to sign it away forever. We will get $24 worth of beads and trinkets for it, if you get my drift. The place could burn down and fall into a bottomless hole, and they would set up card tables in the parking lot within 24 hours.

  3. The Casino is a very good deal. It is a very good deal for these corrupt city officials. As already stated, everyone of these officials and their families will be provided a cushy job for life. Kenosha government is run like the mob. Every elected official who votes in support of this needs to be voted out of office.

    1. That’s exactly it–all of our “connected” governmental officials are promoting this disaster for Kenosha, which will only result in an increase of crime, drug use, alcoholism, and prostitution and we are stuck with it here. All the cushy governmental people won’t have to deal with it as they will be protected by their big incomes.

  4. It’s been studied and proven elsewhere that casinos inflict untold damage upon the general local population that surrounds the actual casino.
    This includes gambling addiction, divorce, children living in a one parent household, violence and other negative experiences that then cost the balance of the community ancillary hardship and higher taxes to pay for these people that then can’t take care of themselves.
    It increases government and cost of to support these additional programs far and away more than the supposed stipend that the casino will “donate” back to the local community yearly that the politicians call dollar benefits.

    These politicians are supposed to be recruiting businesses that are high on employee counts and low on necessary support services. Like Amazon, Uline, Gordon Foods and such.

    Do the math !! Casinos don’t work

  5. Glad to be at my ranch in Mexico. No trail of tears from keno to yucatan mexico. keep on hard rocking in a free world. indians should convert their currency into money which is gold.

  6. To Google it.
    We already have all the crap you speak of.
    Casino won’t change anything for the good or bad.

    1. Problems will increase ten fold. And the county will pay ! Much more than expected revenue.

      How many locals will swing by on their way home from work since the drive is virtually nothing ?

      At least those with hard addictions have to drive a ways to get their fix. Though even those people bring their problems back home.

      It’s not going to decrease my taxes.
      It’s going to increase them.

      I’m 65. Back when I was a kid, adults had to go to Vegas. Then Atlantic City.
      And as for the Indians, this was, back then as I remember, a convenient way for the federal government to “help” “disadvantaged” Indians make money. Lots of money! Without actually giving them the money.

      I guess it’s still that way, but where does it end ??

      1. Was true at one time. But the last public referendum was decades ago and barely passed. We needed another one. I agree this has another Fox Conn disaster all over it.

        1. Except all but the truly blind and Walker hating zealots don’t grudgingly admit that foxconn did not cost the taxpayers a dime. It was a well-written contract and they did not receive anything since they didn’t make their goals. As for the road construction, all of the I-94 and related exit work had been on the boards for years and the pushed up East West roads and land expansion we’re already badly needed and would have eventually been put in. We actually saved money by having them put in before bitonomics zoomed up the prices of everything including energy and land values. Please just walk away from the stupid comparisons with foxconn and this loser corrupt casino project.

          1. The biggest issue with Foxconn was the amount of government overreach that occurred with the support of so-called Republicans, in the name of the “greater good.” A governmental entity acted as a real-estate go-between for a foreign company, bullying farmers out of 100+ year old family farms, and homeowners out of their homes. Remember, Foxconn didn’t buy the land from the homeowners or from a developer. The Village of Mount pleasant purchased the land, and then sold it to Foxconn. Some landowners wanted to sell and were happy with their deal, others took the deal to avoid getting less, as eminent domain was threatened. Some fought for a fair deal for literally years. People hear about the multi-million dollar amounts and automatically assume people would do anything for that money, but in the case of a few of my family members, they got millions but would have much rather stayed put.

            Good deal or bad deal for the taxpayers aside, Foxconn was a bad situation because it proved that regardless of right or left, the government will do whatever they want, individual rights be damned.

  7. This has nothing to do with foxconn and is a stupid diversionary comparison to even try and attempt. Tell me what part of foxconn turned it over to some supposedly sovereign Nation inside our borders never to be returned? All of the foxconn land is in private ownership. Leave f****** foxconn out of this conversation and concentrate on the ass whooping Kenosha is going to take over this terrible casino deal

    1. Foxconn is a good parallel if even for the proposition that local leaders and citizens were misled by grandiose promises that were never kept and taxpayers suffered.

      1. tbj”citizens were misled by grandiose promises”….So what else is new? Kenosha has a long history of being led by the nose by it’s leadership with one high priced-half baked urban renewal project after another.

        No defense of the Foxconn deal. It is what it is. But that being said a couple of thousand acres of improved land that for the most part remains on the tax rolls is a whole different matter than 60 acres of slots-o-fun which likely will be totally immune from local rule.

