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Disgraced Politician Andy Berg Lawyers Up Amid Multiple Investigations

Andy Berg (D) County Board Member and William Sulton (D) Activist Attorney, President – ACLU
(File Photos By Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Kenosha County Board member Andy Berg might find himself in hot water – very soon. He is under investigations for several alleged acts of misconduct. After many months, Berg has finally lawyered up. Berg is being represented by the Wisconsin ACLU President, William Sulton (D).

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Alleged Embezzlement From Charity “Garden of Eatin

On January 23, 2024, we told you that Beg was alleged to have embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from his charity called “Garden of Eatin.” According to reports, The Kenosha Police, Wisconsin DCI, and the FBI are investigating many questionable purchases. According to bank statements in the possession of KCE and law enforcement going back to about late 2021, Berg seemed to lavishly spend a large amount of money from a Chase checking account:

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Brand New Tires For Berg’s Truck – $1,489.54
White Sox Game Spending with Berg’s Family – $232.74
Vacations/Entertainment/Cash Withdrawals – $7,134.27
Personal Cell Phone Bills – $1,418.12
WE-Energies – Gas/Electric/Cable For Berg’s Home – $1,639.09
Seemingly Personal Loan Payments – $1,628.83
Fuel and Retail Purchases – $3,151.60
Fuel/Tractor/Trailer/Repair $13,385.20
Online License Plate Search Fees To Attack Political Enemies and Violate DPPA – $100.85
Restaurants – $631.48
Real Estate License Annual Fee For Berg’s Real Estate Job – $114
Lego Store – $47.45
Haircut, Pedicure, Manicure – $108.75
UW Systems College Application Fee For Daughter – $56
(These are estimates based on debit card statements.)

Andy Berg (D) aka “Sergeant Hard”

Amature Pornography Scandal

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We told you on December 31, 2023 that Berg was discovered to be producing homosexual porn as “Sergeant Hard.” Berg is a Sergeant with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and modeled his screen name after his state employment. Berg would perform sex acts for men and women, sometimes while wearing women’s clothing without their permission. “You tell me what you want and lets see what we can do. Open to new things. Want me in my wife’s bra and panties? Nipple clamps? Cock ring. My wifes outfits! Spankin.”

Also according to the now-deleted profile, “SergeantHard” is a bi-sexual with a “big” penis. His services include bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism, feet, underwear, deepthroat, and gagging. He has 40 reviews on the site. They say “beautiful sex man,” “this hot sexy daddy is amazing!!!”, “Miss your face,” “the best” and “Sergeant is 5 star entertainment.” The profile also contained numerous photos of Berg’s nipples.

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Berg is believed to still be under investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Internal Affairs Unit.

Andy Berg (D) (AKA Sergeant Hard) Campaigning Illegally

Illegal Distribution Of Taxpayer Funded Materials For Campaign

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Complaints were filed with the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office and the Wisconsin Ethics Commission because Berg handed out approximately 874 maps and business cards to potential voters during this election cycle.

Use Of Government Materials By Candidate
According to Wisconsin State Statute, section 11.1205, candidates who are running for re-election, may not use public funds for the cost of materials or distribution for 50 or more pieces of substantially identical materials distributed after the first day authorized by law for circulation of nomination papers as a candidate.

This means Berg handed out about 774 too many taxpayer funded items. The WEC said in a statement “Commission staff has conducted a preliminary review of your complaint as required by Wis. Admin. Code ETH 21.03(2) and determined that your complaint is sufficient to proceed to consideration by the Commission.” Kenosha District Attorney Mike Graveley (D) appointed a special prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, to decide on what, if any charges will be brought.

KCE made a public records request to Berg to inspect one or more of the maps and business cards that he has in his possession. He admitted he had at least 872 but denied our request to inspect them physically. We can’t know for sure how many Berg handed out, unless we inspect them and count them. There is a case law that suggests for purposes of destruction of public records, the government may destroy copies of records, but KCE doesn’t believe that case applies here. Even if it did, Berg would still have to allow KCE to inspect one of the maps, and business cards. Remember, KCE didn’t ask for photos of the maps. We wanted to inspect them physically. Wis. Stat. § 19.35(1)(a) and (b) very clearly provides that “any requester has a right to inspect any record” and “to make or receive a copy of a record.” KCE then sued Berg for violating the Wisconsin Public Records Law.

