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“I Have Political Friends” – Popular Gas Station Owner Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Anthony L. Perrine (37) Mugshot

On July 30, 2022, Lou Perrine’s owner Anthony Perrine was arrested for Disorderly Conduct / Domestic Abuse after allegations of domestic violence with his wife, Mrs. Perrine. The two are going through a divorce according to online records.

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According to the police report, Pleasant Prairie Police received a 9-1-1 call from one of Anthony’s wife’s children. “If I say anything, it’s going to be worse for me, I told the kids to call the police before it escalated,” said Mrs. Perrine. Mrs. Perrine told an officer with Pleasant Prairie Police that Anthony wanted an “open relationship” because of his heavy work schedule. She told police she agreed and found someone else to be in an open relationship with and that made Anthony upset. He wanted to go through her phone but he didn’t know the passcode. He asked the kids for it, but they wouldn’t give it to him. Anthony then smashed her phone and admitted as much. He tried to explain to police that the phone was his and he bought it. The officer responded with “marital property.” The officer was likely referencing Wis Stat §939.22(28) which says ” ‘Property of another’ means property in which a person other than the actor has a legal interest which the actor has no right to defeat or impair, even though the actor may also have a legal interest in the property.” This means that the phone that Anthony admitted to smashing was also the property of his wife and he still could be successfully prosecuted for the act as damage to property or Disorderly Conduct /Domestic Abuse.

Officer Arzikovic told Mrs. Perrine that “domestic issues [like] this one only get worse” to which Mrs. Perrine responded that she knew that and said “he fucked me up the other day.” She then lifted her pants leg displaying a bruise located just below her left knee. Officer Arzikovic later determined that Perrine had hit her on July 26, 2022. Mrs. Perrine said she came home very intoxicated that night and they argued about her other relationship, at which time he struck her. Mrs. Perrine told police that she filed for divorce about a month and a half ago and she was worried because Anthony was the owner of Lou Perrine’s and had law enforcement in his pocket. She finally told police that she was afraid she would receive a form of physical, mental and financial consequences from speaking with police. She stated she relied on Anthony for financial reasons, and his arrest would make everything really difficult for her. When Anthony was told he was under arrest, he became agitated saying, “So this bitch is gonna come bond me out, right?…..UN MOTHER-FUCKIN REAL!” He expressed how concerned he was that the arrest would be in the news.

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PPPD Body-Cam

Anthony asked which District Attorney this would be going to and the police said “The Kenosha DA.” This seemed to relieve Anthony who later said, “I have political friends.”

Kenosha DA Mike Graveley (D)
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

KCE was tipped off about this arrest. We followed up with Kenosha DA Mike Graveley and learned this case was scheduled to go to court, but it was called off last minute. We asked Graveley why he didn’t charge Perrine. He told us he didn’t know who Anthony Perrine was and said the charging decision wasn’t political.

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PPPD Body-Cam

KCE reached out to Mrs. Perrine through her divorce attorney to see if she wanted to talk to us. She agreed. We wanted to make sure that our reporting of this incident wouldn’t put her in danger. The following is above and beyond what most media would do. We may not do it again. This author met with Mrs. Perrine at “The Buzz” at 10:00am on September 21, 2022. We sat outside for the interview. Mrs. Perrine begged this author not to write a story saying that she and Anthony are working on their marriage. She said she thought it was a grudge against the Perrine family because we also wrote about a sex offender relative of his, Mike Perrine, over a year ago. She was assured it wasn’t a grudge. This author was going to dump this story out of respect for the alleged victim. That was, however, until we saw 110,000 reasons to write the article. Ostensibly, a couple of hours before or after our interview, Mrs. Perrine signed off on her final divorce which awarded her a $110,000 payment from Anthony and their divorce is scheduled to be final on December 12, 2022.

Segments from Marital Settlement Agreement

We promised her we would email her if we were going to write the story. She asked us to wait until after the weekend of the September 24th and 25th becuase she told us she and Anthony were celebrating their anniversary. We did. Today we emailed her that we were going forward with the story. She threatened to sue this author if we wrote the article. She told us she recorded our interview and made other threats that resemble extortion. Mrs. Perrine is from out-of-town so she doesn’t know that this author doesn’t respond well to threats. For sake of transparency, we are releasing both the police report and the body-worn-camera footage.

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Click here to read the police report.


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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97 Responses

  1. This family believes they can do anything they want. Years ago, when my son played high school football, this entire family would stand at the rail at Anderson Park Stadium. They blocked the view and directly defied the signs that prohibited standing. When the security and police told them they couldn’t stand there, they did it anyway. They said they could stand because they were “Perrine’s”. What a bunch of low life Soprano want-a-be’s.

