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Embattled Former Kenosha County Veteran Services Director’s Personnel File Released

Former Veteran’s Services Director, Aloysius “Ali” Nelson
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha)

In August, KCE wrote about former Veteran’s Services Director, Aloysius “Ali” Nelson resigning his position “under duress”. Prior to our breaking story, some county board supervisors were spreading allegations that his resignation was due to political reasons. When our story broke, along with the video of Ali allegedly attacking a veteran in Silver Lake Park, those who were spreading the allegations had egg on their faces.

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The County Veteran’s Service Officers Association of Wisconsin believed the incident with the veteran in Silver Lake Park warranted his removal as president of the Association.

In true KCE fashion, we did an open records request pertaining to Nelson’s job as Kenosha County Veteran Services Director. We requested:

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  1. Any document or combination of documents in the possession of Kenosha County that contain the names of each and every employee of the Veteran’s Services department that has resigned between the dates of September 1, 2022 and today’s date.
  2. Any disciplinary documents and or employment-related investigative reports for all of the people from #1.
  3. Letters of resignation from #1.

Due to the “Woznicki Rule,” it took us some time to receive a portion of our request information.

We found some interesting information in the files. In a resignation letter dated 6/5/23, former employee Jose Sanchez did not have a positive employment experience with Ali Nelson. Mr. Sanchez’s letter is below, and we highlighted what we consider important work-related comments in yellow.

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Highlighted in red, Mr. Sanchez states Ali allegedly had an affair with a woman who works in the same building. At one time, Ali’s wife was in the building and this woman came into the Veteran’s office. Ali asked Mr. Sanchez to talk to this woman and tell her she is not allowed in the Veteran’s office anymore. KCE believes it is inappropriate for an employee tell a subordinate to deal with a situation with someone’s alleged former lover.


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In the second file KCE received, there is a conversation with a different employee that brings up the alleged incident with Ali, his wife, and this woman county employee. We have highlighted it in red below.


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It seems to KCE, Ali Nelson had two different personalities as the Kenosha County Veterans Services Director – one as a friendly retired Navy veteran who worked hard to help veterans receive the benefits they are entitled to, and the other as a director who came in late and left work early, did minimal work to assist veteran clients, demeaned subordinates, allegedly attacked a veteran in a park, allegedly had an affair with someone in the Human Services building, and involved a subordinate in this alleged affair.

County board supervisors and others who lied and attacked the County Executive for asking Ali Nelson to resign his position owe the public and the County Executive an apology. KCE believes the County Executive did the right thing in requesting Mr. Nelson’s resignation. The former director made $83,400.

Full responsive records for the ORR can be found here and here.

Reached Sunday evening, Nelson’s attorney William Sulton responded “He does not” to our offer to give Nelson a chance to respond to these allegations.

Ali Nelson Being Held Back From Homeless Veteran
(Still from



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100 Responses

  1. Wondering what nelson would have done if his buddy wasn’t there over and over again acting to subdue him….
    Samantha was right to ask for resignation…one occur would have been enough for me!

    1. Samantha Kerkman is wrong! She is not a veteran and does not know what veterans need. This is only politics for her. Ali Nelson was always on the side of Veterans.

      1. Except the Veterans in his office it seems. You are letting politics color your judgement, really read that letter from Mr. Sanchez. Ali being gone all the time was something that I had heard from other former employees as well. I hope that this experience helps him be a better person, because it sounds like Mr. Sanchez held on as long as he could. And for the know nothings that think for one minute that Jen Blasi could have done anything to stop him. Who do you think that other letter is from? Read between the lines! Brad Behling sounds like he was brainwashed into drinking the kool aid Ali was peddling, and still left. I believe the next Director will have his/her hands full trying to mitigate the damage done to this office. I do not think that anything with anyone’s name should have been published without their permission KCE, Mr. Sanchez wrote that resignation letter to the county, and it could have significant repercussions if he applies for any job in the Veteran community who call Ali friend.

