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Judge Accepts Plea Deal Of Corrupt Disgraced Former Village Of Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director, But Punts Him – 1 Year In Jail And $30k In Fines

John Steinbrink, Jr – Disgraced Former Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director In Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

The corrupt and disgraced former Village Of Pleasant Prairie public works director, John Steinbrink, Jr, walked into court today expecting a sweetheart deal from a Kenosha Judge. Instead, in two weeks from tomorrow he will be walking into the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department to serve a one-year jail sentence. He will also have to pay $30,000 plus court fees. This was ordered today by Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Anthony Milisauskas.

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Racine Prosecutor Donald Conner (D) In Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Racine Prosecutor Donald Conner (D) was in court today for the prosecution, as the Kenosha DA, Mike Graveley (D) said his office had a “conflict of interest.” His deputy, Carli McNeill, however, was in court and seemingly watching to make sure the state went easy on the DA’s friend, John Steinbrink Sr’s son.

Carli McNeill (D) – Liberal Candidate For Kenosha District Attorney At Steinbrink’s Sentencing
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Although the Racine County DA, Patricia Hanson and Deputy District Attorney Chris Steenrod handled the case until today, Steenrod was still there, but didn’t want to be the face of the over-generous deal. We found Steenrod, who was hiding and attempted to interview him. McNeill quickly ushered him away to avoid him being embarrassed.

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Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Anthony Milisauskas
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

The plea that Milisauskas approved today allowed Steinbrink to plead seven felonies to three misdemeanors.

Judge Milisauskas refused to succumb to the political pressure unlike the Kenosha and Racine County DA’s offices. He accepted the plea deal saying:

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“So there might be some criticism as to the plea agreement, but again, not unusual in a criminal system. I do see probationary needs for the defendant. I think his behavior was arrogant. I think his behavior… He took stuff from the community that damaged… I don’t know how long it’s going to be out there, but we have to make sure that there’s no further criminal activity here from the defendant. So he is on a withheld sentence on all three counts, placed on probation for two years. As to the conditional jail time, I agree with the state. There has to be a punishment. Or I think this plea agreement is a joke if I don’t give you a chance, and I seriously believe it. So he’s going to do conditional jail time, and the way I’m going to structure it is one year of conditional jail time on count two, one year on count three [concurrently].”

Judge Milisauskas did receive many emails, as someone on KCE’s article shared his email address:

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“But before we go there, I normally don’t accept documents that are sent to my email because I am not the official record keeper. It usually goes through the clerk’s office at 204. But I’m going to make an exception today because this was scheduled as a pre-trial. It wasn’t scheduled as a plea in sentencing. And I think the public has a right to make a couple of exceptions. I gave copies to all the attorneys and the clerk’s going to file them in the file.”

“And I’m not going to use any names, but I’m going to mention what people said:

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  1. “As a resident, this bothers me on several levels. He stole from us and did it becuase of his arrogance.”
  2. Another person wrote, My boyfriend got two years in prison for selling marijuana, a drug that doesn’t kill nobody. This doesn’t seem fair”.
  3. Another letter says, “All the whistleblowers that risked their jobs, many of whom lost their jobs. impose some sort of jail as a condition of probation to deter future corruption in people that personally benefit from their positions of authority.”
  4. “Without people being held accountable, it only makes these people who commit crimes and steal from the community laugh at the justices. Fear and retaliation that put the employees while working for him was inexcusable. He has caused much hurt to families here.”
  5. We are victims here, us taxpayers. Where is the payback? Notice all the people who wrote in for Junior are people he helped.
  6. “Why is there a Racine DA here?” – To Which Milisauskas replied, “I want to answer that, because there’s a conflict with the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office. That’s an obvious answer.”

“So there’s a lot of letters of support, but there’s also a lot of letters, what I say, from the little people in the community. And, you know, then I think about the people that came forward. They risked their jobs and their reputation, and it’s not easy to be a whistleblower. You take a chance. And some people will pay the price. And that’s why a lot of people don’t come forward. They don’t want to be in the public eye. They don’t want their names published. They don’t want their families to be at risk. Somebody came forward here to get this case going. It just didn’t happen by the police starting an investigation. It came forward from people that worked with the defendant and the people that saw what was going on…that it’s clear from the complaint and the investigation that was conducted that [Steinbrink] was essentially using his position and running his department at times as his own personal thiefdom.”

