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Revealing The Real Ray Rowe : The Great Hoax Of The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Race

Ray Rowe (D) Candidate for Sheriff

Raymond Rowe was hired by the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department on January 23, 1997. He worked a four year stint on patrol, doing real law enforcement work.

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For the next 21 years, Rowe would no longer work in a law enforcement capacity. Instead, Rowe taught D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). Read about how D.A.R.E. is almost universally regarded as a junk program here, here, and even from the U.S. Department of Justice. During these two decades, Rowe didn’t act in any roles that included arresting suspects, enforcing the law, or supervising other Deputies. Notwithstanding, he wants to be in charge of each and every sworn Deputy and correction officer in the Sheriff’s Department. In Wisconsin, a candidate for Sheriff must declare a party. In Kenosha County, it is no secret that Republicans are sweeping elections at every level. Even though Rowe is a life-long liberal democrat, he decided to run as a Republican because it is his only path to this powerful office. He regularly donates to democrat politicians and received many campaign contributions from prominent democrats.

It is extremely clear that Rowe believes that Conservatives in Kenosha County are gullible enough to believe he is a conservative republican. He is not. We are not.

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Walker Recall Petition

Rowe, being a strong opponent of Governor Walker, signed the recall Walker petition. He signed the petition on 12/8/2011.

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Anti-Second Amendment

Rowe is openly anti-second amendment. He recently said at a Sheriff’s candidate forum that he opposes concealed carry for citizens. Most law enforcement officers support concealed carry for citizens, especially with the unprecedented amount of homicides in Kenosha County in the last couple of years.

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Rittenhouse/Self Defense

Rowe attended a fundraiser for an Attorney General candidate. During the event, attendees were asked to raise their hands if they agreed that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been charged; what seemed like everyone raised their hand, except for one. Instead, Rowe intentionally kept his hand down and shook his head in disagreement.

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Rowe said publicly that he supported the response to the Kenosha Riots of 2020 that left Kenosha forever scarred saying, “I don’t want to Monday morning quarterback [Sheriff Beth].”

D.A.R.E. Money

It has long been the source of contention how the money in the D.A.R.E. accounts is spent. KCE was only able to obtain two years of bank records. The rest were in the possession of Kenosha Finance Director Patty Merrill who often times refuses to release records in a timely manner or at all. We saw thousands of dollars spent on miscellaneous items and other perks that didn’t show a clear benefit to students. For example, Rowe used D.A.R.E. money to pay for his Sam’s Club membership and fancy hotels during D.A.R.E. conferences. In fact, as we speak, Rowe is at a D.A.R.E. conference, even though he is no longer serving as the Kenosha County D.A.R.E. officer. He is planning to retire if he wins so that he can double-dip, that is, collect a pension and the six-figure income that comes with the office. In 2017 and 2018, there were some concerns from high-ranking Sheriff’s Department officials that there was money missing from the D.A.R.E bank account. Sheriff Beth refuses to publicly release any findings from an investigation that may or may not have been ordered.

Campaigning on Duty

Rowe has received many complaints about campaigning while on duty, a clear violation of law and ethics. Even though the current Sheriff is close friends with Rowe and endorsing him, he couldn’t ignore the egregiousness of one complaint in particular. The Sheriff had no choice but to write Rowe up. KCE obtained a copy of the disciplinary letter in Rowe’s personnel file from September 10, 2021. It details a Twin Lakes Police K9 fundraiser in which Rowe was in uniform with his department-issued and tax payer funded D.A.R.E. car and off duty. He made a political speech in support of his campaign.

Overtime For Parades

Rowe purchased a magnet that reads “Deputy Ray Rowe, Deputy Friendly” and placed it on his car during the parades to help his campaign. This is of course, as he is making overtime from the tax payers. KCE was sent a photo of the D.A.R.E. car after the parades and the magnet is gone. It is clear he is campaigning on our dime.

House Up North

KCE received information the Rowe befriended an elderly lady who sold him a house up north for much less than market value. He then allegedly sold the house for a large profit. We made contact with Rowe to ask for his side of this story and he had “no comment.”

