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Bar Owner Charged With Hit-and-Run Death After Turning Himself In

73-Year-Old William E. Koprovic of Salem, WI in Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

On April 21, 2018, a then 68-year old William E. Koprovic was spotted by a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy driving drunk near the intersection of Highway 158 and Highway H. Koprovic told Sgt. Gott that he had not been drinking, but Sgt. Gott could smell intoxicants on Koprovic’s person even through the cologne that he has just doused himself with. Koprovic failed field sobriety tests and blew a .11 blood alcohol. He was arrested, charged, and convicted of OWI first.

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Just over five years later, on June 25, 2023, Koprovic would fatally strike a man with his SUV who was walking near the roadway, at the exact same intersection. It is likely that no one will know if Koprovic was drunk when he ran over 36-year-old Scott David Mingilino. That is because Koprovic failed to stop as required under the law according to police and prosecutors.

73-Year-Old William E. Koprovic of Salem, WI
(Kenosha County Sheriff)

According to the criminal complaint:

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A Kenosha County Deputy was driving home after completing her shift on June 25, 2023 at 2:22am when she saw an unconscious man on the road. She stopped and activated her emergency lights. A passerby, Steven Osterman stopped, got out of his car and helped the deputy administer CPR.

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Detectives, during their investigation pulled the dash-cam video from the Deputy’s squad and noticed a Cadillac stop a half mile ahead of the crash, turn around, and drive past the crime scene. Detectives then published a photo of the car on Facebook. Koprovic then turned himself into the Sheriff’s Department, but used his right to remain silent and would not talk to detectives.

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75-Year-Old William E. Koprovic of Salem, WI in Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

In court today, Koprovic was charged with a Class D Felony of Hit and Run – Resulting in death. He faces a maximum of 25 years in prison. Scott Mingilino’s father of the same name, spoke in court today:

“If the facts bear out as they seem to be now, on the early morning of June 25, 2023, Mr. Koprovic mowed down my son with his vehicle, decided to leave the scene, only stopping a little ways ahead to possibly have a vantage point, where my son could be seen laying on the ground, and a Sheriff’s Deputy can be seen pulling up and performing life saving measures. Mr. Koprovic, if the facts bear as they seem, then turned around, drove towards the incident, where he could possibly see my son laying on the ground, and the heroic Sheriff’s Deputy trying to save my son. For reasons only known to Mr. Koprovic and maybe some people that were with him at his drinking establishment, earlier in that evening, he decided to leave the scene rather than do the compassionate, caring, selfless human being thing. I’m not judging because nobody knows what they would have done, but I would like to think they would want to answer for what they did…Since the incident Mr. Koprovic seems to be in self preservation mode and not doing the right thing. There is no reason for us or the court to think that is going to change…”

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Deputy Korin Bourdo
(Kenosha Sheriff)

The heroic Deputy that Mr. Mingilino was referring to is Deputy Korin Bourdo, a two-year veteran of the department.

Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Daniel Tombasco in Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Daniel Tombasco in Court Today asked for a $15,000 cash bond.

Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Richards in Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Koprovic’s attorney, Mark Richards asked for a $7,500 cash bond, arguing that Koprovik is innocent.

“My client did not believe he hit a person, he went back to see what he hit, he did not notice it. He went home, he’s went into work, he’s done everything. He saw the pictures on social media, he realized, that his car was involved in the accident, and he brought himself, with his son to the Sheriff’s Department and turned himself in,” said Richards, the lead attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse. Richards asked for a $7,500 bail.

Kenosha County Circuit Court Commissioner William Michel II in Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Kenosha County Circuit Court Commissioner William Michel II in Court Today, set a $75,000 cash bail saying that this case is very serious and resulted in a death.

75-Year-Old William E. Koprovic of Salem, WI in Court Today
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Koprovic is due back in court on July 6, 2023 at 8am for his preliminary hearing.

Koprovic’s Cadillac SUV
(Kenosha Sheriff)


  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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53 Responses

  1. Uh……Kevin, forgetting quite a lot of the story, are we?

    You failed to mention the guy who got killed was himself involved in a hit and run just minutes earlier when he apparently was driving the wrong way on Green Bay Road and hit a semi head-on. The deceased then fled.

    So, yeah, who REALLY was probably drunk? My guess is the guy who was killed ran into traffic or fell into traffic because he was high or intoxicated.