“And then I think about the people of Kenosha County and the village of Pleasant Prairie and the state of Wisconsin. We’ve always had a reputation of being a clean government and people not being underhand and taking bribes. You know, it’s kind of like we’re in a movie somewhere in the Deep South where somebody’s controlling a county and they’re using everything they can for their personal gain. So I think there’s been damage to the community. I mean, that’s another area that I have to consider. What happened to the community here? There’s mention there’s no restitution law. That’s to the defendant’s benefit. But I think the defendant damaged the trust, and it’s a major concern for the court here. Public employees, we are placed in a position of trust. And that’s our duty. And in order for government to function, public employees have to be trusted. We’re not talking about somebody who took three paper clips or some small pen home from work. We’re talking about somebody who was in a position of power. It’s not like he’s a low-class employee and he’s the one that’s digging the ditch or shoveling the dirt. He’s got a management position. I think he earned a good wage and had a good salary, had good benefits, had been there for a while. Then why would you risk all that to take a steal from the community? To me, that shows just arrogance, that, hey, I can get away with this, and nobody’s going to do anything about it. Nobody’s going to speak up. Nobody’s going to have the courage to come forward. If they do, well, they’re going to lose their job, and I’m going to make sure that nothing ever gets out. The ordinary person spoke up, said, hey, this is not right. Why does he get to do this?”

Milisauskas also ordered that Steinbrink can’t work for any governmental agency. The Racine County Sheriff did not wish to comment on the plea deal.

We asked the Racine Prosecutor Donald Conner with his bleach blond hair for comment after the hearing and he didn’t want to talk:


“You don’t disagree with Steinbrink, Jr. If you do, you’re going to be out of a job” said one of the employee whistleblowers in the Pleasant Prairie corruption investigation to an investigator with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.

The disgraced former Village of Pleasant Prairie public works director was charged on July 19, 2022 with seven felonies related to corruption, enough to put him behind bars for decades. In the six-page criminal complaint filed in July of 2022, Steinbrink, Jr was formally charged with one count of Theft – False Representation between $10,000 and $100,000 and six counts of felony Misconduct in Public Office – Excess Authority. The former carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, and the latter, 3.5 years each.

On April 4, 2022, Captain Ollila of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department was approached by a former public works employee who blew the whistle on Steinbrink, Jr for years of alleged misconduct. Police Chief Dave Smetana became aware and decided with the Captain and Village Administration to forward the investigation to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) due to a conflict of interest. RCSO then conducted a multi-month investigation. Thiel was soon-thereafter fired.

According to the criminal complaint it is alleged:

Dump Truck Purchased by Steinbrink, Jr Repaired With Village Funds

Steinbrink, Jr purchased a Village Dump Truck, a 2000 Ford Sterling L8500, for $14,500. He then ordered Village staff to repair it, spending thousands on new tires and brakes. The repairs were logged in the Department of Public Works electronic records system.

Wood Chipper

Steinbrink, Jr asked his father and other Village officials to purchase a brand new wood chipper, saying the two they had were old and broke down often. One was built in 1993 and the other, in 2005. The board, including his father, ostensibly approved the budget item and the Village got a brand new chipper. Steinbrink, Jr worked out a deal with JJ Kane Auctions where he would buy the 2005 chipper for $2,000. He ordered village staff to repair it, with new blades, chains, and other components. His live-in girlfriend, Andra Jacobsen, bought the chipper with a credit card on 2/4/2022. It is unknown if Jacobsen will be charged. Steinbrink, Jr owns a tree-trimming business. Steinbrink, Jr told police “I’ll tell you what, bad call on my part there…”

Bain Station Road Paving Project

In 2020, there was a road improvement project at the corner of Bain Station Road and 85th St. The cost was estimated to be $206,348.62 but only cost $115,888. Steinbrink, Jr ordered the leftover to be placed in the Village’s coffers instead of being refunded back to the developer who put the money up, depriving them of approximately $90,300. Also, there was a gate and culverts installed on his family property that were owned by the Village. His father, the Village President John Steinbrink, Sr benefited from this as well.

