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Kenosha Woman, Feeling Constantly Harassed By “Racist” Alderman, Makes Complaint With Police

Rollin Pizzala (D) – Alderman 11th District of Kenosha
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

A Kenosha woman walked into the Kenosha Public Safety Building on April 9, 2024 to complain about her Alderman, Rollin Pizzala (D). Pizzala was elected in 2020, easily defeating the one-term Alderman, Stephanie Kemp. In 2022 and 2024, Pizzala was reelected, having no opponent. Pizzala is a past high-ranking member of the Kenosha County Democrat Party.

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Laquisha Daniel (36) Of Kenosha, WI

The 36-year-old woman named Laquisha Daniel, told police that she has had it with Pizzala, who is her Alderman. “I feel like I’m being harassed – I have a racist Alderman. He’s always walking past, or driving past, stopping in front of my house and harassing me…You know the term ‘Karen’? That’s what he is.”

Daniel asked the KPD officer how she can stop him from coming onto her property. She described a situation in which she came home from a baby shower (she is pregnant) and backed her car onto the lawn to unload the voluminous amount of gifts into the house. She said the car was on the lawn for only minutes, but Pizzala walked over and told her to move the car.

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Daniel said that Pizzala is so petty, that last year, he knocked on her door and ordered her to rake her leaves. “I don’t have any trees,” she told police. “He knocked on my door very early in the morning to tell me this. He’s a bitch,” she continued.

To avoid the appearance of a conflict, Kenosha Police asked the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department to investigate the harassment allegations.

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Rollin Pizzala – Alderman 11th District of Kenosha
(Kenosha Sheriff BWC Footage)

A Kenosha County Deputy Sheriff drove to Pizzalla’s home to speak with him. Pizzala admitted that he walks up and down the neighborhoods looking for violations. “[The woman and her family] don’t seem to know the rules, it’s not because they’re black…I told her who I was, and they don’t care who you are. That’s the kind of people they are.”

Pizzala also admitted that he gives out self-printed “written warnings” to people who he thinks violate the warnings. “It’s all under my jurisdiction about writing up what’s wrong,” he told the Deputy. Pizzala admits that when people leave their garbage can in the road for too long, he’ll “pull them into the middle of the driveway so they have to put them away. That all comes under my jurisdiction.”

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When asked by the Deputy about Pizzala’s “patrols,” he responded, “it’s all my job. And if I don’t [patrol the neighborhoods] then I won’t get elected next time.”

Deputy Brooks warned Pizzalla to leave Ms. Daniel alone. “If there are violations,” said the Deputy, “instead of  talking directly to her, contact KPD and have them contact her.” To which Pizzala responded “Then how do I do my job? She doesn’t know or care what an Alderman is.”

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KCE is aware the Pizzalla straps on a lanyard bearing his City of Kenosha ID and walks up and down the neighborhoods of his district, ordering people to move cars, directing traffic, and more.

“An alderman isn’t a police officer,” said one of Pizzala’s neighbors. “[Pizzala] thinks he’s law enforcement or code enforcement, but he’s not. He needs to mind his business. If he wants to complain, do what any other citizen does -call the police. He is far-exceeding his authority.”

The Sheriff’s Department issued no citations or recommended any charges.

KCE contacted Pizzala many times, but he was embarrassed and wouldn’t respond to requests for comment. The body-worn-camera of his interview is below.



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80 Responses

    1. I guess that depends on this question: what is an alderman’s job? I was an Alderman for 4 years and I never walked around patrolling the streets looking for violations. I did notice violations and called them into the city when applicable.

      1. Isn’t his job to keep his district “in good order”? I’d rather have him talking to people than calling the cops and wasting their time. Do we really want officials who do the bare minimum and only show up to meetings?

        1. The things he’s describing aren’t crimes and wouldn’t need police intervention.
          You don’t have to rake your lawn. Some people aren’t home to put away their garbage cans right away. What they do on their own property is their business.
          This old guy needs a hobby. Walking around pretending to be a cop is pathetic.

        2. I would guess In that district in this city, leaves are the least of an alderman’s problem. Worry about the crime ya clown

      2. I agree with you that an alderman’s job doesn’t include being the neighborhood code enforcement or police officer. In fact, the legislature removed that authority several years ago.

        That said, one of our former mayors at a city council meeting dressed down an alderman and told him that he should do stuff like this. Seriously.

    2. This is absolutely NOT an alderman’s job. That’s a power trip. It sounds like he wants to be an enforcer, not a politician. Which makes sense considering he would refuse to discuss policy matters with me.