        1. Brad Behling & Ali Nelson served this country for years. They were both respected by all. Military dedication and sacrifice is not something Kenosha County politics can buy. Ali leaving forced Jessie Crutcher to leave as well. All of them were proud service members and active members in the community.

  2. Sounds like someone should reach out and rehire Jose SANCHEZ WITH BACK PAY AND BACK BENEFITS, MAYBE in this clown”s position or better. I love that he took the time to write, with detail. Personally, I would always copy the exec on such letters so thar change can happen. The swamp is thick.

    1. The County Executive Samantha Kerkman was aware. She has John Jansen, Rebecca Dutter, Zasmine Lewis, and now their new lap dog Jennifer Blasi in her back pocket.

  3. Maybe he can simply change his name and continue with his menacing ways at the county level. It worked for Thomas Binger at the state level.

  4. Impossible. Andy berg said he was a good guy. Why is berg and others always involved with criminals or just bad people. Then cry on Facebook. The left is really insane. Berg posted on his Facebook when that happened he did his own investigation. Lol.

  5. Why didn’t Kenosha County Human Resources do anything? Clara Tappa, Zasmine Lewis, John Jansen, Jennifer Blasi? This seems like corrosion starting from the top!

    1. If you look at the date of Mr. Sanchez’s letter, it was early June. The incident with Ali and the veteran in Silver Lake Park was mid-July. They were probably investigating the first matter when the second incident took place. Getting rid of bad government employees takes time to investigate, interview, write up, etc.

  6. Ask Samantha Kerkman about hiring Sherry Kruse at Kenosha County who was under investigation at Veterans Assistance Commission of Lake County.

      1. Stealing $100’s of thousands of dollars from Lake County, Illinois. She was under investigation and quit before she was fired.

      1. Anyone verify that? That’d be a huge lie if someone says that and there’s no pending case. Why would she lie about that to her boss?

  7. It was left up to Jennifer Blasi to train him on his duties as Ali’s assistant. She failed to do so but Samatha has rewarded her with Ali’s position.

    1. So as the director of the office who is responsible for the training of people in that office? The assistant? Blaming a subordinate for the failings of the supposed leader, you are a special kind of stupid. Plus she should have been rewarded with the position, she worked hard and was the real leader in that office, any of the accomplishments that the office can boast were coordinated by her, anyone in the Veteran community know that.

  8. Jennifer Blasi is not a leader. She couldn’t lead her way out of a wet paper bag. My claims have been denied three times under her as my CVSO. She is relying heavily on Sherry Kruse. Even though she was under investigation in Lake County she should be the new “Ali” at least she knows what she is doing.

    1. Maybe the VA should take wind of the theft charges as people who have access to VBMS have to go through a public trust background.

  9. Oh my God just reading this thread shows what a poor example of humanity is out there, they blame Samantha Kerkman for a guy that was hired in 2015, and was fired under her watch for inappropriate behavior. And yes Jennifer Blasi had your claims denied…she is the VA, I have seen Jennifer in action and is amazing. I am not going to visit this thread again, but had to say something about the rampant hate and idiocy shown here.

  10. Jennifer Blasi is not The VA. Her claims approval rating is subpar! She spends most her time out of the office instead of advocating for veterans. No surprise, she didn’t serve in the military very long. I guess she is too busy with her work boyfriends. She loves chocolate I hear.

  11. Be clear, Samantha Kerkman backed Ali until is was not popular to do so anymore. Typical politician with not a day of military service in her body.

  12. Don’t fault Samantha Kerkman for giving Sherry Kruse a second chance in Kenosha County. She was under investigation in Lake County for theft and fraud but everyone deserves a second chance.

      1. Sherry Kruse was under investigation for taking kickbacks from veterans to file their claims. She was accused of taking PTO and not tracking it on her timesheets. She was accused of looking up medical information concerning veterans who were not her clients. She was accused of mishandling the budget at Lake County. She is also accused of being engaged to one of her clients and is currently still married to someone else.

            1. Mike her former client and fiancée better be careful. Wait until she is divorced to marry her and get a pre-nuptial agreement. She is trying to get your life insurance.