Concrete Work at Steinbrink, Jr’s Residence

Steinbrink, Jr ordered staff to hide their trucks behind his pole barn and help pour concrete in his backyard for his in-the-ground pool while on duty being paid by the Village.

Forged Documents

Steinbrink, Jr didn’t complete compost temperature checks for the Wisconsin DNR for two years. A DNR employee was coming the next day, so Steinbrink, Jr ordered staff to forge signatures.

Illegal Abandonment Of Laddish Well

Steinbrink, Jr ordered staff to abandon a well illegally, saying “no matter what, get it done.” This was contrary to regulation.

“Employees were asked about what it was like to work for Steinbrink Jr. SS stated that Steinbrink Jr had never been angry towards him; however, he described Steinbrink Jr generally as an angry, narcissistic and manipulating person. SS explained that when he started to work at DPW he was told to do his job, ‘keep his nose down’ and do what he is told to do even if it is the wrong thing. Inv Sharrett (RCSO) learned that employees feared losing their jobs if they did not do as Steinbrink Jr instructed. Another employee, MT stated that employees worked in fear while Steinbrink Jr was in charge of DPW and described work environment as being happier since Steinbrink Jr had left the department.”

Popular conservative radio host Mark Belling spoke about the Steinbrink case the day before sentencing:



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116 Responses

    1. I think it will be very difficult for his father to remain as village president. If someone decent ran against him next year they’d probably win.

        1. Uh, no. He and his family have their own issues. Let’s hope for someone who is more qualified and with fewer issues.

          1. WE as a village need to find upstanding citizens to run, now is the time to find people that care about the village instead of lining their pockets and running things like it’s their kingdom. Next election we need to clean house starting at the top!.

          1. Your comments are disqualified based on what you said below. Lord knows all the other press is heavily bias to the left. Let Kevin take a few punches. Don’t like it, go watch CNN.

    2. The sheriff better not give him an ankle bracele. Let him stay home.
      He stole from the people.
      The hard-working people.
      The dad should have prison time too.

      1. I agree. I’m not sure how it’s possible that Sr. didn’t know what was going on the whole time. He even lives right across the street from Jr!! We need a change of guard, BIG TIME! Out with the good ol’ boys club.

        1. The new house next to Steinbrink Jr, from what I was told, was supposed to be his sister’s home. NOBUDY has moved in. I looked up the address and can’t find who actually owns it or the taxes on it. Who owns this new home that shares the driveway with Steinbrink JR and who is paying the property taxes on it?

  1. In the end the E-mails to the judge were heard loud and clear and his comments were spot on. It sounds like Assistant D.A. Conner recommended jail time (to his credit) but the presence of McNeill and Steenrod is weird. McNeill’s office is out of the picture as a matter of law and if Steenrod was going to be there he could have handled it himself. Conner is an experienced attorney. He didn’t need “supervision.” At the end of the day the judge hammered the defendant.

  2. Steinbrink will probably be released on Electric Monitoring, but at least he will have to where that ankle bracelet! No shorts for you this summer Steinbrink! On the other hand, as arrogant as this man is, he probably wouldn’t care if anyone saw it. He will most likely wear it proud to show everyone that even though he did horrible things to the people of Pleasant Prairie, he is out with a slap on the wrist and free to do whatever he wants( within the program limits and what his parol officer will approve for him. Glad there was some accountability for this one!!!

        1. Of course he is! That doesn’t mean he will get it, even if the judge says he will be “allowed” to. It’s up to the discretion of the Sheriff. He has the power to say NO. Maybe people should contact the Sheriff and encourage him not to allow him to go on the EM ( or Huber). Steinbrink Jr should stay in jail for a year. He’s getting off easy, but glad there is at least “something” he was given for accountability.

  3. “Thiefdom” is the perfect word to describe what goes on in Kenosha County. This case alone is enough to disqualify anyone (including Carli McNeill) in the Kenosha County DA’s office from running this fall.

