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Evers Failed Kenosha: Kenosha County Board Chairman

Kenosha County Board Chairman Gabe Nudo
(Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

Gabe Nudo – A Special To Kenosha County Eye

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Evers failed Kenosha and we all know it. The images of our city burning will forever be etched into our memory. You probably saw our former county executive Jim Krueser recently try to defend Governor Evers with a desperate op-ed in the Kenosha News. He called our attempts to highlight the complete failure by Governor Evers politically motivated. Well, let me set the record straight. It is not political — it’s personal. 

It was personal when we watched our city burn and saw family businesses go up in flames. It is personal to me that the images of Kenosha being lit on fire will forever be scarred in our memory. As some partisans try to rewrite history, we in Kenosha know the truth. We watched it on our TVs. We saw it from our front porches. And we won’t forget who failed to do their job and let it happen. 

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Governor Evers failed at the most important job as Governor – keeping citizens safe. In fact, his anti-police rhetoric fueled the flames of the riots in the first place. Tony Evers has a TV. All he had to do was turn on the news to see that there was obviously more he could be doing to stop the violence and destruction. As the leader of Wisconsin, he is the most powerful person in our state. It is his job and responsibility to keep us safe. He failed at his job and it was on full display for the world to see. 

It is also personal to me that there are those who are trying to defend the complete failure of Tony Evers to keep Kenosha safe. So Mr. Kreuser, if it wasn’t Governor Evers’ fault, then who’s fault was it? If he did “all you asked him to do” then why didn’t you ask him to do more when Kenosha was burning to the ground? I’m glad “former” county executive is now next to your name. Because the truth is – you failed Kenosha too. 

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While the memories of those fiery days will forever be etched into our memories and visible scars around our city still remain, we will move forward as a city. But we will not forget. Kenosha is a strong city full of great people who want to make our community a better place. I look forward to working with those who want to improve our city. But when I head to the polls on November 8th, I will remember the complete lack of leadership Kenosha saw from Governor Evers in our darkest hours and I hope you do too.

Gabe Nudo 

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Kenosha County Board 

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33 Responses

  1. Always remember this…..
    If Tony Evers sends in the National guard on the first night, nobody ever knows who Kyle Rittenhouse is.
    That is a fact and truth.

  2. Yada, yada, yada. All of this can be summarized in one sentence or even just the headline. Gabe, just what did the Governor not do — specifics, please. You sound just like those annoying commercials that force us to relieve this shit. You didn’t mention that both Governor Evers and Lt. Governor Barnes made improper comments that threw gas on the fire and they have never retracted them. They did and that was wrong. But how about giving us chapter-and-verse specifics, a timeline perhaps, instead of a bunch of noise like blowing smoke out of your ass.

    1. Yikes. All the typos. I think he/she meant “relive this shit.” But Nudo should have said something intelligent. He didn’t.

    2. Maybe JIm Kre(USER) is ccovering his ass. His op-ed
      Stated that the Governor did everything he asked for maybe it was his (Jim USER) incompetence for not asking for enough help and He is trying to place blame for Kenosha burning on the Governor and away from
      himself. They received 125 National Guard then 259 and then 500 why didnt local officials ask 500 to start. Maybe the Governor did what was requested but locals where incompetent. Why hasn’t the City Council or County Board done an independent review of the events. My guess is they don’t want the truth point
      at them

      1. Can the silliness with Kreuser’s name. It’s juvenile and pointless plus it takes away from your very good points. Just who was notified when and what did they do is what we need to know.

    3. A Conservative dairy farmer knows cow shit stinks and doesn’t need to explain why. A Liberal city slicker demands certified proof from a licensed professional that cow shit indeed stinks.

    4. You must’ve not actually read the article. He clearly mentioned Evers’ anti police theoretic fueling the riots. When you miss something that obvious, anything else you claim is now invalid.

  3. More word games. “Mobilizing” and “Activated” the first night sounds great, but all it meant was marshaling a force at a location an hour away from Kenosha. Evers set the tone by activating his inner Obama by his first comments, supporting the protest and fanning even unlit flames. ?

  4. Nudo is one of the finest county board supervisors money can buy (see his fundraiser for example — $500 club?). Instead of being such a tinhorn blowhard maybe he could actually do something meaningful like order up an independent study of what happened and the city, county, state and federal response. There has never been a good debriefing and it’s been two years. Nudo shares some of the blame if he doesn’t move on this.

  5. Here is exactly what Evers said to encourage the 2020 Democrat riots: ““While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country” He said this immediately after the justifiable shooting of career criminal Blake. Evers, as usual, had no idea in the world of what he was talking about. After refusing President Trump’s offer of help, Evers send a few National Guard but they had no arrest powers and primarily were placed to protect government buildings. When President Trump visited, he saw the destruction, said, essentially, that enough was enough and sent in Guard and US Marshall personnel who could make arrests. This, coupled with the actions of the heroic Kyle Rittenhouse, ended the riots. Evers should be in jail, yet idiots will vote for him. Go figure.