        BTW—-This week: “Microsoft spends $176 million on data center land acquisitions”—-Part of the deal…”The company paid the Village of Mount Pleasant $63.2 million for 400 acres on Braun Rd…….https://biztimes.com/microsoft-spends-176-million-on-data-center-land-acquisitions/ Take a look….HWY KR/EA 90st. You can see the construction cranes a long way away.
        Probably small potatoes compared to the deal Antaramian and Kerkman are providing the taxpayers.

    2. More than a few private land and homeowners lost their properties to FoxConn via “eminent domain”. Family homesteads, dreams and plans taken away against their will.

      1. Kerkman supported that, too. Look at the R’s on the County Board, and you will see that a lot of them were vocal supporters of it, as well. So much for the Reds supporting the rights of individual citizens over the tyranny of the government.

  8. I’m not opposed to gambling, in fact, I greatly enjoy a trip to Vegas for table games, dining and shows. This is not that. This is a box full of machines for senior citizens to pump $20 bills into. It brings on social ill and very little new revenue. Look at Illinois with their video gaming centers at every gas station and local tavern. Not fun or exciting other than sitting and dumping money into a machine. And what local taxes it raises are just diverted from other types of entertainment spending. This will not be a “destination” to bring in outside tourism money. Just my opinion.

      1. So let’s quit playing all these gambling games and change the state constitution to allow legal gambling, instead of all these bogus filters using so-called “Sovereign Nations”

  9. Antaramian is such a dbag. He has done nothing for the people of Kenosha. Kerkman is a worthless , weak turncoat on the very people who elected her. Both are scum.

    1. The problem with voters they do not go into details of the candidates which is dangerous see the Reds Congress men and women the whole country is suffering because of their idiotic belief in a cult leader think and think

      1. Had a good portion of the nation is suffering because we have a corrupt mentally impaired octogenarian in the office.
        So just to be clear, we hate the person who asked about the quid pro quo and wasted how much tax dollars on impeachment but the guy who actually gave millions of US dollars to foreign nations should just skate by?
        Asking for a friend

  10. I don’t always agree with Jack Fleming but he’s on target here.

    And for the goofball troll that delights in flaming the Steinbrinks even on matters that aren’t remotely connected,the Pleasant Prairie Village Board at least had the integrity and foresight to call the casino project out for what it is — a hoodwink that hasn’t been adequately vetted. Even if you’re not a fan of Trustee Pollocoff, he’s no dummy and understands local development probably better than 98% of the rest of the community.

    The truth, folks, is that the casino is a money-making venture for its investors. There will be a few employees with good jobs. A nearby convenience store may sell some additional gas and munchies. The electric and gas companies will sell more energy and the water utility more water. But it won’t be the goose that laid a golden egg.

    Will the problems be as bad as the opponents say? Probably not but still significant.

    So let’s take a dispassionate look at this further (and I invite Mr. Fleming to join in).

    We have a tight labor market now. Amazon’s jobs aren’t the greatest but they do provide a lot for unskilled labor (and with some benefits). At the other end of the spectrum is Uline which pays quite well. How would the casino impact the local labor pool? Would these jobs provide adequate benefits and pay to offset the community costs?

    Concerns have been raised about crime and social impact, including problem gambling. While maybe not as bleak of a picture as opponents paint it’s still worthy of further study.

    Right now we have casinos in Milwaukee and dotting the Chicago area. There are only so many gambling dollars available. At best, the Kenosha casino would be another dot on the map and, at worst, a white elephant that is either a drain on the community or winds up abandoned, like Dairyland Greyhound Park.

    And Dairyland is a worth a closer look, folks.

    Most of the people reading this weren’t around in 1990 when Dairyland was getting off the ground. There are many strong parallels.

    First, there was intense competition for the dog track licenses that the state would issue. Dairyland (and the other applicants) made many grandiose promises, including Dairyland’s promise of an Amtrak station for Kenosha (still not realized). Dairyland’s representations were the most ambitious (to be nice) and experts warned that they were not attainable. But political palms were greased — there’s evidence uncovered by the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Department — and evidence of corruption to get the license approved.

    There were warnings back then that there were only so many gambling dollars to go around. They were ignored. So what happened?

    Every single dog track — every one — failed. Out of business within a few years. Promises broken and local taxpayers left holding the bag. Every dog track in the state failed, not just Dairyland. Every single one. Let that sink in.

    While there are striking parallels there’s one that isn’t but is nonetheless important. None of the dog tracks were run by tribes. The dog track properties were on local tax rolls and did not become part of a separate sovereign.

    There’s an old saying that applies here: He who fails to heed the lessons of history is condemned to repeat them.