    Vote Xavier Solis for DA this November to end the corruption.

  4. Keep this idiot under a microscope while on probation! Any misstep or violation of his parole, call his parole officer so he can be placed right back where he belongs!

  5. So no alcohol or in bars while on probation…he’s gonna screw that up with his buddy at Rivals and uncle Mikes….hes way too arrogant to follow his probation and daddy can’t protect him forever. Keep an eye out for this jackass in the community…

    1. All eyes on this guy for sure. Report him. The arrogance of this guy is beyond measure. The “little people” will be watching!

  6. Are misdemeanors supposed to be less than a year, or are they up to a year?
    Just curious, because it’s still not enough.
    I wonder if he will meet any people in there that he’s had dealings with in the past?
    That would be interesting.

    Everybody will be keeping their eyes on him once he gets out.

    1. The charges he plead guilty to had a max sentence of 9 months in jail and/or $10,000 fine. Since there were 3 charges he could have gotten up to 27 months and $30,000 in fines; however, Judge Milisauskas set the sentence concurrent vs. consecutive. He did fine him the max amount, though.

      1. Somewhat inaccurate. The total straight time that the judge could impose is 27 months but he did not impose a sentence. He stayed sentences which means that if probation is revoked he can still impose the full 27 months. What he did was order one year in jail and the maximum $30K in fines as conditions of two years probation.

  7. Is his jail time to be served at the correctional institute on 88th ave by the airport? I’d much rather see him in stripes than there..

          1. If you resign don’t you still get everything? Carol did the same thing. I think they still get everything.

  8. Can someone please greet Junior as he goes to serve his jail time on May 18 at 6pm and ask him for any comments? Or at least record his sorry ass entering the jail. We all know this is gonna get swept under the rug so document it while we have the chance. Also, I wonder if circuit court officials running for re election will want to place their signs on Steinbrinks property after this?

  9. Now lets put the jailhouse snitches to work on this clown. I mean, that is how this works right?

  10. I wonder how Huber release will work for him since he has his pool installation business and how tree trimming company? He’s his own “boss” so can he get Huber release as a result of self employment? Or does he need to find a job where it’s not self employment for Huber release?

    1. He will probably get Electric Monitoring, which is still “jail time”. That’s when he gets to stay at home and live outside the jail. If he gets Huber, he will go back to jail every night, which he should have to do. I think he needs to serve all his time in jail and not get out on work release at all. I’m sure all his house is paid for (courtesy of Pleasant Prairie residents) along with anything else he probably owns. All paid for in some way with all the money he swindled from the people here in Pleasant Prairie!

      As far as the whistleblowers go, depending on if their names were revealed or if Jr or Sr knows who they are( pretty sure they do), they might be able to get restraining ordered against Jr( or even SR) if they feel like there is going to be more retaliation from the Steinbrinks.

  11. Two excerpts from the Kenosha News article are very revealing.

    1. “Steinbrink Jr. spoke briefly during Friday’s court sentencing, apologizing for ‘any inconvenience’ he had caused ‘anyone during this process.'”

    2. “Steinbrink Jr. provided a written statement to the Kenosha News, stating he was ‘happy’ to put the situation behind him and ‘move forward,’ emphasizing that his sentencing was for misdemeanors, not felonies. ‘This resolution does not diminish my proud service to the Village of Pleasant Prairie for 28 years where I worked to help the village flourish and grow. I am a lifelong resident of Pleasant Prairie and it was an honor to serve my community,’ the statement reads. ‘I look forward to what the future brings. I have no doubt that my strong work ethic, intellect and kindness will lead to good things for myself and my community.'”

    He simply doesn’t get it. I am not hung up about whether there were misdemeanors or felonies here — either way he violated the public trust. He doesn’t get that. He couldn’t bring himself to say, “I am sorry for what I did and for the people I hurt. I did not set a proper example for my employees and I embarrassed my family and my community.”

    Judge nailed it: arrogance.

    1. Yes, Mr. Steinbrink, jr., this resolution DOES diminish the good things you’ve done on the job and in the community. You put yourself in that position.

