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Kenosha Police Recommend Felony Charges Against Ousted County Board Supervisor Andy Berg

Andy Berg – Former Kenosha County Board Supervisor In Court
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

After reviewing dozens of pages of bank records, Kenosha Police believe that the embattled former County Board Member Andy Berg committed one or more felonies. According to a Kenosha Police spokesperson, many of the charges from Berg’s bank account for his non-profit “Garden of Eatin,” didn’t appear to benefit the non-profit at all, but instead, benefitted Berg, himself.

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Berg had served as a county board supervisor from 2016 to April of this year, being defeated by political newcomer Felix Garcia. Berg never won a contested race. He has been defeated in elections for Alderman in 2012, Sheriff in 2018, and finally, County Board in 2024.

“Garden of Eatin” Trailer
Kenosha County District Attorney Michael “Mike” Graveley (D) In Court
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Kenosha Police sent over a criminal referral to Kenosha DA Mike Graveley asking him to charge Berg with one or more felonies for theft (over $2,500). Since Graveley’s operating budget has a big chunk that is designated by the county board, a board the Berg once sat on, he referred the decision-making to the Milwaukee County DA’s office earlier this month.

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Andy Berg, 45, of Kenosha is accused of using donated funds from his non-profit charity, Garden of Eatin, for personal expenses. Garden of Eatin was purportedly set up by Berg to grow food in local gardens to donate to the poor and hungry. Garden of Eatin-Kenosha was approved for a tax-exempt status on February 23, 2016.

According to bank statements in the possession of KCE, law enforcement, and now the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office going back to about late 2021, Berg seemed to lavishly spend a large amount of money from a Chase checking account under the name “Garden of Eatin Kenosha.” Alleged expenses include:

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Brand New Tires For Berg’s Truck – $1,489.54
White Sox Game Spending with Berg’s Family – $232.74
Vacations/Entertainment/Cash Withdrawals – $7,134.27
Personal Cell Phone Bills – $1,418.12
WE-Energies – Gas/Electric/Cable For Berg’s Home – $1,639.09
Seemingly Personal Loan Payments – $1,628.83
Fuel and Retail Purchases – $3,151.60
Fuel/Tractor/Trailer/Repair $13,385.20
Online License Plate Search Fees To Attack Political Enemies and Violate DPPA – $100.85
Restaurants – $631.48
Real Estate License Annual Fee For Berg’s Real Estate Job – $114
Lego Store – $47.45
Haircut, Pedicure, Manicure – $108.75
UW Systems College Application Fee For Daughter – $56

(The above estimates were based on KCE plugging numbers into an excel spreadsheet. The number may not be accurate.)

Berg Facebook Post from August 12, 2023
Garden of Eatin Bank Statement August 12, 2023

Berg didn’t even seem to be careful with his expenses. For example, on August 12, 2023, Berg spent about $232.74 at a Chicago White Sox game using the Garden of Eatin Debit Card and even posted a photo of him and his family on the same day.

Berg convinced large corporations like Meier and Good Foods to donate thousands of dollars to his Charity, Good Foods has sent Berg a $10,000 check at least twice. Local churches also sent Berg money, apparently with the intent for Berg to use the money to do good in the community.

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KCE reached out to Berg’s biggest donors, Meijer, St. Mary’s Lutheran, and Good Foods in Pleasant Prairie. None wished to comment on the accusations.

Under 26 U.S. Code § 501, tax-exempt charities are required to provide any citizen with the last three years of filings. KCE has asked Berg repeatedly for these documents and Berg has ignored our requests.

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In early 2021, KCE told its readers that Berg was using assets from his non-profit to benefit himself financially. Specifically, a John Deer snowplowing tractor was donated to Garden of Eatin and Berg was advertising as a side business of clearing snow, using the donated tractor. The IRS is aware of this, and did nothing.

KCE also told its readers about Berg owing thousands of dollars in back taxes for a property he purchased with GOE funds. Berg is now delinquent with three other properties in Kenosha County.

Late last year, “Garden of Eatin”’s incorporation status with the State of Wisconsin was revoked by the state for Berg not filing paperwork or paying the fees for several years. The IRS ignored many complaints about Garden Of Eatin and still allows donations to be written off on one’s federal tax returns.

Berg also didn’t pay the bill for his website, It has now been hijacked by a marketing company that purchase websites that are deactivated due to non-payment.

WIth all of these bills going unpaid, it poses the question – Did Berg spend any of the donations on the actual charity?

Alexandra “Allie” Volz

Berg’s girlfriend, Alexandra “Allie” Volz was alleged to have done the accounting for Garden of Eatin for the last couple of years was contacted. She said she had “no comment” when asked if she was involved in any wrongdoing.

Berg is also facing a Wisconsin Ethics Commission Complaint for handing out tax-payer-funded materials in violation of state statutes. KCE won a public records lawsuit against Berg last month and a Kenosha Judge ordered him to turn over documents and legals fees to KCE within 30 days. Berg has neither turned over the documents nor paid our fees.