      1. He should go work at Walmart in loss prevention.
        Fantastic job walking around checking on others doing wrong.
        Employees or customers.
        Nothing would get by this guy.
        Great way to supplement his income.
        Might even meet a little old lady needing help raking leaves.

  1. I wonder if the Common Council has the alderperson’s job description listed somewhere. I looked online but couldn’t find a list of DETAILED DUTIES, only a general paragraph that they work with each other to make policy.
    Someone needs to locate that list to see if Pizzala is doing his job, or if he’s overstepping his bounds. Seems pretty cut and dry unless there is no official list of duties, in which case that seems derelict of the Common Council.
    On a side note, during my research I discovered an alderperson makes about $36,000 in Kenosha. Not a bad gig I guess.

    1. It sounded like he contributes to passing ordinances too. I’d think an alderman goes around his area sees something he just doesn’t like and.brings it to the counsel to establish some kind of ordinance, then, even.when people aren’t aware of.the ordinance because it’s new and.”created”, they get a ticket…Sounds an HOA enforcer.

  2. Democrat?! I am appalled! No way they treated a person of color like this! Didn’t others like berg endorse him? Hmmmmm see how the left is? Now a person of color is harassed and now the left will stick to their own and not believe her. Joke of a party

  3. Sounds like a geezer that means well but too much time on his hands.Needs a hobby and or piece of ass.

  4. Main job is to make law.. sheriff or police to enforce.
    Second job is to entertain her comments, suggestions etc. Not monitor her.
    3rd is to make all citizens aware of upcoming issues, info about world around us and to ask opinion.
    Never is there a job function of an alderman to enforce or even patrol…

    Gal did the right thing to complain to sheriff. Now she has to worry about retaliation which is also not part of an alderman’s job.

    Kudos to her!

    1. She complained to the city police. They referred it to the sheriff because of “conflict of interest”.


      The police should be professional enough to respond to anything sent their way. If they “think” they have conflicts then they aren’t doing their jobs correctly by following the laws. Period !!!

      This is the same BULLSHIT with Graveley dishing off everything local to the DA in Racine.

      Just do your effen jobs regardless of who are the people involved !!

      And all that said, the Sheriff has just as much jurisdiction as the city police. So where’s the separation ???

        1. “To avoid the appearance of a conflict, Kenosha Police asked the Kenosha (County) Sheriff’s Department to investigate the harassment allegations.”

          The “City” Police should investigate it !!
          The “County” should stay out of it !!

          Yes the county sheriff is allowed and does have jurisdiction but, the city should take care of their own problems.

          My point is, conflicts are a sign of inability to do your job !!
          It’s admitting bias. The city police need to rise above their internal bias problem.

  5. Remember the nerds involved in student government when you were in school?

    Well here they are, older, uglier, and lamer:
    The Aldermanic class of 2024.

  6. There is probably nothing political that I would ever agree with Pizzala or any Democrat, but having stated this, I disagree with the negative light KM is shining on him.
    It appears that Pizzala is simply old school where you talk to your neighbors first before you rat them out to the police for minor offenses.
    Not many understand this but it used to be that neighbors made an effort to get along and took pride in their neighborhood’s well being without involving police. This included picking up after yourself, keeping your place tidy like mowing your lawn, keeping your brats in order, etc. It is viewed now that Pizzala is eccentric by trying to be the neighborhood wannabe cop. But it’s society that has changed not Pizzala. I see this everyday. Most have lost their civility, don’t give a shit about anything or anybody and in short, people without civility just plain SUCK.
    Your lack of Civility in any comment will demonstrate my point.

    1. He doesn’t need to harrass his neighbor.for.parking her car on the grass to.unload the gifts she received at her baby shower! That’s him being power hungry!

  7. Another racist story involving the capital of racism kenosha Wisconsin. Racist are pure evil. Here I am living in rural Mexico and I suffer less racism than a colored person in the non united states of Israel usi, especially kenosha, home of the Rittenhouse false flag attack. The alder clown is a typical gov elected tirrant. Hola from yaxcaba Mexico, home of the peaceful honey makers.

    1. It’s been awhile since you reminded everyone that you supposedly aren’t in kenosha. How can we miss you if you don’t go the f*** away?

  8. Rollin is taking a page out of former disgraced alderman Ray Misner’s book! Running around with a lanyard around his neck playing cop!

  9. I commend him for showing initiative, but maybe go through the proper channels.
    If he walked up to me on my property, he may end up being the one to call the police.