William Sulton (D) Activist Attorney, President NAACP
Violent Criminal And BLM Activist Raymond Roberts (D)
(Kenosha Sheriff)

Sulton has a history in Kenosha. Sulton defended Raymond Roberts, the violent criminal BLM activist who I sued for defamation. Roberts told members of the community that I was training my kids as a suicide bomber to blow up their school. He called me a terrorist, said that I was involved in the attempted kidnapping of the Michigan governor, and said I threatened to kill military veterans. Sulton took this case pro-bono and was unsuccessful at convincing the jury that these statements were true. The jury unanimously found the statement to be false.

Local Liberal Activist Joel Paul Trudell (44) of Kenosha Being Arrested After Fighting With Police
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Sulton also represents Joel Trudell, the madman who fought with police at a county board meeting, yelling profanities in the presence of minors. He is out on bail for resisting arrest as part of a hold-open agreement.

Aloysius “Ali” Nelson
Kenosha County Veterans Director
Incident In Park from July 18, 2023

Sulton also represented the former Kenosha County Veterans Director Aloysius “Ali” Nelson when he was caught on camera attacking a veteran at a park.

Monday evening, Sulton told KCE that he is representing Berg for the Embezzlement Investigations, the internal DOC porn Investigation, Wisconsin Ethics Commission investigation, the Milwaukee County DA’s election misconduct investigation, and KCE’s lawsuit against Berg.

We asked Sulton about his bizarre business model, asking how he makes any money with the amount of pro-bono activist cases he takes. He didn’t respond the question. We also asked Sulton if he ever took on clients that were upstanding citizens. He didn’t respond to that question either.

Anti-Berg Mailer

In the last week, hundreds or thousands of postcards were sent across Kenosha County purported to be paid for by “Open Gov Kenosha.” Berg and his attorney have threatened to sue KCE for distributing this flier. We didn’t, and they know that. If and when they file suit, I will be able to collect damages for a frivolous lawsuit from both Berg and Sulton. Unfortunately neither are likely collectable. Apparently Berg thinks I am the only person in this county of 170,000 people that find his behavior reprehensible. Apparently Berg thinks I have money to burn on mailing postcards when I am the editor of a website that is seen by 120,000 people every month. Berg is facing a very tough re-election battle on April 2, 2024. Berg has never won a contested election.

Berg has yet to comment publicly about any of the scandals that have rocked him in the last several years, but he does post on Facebook. He told his followers that just becuase he isn’t responding o KCE’s repeated request for comment, that doesn’t mean he’s guilty. Now that he lawyered up, however, people many people don’t agree with Berg.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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County Board Recount Confirms – Berg Out, Garcia In As Supervisor Of 10th District

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KCE Wins Public Records Lawsuit Against Embattled County Board Member

Kenosha County Board Member Andy Berg (D) must make available for inspection a large amount of county park maps and business cards that he was illegally distributing during his Spring, 2024 election. This is according to a ruling handed down today by Judge Frank Gagliardi. Gagliardi also ordered Berg to pay Mathewson’s legal fees, in the amount of $309.50. Mathewson further petitioned Gagliardi to sign an order stating that Berg violated Wis. Stats § 19.31 and

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53 Responses

  1. No doubt that here Kevin did rise to the occasion to suggest that this politician is a stroke and at least some of the allegations against him may not be hard to prove. Perhaps retaining counsel was a wise move on his part to erect a defense posture. On the other hand, maybe the constituents will simply facilitate the deflation of these dysfunctional career choices.

  2. “…trees that don’t BEAR fruit”, not bare
    I’m not the grammar police but one would think that he would at least know the correct use of words when creating a post.

  3. This dude is always doing something wrong and nothing happens to him. Then he posts on his own social media how he’s being attacked. This is what Kenosha likes? Criminals like him who hang out with other criminals? Regardless if your left or right, berg and his group of friends are criminals. Jesus wake up

  4. Who is he endorsed by and who does he hang out with? You know what they say, “Birds of a feather…”
    Get them all out!!!

  5. Funny how the main picture on the berg hit-piece is a file photo from none other than Kevin Mathewson himself. I am surprised that Kevin “sue happy” Mathewson isn’t filing a lawsuit against “open gov kenosha” for using his photo without giving him credit…..unless he gave it to them to use hmmmmm

    1. I hereby give my express written permission for ANYBODY to use any photos of mine for the purpose of exposing Andy Berg’s behavior. There. That work? I’m sue happy, you’re damn right. I’ve won 13 for 13 public records lawsuits. Never lost 🙂

    2. Maybe if government officials and employees actually followed the laws, a media outlet wouldn’t have to keep suing. There’s a reason we have open records and transparency laws. It’s sad that most of the denials that led to a lawsuit are just because of some personal beef against Kevin. Fortunately, the laws don’t change just because you don’t like someone.

  6. NEVER elect someone that has NO SHAME. Those that do will eventually suffer injury resulting from the acts of a shameless monster.