Berg first found himself in the public eye in 2012, when he ran for Alderman. He lost big. He took last place out of three candidates, running against incumbent Alderman, Anthony Kennedy (D). Kennedy told Berg that he would help him if he ran next time, not against him, but instead for the County Board. Andy did in fact run for the County Board in 2016 and won – because no one ran against him. He was re-elected again in 2018, 2020 and just recently in 2022. All four elections, he ran unopposed. He did run for Sheriff in 2018 and got beat badly in the primary by then-Sheriff’s Sgt. David Zoerner. This means Berg never won a contested election. Two of the three elections he lost by wide margins.

Berg is a Sergeant for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and also works as an amature homosexual-porn content creator. His name is Sergeant Hard. Berg’s close friends in the community include big-time criminals Ray Roberts and Sharmain Harris. He considers himself a Black Lives matter activist and isn’t shy that he is a far-left democrat.

KCE reached out to Berg many times to hear his side of the story. He hasn’t responded.



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41 Responses

          1. Daddy runs Unpleasant Prairie like his private kingdom, scamming money, under the table deals and land deals just to name a few.

  1. Can’t wait to see this douchebag perp walked into court! He’s been skirting laws and ethics for far too long. Time to pay the piper Andy (just not with GOE funds). The time to hold these public officials accountable is long past due. Make an example out this one and every other who decides they are above the law. Andy is used to walking the halls of the prison as a guard, soon he’ll be an inmate.

  2. You could always ask his “brother” Judge Kerkman what he knows. They are workout brothers, according to Bergs facebook posts.

  3. Kenosha DA’s office sends another serious felony case to Liberal Haven Milwaukee County. I’m sick of this, do your job and prosecute these criminals. Change is badly needed in Kenosha, vote Solis for our next DA.

    1. Actually glad it was sent to Milwaukee as they have some prosecutors with financial crimes experience.

  4. He will plea out for same wack misdemeanor and then post how innocent he was. He was just posting how experienced he is at gardening and no one should give him advice. Maybe he should garden instead of spend donated money. What a fucken douche

  5. Guy literally took thousands of dollars In donations and spent on himself? He bought the tractor, the one he used to snowblow and make money, and he’s selling? How the hell does anyone support him! He’s USED a charity to buy shit for himself! Anyone that supports him has to be blind! And stupid.

  6. Why are the Police recommending charges? Normally that is determined by the DA not the cops. Am I correct?

  7. Oh Andy and Kennedy both crooked…
    I worked in City Hall and village of Pleasant Prairie back in the day.
    Anthony Kennedy applied for job in a finance department. According to the law he wasn’t even supposed to be applying for the job. He was about to get the $60,000 your job. Until someone reported him to the city attorney’s office. You have to be unelected I believe 2 years. He was the finalist. That was a vote for Frank Pacetti to become city administrator.

    1. Another one Pacetti Kenosha sheriff’s department recommended charges against him. The Racine DA did nothing. Why doesn’t Gravely send these charges to the Department of Justice office?

  8. I worked in Pleasant Prairie village Hall and City Hall
    Corruption list:
    Bosman and Pacetti
    Anthony Kennedy
    John Steinbrick Jr
    John Steinbrink senior
    Michael Polikoff
    Andy Berg.

  9. Sgt Hard is a disgusting pervert. However, it is doubtful anything will happen to him since Kenosha seems to make deals with the libtards

    1. Wait until the IRS and Department of Revenue come after him for not paying income taxes on that income. That will be another great day.

  10. I’m usually not a fan of Kevin…. Unfortunately, he’s really opened up my eyes to all the hypocrites in this town. How can Andy’s friends sit back and avoid the fact that he stole all this money from the less fortunate?

    1. His friends are all unemployed that do the same thing. Look at his friends/supporters. His girlfriend is also unemployed and is his “book keeper” for the “charity”. So that tells ya his company.

  11. Look at his current post. He calls others dirt bags. He is so use to being a hypocrite and skating along he is blind to his own actions. He’s a class A hypocrite

  12. Kenosha County Board Chairman Daniel Esposito, 51, was arrested for theft from menards in 2019.
    The case against him in the hands of the Walworth County district attorney, despite the fact that the crime happened in Kenosha County.
    Jail records showed the theft was between $500 and $5,000. Esposito did not post bond and was released two hours after booking.
    Kevin Mathewson (Thank you Kevin ) brought up Esposito’s arrest, questioning his short stay in the county jail and his release without bond — alleging improprieties in the circumstances surrounding his booking and release.
    Esposito WAS given a sweet deal
    I’m sure hard will also.

    WHAT is going on with kenosha County board members?
    They control our tax dollars and they keep getting arrested.
    PLEASE Kevin keep on doing your great work!
    So MANY Kenosha County employees have quit under Kirkman there obviously is something wrong


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