  10. Alderman Kennedy does the same thing to white people.
    Where’s the complaints against him??? He’s been doing it for years???
    Or he’s asking for freebies from bar owners. Wth

    1. Apparently somebody has complained or just guessed that because he’s white and she’s black, his acting the fool is racially motivated. Personally I just think he is totally full of himself and his constituents should complain if they feel he is overstepping the duties of all their person.

  11. Rollin is my alderman, and in a city where the process is complaint based only, I appreciate that he talks to people before lodging a complaint. I’d certainly want him to talk to me first, rather than get a notice from the city that a complaint was filed. Is he overzealous? Perhaps on some things, but being a homeowner in an area where people may not have the same interest in property values, I appreciate that he’s making the effort.

    1. Maybe you didn’t read this how I meant to portray it, or your personal friendship with him clouded your interpretation. This is a man that is walking around countless neighborhoods and causing confrontations with people and telling them to do things people he is moving people’s garbage cans without their permission. He is going back to people’s homes time and time after again after telling him to stay away. Also Hispanic people have contacted me saying that he does not like Mexicans. I get it, he is your friend and you want to defend him, but code enforcement and law enforcement is not in the job description of an Alderman nor a county board supervisor. I think we can agree to disagree on this issue.

      1. Kevin, Rollin and I are friends in the same manner you and I are. I agree that he’s overzealous, and I also appreciate that someone is noticing violations and asking that they be fixed.

        1. Personally, I would be fine if my Alderman gave me feedback. It sounds like he is not just giving feedback. When you are borderline harassing people, that’s where it becomes something different. It is more alarming that the darker the skin color the more issues are cited. Again, maybe he does it to everyone, but it doesn’t sound like it.

    2. The things he is harassing this woman over isn’t “police” issues. He needs to just leave her alone and get a life. If her leaves bother him so much maybe he should ask her if he can rake her lawn. I don’t believe having leaves in your yard is cause to call the cops. He is my alderman and I’ll tell you he better not step foot in my yard.

  12. Kenosha own Cadaver Joe Biden. These are the people we have leading our community!
    I wonder if he was with Cadaver Joe and Corn Popp when they were in the jungles looking for Joes uncle ?

  13. He’s not wrong. Don’t park on the grass (she must be a renter). Take care of your lawn…. Etc.

    And democrats can’t be racist. She’s just using the race card because he would like the neighborhood to not look like trash.

      1. Yes. Sounds likes she’s lazy af. Use your driveway. That’s what the rest of the world does. People don’t roll up an park on their lawns. What happens when you have a lot of groceries? Suddenly that becomes okay. Would you park on your lawn to unload your car?

        Glad she bragged about having “excessive” gifts. 😂🙄

  14. Some winners in town. This guy. You have a guy in Bill Siel who makes it difficult for bars to open downtown because he doesn’t want competition for Rustic Road. Discounting the fact that more is better down there.

  15. I used to live across the street from this clown. He’d park his big-ass semi tractor in the street in front of his house with the engine running at all hours of the day and night. I complained about the noise and the PD came out and cited him (this was before he was alderman.) If I still lived there, I’d be supporting his opponent 100%, just to get this rule Nazi out of office.

  16. Geez , Rollin sure has let himself go , considering that only 4 years ago he was the world’s sexiest man . 😎

  17. Not the sharpest crayon in the box trying to play cop and/or ward boss. Maybe he didn’t do anything technically illegal but in today’s violent society it’s not very bright, especially lacking the training and tools that real officers have. Maybe that’s why police powers were taken away from aldermen and village trustees (yes, at one time they had them). Before that there was a legendary story of KPD captain (and later acting chief) Serpe arresting a guy in Pleasant Prairie. The hot shot defense lawyer thought he had a winner when he challenged the arrest except that while Capt. Serpe didn’t have arrest powers in Pleasant Prairie village trustee Serpe did.

    The city hires and trains people to enforce ordinances. The alderman isn’t one of them.

  18. I have to agree with this lady. I have lived in the area for over 20 years. He has been so annoying past few years since we have more minorities in the neighborhood he walks up and down only focusing on minorities he will park his car in front of your house n just stare or he walks his dog n I notice he only focuses on minority property. I have a white neighbor yard always a mess high grass dandelions all over next Block white family stuff all over curb doesn’t complain bout them or park in front of their house.
    Streets are dark as hell street light needed for years nothing he doesn’t worry about our safety. He always looks pissed at the world you say hi to him he keeps walking with his nose in the air.

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