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Kenosha Baby Dies Under Care Of Felon Parents and DCFS : Now DCFS Wants Other Kids Back Home

LEFT: Frederick Q Webb (31) and DCFS Director Ron Rogers (D)
Middle: Deceased Baby Alivia Webb
Right: Sharice Coleman and John Jansen (D)

DCFS Director Ron Rogers (D) and his boss John Jansen (D), want several children back home with their felon parents, Frederick Q. Webb and Sharice A. Coleman. This is, even after finding their home in deplorable conditions that led to the death of 39-day-old Alivia Webb.

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Alivia Webb

On March 26, 2021 baby Alivia’s life was cut short. Sharice Coleman and Frederick Webb, both convicted felons, were at home with their multiple children. They were already on DCFS’s radar. Webb and Coleman were co-sleeping with their newborn and another, older child. DCFS had warned them about not co-sleeping, and even purchased a pack n play for the family – a pack n play, that would instead be used for storage. Coleman and Webb were likely stoned when they were sleeping and smothered their baby. Alivia fell off the bed and landed between the bed and wall, smashing her face. She would lie dying and possibly suffocating on her own blood for several hours before her death. When police arrived at the home, they would find blood on Alivia’s face and coming out of her little nose. The paramedics couldn’t save her.

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The Police took photos of the house that was in deplorable condition – conditions DCFS knew about but ignored. Per Kenosha Police Officer James Karaway:

“The living conditions of the house were in a state of neglect. Garbage was observed throughout every room of the unit. The [pack n play] was filled with various items, as if it was used for storage instead of a sleeping place for small children. The kitchen had trash on the floor [and] the table. The oven door was open and the oven was on, providing heat to that room. The children could access the heated interior of the oven, as there was nothing blocking access. Dried drippings of an unknown substance were observed on the floors in the hallway and living room.”

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There were open containers of alcohol throughout the house, like a bottle of Remy Martin on the toilet, and drugs in the home.

Pack n Play Used As Storage and Not For Alivia
Oven Used To Heat Home
Hard Alcohol on Toilet
Other Kids’ Sleeping Conditions (No Linens)
Garbage in Living Room
Suspected Marijuana
Room Where Alivia Took Her Last Breath
Pediatric Medical Equipment Paramedics Used To Treat Alivia

DCFS worker Jason Straka arrived to the house that he had likely been to many times before. He sent the rest of the children to live with relatives.

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Due to legislation in Wisconsin, it is very difficult for prosecutors to charge parents with co-sleeping deaths, so Kenosha DA Michael Graveley decided against charges. DA Graveley told KCE that “[It’s a] very frustrating law and situation with co sleeping deaths.” Graveley couldn’t speak further about this case until next week due to a commitment.

Sharice Coleman (MOM)

Coleman and Webb are both convicted felons. On February 21, 2016, Coleman committed a home invasion in Kenosha County. She got into the house via a window when the homeowner was in the shower. She stole an Xbox, laptop and vehicle. She was charged with three felonies – burglary, theft of vehicle and theft of movable property over $2,500. She plead guilty to burglary.

Frederick Webb (DAD)

Frederick (Fred) Webb has a problem with beating women.

On May 4, 2018, he punched his girlfriend 6 or 7 times with a closed fist. She had bruises all over her body. He was found guilty of domestic battery and disorderly conduct, both with domestic abuse enhancers.

On April 3, 2019, police were called out to the couple’s home. Coleman was two-months pregnant and in the bathroom with her newborn baby. Webb kicked in the bathroom door, forcefully grabbed the baby, and started punching Coleman in the face and stomach, seemingly in an attempt to kill the unborn baby, because Sharice told him he wasn’t the father. The Kenosha DA’s office charged Webb with Domestic Battery and Disorderly conduct as felonies. They later reduced both charges to misdemeanors. Many prosecutors in this state would have charged Webb with attempted murder of the unborn baby.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice records show that Webb is a convicted felon, although we don’t know from which state he received the felony conviction(s).

ADA Emily Gaertner

On October 5, 2022 DCFS report number 9886415 was filed by Jenna Umbinetti, and Katherice Monrouzeau took the complaint. Webb’s 7-year-old son had marks on his neck and he told his foster parents that his dad choked him and shoved him against a wall becuase he wanted cereal. This was during a visit with Coleman and Webb. Unbelievably, with Webb’s history of violence, the visible bruises, and the child’s statements, Assistant District Attorney Emily Gaertner decided there was no crime committed. As of last week, there is another open investigation of abuse of one of the other living children. Sharice had another baby a few days ago and DCFS is letting mom have her new baby during the daytime hours.