  11. Not a fan of the casino, any casino for a couple of reasons;
    1) Sixty acres of prime real estate will NEVER support the tax base. ( Based on my current property tax bill that equates to at a minimum $200,000 per year. Reality is would be much higher given larger homes and increased property values. KUSD is in the red, and property lost means less taxable property for the district, which means a possible increase for every taxable property owner. And let’s not forget the Union (KEA) is promoting a referendum to an already stressed economy.
    Housing is a demonstrated shortage, multifamily units going up everywhere. Sixty acreas could provide 60, 1 acre parcials, 120 1/2 acre parcels, 180 city sized lots…. again lost forever.
    2) As stated above by several, Kenosha and SE WI in general has a tight labor market already, skilled and unskilled. This endeavor will do nothing but make it worse, most likely affecting the unskilled market the most. Our essential employers ( healthcare, LE) are in need of professional employees, recruitment being difficult.
    3) Housing; there is a current housing shortage, with multifamily units showing up all over the county. ( is this the environment our leaders want to continue to support)
    4) We have three long term institutions of higher education in Kenosha County, what at all can a casino contribute to those entities.? Can Gateway provide a class in dealing Blackjack, application of their current hospitality, customer service and information technology programs? The casino in MKE went from a nice place to providing dining, a small theatre in addition to gambling- Now gambling solely.
    5) This decision should be delayed at best until a new Mayor is on office and new elected officials in both city and county government take office. The current regime seems to be dumping on the next group of leaders.

    What are they promising to help improve life in Kenosha?

  12. Everyone forgets that Governor Low T got his 45,000 vote dump in Milwaukee at 11pm on election night and after being sworn in with his hand on a stack of gay pride flags started to dismantle the Foxconn deal and Foxconn said “peace out.”

    1. Nope. Foxconn started changing their plans when Corning couldn’t get the same deal and build on the NE corner of Braun/H. They couldn’t manufacture the Gen 10.5 screens (as they had promised) unless their glass factory was close by.

      This was still under Walker.

      The groundbreaking and building started under Walker, and at that time, engineering experts in the field were saying that the way the factory was being build was inconsistent for what would be needed to build what Foxconn was promising.

      Did Evers further screw the pooch? Yes. However, it was a con job to begin with.

    2. The election of evers (No caps. Intentional) was a test a test run for the voter fraud that Trump “lost” to. (evers beat super popular Scott Walker.)
      Wisconsin, the land of lovely, innocent milkmaids is the center of organized vote fraud. It has been going on for years.
      Remember (about fifteen, maybe twenty years ago) the Racine ballots found in a dumpster behind the “Dr. John Bryant” community center? These lost/found votes changed the outcome of a Wisc. state legislature race. (Who was looking through the dumpster trash?)
      Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay; were all targets of Zucks mail-in vote fraud. It worked.
      I now live in FULLY RED flyover country. Libs, progressives, dems rarely rarely ride their pony here. MAGA. FJB.

  13. Casinos require additional infrastructure for roads, utilities, and upkeep. You need additional workers for those positions and add law enforcement and EMS. We didn’t want it before, we don’t want it now. And to take the land and not tax it? Crazy!
    Kenosha is in an excellent geographic location, close to major shopping, entertainment, travel hubs and casinos. No need for one here.
    Think about it…do you think Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Luke Combs or other big performers are gonna play here in stead of Chicago or Milwaukee?
    Do you think in the middle of February a Milwaukee or Chicago person is going to come to Kenosha to play the slots when they have those closer?
    And let’s talk jobs…the initial construction jobs will come and go, no new jobs there. The new jobs will be in the service industry. The service industry already has issues getting workers. And, as someone who has some knowledge of the Seminole Casino…pay is for s#!T
    Remember in 2017, the President came to Kenosha. As he flew over Racine/Kenosha county, he asked about the land and suddenly Foxconn arose…and we see how that went. Let’s not repeat that!

    1. Some confusion over the Trump flyover.
      Some say he might have been pointing out the former AMC plant site that is something like 100 acres in the center of Kenosha.
      No big deal….Last I looked the AMC/Chrysler site is still empty while a couple of thousand acres in Mount Pleasant have most all improvement in and construction ongoing.
      Fact is the I94 corridor is golden…center of Kenosha not so much.

      1. You make a good point, if there has to be a casino then let it be in the city of Kenosha on the old American Motors / Chrysler site. Not like it’s going to be on the tax rolls soon, maybe ever. Mayor downtown only cares about downtown and federal funds that came rolling in to make sparkly objects appear where the BLM stooges burned buildings down. A casino would be perfect in the center of town, we wouldn’t have to worry about policing it because cannibals would surround the site and keep it “clean”. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. All talk but no organized anti-casino group.
    We stopped the Medigen medical-waste incinerator with a binding referendum outlawing the burning of plastic and rubber.
    We need a binding referendum outlawing slot-machines. It’d pass in a heartbeat.
    Talk’s fine, but action works better.