  2. He is just upsest because he now has a record. The State of Michigan does not like their marijuana farmers to have bad records.

  3. Kevin, I guess I am confused. Why would her receiving $110k as part of a divorce settlement make you write this story when you weren’t going to?

      1. Not sure I understand that part of it….she did meet with him apparently and had a change of heart it sounds like. However, the article implies it only ended up being written because she got $110k from him (which I assume was part of a divorce settlement given that the divorce has a final date coming up). This is normal stuff in divorces….

        If her safety is supposedly paramount…I’m not sure writing this story is going to do anything to help that. Again, maybe I am not understanding something correctly…..?

          1. Who cares whom wrote the story, someone did. Maybe wife beating is normal for Kenosha but…. The rest of the world frows upon it. He knee capped her and she waited to tell the story until after she got paid. I’d love to see this on court TV.

    1. Another reason I am glad I moved out of Krapnosha, eh, I mean, Kenosha. As strongly as I feel about domestic violence, my dad is very much mentally and physically abused by my “Mother”, and my sis and I were abused as kids as well, and as much as I love ho-ho cake, it would be a hell of a thing for me to give up. Thankfully no longer being in Kenosha took care of that problem for me. Now it’s just as simple as bypassing Perrines any time I am down there.

  4. Married woman should not be in an open relationship and out drinking. Tony must regret ever meeting ***** and spawning with her. Take her out fishing and **** her

    1. So it’s okay for married men to be but not women? They both agreed to an open relationship which was brought up my Anthony. So when she did what Anthony wanted to do in the marriage he got jealous plan and simple. You literally just made a death threat.

    2. Dennis WTH are you smoking!!! Talk about hipocrisy!! Just this @$$ wanting an open relationship and being a wife beater would be enough to kick him to the curb!!

      Obviously he’s been screwing around already! Not sure why his working hours would have anything to do with wanting an open relationship! There’s more to this story I’m sure!!! He knew what he was getting into when Mommy and Daddy opened the second gas station.

      Are we sure this POS isn’t related to the Steinbrink family and DA Gravely??

      1. Tony should have kept his mouth shut. Cops are mercenaries and should all be ******. His drunk ***** wife probably fell down drunk and hurt her leg. And no open relationships are not advised. The marriage is over. No charges should be filed. The next question is how much he will have to pay this cheap Miller high chugging ****.

    3. Hold up a sec, married women…how about married men? He asked for the open relationship BS. He only disapproved when she actually went out and found the opportunity. Maybe someone else wanted her & not him…too bad for him.

    4. Seriously it’s really too bad people can’t be thrown in prison for stupid comments like this.

      And the prize goes to this FOOL for the most Arrogant comment I’ve ever read.

  5. Ironic all they’re store have a no gun policy…. “Is this going to be on social media?”….. PPP- “Not to my knowledge”….. ?

    1. That’s why I have a no “loopies” policy. ? Nothing special about Lou P’s compared to Kwik Trip, anyway.

  6. For my entire life I have worked with these Alpha type men. These men take much pride in running around like tom cats in the night and banging as many loose woman has they can. They do this while their wives are at home raising their children.

    For these men, this is perfectly OK and normal for them. . .

    However, when their wives are caught doing the same thing, these men lose their minds. They beat these women. They get drunk, drive recklessly and kill innocent people. They put guns to their heads and threaten suicide. They threaten and actually harm others. What pathetic men. Pure scumbags. For what it matters, I am a man.

  7. Another shit bag child from Kenosha whose daddy set him up very good and then he messes it up. A lesson for the hardworking /successful parents……..go spend your money and force your looser children to go figure it out on their own. Would be hilarious if Kevin would do a weekly segment on Kenosha second and third generation businesses whose spoiled, idiot children and grandchildren run it into the ground. Many of them have names that end in a vowel which would be even more funny !!! When the personal issues come crashing down, the financial problems aren’t far behind.

    1. Exactly unfortunately these silver spoon fed kids who grow up into money or last names are just that! No idea the true meaning of work! Like the rest of us who work for a living and arent silver spoon fed! All them Perrines are complete SCUM BAGS!!! Each one is the same!! And they think because of their name and political friends its ok! Well nope uts not!! And lets hope when u finally get what is deserved lets hope BIG BUBBA dont find u alone in ur cell!! Including u Michael Cory!!!!! Life registered sex offenser things he is invincible! He is still on facebook and working at Kenosha YMCA etc. explain why this sex offender Mike Perrine has no restrictions or limits?? Oh wait his name and daddys and uncles money!!!

  8. It’s like an episode of Mama’s Family. You can take the people out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park……..