DCFS Director Ron Rogers (D) and his Boss John Jansen (D)
(Photos by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

We reached out to DCFS boss Ron Rogers and his boss John Jansen and they didn’t have any comments. Ashley Daniels, a DCFS ongoing worker, doesn’t seem to care about marijuana and other drugs. She seemingly allows parents under her care to do them. Ron and John declined comment on that issue also. KCE has learned that DCFS is adamant about returning all children to Sharice Coleman and Frederick Webb. We reached out to County Executive Samantha Kerkman, the only person that can help, and asked if she would get involved and she responded:

County Executive Samantha Kerkman
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

“Upon learning of this case, I verified the state did its due diligence and conducted an investigation into the death of this child.

In my previous role, I was a strong advocate for children in Kenosha County and the state of Wisconsin, taking seriously any death of a child that has happened. As situations arose in Kenosha County, I used my ability as a legislator to change the laws to make them stronger.

My commitment to this issue has not wavered, and will not waiver in my role as county executive.”

Kerkman recently appointed Jansen to serve on her cabinet. He is among the most liberal employees in the County which puzzles many conservatives, who recall her solid conservative republican stances while in the State Assembly – voting for conservative measures like concealed carry and Act 10.

Supervisor Zach Rodriguez

Zach Rodriguez, a County Board Supervisor, who for many years has attempted to hold DCFS accountable, had the following to say: “During my time on the County Board, this isn’t the first instance that DCFS has dropped the ball. They need to get their act together and make sure the most vulnerable citizens, our children, are put into the best environments for their safety and well being. In this case, it is apparent to me that no children belong in the home of these individuals now, or ever again. I hope Kenosha County DCFS takes the correct steps to keep theses children safe.”

Attorney and County Board Member Terry Rose
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Long-time attorney and County Board Member Terry Rose had the following to say about this case:

“I call upon the County Board Human Services Committee to convene a meeting and authorize an investigation into the manner in which the case was handled by the Department of Human Services. The Committee should retain independent counsel and advise whether standards of good practice have been followed. We owe that to the community and the deceased child.”

County Board Supervisor and State Representative-Elect Amanda Nedweski

The chair of the Human Services Committee, county board member Amanda Nedweski will be sworn in next week as a state representative. She told KCE that she will continue to investigate this issue at both the county and state levels. Nedwesky recently held a hearing where many board members showed concern with DCFS. Among those were supervisor Brian Thomas and Supervisor Brian Bashaw. Thomas read one of our recent articles and was very concerned about what he saw and wanted to clarification on the policies. He printed the article and all of the photos to distribute to the committee.

Neither Kenosha Police, nor the DA’s office responded to our multiple inquires about not arresting Webb for allegedly choking his 7-year-old son.

If you have had any problems with DCFS, please contact us. We will keep you annonymous.



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39 Responses

  1. Bunch of bum ass losers. And to think our tax dollars support Thea lazy bums and the house they live In, and they trash it and live like homeless bums. Waiting for the comments on how the police did this and we don’t know the whole situation

  2. The County Executive said absolutely nothing in her statement. She is no longer a legislator and it is not relevant what she did in that role. She is now the county executive. Maybe she doesn’t understand that now the buck stops with her. She is now the “one”, not 1 of 99.

    1. I am starting to wonder about her, but after talking with my son about this he asked me, What COULD she do specifically about the situation…we are genuinely interested to know. What CAN she do that would keep this from happening again? Isn’t DCFs a state run program? Is she able to make changes to who runs the facility? Can she only have a say in COUNTY programs??? We(our family) does not know specifics of what she can do. If anyone knows for sure what she is legally able to do about any of this we want to know and if we can, hold her accountable. I dont think hiring someone like Jansen to work for her is a step in the right direction to get people to believe you are for the children though.

      1. She is the only one with the authority to fire Ron Rogers and John Jansen. She is the chief executive officer of the county and has full discretion over what the department does. She also could ask for State review of their recent decisions

  3. Any civil right attorneys in Kenosha available to get some “justice” for the dead baby? Clearly the “child” has rights. The County executive sees her state and county job like a Gucci bag, when a new style comes out, she’s gotta have it. Civil service… Haaaa! Pathetic.