    1. We don’t need a committee, all we need is politicians who are willing to step up and prove they aren’t on the take by supporting a casino referendum in the next election.

  15. Casinos are vultures of the working class and the poor. They pick the bones from fixed income retirees. They have “casino laboratories” outside of Las Vegas to study humans for the express purpose of digging their claws into their brains, to get them to “play” longer. The house ALWAYS wins.

    Casinos are a cancer on their communities. If you want nice houses, economic growth, and overall prosperity, CASINOS WILL ROB YOU OF YOUR COMMUNITY’S PROSPERITY.

  16. I thought the Potowatomi held the state of Wisconsin’s “feet to the fire” if a casino was built in Kenosha. It’s what kept Gov. Walker from having to go along with the “Dairyland” Casino. All of a sudden, the Potowatomi aren’t bitching? What’s going on? We need a casino like we need a new dog track.


      No one, absolutely NO ONE is talking about the massive elephant in the room.

      Once a casino is “approved” the Potawatomi are owed hundreds of millions of dollars from the state of Wisconsin. Where is the worst governor Evers going to come up with the money? And why isn’t anyone bringing this up??

      1. Have seen that previously during Walker’s time in office, something about a deal Big Jim Doyle signed off on.
        Can you cite some type of info source that gives details?

        1. The tribes approached Acting Gov. Scott McCallum and offered financial help. He told them that he opposed gambling expansion. They then sent the money to Wisconsin Democrats via the Kansas Democratic Party.

      2. The Gov Doyle sweetheart deal with Potawatomi will haunt Wisconsin for Generations. The Menomonee are the poorest and largest tribe in the State. OPPOSITION TO A KENOSHSA casino is being brought to you by the Potawatomi. It’s just a fact.

  17. All the Casino need to do to draw lots of business out of the City of Kenosha is offer a cheap buffet. For the most part those who desire a fine dining experience will not find it in the Kenosha.
    But…..when it comes to offering huge portions of fattening food offer a cheap buffet and they will come—if it’s one thing Kenosha aspires to is price over quality.

  18. Not all County Board Supervisors are going along with this. I am fighting it as best I can.
    Everyone needs to contact their Aldermen and explain their position. Only a huge public outcry can stop it.

    1. Can you name the ones that are “fighting it”? Because I don’t see any resistance at all on the Board. No one is speaking up against it. They seem to all be just waiting to find out what their pay off is going to be.

      The County Board never stands up for the regular citizens. They can’t even be supportive of the lower level county workers. They’ve allowed hiring standards to hit rock bottom in order to save money.

      If you are in charge, then step up and speak up. All I see are a bunch of cowards not wanting to rock the money train.

      (Also waiting for Zoerner to speak up. People voted you in… where did you disappear to?)

  19. I say just do it they’re going to do it anyways. No matter what we say is not going to matter anyways so why get our panties in a bundle over it

  20. It hasn’t been taxable lands in quite a while because of Bristol owning the land. Then take into consideration that it has been taxed agricultural which a very low tax rate.

    “There has been no public input”. Hadn’t there been opportunities for input? Didn’t Kennedy have a venue available for public input?

    1. The only suitable public input for boondoggle of this magnitude is a binding referendum in the next election. I am sick and tired of having people tell me how I feel instead of asking me. No referendum should equal no casino.

  21. Someone is our city is getting some pay off to rush this in and force this, wonder which one of are great leaders is getting the white envelope. I think we all know the corrupt ones. Are poor officers on the streets have enough to deal with, before we bring more in to are town. You know what Kenosha clean up what you have and get these thugs under control before you open the door for more BS. This town is no longer a nice place to live or go out in due to the fact of the crime and where and when it can or will take place. Are great Kenosha leaders OPEN your eyes!!!! Fix this Town, then improve it with something. Like the casino or something with entertainment. This major needs to go and many others in are leadership of Kenosha. We all see how mayor are is. When the riots happen, this idiot ran to Lake Geneva. What kind of leaders run farther from the battle. I mean come on the president came and the mayor is hiding what the heck is that.

    1. Let’s remember that this has to be approved by the Governor.
      That said, it’s virtually certain that he has already given his ok for this to get to his desk.
      It’s a done deal !!

      So where do we go from here ??
      We vote every one of them OUT !!

      That way the new ones know not to do anything like this again !!

  22. This important topic needs to be a referendum like last time. The referendum previously passed and had bipartisan support. However, the governor did not honor the will of the people of Kenosha County at thaT time. He Instead, cow towed to out of state interests and the Potowatami.

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