    2. Can someone please alert the local news stations to this so we can see this on channel 4, 6 & 12. The more publicity on this the better. How many others can plead 7 felonies to 3 misdemeanors and serve one year? VPP needs to clean house on the board and leadership. The timing of this case is directly related to the elections. Notice Pollocoff just nearly won his seat. I’d guarantee if this was prior to his election, he’d be out on his ass.

      1. We need to talk with Carl Coulson and get some fund raising for him to help get him in for the next election. Maybe we can get him to go for Steinbrink’s seat!

        1. If not Carl, then SOMEBODY! We also need to find out how to get the Clerks position to be a voting position again. It has been an appointed position for many years. I think that needs to change and we should try to get it on the next election ballot somehow. Then the people of PP can decide how they want the Clerk’s position to be “hired” into. The main reason Clerk positions were changed to appointed positions was because the towns were smaller and nobody really stepped up to get voted in. PP is plenty large enough now and we could vote who we would like in the position. Maybe that will also help break up this corruption. We need to allow the PP constituents to vote on it themselves, but need to get it on the ballot. Walworth town just changed their clerk position to be a VOTING position and no longer an appointed position! They are trying to break up “the good ol boys club” too! Good for them!

    3. Ummm. This resolution does diminish your service. You are nobody except a bully and a theft. You should have been prosecuted for the felonies.

      And John your intellect got you into this mess. I forgot, that’s right you’re a genius. Well genius, don’t drop the soap in the shower or Bubba will put something in your asshole.

    4. A felony would have stripped him of his pension, that was the most important facet to all the cronies. Keep the money they steal.

  12. how many workers did this guy fire because they wouldn’t “cooperate” with his corruption?

    1. This is the real point! How many people did this arrogant, entitled jerk fire over his almost 30 year reign of terror?

  13. In Kenosha County “Steinbrink” involves nothing good–An all to common example of despicable corrupt politics.
    If a common citizen did the same they would be locked up and bankrupted.
    The elite ruling class of Kenosha and Kenosha County.
    Fuck them.

  14. I think even Rivals Mike cut ties with this clown.No one wants to party with the dems, they are too cheap to buy drinks.Thats why they hang with their ugly friends at the protests

    1. Conditional jail time = jail time a judge imposes as a condition of placing someone on probation. In plain English, he got probation AND jail time.

      1. I hope the judge doesn’t recommend him to go in the Huber program or Electric Monitoring! He needs to just sit in jail for awhile! Let him really feel what it is like to do “without” like he made so many other families do “without” when he fired people and they couldn’t make ends meat. It’s so sad what he put these employees through. Steinbrink SR needs to step down, but I think he believes that Pleasant Prairie is his castle and he is the King.

  15. Thank you to Judge Milisauskas! Finally, someone with the guts and fairness to hold those guilty of corruption and stealing accountable! His comments were spot on…arrogance with no remorse…bye bye Jr.

      1. He will be in jail when it expires. Does that mean he will have to take the test again? Village corrupt employee Jesse get ready to take Jrs test again.

        1. He should have never gotten the job since the requirement was an engineering degree. And SR. Didn’t know what was going on…pffff!

  16. “Expecting” a sweetheart deal “ how do you know what he expected? You are such a disgrace to actual journalism. Every time I read something from you it sounds more and more like the enquirer.

  17. Here in Arizona we are dealing with the corrupt Chicago retirees who bring their political ways and seemingly rule the State government. It is nice to see news media catching local corruption activities.

    1. Illinois has been bringing their bullshit up here since the ‘20s when the mob got going. Corrupting the school systems, government agencies, and their lack of common decency. Wisconsin is not great anymore. Starting at the state line, the further north you go it gets better. Stop the spread of cancer!

  18. This pisses me off to no end.. This slap on the wrist is a punch in the face to our entire community! This motherfucking asshole clearly isn’t even sorry! And how come nobody has tied his businesses to his position with the village and done anything about it? It’s obvious that he built the businesses off of leads he either acquired or created with an insider edge, all on paid hours of the Village! I hate knowing that this lifelong piece of shit asshole can even still live here.. Truly disgraceful.. Please go away and fuck off Steinbrinks!!