  9. Let’s tone down the nasty comments so we can focus on the core. This is what our police officers and prosecutors deal with every day. It’s not just this couple. I

    1. No, I’m pretty sure that’s not the point of this story at all. If anything, it’s a sideswipe at Graveley for never actually doing anything about these cases.

      1. Here, the purported victim is backtracking making it more difficult to prosecute. Cops see this all the time.

  10. The Best Political Friends Gratuity Can Buy!
    Anthony Perrine has admitted having friends in high places and it’s common knowledge that DA Mike Graveley has friends in low places. We just need to connect the all the dots to see how Law, Order, and Justice in Kenosha are applied.

  11. Thank you for all that you do Kevin im proud to say I’m an avid reader I love your style of journalism.

  12. Every single KUSD school that displays a banner of sponsorship from this verified wife beater should be torn down.

  13. Well he obviously does have political connections. Booked for disorderly conduct, and no charges. Talk about a loser who beats a women and walks Scott free.

  14. Comments are getting moderated for some reason.

    Big shocker, turns out this site has it’s own motives as evidenced by a lot of the stories over the last few months…..I think most of the readers of this site from day 1 has seen the shift here.

  15. Kenosha has one of the oldest good ol boys club. They keep each others pockets chunky n outta trouble. The judges n DAs are a joke. The media specifically K-news never gets the correct information or its one sided. Pretty sure the phrase fake news started with them not trump! Such a joke these poor cops putting in hrs n the DA plays let’s make a deal.

  16. Another pos getting away with criminal charges because KPD and the DA is in his pocket.

    1. It’s not the KPD..It’s the DA..If the wife refuses to press charges, the DA is supposed to pick it up..

      1. I think counseling should happen. Shes torn. And he needs anger management.. I hope she realizes that its not ok to be abused.

    2. It’s not the police, it’s the District Attorney. We need to get rid of this loser who continues to put the people of Kenosha at risk.

  17. What’s really scary is that DA Michael Gravely said he doesn’t know Anthony. This is a disgrace that Kenosha would let him get away with this lie. And Anthony should be held accountable like everyone else.

  18. This does not show up on ccaps so not charged. I call bullshit. He has people inside just like he said. They need to be exposed
    According to ccaps they are still getting divorced.

    1. Charged or dismissed should be on ccap he was arrested and should show up. That’s totally Bs! No different than anyone else arrested. He was arrested clearly shows it on the video he’s no different than anyone else I’m sure this is not the first time with his wife. He has her scared just were he wants her. Wake up not fooling nobody should be charged and ashamed his kids heard and seen what if they weren’t called and think how many other incidents that been kept quiet the guy can’t control his Anger. His wife has stood by him now thinks he’s a big shot but truly is a piece of crap being a business owner makes no difference he’s out of Control!

  19. “Cash is King”
    I’m sure he also used that slogan to get out of charges as well. Everyone should spread the word and boycott these gas stations.

      1. Meijer sells them.

        They’re originally from Michigan called Sanders Bumpy cake…

        Mama P ripped off the recipe. LoL

        “Bumpy Cake was created by Sanders Confectionery, of Detroit, Michigan, in the early 1900s and was originally known as “The Sanders Devil’s Food Buttercream Cake” when it was first introduced. It is made of chocolate devil’s food cake that is topped with rich buttercream bumps, and then draped in a chocolate ganache.” Wikipedia

        1. I believe that. They don’t even try to hide the fact that their grandpa lou’s root beer is just Sprechers root beer. Heck, sometimes they even come with Sprechers caps! Ho-ho cake is delicious, that is true, but princples have to come first.

  20. Where is Great Lakes Church in all of this? My kids used to be part of Perinnes youth group! Glad we left that church!

    1. He tried to get publicity for himself. Joke if he was with God he would of controlled his behavior or walked away like a Man instead thinks he’s got connection and put the fear of God in her that they wouldn’t believe her. Hypocrite Be a man not a lying Jerk Karma will get you stop trying to be something your not.Take Responsibility you broke her phone your kids witnessed your behavior more than once and you call yourself a man …Is that a man and a father , husband and a person of God. Shame on you. One day you’ll be in a position you won’t get outta of wait you will see. Disgraceful.

  21. Perrine was at Great Lakes Church, if this isn’t a sign from God to check out a new church I don’t know what is!

  22. Such a Joke always thinking he’s better than everyone else. Every Dog has there day maybe he can get Anger management.Bern short fused long time. She’s obviously kept quiet afraid he thinks he’s so powerful and yet his kids are gonna be effected. He should get no special treatment sure there’s more to the story. He’s no different than any other person should be held Accountable like anyone else.

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