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Know Your Vote Mayoral Forum Coming To Downtown Kenosha This Sunday, February 4th


This Sunday, February 4th, Ktown Connects Podcast presents the Know Your Vote 2024 Mayoral Forum, sponsored by About Time Moving Systems, Casey Family Options, and Franks Diner, at the Rhode Center for the Arts, 514 56th Street. 

Get to know our nine upcoming Kenosha mayoral candidates before the February 20th primary election and make an informed vote! 

This will be a Q&A program moderated by Pete Serzant of AM1050 WLIP where all candidates are able to deliver their concepts for a better Kenosha!

Lobby doors open at 1 p.m., with the show starting at 2 p.m. Admission is a $2 suggested donation to the Rhode Center for the Arts at the door. 

Free popcorn, snack and gift bags to the first 100 guests. The candidates will also remain in the lobby after the program for a casual meet and greet session until 5 p.m.

For more information visit ktownconnects.com

Facebook event page


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  • Kevin Mathewson

    Kevin Mathewson is a disciple of Christ, husband and a father to two wonderful children. Mathewson was born and raised in Lake County, IL and worked as a police & fire dispatcher from 2005 to 2010 in Round Lake Beach, IL. Mathewson moved to Kenosha County in 2006, later being elected to the position of Alderman of the 8th District in 2012 and 2016. Mathewson is a private investigator, security contractor, journalist, and photographer. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, camping and boating. His favorite amendment is the second, followed closely by the first. He loves his country and community.

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Racine County DA Blocks Kenosha County Eye From Emailing Her After Embarrassing Trial Loss

Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson told Kenosha County Eye today that she would be permanently blocking her entire staff’s email accounts from receiving any emails from us. This, just after KCE emailed her asking for comment on an embarrassing jury trial loss in Kenosha. Kenosha County Eye has had contact with Hanson many times over the last several years since we were founded in 2020 – none of them pleasant. She is arrogant, vindictive and

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Buona Beef and Rainbow Cone Opening Next Week In Pleasant Prairie – Free Ice Cream For First 50 Guests

Today, the Buona Companies announced the upcoming opening of a dual-branded concept in Pleasant Prairie. Marking a historic moment for the company as it enters Wisconsin for the first time, a grand opening celebration will be held on Monday, February 26. The Buona Companies is made up of Buona, the largest family-owned Italian beef restaurant group and beef producer in the country, and The Original Rainbow Cone Ice Cream Shop (Rainbow Cone), the home of the

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Sheriff’s Department Begins Fundraising Campaign For K9 Unit – Plushies And Challenge Coins Available

Starting Monday, March 11th, 2024, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department (KSD) will officially start accepting donations to support the K9 Unit. The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department gifts those who donate a K9 Plushie of the Department’s K9s and/or the K9 unit’s challenge coin as a thank you. The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department’s K9 Unit will gift those who donate $20 or more a K9 plushie or a challenge coin. (i.e. $100 donation could equal 5 coins/plushies

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New Twin Lakes Fire Chief Praises Arsonist Firefighter, Commission Member

Ron Redlin, the newly appointed Fire Chief in Twin Lakes, praised two-time convicted felon and arsonist, 36-year-old Glen A. Tietz, Jr. In a statement to KCE, Chief Redlin said that Tietz is trustworthy, dependable and volunteers countless hours weekly to help the department and community. According to its website, Tietz is not only a firefighter for the Village of Twin Lakes, he is also a fire commission member, along with his father, Glen Tietz, Sr. who

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Kenosha Election Results: Bogdala and Spottswood Set for Mayoral Showdown

Today’s primary election in Kenosha for mayor, a circuit court judge, an alderperson and the Wilmot referendum has concluded, with voter turnout reported to be average. The top 2 vote-getters from each category now move on to the Spring Election on Tuesday, April 2nd. (All votes have been counted, but the final certification will be completed by the County Board of Canvass on Monday, Feb 26th.) The Wilmot Union High School District referendum failed to pass.

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7th Grade Science Teacher At KTEC Was Allegedly Grooming 13-Year-Old Student

***Editor’s Note: There have been no arrests or charges in this case. The teacher is presumed innocent.*** Kenosha County Eye today is naming the KUSD teacher that is on leave for allegations of inappropriate communications with a student. KCE was initially going to wait until criminal charges were filed, or KUSD disciplined the teacher. KCE based today’s decision on the lack of communication from KTEC and KUSD to the parents of students at the school. KCE

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Local Group Creates Unique App for The Antique Community

A local group comprised of individuals from the Kenosha area has joined forces with Zetaton, a Milwaukee-based leading technology development company, to unveil a groundbreaking solution tailored to the antique community. Introducing Antiquesmart, an innovative mobile application designed to transform the way antique buyers and sellers connect. Antiquesmart, available for free download on both the App Store and Google Play Store, provides a comprehensive platform for antique enthusiasts to buy and sell antiques and provides a

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Salem Lakes Public Works Superintendent Resigns Suddenly, Just Days After Deposition

The Salem Lakes Public Works Superintendent has resigned from the Village of Salem Lakes, just days after giving damning sworn testimony about his behavior while employed for the Village. Paul Snellen, 50, of Illinois, resigned suddenly last week without giving any advanced notice. KCE was informed by the source familiar with Village operations, that Snellen’s job was in serious jeopardy after the Village was made aware of serious accusations of misconduct spanning several years. Snellen gave

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42 Responses

  1. Is this a Q&A session or is it just Pete asking the typical softball questions.

    Im dying to know why Bogdala flipped on his decision for the casino. Its clearly not a good deal for Kenosha.