On August 9, 2022, conservatives in Kenosha County will have three good conservative candidates to chose from. They value the rule of law. They support the second amendment and order. They have experience enforcing the law. These candidates are:

Kenosha Sheriff’s Sergeant David Zoerner (R)
Kenosha Police Officer Tyler Cochran and (R)
Kenosha Police Officer Albert “Bryan” Gonzales (R)

Liberals have two choices:

James Simmons (D) and
Ray Rowe (D)

Ray Rowe, however will appear on the Republican ballot with an (R) next to his name. It stands for RINO (Republican in Name Only)

Conservatives of Kenosha County. Don’t let Ray Rowe fool you – Vote for a conservative.



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Fired KUSD Teacher Groomed Student “For Sex”: Civil Lawsuit Filed Today

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91 Responses

  1. While at Bristol School for DARE graduation, Kenosha embarrassment Sheriff Dave Beth showed up and couldn’t resist the opportunity to let a bunch of 5th graders and their parents along with a handful of staff members know that he was supporting/endorsing only Ray Rowe. Is it legal for the sitting Sheriff to campaign for sheriff election while on duty? I know being drunk and backing loaders into cars at concert events is in line with the law, not sure about this though. The sheriff is a hard guy to get a hold of when the city is burning, yet he can always be found on the campaign trail.

        1. You have reputedly, now about 10 times, made unfounded claims about people using fake Facebook profiles. I don’t allow people to lie for personal gain on this site.

          Thank you]

          1. Personal gain? Like deleting any comments that support the candidate running against your preferred candidate.

            1. I’m only deleting comments where you falsely accuse somebody of having a fake Facebook profile. According to antifa and BLM I have about 12 fake Facebook accounts. Those nonsense allegations have no place here. And if you reread My article, there are three supported candidates, Zoerner Gonzales and Cochran

    1. Another crook wanting to take taxpayers money and friend of the Steinbrink mafia!! They all drink from the same trough and are just as smug as the other!!

      Let’s keep these douche bags out if office, as we don’t need any more corrupt @$$holes holding office!!

  2. I shudder to think of the theocracy that will be Kenosha County should there be a Sheriff Gonzales. He is certainly not a good choice for all the people who are not members of the Cult.

    1. You clearly know nothing about the man, he will work tirelessly for the people of our county. He has integrity, unlike Zoerner & Rowe. Zoerner changed his affiliation to Democrat to game the system and his supporters just keep claiming it was a strategic move. Using the argument that others have done it like that makes it ok. Rowe endorsed Cardinali in Somers (along with many other Dems in the community) and has a long friendship with Stinebrink Jr: based on these two issues his instincts as a law enforcement member are lacking.

      1. I am sure that Gonzales will work very hard as sheriff. He will work hard at doing all the wrong things. I happen to know this man very well. He is not stable. You claim he has integrity? Here is some more Kool-aid for you! He is a wolf in sheeps clothing who has duped you and a few others into thinking he is right man for the job. As his co-workers, who personally who know him best. They are not supporting him. He does not have the KPPA endorsement. The y know he is a nut case. I could go on and on. Cult members will never move from their warped belief system:

        1. I have spoken with several officers and the only things I have heard is that Zoerner doesn’t bother to get out of his vehicle and doesn’t have the backs of the county deputies. Not one sideways comment about Brian from any of them.

          1. Good to know! Cuz in my opinion that would be something I want to know. Endorsements mean only something who expect something in return.

      2. No candidate is perfect and you seem to love to
        conveniently leave out the FACT that Zoerner ran as a Republican first in 2014! Do you really think the R board would support a democrat???
        I’d rather support a candidate that switched party affiliation to win than one that bragged about shooting a young man in the head. It was like a touchdown and the smell
        of blood reminded him of every deer he ever killed?? . Truely sick and you are too for thinking that’s ok.