        1. Thanks, yep…’s quite relevant here. Deceased also has citations for no insurance/driving after revocation (and is another person who doesn’t care to pay their fines) so all very possible reasons as to why he was running.

          However, I don’t think alcohol alone causes too many people to get up and flee from a head on with a semi. Who knows what this guy was on…

          1. Good link, thank you.

            You make a good point about being able to walk away from a wrong way head on crash with a semi!

          2. This guy advertises publicly on facebook that he’s a drug addict. Look through his profile, 36 years old, can’t hold down a food service job based on this list of places he’s worked, posting pictures of weed and himself with stoned eyes. People should really be keeping their mouths shut until all the facts are known because it’s quite obvious that there is more to this story. Not sure why Kevin is trying to do a hatchet job here, I expect a little more.

        2. Thanks anonymous. I really wish you all would give yourselves some kind of name. I mean, you still would be “anonymous” with a fake name. It’s just easier to know who the responses go to sometimes.?

      1. This morning, the front of the Kenosha news shitpaper also had the info about the hit and run where the deceased was driving the wrong way on green bay road where he hit a semi and jumped out and ran off.

      2. Kevin, neither was the incident that happened five years ago as if that has something to do with this situation but that did not stop you from acting as if he’s guilty. Isn’t it innocent until proven guilty but you are spinning things and based on your take, why have a trial let’s just lock them up. I’m a regular user of your website and I enjoy a lot of what you do but you are spinning things as if the Kenosha county DA gets things right all the time. The Kenosha DAs office and police are well-known hacks that you and I both know will make things up or give you partial truths. This guy isn’t some politician, so why are you trying to pile on rather than give just the facts? Pretty disappointed.

        1. It’s not as if he was speeding through a neighborhood or driving down the sidewalk. He was out in the county where there are maybe 3 houses and it was pouring rain out. I cannot see how a it would be logical to assume you hit a deer rather than a person in that situation.

          1. Or logical to think that some fucking idiot just did a hit and run on green bay road and took off and now is walking in the middle of 158, wearing black while in the rain. Rain visibility at night is always bad. There is a very good chance that anybody that would have passed through at that time would have struck this idiot. Under his circumstances he could have suicided himself in front of the car.

            If I’m on this jury, Mr. Kaprovic walks and shame on this $75,000 bail. WTF! No charges for the criminals but let’s throw the book at this white guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time or perhaps this guys time was just up.

          2. Kevin – I know the dead guy can’t be charged with a crime. It was a generalization given due to Kenosha’s DA and his track record of going easy on criminals. BTW how is your case going against the Sheriff regarding Ted Kmiec video footage?

    1. That’s not his real hair? Huh! Glad he turned himself in. I don’t know the guy, but I wonder if he would have turned himself in (eventually) if his car wasn’t posted on Facebook? I wonder if he has a conscience? Does anyone know him? What bar does he own?


      According to this KenoNews story the victim hit a semi head-on on Green Bay Road and fled the scene on foot. Could it be he was injured and/or intoxicated and was weaving on and off the road while he walked? This should be part of your story as, at the very least, it is an amazing coincidence.

  2. William Michel as a court Commish? When did that happen? I see he’s stepped up his game from renting clients from the public defenders office. About as exciting as his time on the county board. 75K bond is a bit excessive considering the details surrounding the deceased. Just because he died, that doesn’t excuse his poor behavior’s!

  3. I’m not sure who’s right, or wrong in reporting the facts in this case, but I’ve already read about two completely different vehicles and three completely different ages for this suspect.

  4. What is Koprovic’s bar that he apparently owns or works at? I know he also works at Oliver’s Bakery

      1. Are you trying to ruin this man’s life? Why? Why not give all the facts in the case, and leave out something that had absolutely nothing to do w this situation? People like you are the problem with media nowadays. Always some type of slant to the story instead of just stating facts. You ought to be ashamed of yourself

      2. The reply referring to you claiming to be a Christian, was directed at you in case it looked like it was to the next comment. May I sugguest some reflection on your actions.

    1. Oliver’s Bakery is great! I’ve never met the owners, but their food is good. I heard they have a Fish Fry on Fridays and it’s so popular they run out quickly. I would like to try that one day, but I can’t wrap my head around eating fish for breakfast and I would definitely want to eat it right away while it’s fresh. Has anyone ever tried it reheated ??I guess you have to get there early before they run out! I hope this doesn’t affect their business! I here they are good people!