              1. Black Widow, that’s an appropriate name discussing something about Sherry Kruse.

                Problem is, all these accounts defending her and lying about others and claiming it’s someone else’s fault is so clearly Sherry Kruse trying to deflect from what she’s done.

                I bet she didn’t even tell her family why she really got fired. Let alone the guy she’s with.

              2. She had a long affair with her employee at lake county too. He was married as well for a portion of the affair. They left their spouses fo each other but that back fired too. Hopefully the guy at lake county got the clue she is trash. She engaged this Mike during her affair with old coworker and while married. She can’t keep her legs closed and meanwhile barely working and no long standing contributions to nothin .
                I’ll be going to Milwaukee to work with their people. Kenosha needs to figure out what they doing.

              3. Facts. She had and affair with her subordinate employee. County knew about it but turned a blind eye.

              4. I doubt the county or her boss would’ve turned a “blind eye” to adultery. That, as we say in the military and vet community, is bad for the espirit de corps. Sounds like mudslinging from a guilty party

            1. Why isn’t her former subordinate employee who she was sleeping with and who is still actively employed by the county and got promoted to get old position fired as well?

              1. That guy did nothing wrong. I have heard he’s doing incredible things over there and has been a catalyst for change and much improvement at that commission. She was his boss, pretending to be friends with him and his wife, she should’ve left him alone. He was married and she sunk her teeth into that poor guy. She’s the real problem. Now that she’s gone the commission in lake county can really flourish and help thousands of veterans under the leadership of their current superintendent and asst superintendent. This comment thread is losing its focus. Veterans are the focus. Not what Sherry Kruse did or didn’t do sexually with clients and coworkers.
                It’s about the fact that she STOLE MONEY FROM VETERANS and lied. Fraud, theft, that’s the real issue.

          1. I wonder what the Lake County Board has to say about this. Someone should have been managing his employees instead of suing the county.

  13. Samantha Kerkman, John Jansen, Rebecca Dutter, and Jennifer Blasi gave Sherry Kruse a second chance at Kenosha County. She claimed her manager in Lake County was racist and sexist. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    1. I happen to know the superintendent at lake county and he is the farthest thing from racist or sexist. She is lying to save face. He is a wonderful person who has done way more for veterans than Sherry Kruse ever did in over a decade there. She lied and stole money from the county, and that’s the real issue. She deserves to be put behind bars. Thievery is against the law.

      1. Sherry Kruse has her office decorated with stolen valor. She has never served a day in her life. She hasn’t escaped Justice stealing from Lake County and lying about it!

        1. Stolen valor? Classy! Maybe she feels she served our country since her client/boyfriend has served. He just bought her a new car & a new house.

    2. If the manager at the Lake County office is racist and sexist like Sherry Kruse and Samantha Kerkman claims then he should be fired as well. What is his name?

      1. That’s the thing, Samantha and Kruse are actively lying. They know that the gig is up and they’re tryin to slander a good man because they’re all corrupt.

        If he was so racist and so sexist why did HE promote kruse? Why are there multiple women and minorities in positions of leadership at that office?

        It’s because hes not. Kruse actively pushed to keep minorities out. She lied to everyone and will continue until she gets convicted. That’s coming soon.

        She’ll lie to judges, attorneys, and the public.

        She’ll steal from veterans and smile in their faces.

        She’s scum

        1. I used to be an acquaintance of her and right out of her mouth she said she didn’t want any more women or minorities at the office. And she was involved in an extramarital relationship with the chief of staff at her office in lake county, who was her direct employee. Everyone at the VFW and legion knew it was going on, I’d be surprised if the superintendent didn’t know as well. Everyone around those two knew something was going on between them. Everything Sherry Kruse touches turns black, she stabbed everyone in the back with stealing from the county then tried throwing all others in her office under the bus, when everyone else at that office is innocent and true advocates for veterans, she is a special kind of evil.

            1. Clearly they did something for this toxic individual as she’s not there and is under investigation. Sounds like someone knows they’re caught and is trying to shift blame

              1. Clearly someone from Lake County or affiliated with is trying to save face, make sure they keep their fat paychecks and not lose the 5 million in the tax levy they just got from the county board.