        1. Herein lies my point….DON’T VOTE FOR EITHER OF THEM! If all of the candidates suck…don’t vote FOR ANY OF THEM.

      3. Interesting how your cult all supported Nicholson who was literally Chair of College Democrats but have such an issue with Zoerner. Hypocrites. I bet you love Sherriff Clarke too!

        1. So you have the audacity to compare Zoerner switching parties as a ploy to a youngman that was raised in a very Democratic family that saw the light as he matured? Kevin Nicholson has paid a very high price with his parents choosing a political party of their honorable child, sounds like you would do something that evil as well. What happened to your typical defense of “others have done it”? I bet you would jump off a bridge following your foolish friends. Continue to align yourself with a “former Marine” that clearly failed the Honor, Courage & Commitment lessons of the Marine Corps. Your continued use of out of context material from Brian’s book is pathetic Mike!

          1. The words from the book that Bryan, Albert, or what every name he is using today, ARE NOT OUT OF CONTEXT. He wrote these words and actually went so far as to highlight these words on the book cover. Wow! Delusional! The truth is the truth. Deal with it!

          2. Mike you openly spew your opinion about a certain exerpt from Gonzales’ book, which is way out of context. You were never a Combat Veteran nor a Law Enforcement member. That said, you have never had to make possible deadly decisions or actions in an violent situation to save others or yourself. That said, you have no comprehension or intimate understanding of the mind and soul of someone in such a life and death situation. You can have an opinion of anything you choose, but just because one person has an outside opinion of a situation, does not make it factual. The book itself was written to help military and law enforcement with PTSD. When you are in certain violent situations your mind and soul change, not something you’re impacted by in your daily life…lucky you.

            This excerpt is what his mind goes to as the memories crawls through his mind. Each individual deals with taking a life differently, and he was opening his soul and that should not be challenged by a flaming ideolog with venomous intention and agenda.

    2. Albert doesn’t even come close to qualified. Anyone else see him acting like a “tough guy” in the parades? Bro, pigeon walking with your tacticool leg holster and cowboy boots isn’t a good look. Especially when you drive off in your star wars fan boi prius. I can’t in good conscience vote for an unqualified try hard.

      Oh yeah, Rowe sucks too.

    1. Can We Get a Sign with that on it? LOL!
      I also want a sign that says WE THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED! Fire Steinbrink! Who makes signs????LOL!

  3. Of course he’s breaking the law in Twin Lakes… Not a day goes by that Twin Lakes enables drug dealing and consumption in their community. It’s a business and the soon to be former sheriff has been enabling this for years. Want to be a successful drug dealer; move to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Maybe the cameras will work at the beach bar this time.

  4. Ray and Sheriff Beth have also been strong arming citizens to get them to put up Ray’s signs, even if another sheriff candidate already has a sign on the property! I also noticed that a majority of Ray’s campaign signs are all alone – no other Republican candidates with them. That says a lot. A few Republicans may be fooled, but most aren’t!

  5. I personally don’t believe candidates for sheriff, county supervisor or aldermen should be party affiliated.

    1. Yes. Help Kenosha go further down the sewer drain. Gonzales can’t even run his own family’s finances. Check out his CCAP record. He was delusional to even run for the office

  6. If Dave Beth endorses it – vote the exact opposite!
    Beth is one of the most narcissistic, immature and petulant people to ever occupy the sheriff’s office.
    For many years Beth has been receiving funding for specialized emergency and riot gear and equipment. However, when an actual riot occurs in Kenosha, Beth and his gear couldn’t be found because he was hiding like the coward – disgraceful!
    Beth is an embarrassment and Rowe will be too!
    Dave Zoerner put his career on the line running against Davey in the past and will be an tough law enforcement sheriff for Kenosha County and Make Kenosha County Safe Again!

  7. Take the time to read Gonzalez’s book. It is eye-opening — not in a good way. Here’s a glimpse:

    “My mind started flipping through its pages trying to normalize what was going on. The bloody pool made my mind flash to every deer I had ever killed. Up until this time as an officer, I had pulled my gun on many a suspect but never had to shoot. The only things I killed in my life were game animals.