      1. Jen…they sell the Shrimp into the early afternoon hours! Pretty good stuff! And the Bakery is awesome…please note they are not involved in this event!

  5. He more than likely left the scene because he too was under the influence. Also if no witnesses you know he’ll go for the guy staggered out on the road & he accidentally hit him. He will probably claim he thought it was a deer.

    Both are at fault of drinking and driving ?

  6. Tragedy abounds in this heartbreaking story.
    Is there damage to the vehicle that’s being touted as being the truck that was involved in the hit and run?

    I trust Mark Richards.
    Let’s remember this man in innocent until proven guilty.

    In most cases a hit and run driver would keep going.
    This man paused at one point. Possibly questioning himself if he hit something, ran over a tree limb or animal, or if he had a tire blow out.

    A senior citizen working hard at his small business then driving home in the dark of night can lead anyone to double think about what just happened.

    I’m not sure what the weather conditions were but early morning air and mist can cause glare on windshields.

    If the victim committed a hit and run himself, then that’s bad too.
    By walking on foot in the roadway he placed himself in harms way.

    Perhaps the weakened “justice” system should share the blame.
    A DUI/DWI used to wreck people’s lives for quite awhile.

    The shame, expenses, jail time, court time, losing one’s driver’s license and the skyrocketing insurance bumps were deterrents.

    Soros and leftists that are destroying the justice system.
    Criminals are the “victim’s” and true victim’s are roadkill or fake racists that somehow deserve any crimes committed against them.

    The father of the victim is seeking a gift. The gift of the offender to truly beg for forgiveness and know that his dead son’s life mattered.

    This man looks stunned, scared and lost.
    He may be innocent. He’s definitely terrified. That’s understandable either way.

    The officer and the good samaritan were heroic, kind and compassionate.
    Every life matters.

    If this man was drunk or high, then it’s extremely bad.
    He’s a father. He’s likely finding it hard to live with himself.

    I’m no bar fly.
    But I know friend’s that go to bars to socialize with their friend’s after work.

    Many bar owner’s are retired law enforcement officers.
    They are often a shoulder to cry on or a mate that’s there to calm the upset person suffering a break up or the loss of a job.

    If this man is found guilty I’d sentence him to community service. Speaking to student’s, people in jail and offenders in traffic school’s.

    Have him make a video that can be seen forever by people of all ages.
    Drinking to excess can be deadly.
    Whether it’s your health being destroyed or killing yourself or an innocent person when you choose to drive drunk!

    Mike Lindell spends a fortune to offer FREE addiction services and fellowship to alcoholics and drug addicts.
    His organization is called, “The Lindell Recovery Network.” I hope I’m getting the name right.

    It’s accessible easily online.
    People can connect in numerous ways.
    I watch real news on the “Frank Speech” app.

    When Mike Lindell comes on he reminds people to share the information with people struggling to get clean and sober.
    Lindell owned a bar.
    He lost everything to addiction.

    Lindell is a man of great faith.
    He vowed to get sober and create his special pillows and help people.

    Throwing this man in jail if he’s found to be guilty will accomplish nothing.
    I pray he’s not the guilty party.

    Wrap your arms around the father.
    No matter what his deceased son did before his death, he was this man’s son and a child of God.

    Bring back law and order!
    Fear and shaming are good. It helps people on the edge of committing crimes, to pull back from the cliff.

    Repeat arsonists in my county aren’t arrested. They are rarely cited for serious arson fires.

    Firefighters and LEO’S know the repeat offenders. Our WOKE “INJUSTICE SYSTEM” order’s our FF’S & LEO’S to give drug zombies and “unhoused subjects” free rides to wherever they want to go.

    The apes are running the jungle!
    Tarzan and Jane are busy ducking slings and arrows.

    Decency is the prescription.
    Are you ready to take your dose?

    IMO, allegedly????

    1. Ahh, sorry I was being interrupted while typing my comment.
      It’s in need of an edit!

      I had to hit send before proofreading my comment.
      I wish I could edit my post.

      I hope people can understand what I was trying to say.

      Forgive my haphazard message.
      My heart is in the right place.