  4. Yeah, this is all the county executives fault. If she did her job better than these parents would have become awesome human beings and that little baby would be graduating college right now.

  5. Funny. We can’t drink alcohol in any government funded building such as courthouses or post offices…. Why can there be alcohol , drugs, or cigarettes allowed in government funded apartments?? Should be the same rules…..

  6. If you want someone more useless than t**s on a bull. Have Ashley Daniel’s as your case worker. Trust me folks, I’m speaking from experience. This is an absolutely worst case scenario which unfortunately came true. But yes, the entire system sucks & is horribly broken. To many case workers have blinders on & follow this pie in the sky belief of reunification is the only acceptable goal. SO much is overlooked, ignored, swept under the rug, or “taken under advisement” & then summarily dismissed. As sad as this article made me, unfortunately, I was not surprised to read Ashley’s name.

    1. The same is with Racine DCFS!!! They reunited kids back to their parents who were charged with Felony Neglect leading to death of a child under 5 and 2 other Felony Neglect charges for the other 2 children under 5.

      To make matters worse, a call was made to DCFS for a wellbeing check on the kids 3 weeks prior and no one from DCFS checked on those kids and one died!! Had they done their job, perhaps that child would be alive today!!!

      After a year and a half, DCFS returned the kids to the parents who go to trial in April of 2023!!!

      DCFS needs to be put under a microscope and people need to be held accountable!!! But apparently no one gives a shit, except the family members on the father’s side!!! DCFS isn’t use to having educated people question their choices!!!

      1. Are those parents POC? Because I know 2 people who are white, who have had DCFS in Racine on them like flies on shit; both cases were unfounded allegations during custody battles. Turned their lives upside down. But both set of parents had the ability and the income to fight the false allegations.

  7. Typical response from KPD Sensitive Crimes investigators too…..check how many cases get closed out by that crew with ZERO response other than a convincing phone call to drop the charges because of the long court process “you don’t want to be involved in” and a quick 2 sentence line to close the case. Hundreds of abuse and sexual assaults get “closed” this way. Minds well just shred the files like Beckham did investigators, you are providing the same exact response, keep up the good work!

    1. I had case with DcFS and KPD with a bad situation with ex and our child. DCFS did nothing to help the KPD officer that came did a nice job but spent a lot of time telling me how she will write report and document and refer it to Sensitive crimes investigation. She told me over and over how once the investigator contacts me the first thing he will try to do is minimize case and try to convince me to drop it. I was upset at the cop because she spent ll this time telling me this and I thought to complaint about her. I didn’t but when I got a call from a detective the absolute first things he did was try to minimize the case and have me what he said was withdraw my complaint. The officer was right. She must have seen this a lot and is upset they do not do their job. Between DCFS and That KPD detectibves it was a struggle to get anything positive accomplished. 2 1/2 years later I’m still fighting but my child is now safe and with me. Had they done much of anything to begin with my child would have been safer sooner. It’s unimaginable these people let this go on and do more work to talk you out of going to court than to help you.

      1. Police take reports/complaints, and REFER them to dcfs, DA’s office, and so on. Police in WI have “zero” power to hold a juvenile in jail, in protective custody, or on emergency mental health detention- ZERO. Police beg the DA and dcfs to do their job, and then 2 weeks later get a Letter saying “thanks for your concern, no abuse was discovered in our investigation”………. They blow 95 percent of referrals off..

        1. Detectives are Police. Most seasoned cops are just working to receive their early age 55 pension and don’t give a fuck. Why? Because bootlickers pretend like these fucks care about the public, maybe 1 out of 4 do, but the rest are union lackeys that care more about brotherhood than serving.

  8. It’s a no win situation no matter what, and the only people who do well are those who collect a paycheck off of a useless system. We’d be better off running it like a dog pound where when you find the animal and horrible conditions you take it away and keep it in a big building with the other ones until decent people come along and adopt it. Continuously dipping a kid in s*** isn’t going to make it a success

  9. Finally Kevin you are learning that Samantha Kerkman is nothing but a cheap politician who cares only for her own advancement. I have expressed this to many in the KCGOP and been chastised. I’m right again! Plus, she is dumb as a bag of hair!

    1. I was a believer in her; you sir are correct, she is a bag of nothingness. GOP needs to move away from her quickly, no insight, no direction, complete loss and it’s a shame.

      1. I knew something was up when her ex started smoking sausage so they split, and both kept a low profile. I wonder what his take is on the death of a child?