    Yaay—woo hoo! I did it! I cheered inside my head, as though I scored a winning touchdown.

    Are you crazy? You just killed somebody! was my next thought.

    Yeah! but I did it, I did it! The other part of me answered back.”

    1. Erin Decker, is that you? At least you’re using “E” instead of Bridget Nelson”.
      Erin will bulldoze Zoerner through anytime she can bc she can’t possibly back a two time losing candidate three times….. can she?

      1. Hey Aaron — this is Erin Decker. Don’t spread information you know nothing about.

        The above comment is not me. FYI — I didn’t back Zoerner in 2014. That was because I didn’t know what Dave Beth really was at that time. But I did back Zoerner in 2018, after I learned what Dave Beth was really like.

        And I know I can never support a candidate that shoots a 17 year old in the head and calls it the “winning touchdown”.

  8. Just like Dave Beth that endorsed him, Ray Rowe is not a Republican. They are both Liberals. This is nothing more than an attempt for a social status for the ego. What Kenosha County doesn’t need is another Dare officer turned Sheriff. Rowe has spent his career in Dare, not actually knowing the day to day operations of the Department. I feel sorry for all those who think that Dave Beth’s endorsement of Ray Rowe makes him as the Conservative choice for Sheriff. This endorsement is nothing but a train wreck for the department and the morale which is already at an all time low. Dave Zoerner is the only candidate with supervisory experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the entire department. He is the best choice in this field to make the necessary changes to improve on what is ailing that department.

      1. in virtually every job, experience is important. Definitely not the only factor, but probably the most important one. Unless you’re a burger flipper , then on the job training is appropriate

  9. I wish zoerner and corcoran would flip a coin to see who drops out.
    I don’t want rowe and I definitely don’t want 1 of 3 cops that couldn’t hande a drunk 16yo kid without executing him.

        1. Tell me you know your team is losing without telling me your team is losing…… you type stuff like this.
          Gonzales For Kenosha County Sheriff !

          1. Losing? Sound like projection. How are those endorsements coming for Gonzalez?
            If you wanna talk about qualifications maybe you should have a higher standard. What has Gonzalez done lately. Isn’t he still just beat cop for KPD? Wow. I’m so impressed. At least DZ has protected a President.
            Personally I love to see all these people inflate Gonzalez his ego. Guy looks like more and more of a clown as the days go by. Can’t wait for him to lose it.

          2. Can’t reply to Matt for some reason but you clearly know nothing about what Presidental Guard means. He stood in his Blues while the President, that’s it. Those actually protecting the President are Secret Service. No real Marine would introduce himself as a “former Marine”, it is offensive as hell and Zoerner has done it more than once as has his wife.

        2. I don’t know if he is all of that but I have seen Gonzales testify in court and, to be polite, he was underwhelming.

      1. Ok Anon. If Presidential Guard isn’t good enough for ya, what does Gonzalez have to offer? What are his qualifications? What does he have to offer that makes you think “This guy. He’s the guy I want for Sheriff.” I seriously want to know. Sell me on the beat cop.

    1. Are “anonymous “ “Q” & “E” really The same person? They sound very kool aid like ……. Will the real “Bridget Nelson” please stand up?

      1. Can’t reply to MATT
        but look at Gonzales living rent fee in Matty’s head! It’s delicious! Where’s the popcorn????? ?

    2. This… much has Bell’s lawsuits cost the taxpayers? Gonzales should be a goner based off that alone. Too much drama with him…..

        May answer your questions!
        In my humble opinion, You know he’s doing something right, when they attack his walk with God.

        1. Ok, ABG. You are only doing something right in the eyes of those who blindly follow the Cult. These people worship charlatans like you. You are exactly what God has warned us about: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

          1. Just like Aaron Michael Nelson said “How you know your teams losing” ……..
            Simmer down, Q. Let E write for awhile!

  10. You all need to stop! You’re playing right into Rowe’s hands. Pit Gonzales and Zoerner supporters against each other so they spilt the conservative vote.
    Everyone remember these comments are not from the candidates themselves but from some passionate and in some cases slightly crazy , people. I think I’ll just stay home with my popcorn ?