  14. Sherry Kruse is accepting gifts and kickbacks from Kenosha County veterans. She is also stealing clients from Lake County on Kenosha County’s dime!

  15. Jennifer Blasi is clearly out of her element. She interviewed someone for a position and checked no references or even contacted the County HR department where Kruse used to work. Or the other veteran office. How insane a time where you can get another job with trust from the government where you handle tax monies after leaving in disgrace. Sad

    1. Samantha Kerkman, John Jansen, Rebecca Dutter, & Jennifer Blasi all knew the details of Sherry Kruse’s investigation at Lake County. It was discussed with Zasmine Lewis in Human Resources before they hired her. Jennifer Blasi was losing it and failing miserable so they were desperate. Hopefully the new Assistant CVSO is able to save this catastrophic, dumpster fire, that is supposed to be serving Kenosha County Vets!

      1. Bahahahahaha! Everyone knew? Everyone knew they were hiring a criminal? Sounds like some oversight needs to be done on HR and the County Executive’s office by the County Board.

        God above! There’s no way that anyone who is any bit intelligent would hire someone credibly accused of criminal fraud and turn around and say “well, she’s says her old boss was a sexist and a racist so let’s hire her anyway!”

        What a crock of garbage. These people should be charged as accomplices to Kruse’s crimes

        1. For real, yo!

          Anyone have a brain and check? Like look at the website and see who’d be working with her old boss?

          Easy to say a dude racist and sexist. Harder to back it up when dat website prove Kruse a scumbag liar.

          Trifling fool

      2. Wait, did Blasi get fired for this shitshow? That would be amazing. She the rudest person I ever met. Her and Kruse go together like pbj.

        Hopefully they leave and can never hurt a veteran again. They doing bad things to vets.

        1. She is very rude. Won’t look you in the eye while she is speaking. Denying veterans gas cards and messing up their claims. Always stuttering like she is nervous and that nervous laugh. God help that office.

          1. Yeah, Kruse is very rude. She rolled her eyes at me constantly at my appointment in October. I will never use Kenosha again

  16. I wonder if Samantha Kerkman, John Jansen, Rebecca Dutter, & Jennifer Blasi are aware Illinois state police were at the CVSO on Tuesday lookin for Kruse?

    1. Did they finally lock her up? I hear Jennifer Blasi is accepting money and gifts from veterans. She is taking a page out of Sherry Kruse’s book. Maybe she will have a new veteran client boyfriend while she is still married as well.

  17. I am not dealing with the Kenosha County Veterans Service office. They are all incompetent. I will be going to Racine County with Shawn Rivers. He is a veteran we can trust.

  18. Sounds like Jennifer set up Ali and then brought Kruse in to do shady stuff. How does kruse do her job? Did she get a background investigation at all?

    1. I was just in there on Friday and she said she does not have access to the VA system. I am going to call on Monday and tell her not file my claim. I am going to Milwaukee.

  19. Dis Kruse bitch must be on dis thread. She trifflin. Talkin bout her boss bein racist a sexist and sayin she fucked one a her employees? Really?

    Dis bitch be slinging lies and accusations against erebody. Sound like someone fixin to be locked up for a few and tryina get max punishment for others on her way.

    Who believin dis bitch?

  20. We are encouraging all veterans to go to Racine County until this is sorted out. More details from The Commission will be available soon.

    1. Or any other office. It’s a shitshow with Blasi and Kruse. Sounds like Blasi was into corrupt shit and hired Kruse to keep doing it

    1. Did you see the article he posted about Kruse? Sounds like Kerkman and Blasi were in it for more money and screwed over Nelson. Everyone loved him.

      Then…they hired Kruse. The worst VSO and worst person I’ve ever dealt with. Finally happy the truth about her is coming out.

      Hopefully the county settles quickly with Ali. I don’t want my taxes to go up because of their bad judgement

  21. Ali Nelson was fired (relieved of all duties) from his position as Command Master Chief and retired in leu of disciplinary action. Sounds like he has not changed a bit.

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