  19. The 1st comment the judge referenced is from my email, glad he read it and took what we the citizens said to heart at least at some level.

  20. Dood , Kevin I wartched your YouTube vid of chasing that guy for comments —- I am banned from all social media platforms, so I must comment here —- YOU ARE BRILLIANT—- on the level of Walter Jacobsen , Chuck Goudie , Mike Royko, Studs Terkel

    1. Kevin,
      I watched it too and it sounded like DA steenrod called you a looser after walking into the court room. You are far from a looser, they just don’t like that you actually calling them out on their inactivness and hand holding of criminals

  21. His pension from the village should be taken away. He stole from us, lied to us and has the audacity not even to say I’m sorry to us. He should have been tried as a FELON.

  22. Pollocoff describe John jr as a text book example in the Kenosha news and how a local kid working on the farm made his way through local government positions. I just find it funny how Pollocoff didn’t mention the only reason John jr was working in the farm as many of the old timers that have been around state that kid looked for more ways to get out of work when it came time to work.

    1. Pollocoff hand picked jr for a road job. Promoted him after 6 months, forced the former highway director out into taking early retirement then after 1 year Junior was the highway director. It was the plan from the beginning to help Junior. He rolled so many dump trucks, screwed up so much shut but all swept under the rug over the years. He left SO MANY dead bodies in his wake…

  23. Arrogant, no remorse, etc. What more does one need to ascertain character than to read his statement.

    So much about the issues with Jr and the good-ole-boy club at Pleasant Prairie could have been discovered had there been a real investigation. As in FOLLOW THE MONEY. Probably all kinds of shakedowns and kickbacks from vendors and contractors. Just how deep into personal finances of Jr, and/or of the Village did this go if evidence pointed to it? And if evidence pointed to it, who said don’t go there?

    And, I wonder exactly what information Nathan Thiel took with him when he was booted out. I think he was the principal player in getting the investigation started. Too bad it is all contained in a NDA.

    SR and Pollocoff need to go.


        1. I think that’s at least partly true and I don’t think an investigation will turn up anything criminal. Shady, but not criminal. Contrary to the image of the village president being a “boss” figure he’s seldom at the village hall and doesn’t even have a desk there. He doesn’t stick his nose, at least directly, into village business. The shady parts come from land dealings that may financially benefit him but he has met the legal requirements of abstaining from voting on anything related to him. This is “pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered” in action. Steinbrink, sr. is a politician and knows how far he can go. Junior was a hog by comparison and did illegal stuff that got his mammary appendages in the wringer.

  24. I don’t think kickbacks are on the table. Thr number one gripe from developers is how strict the village is and the planning director is a ball buster. That said, look at whether Sr. benefitted from his position.

    The secret here is that overall the village does a very good job. The flip side of that is that it may provide cover for the family shenanigans. That’s not unusual, by the way. The mob, for instance, often uses well run businesses for money laundering. They have to be excellent so people don’t look behind the facade.

    Village employees were probably toasting the judge last night. They knew of the shenanigans but were afraid to talk. Cut off the head of the 🐍 snake.

  25. Let’s not forget Polllocoff was almost voted out as a result of the latest development, one that sits on Senior Steinbrinks land. It’s the most dense development ever in VPP. They say it’s due to affordability and cost, I call BS- it’s a way for Steinbrinks to make more money since the developer can sell more lots. cut the snakes head off 🐍 tired of those asshats in village hall

    1. And let’s not forget that after jr was charged nobody challenged sr. and he was reelected. For all the people who bitch to high heaven they own that.

  26. Huber Law? What trumped up job does he have to be let out on Huber Law? I’m sure his family will come up with some trumped up pansy ass job, so he can lay by his pool all day. Unless he returns to the Tree trimmer job with stolen property… This is all such a joke.

    1. Years ago the Village had a work release crew, they would pick up garbage roadside and at the parks. I say they bring that back and Jr can spend his day picking up garbage in the Village. What a pompous and arrogant man, no remorse for what he did for years. Speaking as a former PW employee. Those board members who wrote letters in favor of Jr should be ashamed.