  11. You all need to stop! You’re playing right into Rowe’s hands. Pit Gonzales and Zoerner supporters against each other so they spilt the conservative vote.
    Everyone remember these comments are not from the candidates themselves but from some passionate and in some cases slightly crazy , people. I think I’ll just stay home with my popcorn

  12. I think we are starting to see why we have issues in politics. The problem most of the time isn’t the best candidate loses……it’s that ALL OF THE CANDIDATES basically suck and voters are forced to chose the least problematic candidate (who very well is likely still a shithead). It doesn’t sound like ANY of these candidates are very qualified.

  13. I can’t believe I am wasting time with this but here goes. Ray Rowe has no business even being on a ballot . He has never been a cop and should be ashamed to consider himself one along with numerous others on that department. There are officers on that department that carry the weight as best they can for a lot of worthless baggage throughout the ranks. I feel for those guys. The guys that actually signed up to serve and protect. Guys like Rowe never had a confrontation solved a crime or testified in court on a crime he charged. I would like to see the reports he wrote in his illustrious 4 year patrol career. How these people can hide behind the badge and sleep at night. then have the audacity to run for an office that should require so much more. Your class of candidates is poor at best. Ray Rowe would be my last choice. Im going with Zoerner on the basis he ran once before. Was then buried by the current sheriff for fear of him gaining popularity against his golden boy Rowe

  14. All you have to do is listen to him speak at the Sheriffs Q&A and you wonder if anyone would believe this guy to be conservative in any way, shape, form, or fashion. He’s a commie through to his core.

  15. As someone who has been in law enforcement all of my life it’s time for me to speak up about this race — one in which I’m undecided at this point because I know most of these former coworkers and they have good and bad points.

    What’s wrong with most of these comments is that the sheriff’s job isn’t like being in a tiny county where the sheriff plays cop. Our sheriff runs three jails, provides court security, serves civil process, coordinates mass event responses and oversees patrol and investigation of crimes in the unincorporated areas of the county. More than 130,000 out of the 170,000 Kenosha county residents received police services from a municipal police department. The sheriff supervises several hundred employees, most correctional staff.

    Most beloved coaches and managers in sports were not necessarily great players. The skill set is different. The job of the sheriff is to be a manager. The duty of the sheriff is to acquire the resources necessary for his hundreds of employees to do their jobs as well as to train support them in doing so. The sheriff is also the visible face of his (or her) department. Some of our sheriffs have not exactly inspired public confidence by their public comments.

    Whether a sheriff is liberal or conservative is also small potatoes. There are good sheriffs from both sides — and bad ones, too.

    A successful sheriff doesn’t embarrass. He or she is fair and even handed to people, especially the staff, and does everything possible to support them and to get the resources needed. That means getting along with the county board, legislators, other elected officials, grant funding agencies and the public. A great modern sheriff is a good administrator with good community relations skills.

    I don’t know much about the Democrats running. Deputy Simmons works in Illinois. His family has been a credit to our community.

    Deputy Rowe has public communication skills. I don’t know if the sniping back and forth about him is valid or not or how relevant it is. Could his closeness with the present sheriff be an asset or liability? Doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

    Same for Zoerner who is a good guy. Switching parties without a good reason makes it harder to trust. I am not sure WHY he wants to be sheriff and WHAT he plans to do. The motto making Kenosha County safe again is hollow rhetoric. The sheriff’s role may be important but limited.

    Officer Cochran may be the dark horse here. I’ve heard people of varying political stripes say they like him and hope to hear more from him. Maybe he is as good as it gets in terms of being a 21st century sheriff. If he can get people from all sides together he might be good.

    It’s not an easy choice this year.

    1. Sorry, but the first thing I saw when I saw Cochran’s sign was COMMUNIST. It has stuck with me since. I know that’s not what the sign actually says but with everything changing so quickly and Govt wanting so much power over the Americans, (local and abroad) the words COMM (unity) …communist, stuck in my mind. I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but he seemed to come out of nowhere! I will be studying them more, but I think I already know who I’ll be voting for.