    1. The White House described itself as authorizing 2,000 National Guard troops to go to Kenosha. But Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp, who commands the Wisconsin National Guard, said that’s not really how that system operates.

      He described it this way when asked Aug. 31 what role the White House has played in the Kenosha response.

      “What I want to re-emphasize is the process is actually a governor-to-governor compact,” Knapp said. “Through the (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) process we had already started talking to other states (when the White House got involved), it’s one of the things we do right away during something like this.”

      I voted for Trump but he didn’t do jack shit with respect to the Guard.

    2. Exactly. And if Kyle hadn’t been there, Kenosha might have turned into another Portland, with the violence and destruction going on indefinitely.
      Evers’ failure to act was unforgivable and should be reason enough to bounce him out of office.

      BTW where was Antaramian during all this? He just kind of disappeared for the better part of the week.

  6. A business owner who suffered thousands of dollars of damage to my business the first night of the BLM burning of Kenosha . Evers and Mandela fanned the flames of the riots by making statements in the media degrading the police and calling the shooting of a career criminal during a lawful arrest a crime at the hands of the police. The first night and into the second our city went up in flames . Evers mobilized 125 national guard on stand by 125 miles away. He refused help from federal law enforcement officials for the next 2 days. Peoples lives were being burned and looted almost unchecked ! The police department was overwhelmed did did what they could . I spent 4days and nights non stop in the center of the storm. Evers, Barns let Kenosha suffer at the hands of professional criminals who flooded into Kenosha for the express purpose of destroying our city ! BLM was the favorite child of the day in Madison and turning a blind eye to Kenosha was Evers and Barns way of supporting them !

  7. To all of those Liberal minded people. Try has you must you can not rewrite history ! You can twist it try and cancel it and even lie about it until you actually believe it your self. You get a A for effort but it just won’t fly !

  8. I also had my business damaged. It was The 2nd night of the riot. I had insurance to cover my losses of the theft. I also suffered losses that werent covered. Like my business being boarded up for months waiting on glass. I was open but it was not like before. I will never forgive my governor for letting these troops in the city. I saw them staged all day. Doing nothing. Im sure they wanted to. Why not, they were already there and the police were working 18 hour shifts.

  9. Kevin, Barnes and Evers shot their mouths off for political purposes. You pal Nudo is doing the same. Shame on them all.

    There is plenty of blame to pass around. I agree the state’s response was tepid but the real culprit may have been the failure of KENOSHA officials to promptly ask for help. Everyone who messed up here should be held accountable.

  10. Let’s assume the Governor did everything local officials asked for as Kreuser states in his op-ed in the Kenosha News. Well then the responsibility falls with the local officials. As far as silliness with Kreuser’s name . He was referred to as jim User. King Kreuser and Vindictive Jim amongst most County Employees

    1. Why would we assume that the governor did everything that was asked for, when he didn’t and in addition to that he helped fuel the flames with his racist rhetoric? Why don’t we assume what really happened and continue to call out Evers for being a disgusting loser.

  11. Gabe Nudo failed Kenosha, too. He is not alone.

    What happened two years ago was very complicated. It had many causes. It should not happen again. But politicians from the governor to aldermen and county supervisors played politics (and still are). I agree that EVERY official, elected or appointed, needs to be held accountable here and Nudo is on the list. There should have been a through, independent study of what happened, what was handled well and what wasn’t so that not only can we hold laggards accountable but we can be better prepared in the future. That should have been done at least a year ago.

      1. Beat me tp it. Amazing how desperate people are to defend and protect pieces of poop like our governor and lieutenant governor while ragging on people who wouldn’t have let it go down that way in the first place and wouldn’t have shot their mouths off like miniature Obama’s playing the race card before they even had the fax.

        1. I don’t see anyone here defending Evers or Barnes. Remember that the request has to come from Kenosha. I heard it took hours for the first request for help to be made and even four hours for the state patrol and outside agencies to be ordered in.

      2. Gabe is chair now and he can do more than fire off his mouth. Just another political hack, just like the rest of them, left and right.

    1. What happened, wasn’t very complicated at all. Just very inconvenient to the cowards who refused to do their jobs in getting the necessary help to crush feral humans.

  12. For the record, I found a notebook with a list of hotel rooms and cities in it. It looked like something that might prove that these people were imported from other places. Paid to riot, and put up in hotels across the country. I tried to give it to the police and he was very reluctant to take it. It was a set up from day one and those who could help were told to stand down.

  13. Evers?
    “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it”.
    Kenosha deserves much better than Evers and his infamous Gang

  14. Anyone that was working in the Safety Building the nights of the riots knows that the National Guard did everything within their statutory authority.

    They were professional and effective. Evers dispatched the NG as soon as requested.

    It was documented that the failure to request the NG was a local issue and not one of the governors.

    Get your facts correct.

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