      2. GOP itself did some pretty shady things a few years ago to other people who wanted to be put on the ballot(all republicans) and prevented them from getting g put on for Kenosha County. I’d be Leary of ANYONE regardless of party affiliation anymore! Check their voting history and go from there.

  10. WHEN are people going to rise-up and put a stop to this DCFS stuff???
    I’ll never forget the AJ Freund case in Crystal Lake Illinois a few years back.
    Folks seem to be able to “rise-up” for everything else.
    This stuff is endless, now.

  11. Why aren’t you posting anything on John Steinbrink Jr? Also, what is going on with their homes? NOBODY is seen going in or our of them? I drive by there almost every day and there is no activity. Sure, Christmas lights were put up, but nobody is ever there.

    Where is John SR. Living now? If he isn’t living in PP then he can’t be president from what I understand the rules are. Not sure if once someone from the village reads this they might quickly change that rule, but in that case….ANTONE want to become Village President? Need to get your paperwork and signatures in by Jan 3!!! 100-150 signatures needed. Also, two trustee positions #1 and #3. That’s so you can get on the February ballot! I sure hope someone steps up! We need to new blood in there to drain the swamp!

    1. Dude, this is about kids dying. No one gives a flying fuck about some old village hillbilly fuck who stole some money (at least not in comparison to kids dying).

      1. I’m not down-playing a child dieing! The more you have people like Jansen in office (who now works with Samantha Kerman) the more you will have kids dieing and not care! Steinbrink is part of the happy clan and we want them all out!~ So yes….if you want to make things better in Kenosha COUNTY, lets get them out and save children! Jansen should be fired, not given a position with Samantha Kerman who seems to not concern herself with this issue. Starting to wonder about her!

        1. One reason I could not vote for her and she’s a friend. As a legislator you can smile and get your picture taken, make promises that few people will hold you to and do things that seldom get scrutinized. When you’re the boss who has been elected you now have to actually do that job. I felt bad that we did not have better candidates for county executive. At least Kreuser worked with John Collins and had some idea of the job.

    2. Steinbrink, jr. is facing felony criminal charges.

      And, as it turns out, his suspension by the former village administrator may not be the reason (at least the sole one) for his departure. It does appear that the both parties honored the nondisclosure agreement but there were some issues with his performance and a past issue as well.

      Now back to Steinbrink, jr. He is charged with doing some corrupt things and should face justice for them. But did the village public works department not consistently do a better job on plowing snow than the city?

      I understand the desire to “drain the swamp” but we should have the best people with the best qualifications and not just elect some asswipes who are all mouth and no brains. Take a look at what the county board has become with them in office and the county is NOT run any better on THEIR watch. Tired of this political bullshit.

  12. Speaking from experience (former Kenosha foster parent here), Ron Roger’s is the problem. He is absolutely useless and needs to go NOW!! Ashley Daniel’s doesn’t make the final decisions on her own but she is known for her lack of communication, lack of follow up and tends to ignore many red flags. The system does NOTHING in the best interest for the children. We have to fight and fight to get the children services while the parents are handed everything. There is a foster parent crisis in Kenosha County because Ron Roger’s and certain caseworkers treat foster parents like crap. Now, not all the caeeworkers are horrible. In the past, we have had a number of good caseworkers but Ashley Daniel’s was by far the worse. When anyone complains to Ron about Ashley Daniel’s he ignores them. Ron wouldn’t even advocate for an increase in the monthly foster care stipend. Foster parents relieve 420.00 a month to care for a foster child while Ron collects a six figure paycheck to do nothing. How many more children have to die before Ron Roger’s is replaced??? DCFS needs changes and those changes need to start at the top!!! Anyone who wants more info and truths, talk to foster parents who actually care about the children. #fireronrogers

  13. If the taxpayers would just put 20 more million into revitalizing the uptown this wouldn’t happen…. That’s the true problem…

    1. Exactly, and the same amount into downtown, and a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the Pershing Plaza parking lot. Then if there’s any more money left, they should get some more disappearing white ink to paint the parking spaces downtown, and maybe $100 worth of tar and gravel for all the potholes.

  14. Sadly you are ignorant to what the laws allow. What has to be done to remove kids. And the fact there is no where to put them right now. You want to fix it? Open up your house and foster these kids then and advocate to your law makers about what needs to be done and funding for safe placement options. They are always hiring if you would like to apply and make the system better.

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