  16. This last post at 8:44 PM might just be the best post on here. I have to admit I’m still not sure who I’m voting for. While it is true I have a Ray Rowe sign in my yard,It is because I know him personally and he seems to be a man of good character. However since putting his sign in my yard I have come to find out that he signed the Scott walker recall. Not a real game-winner in my opinion.

    Zoerner seems to be the manBetter qualified to lead a department, but I have no idea of his communication skills, or his personality. I truly believe to lead, one really has to have paid the dues in the job.
    We here in Kenosha know too well that, though our police department is important, More important is our right to defend ourselves and preserve our right to conceal and carry. There will be no repeat of the Kenosha burning, help or not.

    1. I hear you. I’m also undecided. The two Democrats are unknown. Have any of the candidates really shown that they understand what the job really is and told us how they’d do it? One of the (R) ballot candidates has a lot of signs, another is damaged goods who seems to think this is Dodge City, another borrowed a slogan and the fourth seems to be a decent guy who at least hasn’t said or done anything stupid but at the end of the day I want to vote for the most qualified person for the job. Party means jack shit at the local level. When the GOP was squat in Kenosha County Republicans had to run as Democrats or in nonpartisan races because they couldn’t get elected. You’d have to be out of your fracking mind to come up with an explanation on how a Republican registers deeds different than a Democrat or vice versa. I worry about party more in Madison and Washington. I also don’t like party politicians taking our votes for granted. Give them too much power and they go goofy and screw us over. I’ve seen it in Madison for decades. It was a shit show whenever one party runs everything. The Dems in the 70’s were like that until Dreyfus and Tommy Thompson got elected. Foxconn was a huge ripoff from the gitgo. Nobody did due diligence about their trail of broken promises and bilking. If they had so much capital the taxpayers shouldn’t have had to cough up so much and people in Mount Pleasant forced out of their homes for a private development!!! So many people here are pissing and moaning about some little crook in Pleasant Prairie when thousands of people in Mount Pleasant were shit on, taxed for private development and saw neighbors with perfectly good homes told that they were “blighted” so that they could be taken away from them. Steinbrink is chump change compared to the Foxconn con job. You can’t say with a straight face that Evers would have been elected governor if it wasn’t for the epic Foxconn failure. Oh yeah, and that “pillar of wisdom and virtue” for a lieutenant governor who had the audacity to show his face in Kenosha. These politicians make me sick. Hot air, no balls and even fewer ethics. And what do we have to look forward to? A woman who was in on the Foxconn job and some rich dude who is a political chameleon who now opposes what he supported and supports what he opposes and makes promises to do things a governor can’t do. Or the two that dumped on Kenosha? Some choices, eh?

      1. Pleasant Prairie needs to stop Steinbrink SR from continuing his local mafia group which includes Steve Mills (Bear Realty) trying to buy land pennies on the dollar from farmers! If he doesn’t get them to sell, he will find another way by making surrounding land conservancy! It’s a mess! They are all in on this together! I think people in PP need to start calling their state reps and get them involved. Nobody will be listening at the local level in PP!

  17. You all need to talk to those at the sheriffs department. You rant and rave on here about all this nonsensical stuff. There are only two legit candidates, Rowe and Zoerner. The other two have no idea on how to run or even what the sheriff department entails. The people calling Rowe a liberal because he signed a recall petition…please. The sheriff’s race should be non-partisan anyway. There is no room in county government for political parties it makes things messy. The sheriff has a constitutional duty to serve the county residents. Sheriff has to run the jail and serve process nothing more. None of the candidates have any real experience with administration, don’t let them fool you.

  18. What labels do seem appropriate for someone who wanted to recall Scott Walker and doesn’t support the second amendment?

  19. Not sure if elected he will be allowed to “double dip.” There were changes in state law. There is an exception for part-time elected officials only and then they have to give up any retirement benefits associated with the new job. Sheriff is full-time.

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