    1. Bogdala is a total flip-flopper….he will keep flipping and flopping….based on who he is talking to and who’s vote he wants. Can’t trust him, ever.

    2. You see that pic with him and Sergeant Hard? It’s obvious Berg told him to vote for it or he would release more info…

  2. Last night all candidates gave an answer that they knew the people wanted to hear. Bennett said there are to much drunk driving and bars, as he has DUIs. Lol can’t make this stuff up

    1. I’ve never been to a comedy show before. For $2….this could be my first. But you know the old saying…you get what you pay for..

    1. No. According to.a different comment, rhe guys lastnight said there’s too much drinking in Kenosha. Lol

  3. Thanks for the heads-up; I may actually go to this.

    Yes, I realize that it will probably be no more than we can find on their campaign websites (“Vote for me because I love Kenosha and will lead us confidently into the future!”) but hearing them talk may help. Right now it’s “Who is the LEAST weird of the people running?” So far I’ve winnowed it down to two.

    1. I tuned in to WGTD forum and I must say only 2 candidates stood out. Bogdala and Spottswood. They actually were able to articulate their responses effectively, they seemed well educated and informed.

      Others wanted more tiny homes, (not in my neighborhood) Another, people drive too fast, more clean bathrooms in the parks.More urban areas, get to know your neighbors. I know my neighbors and No I don’t care to know their business.
      So, realistically 2 candidates. Koerri, start by running for alderman and gaining experience and learning the ins/ outs of our city.

      1. Koerri. Lol. A guy with no experience, no job, and no transportation. Using his “tech savvy” as a running platform. Video games and some wack Facebook lives. It’s clear it’s for donations and money. Is he going to ride his skateboard to work?

      2. Spottswood said the word “migrant” is offensive. She will turn Kenosha into a liberal hell hole like San Francisco. Before we know it, we will dodging actual shit on the streets!

        1. She’s been isolated from the results of her own kind for years, and produced NOTHING useful during her seatwarming days on the City Council. the last thing she needs is to get a promotion. Talk about the Peter Principal! I’m disgusted by Bogdala’s flop on the casino and would like to know why he voted for it, but I don’t see any alternative. Spottswood is as much a clown as the rest of the group-“Bogdala by Default” for mayor should be the new mantra.

  4. Kevin, I will not vote for anyone of these liberals. Why can’t we ever have anyone that’s more conservative to run in this town.. you have Lydia who is an ultra liberal. I would never vote for that POS .. no one in my neighborhood I won’t reveal where it’s at will not even vote sick of this city .. the last mayor let BLM burn the city down, and then he turned to the black community to heal. That city didn’t stick up for the police but a fraud.

    1. City ordinances that forbid prosecuting vigilantes might help. 🤔
      You know, the opposite of what we have now, where we don’t even prosecute many criminals.

  5. Remember, these are the jokers that hosted a planned parenthood fundraiser this past summer. Radical liberal nuts

  6. Slobber up to the Kenosha bar and listen to the multicultural circus clowns answer the tough question about roundabouts and potholes. Step right up! Step right up!

    1. They will try to distract you with talk about public works and potholes, like you said. They want you to believe that aldermen and the mayor are just another city staff, there to help you with snow plowing, garbage and permits etc. Pat themselves on the back. No, they definitely don’t funnel millions of dollars to big business and special interests to turn Kenosha into a concrete jungle and taxes skyrocket. Nope, we don’t have a $300 million debt, higher than most cities our size…, no way…look over here, we just installed fiber for you so your Internet will be cheaper Yay

      1. Why not continue on and bring change? Don’t give up so soon, I’m sure it’s hard standing up to the corruption within.

      2. Mr. Mau…I wish you had decided to run for re-election. Good luck, and thank you.

  7. Remember you silly pooftas , check your ideologies at the door ….. when it comes to LOCAL politics WHO CAN BRINGETH THE MOSTEST PORK is absolutely who you should vote for -don’t be stupid

  8. If you go to the city of Kenosha page and look up the nine Mayoral candidates, Mary Morgan (a big Trump supporter) has the email address of “wis4lydia” – this is a fact. Check it.

    The rumor part of it is that her entire candidacy was spearheaded by Spottswood to help split the votes with Bogdala.

  9. I went, and it was interesting. However, the questions definitely were softball. I would have loved to have heard the candidates respond to a question about coping with the city debt: what taxes will be raised, what services will be cut, what gold-plated projects will be terminated.

  10. I think Bogdala will win. The only other two serious contenders were Mackay and Spottswood. I agree that the questions were soft and didn’t really address any serious issues.

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