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Fact-Checking The Ramblings Of A Madman – Mathewson v. Roberts Trial

BLM Activist and Career Violent Criminal Raymond Karim Roberts

I, Kevin Mathewson, Editor of the Kenosha County Eye and Former Kenosha Alderman, received a mixed verdict from a jury on July 13, 2023. The decision came following a four day defamation jury trial in Kenosha County Circuit Court. Kenosha resident and one time failed candidate for Alderman and BLM activist, Raymond Roberts, accused me of training my children to be suicide bombers for the purpose of blowing up their school, threatening to murder military veterans, and being involved in the kidnapping plot of Governor Whitmer of Michigan – all on Facebook and through emails. The jury determined that all of the accusations were in fact made, and were in fact untrue, and not even substantially true.

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Roberts, after being found by a jury to be a habitual liar, unsurprisingly has been lying to his extremist supporters about this trial. Here are some question that have been asked of me since trial due to the lies said by Roberts and others:

Who won the case? You or Roberts?

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Both of us won and lost.

Unlike a criminal trial, where someone is either guilty or not guilty, civil trials are more complicated. The jury is asked a series of questions and they must answer yes or no.

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Roberts wanted the Jury to agree that the terrible things he said about me and my kids were true. He really wanted the jury to agree that I was a terrorist.

Me, and my daughter (who testified), both asked the jury directly to please find that all of the statements were false.

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The jury unanimously agreed that the things he said about me were false. At the bottom of this publication are the forms that the jury signed.

Roberts points to a lack of a financial judgement against him as a win. Here is the truth – I believe Roberts is very poor and if I had won a million dollar judgement against him, I would not have collected a penny. For example, a woman sued Roberts in 2014 and won. She has yet to collect one penny.

The next few years, multiple tax warrants were issued against Roberts for close to $40,000. Roberts lives in a small apartment that he rents. He doesn’t own his own home. Roberts also has to pay child support for his two children that he was arrested for beating. He has no visitation or custody of these children because of his abuse which resulted in felony charges. So, I didn’t get the $5 that I asked for. I spoke to two jurors. The small amount I asked for made the jury think that I wasn’t serious about my monetary claim. They didn’t award me money. They also believed Robert’s attorney, that most people in the community don’t pay attention to Roberts’ sociopathic-like rants.

I got what I wanted – vindication. A jury of 12 unanimously declared, after hearing four days of evidence, that I am not a terrorist. I didn’t train my kids to be terrorists. I wasn’t involved in the kidnapping of the Michigan Governor. I did not threaten to murder military veterans.

Roberts did NOT get what he wanted. Vindication for HIM.

Do you owe Roberts $155,000 in attorney’s fees?

Absolutely not. I owe Roberts nothing – not a penny. We are both responsible for our own fees. This was a lie that he floated throughout the community. He told his buddy, the failed journalist / grifter Daniel Thompson, who repeated it to others

What about Roberts’ Counter-Claim?

There is not and never was a counter-claim. Roberts told his supporters this for years. His attorney found no basis for a counter claim and one was never filed.

What about abuse of process suit that Roberts talks about?

Roberts said he is going to come after me for abuse of process, or sometimes called a frivolous suit. There is a process to do this and he never did it. His attorney knew it wasn’t frivolous. His motion for dismissal was denied. The judge decided the case was not frivolous and allowed it to proceed to trial.

Roberts says he is going to post the transcripts to the entire trial?

I would be very pleased if he did this. Here is the simple truth. He will never do this. He is poor. The transcripts would cost many thousands of dollars to purchase and prepare. He doesn’t have the money. If he comes up with the dough and posts them, great. I can use it to further clarify the record.

Did Lt. Nosalik (KPD) and Sgt. Wright (KSD) commit perjury to help you?

Roberts said that I called “two of my boys to help me” to the stand.

As far as I know, neither Lt. Nosalik nor Sgt. Wright like me. They were called to testify because they were the PIOs for the Kenosha Police and Kenosha Sheriff’s Department. I sued both of them, and won. We clashed a lot, but had a good working relationship both men. They have integrity.

Didn’t a judge rule that you are a racist and white-supremacist?

No. The judge simply ruled that calling someone racist is an opinion and this not subject to a defamation lawsuit. This lie was circulated by Roberts. Jodi Meurhoff of the Democratic Party of Kenosha County repeated this lie to hundreds of people. She later learned the truth and recanted her statement. The Racine County Eye erroneously reported that this trial was about these things.

Why didn’t the judge admonish Alderman Anthony Kennedy for purjury?

After Alderman Anthony Kennedy beat his coworker with a chair, his victim chose not to press charges. Otherwise, he would have been arrested. Kennedy called me after the beating and asked me not to write about the incident. When asked under oath about this, he lied and denied asking me to “sit” on the story. Kennedy didn’t know that I secretly recorded him on the phone. We played the recording to the judge and he asked Kennedy to then tell the truth. I don’t know why the judge didn’t sanction him.

Why did Terry Rose quit as your lawyer?

He didn’t. I asked the judge to remove him from my case because his old age (80) and perceived cognitive decline caused him to do a poor job on the case and Attorney Xavier Solis did an outstanding job.

Did you really sue Roberts for 160 counts?
No. We went to trial for 5 statements. The complaint contained about 140 paragraphs, not counts.

Why did Roberts say “Mathewson’s kids and wife are now free game” and “I’m bringing the war to them” after the trial was over?

He said these things because he is a violent, evil, and deranged man that will likely burn in hell for all of eternity when his time on this earth is over. I do not know why he continues to threaten my wife and kids.

Did you tell your daughter to lie under oath?

Of course not. She has integrity and wouldn’t lie under oath, even upon my request.

Did you lose advertisers when Roberts tried to extort them?

No. They were all contacted by the deviant Samuel Roochnik and I didn’t lose one advertiser.




  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.


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16 Responses

  1. I’m sorry that the supposedly good people of Kenosha in charge of protecting citizens as a way of making a living, have let you and the rest of us down, once again.

  2. Wait. He rents? The guy who talks so much shit about stocks and finance? One who tells people how successful he is? Lol. Clown. The berg buddy who can’t pay bills? The left is insanely comical Almost as funny as koerri running for mayor.

  3. Wait… he’s poorer then dirt and he verbally attacked the owner of a restaurant in Racine when he was working towards closing it, and berated him for changing his mind on if or how he was going to close his business

    Sam is a liar. He lives in a 500k house his wife has paid for. He’s a kept man. He is claiming now that KUSD is paying him as a first year teacher and he is making less then 50k a year to teach within KUSD, and wasn’t given credit for his years of service (fact check in the Facebook group).

  4. You do realize that it is illegal to record a conversation without informing all parties that the call is being recorded!! Just sayin…

      1. you are absolutely right! I am a journalist and know this for a fact. On another note, I am so very very sorry for all you have gone through. You are a man of great faith and I know Our Lord sustains you. God bless you abundantly

    1. Pro tip, if you ever talk to Roberts, be sure to record it like Kevin did, because he’ll almost certainly try to screw you over in the future. Wish I had.

  5. I met this Robert’s in a downtown bar where he was bragging what a big war hero he was and getting people to buy him drinks . What a poor excuse of a human.

    1. Lol war hero? He did like 4 years in the national guard. Failed outta airborne. His comical special forces officer stories. No awards or medals. Lol

  6. Terry Rose is a shit bag and you should have never let him anywhere near your case. He made his fame selling out people he didn’t like as a public pretender for those he did or whom he thought had money. Him and Jambois were buddy buddy. Just another Democrat rat and Kenosha is better off without him around.

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