  7. It is interesting Sutton represents every civil case with a clown as a defendant.

    Roberts has to be the #1 zero in Kenosha. He has been in court more times than 99% of Kenosha residents.

  8. There are certainly some revolting people in our community and Berg and Trudell are at the top of the list!

  9. Can’t wait for yet another county board meeting where none of our spineless supervisors bring up the fact that Berg is under both criminal investigation and WEC investigation for violating election laws.

  10. What is going on with Kenosha county ever since County Executive Samantha Kerkman Took over?
    Bad story after bad story.
    Several department heads have quit and employee turnover is rampant.
    Even Chief Of Staff Resigns after two years.
    I can only imagine with legal fees and new employee training what it is costing our tax dollars.

    1. That happens when you play politics too much. There are people who want to bring Madison and DC gridlock to the local level.

    2. Part of the problem is the way the departments have been opened up to the board members. Never had this problem with Kreuser, now we have board members thinking they run the departments. They want to run the departments as though they are managers, however they don’t want to take any responsibility for the fact that the county is in utter disarray as an employer.

      A couple of years ago, they questioned HR about the rampant turnover. Nothing has changed, and they haven’t pursued answers from HR director. Turnover, as of January, was worse than ever before.

      When I left, I specifically requested an exit interview. I wanted them to know that I was leaving as a direct result of the new DPW Director and the Highway commissioner. Both incompetent, neither truly qualified for their roles. Both employed “at the pleasure” of the county exec. Apparently, she takes pleasure in incompetence & a total lack of action.

      When I reached out to HR to schedule, I was told that they didn’t have time to meet with me, and that I would receive an email survey. HR still mostly working from home, largely unavailable to staff.

      Board needs to realize that they answer to the taxpayers, and their mismanagement of their roles is leading to the rampant turnover. County Exec needs to take a look at her department heads, while telling the board to let the employees do their job. If they want to come run a mower in the parks, or drive a snowplow, then they can apply & interview, just like everyone else. If they’re not going to do that— they can stay in their lanes.

  11. A prime example of the sheer incompetence & ignorance of the board members, is the reaction from several current & former members about the departure of Clement Abongwa. Not one single person in public works is sad to see him go. He’s an idiot. The middle managers are constantly saving his a**, and I’ve been working in construction zones when he ignores barricades and comes flying into our work zones at 40-50 MPH, where we’re jumping for the ditches because we think we’re about to die. I’ve sat in meetings where he brags about sitting around with his feet up.

    Then, I read about board members saying how wonderful he is, how he will be such a loss, so sad to see him go.

    The fact that Billingsley & Kerkman held on to him is PROOF of their ignorance.

    1. He’s also the reason the Highway S project was seriously, severely over-budget. Geertsen started asking about it at the “planning session” last year, but then that fizzled out. Imagine how much taxpayer $$$ will be saved with that moron out of the picture! Hopefully, they’re a bit pickier this time, and won’t hire someone they will pay to sit around when he shows up, and work from home whenever he doesn’t want to drive in!

  12. So where is this “investigation “ at. Kinda hard to believe it’s happening when the day after you posted it he started begging for more donations. He seems to act as if there is no investigation. So is there?
    Also. Ever since he has a competitor to run against he sure has become very liberal, ousting other candidates, posting nothing but posts to fit a certain ethnic agenda. Dudes definitely a tool. But why isn’t anything happening to him??????

          1. If this were a republican the left would oust him like crazy. But since it’s a turd like Andy, no one bats an eye, and I doubt there is an ongoing investigation, how the hell can someone still accept donations and hold a seat in office? Hypocrites like berg go untouched

            1. I don’t see what taking donations has to do with an investigation. Both can happen at the same time, just like Trump and Biden are doing.

              1. You must be blind. Hes taking donations for his garden of eatin all while he is supposedly under investigation for using the donations for himself. My god people like you that bring up trump for anything is such a crock

  13. Don’t vote berg and don’t settle. His page is still begging for money, trying to get re elected. Using his service as “vote for me” while he talks shit about his country. Just a fraud all around. What does he need more donations for an election that’s in a few weeks! Wake the hell up! He’s using everyone!!

  14. No. You are not the only one KM!.
    This Andy Hard or Sargent Berga is a freaking and disgraceful shame. Good to know the DCI and FBI are working on it. He’ll get what he deserves.
    ACLU? Why? For being homo or for being a thief?.
    Once more, great job KM.

    1. I want to know how many local politicians/candidates or activists have swung with Berg. Perhaps even married ones 🤔. I’d venture that there may be quite a few… JS…

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