      Next time I’ll wait to type when I’m not being pulled in different directions. ??

    2. Everything right except Mike Lindell. He is a right wing shill just like General Flynn, Lin Wood, MGT, etc. Actors to keep your attention to the political theatre being played out in front of you.

  7. He may have been buzzed and drove perfectly, and the deceased ran in front of his car, with no possible way to avoid. But since he left the scene he’s cooked.

  8. A lot of drunk driving going on. I think he will be found not guilty or reduced charge equaling time served. The State has a tough case to prove and the attorney is smarter than the gov’s lawyers.

  9. Will an autopsy or blood draw be done on the deceased? This is a sad story. He did turn himself in albeit not in a timely manner. I realize the father is grief-stricken but his comments are unfortunate. Thank God we have a judicial system.
    I did recognize this man’s photo as the gent who works at Oliver’s Bakery. When I would send my grandchildren in to pick up my order, he would give each of them a cookie for their school lunch. They still remember his kindness even though they’re adults. Why on earth would this horrible incident affect the owners of Oliver’s Bakery?

    1. He is a wonderful man and by no means a heavy drinker. Anyone who knows him would tell you he would never knowingly leave any person in need of care. I am positive he must have thought he struck a deer and is having to deal with the terrible reality that in fact was a person, where you would definitely not have expected one to be at on such a rainy, out of the way area so late. I pray For all involved in this tragedy.

  10. From someone who likes to have a few,its true that nothing good happens after midnight. At least on the road.

  11. Mr. Mingilino Sr. I am sorry for your loss. According to CCAPS, Scott has some small traffic issues. Now the autopsy will determine his true BAC and if he had drugs onboard. Scott’s actions of driving in an unsafe manner and putting the other driver at risk does not come out your mouth. What about the innocent guy who got hit? Now his life is a bit messed up! Scott’s driving illegally was the first issue, his crash into this innocent guy was the second, walking away was the third. Had he stayed at the scene, Scott may have been alive. The story may end there, but…Scott flees a scene and starts walking down a busy street at night, with obviously reduced visibility was his final issue. Bill might be assumed to be under the influence (thus him not stopping) but this may never be proved. Bill’s actions of hitting a guy and leaving the scene is his failure-that he will pay for the remainder of his life.
    Long ago, I read that over 50% of vehicles on the road after midnight have an impaired driver. That puts the good people who are on the road for work, or the officers on patrol in jeopardy.
    Again, Mr. Mingilino, you have my sympathy on the loss of your son. As for Bill and his family, best wishes and let’s hope justice prevails.
    No one wins here….except the beat cop who doesn’t have to do field sobriety tests on Scott, write tons of reports and testify in court on that OMVWI.

    1. People have to also remember, there is a lot of stuff not on CCAP. I know this because all of my citations disappeared off of there for some reason. So anyone who thinks that is in any way a complete list of wrongdoing is just wrong.

  12. Lets not all forget here either Scott was fleeing the scene, Walking the wrong way down the road at night trying to evade police which also likely means that he was wearing dark clothing. Nothing Bill could have done would have altered the outcome of this situation and Scott is dead 10000% because of his own actions and decision making and not a single others. Had Bill known what he did and immediately stopped and called the cops the outcome would not be any different given the fact that a cop was seconds behind him. Furthermore, lets look at that picture of the Cadillac from the dash cam. That is at a roughly 45 degree angle. Which means the cop was on the side of the road turned out with the headlights shining into oncoming traffic and likely attending the body on the passenger side which is dark. And what do cops always do when they have someone pulled over? they put on their brights and spot light and blind all oncoming traffic. (I have often wondered how they don’t cause more accidents when they do this because you can’t see 20 feet in front of you when they do this). Clearly by the picture the lights are not on the body Now lets factor in the fact that it is raining, bills windshield is smashed, Bill at 73 hit something on the road in the middle of the night for the first time in his life so he’s shook up. Given these facts I don’t know how Bill could have possibly seen anything. So blaming Bill because a junky who was on a crime spree ended up dead is completely ignoring the facts and not using your head and it really surprises me that Kevin would do a hit piece on the victim of this criminal drug addicts second victim.

    1. This wouldn’t have happened if the trolley ran west on 52nd street to
      The interstate…. We need one more term of antaramian to complete the trolley ??

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