  27. Now the question is will the Village of Pleasant Prairie bring on a civil lawsuit to recover all of the damages and monies due to them. The cost of Village employee time for this investigation, all the employee hours repairing the truck and the chipper and the parts for all of this, the gate and culverts installed on his family property that were owned by the Village, concrete work at Steinbrink, Jr’s Residence, the cost to make right the illegal abandonment of the Laddish Well, The alleged Menards rebates? Will the Village administrator Eric Rindfleisch do his job for the residents of Pleasant Prairie and recover all the monies lost to the great citizens of Pleasant Prairie and show that this conduct will not be tolerated? Maybe he will be afraid to bring it to the Village Board because he may lose his job like the last village administrator. I am afraid to ask these questions because of the backlash it may cause me and my family.
    Kevin Mathewson, you can!
    Thank you for your great investigative reporting as always.

    1. Absolutely agree but let’s be real here, the board isn’t gonna support going after Junior. It’s made up of (daddy) Steinbrink Sr, Pollocoff (who supported Jr with a character reference); Klimisch (who isn’t gonna rock the boat and has the wool pulled over his eyes as it relates to Steinbrinks); Kedrow & Kremer won’t have the power to overthrow the other 3. Senior and Pollocoff have been in the VPP game for a very long time and know how to manipulate the best of the best. New administrator isn’t gonna get involved as he knows the history of what happened to Thiel. This will all blow over come election time, which is what they’re banking on.

      1. All the more reason why when last year the head of the snake could have been cut off he got a free pass.

    2. I found out two things:

      1. “Up front” restitution was not made by the defendant.
      2. The judge never ordered restitution. Why? The village did not ask for it. (Why didn’t the village ask for it? That’s a question first directed to the DA’s office because under state law a victim is supposed to be notified of victim rights including restitution. Was the notice given? To whom? What was the village’s response?)

      1. So, no return of Menards rebate money? Hope his girlfriend cleans out the house while he’s in jail.

  28. Anyone out there familiar with the workings of the Internal Revenue Service?

    Is it possible that the cash value of ill gotten gains are taxable?

  29. Great reporting! But very quaint —- you cheezheds don’t know what real corruption looks like —- FIBland = FBI land

    1. Yep! I can see some resolution trying to be passed coming up in the near future to be voted on…just give it time…or they will start sending Greg out to do a permit patrol on everyone’s property and start writing up absurd violations to everyone in Pleasant Prairie! He’s something else. I think the charges they come up with are just made up. I couldn’t find charges on ordinances anywhere on the website of PP. Why aren’t they listed? Hmmmm….

  30. O daddy will get him out on Huber to work the farm that has been funded by the people of pleasant prairie taxes, for years, that hole family is dirt. From the dad to the mom to the sister and brother. they have played on the taxpayers of PP for a long time. they should make jr do community service to repay the tax payers of PP .

    1. Huber (work release) is the ordinary default and inmates have to reimburse the sheriff’s department for each day. The question is whether the sheriff will put him on electronic monitoring which would keep him out of the jail. So, all eyes are on our new sheriff to see what he does, I guess.

      The voters had a chance to bounce his dad last year but nobody came up to the plate to do so.

  31. For many months here people have been bashing the not-so-lovable Mr. Steinbrink, jr. and his father, a man of many interest (some of which appear conflicting). But there might at least be a sliver of a silver lining inside this dark cloud:

    1. Jr. isn’t employed by KUSD and wasn’t grooming or perping kids. (Hey, I tried to find one good thing to say about him.)
    2. Unlike KUSD, his misconduct was investigated and he was out the door. (Admittedly took some time to get there but they got there.)
    3. He was prosecuted and given jail time and a hefty fine (also unlike many of the KUSD shenanigans). He’ll also be under the microscope of a probation agent (also unlike many of the KUSD misfits).

    Having said this, kudos to the Pleasant Prairie employees who came forward to blow the whistle and Capt. Olilla of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department who took them seriously. Are there comparable whistleblowers inside KUSD? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  32. what a Joke. this guy needs to pay the price, He and his family have robbed the citizens of pp for over 25 years.

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