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Kenosha County Board Member Alleged To Have Embezzled Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars From His Charity

Andy Berg – Kenosha County Board Supervisor, Executive Director, Garden of Eatin, INC
(File Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)

A member of the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors is allegedly under investigation by law enforcement for embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from a charity that he founded and currently runs. Andy Berg, 45, of Kenosha is accused of using donated funds from his non-profit charity, Garden of Eatin, for personal expenses. Garden of Eatin was purportedly set up by Berg to grow food in local gardens to donate to the poor and hungry. Garden of Eatin-Kenosha was approved for a tax-exempt status on February 23, 2016.

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According to bank statements in the possession of KCE and law enforcement going back to about late 2021, Berg seemed to lavishly spend a large amount of money from a Chase checking account under the name “Garden of Eatin Kenosha.” Alleged expenses include:

Brand New Tires For Berg’s Truck – $1,489.54

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White Sox Game Spending with Berg’s Family – $232.74

Vacations/Entertainment/Cash Withdrawals – $7,134.27

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Personal Cell Phone Bills – $1,418.12

WE-Energies Gas/Electric/Cable For Berg’s Home – $1,639.09

Seemingly Personal Loan Payments – $1,628.83

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Fuel and Retail Purchases – $3,151.60

Fuel/Tractor/Trailer/Repair $13,385.20

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Online License Plate Search Fees To Attack Political Enemies and Violate DPPA – $100.85

Restaurants – $631.48

Real Estate License Annual Fee For Berg’s Real Estate Job – $114

Lego Store – $47.45

Haircut, Pedicure, Manicure – $108.75

UW Systems College Application Fee For Daughter – $56

(The above estimates were based on KCE plugging numbers into an excel spreadsheet. The number may not be accurate.)

Berg Facebook Post from August 12, 2023
Garden of Eatin Bank Statement August 12, 2023

Berg didn’t even seem to be careful with his expenses. For example, on August 12, 2023, Berg spent about $232.74 at a Chicago White Sox game using the Garden of Eatin Debit Card and even posted a photo of him and his family on the same day.

Berg convinced large corporations like Meier and Good Foods to donate thousands of dollars to his Charity, Good Foods has sent Berg $10,000 check at least twice. Local churches also sent Berg money, apparently with the intent for Berg to use the money to do good in the community.

KCE reached out to Berg’s biggest donors, Meijer, St. Mary’s Lutheran, and Good Foods in Pleasant Prairie. None wished to comment on the accusations.

Under 26 U.S. Code § 501, tax-exempt charities are required to provide any citizen with the last three years of filings. KCE has asked Berg repeatedly for these documents and Berg has ignored our requests.

In early 2021, KCE told its readers that Berg was using assets from his non-profit to benefit himself financially. Specifically, a John Deer snowplowing tractor was donated to Garden of Eatin and Berg was advertising as a side business of clearing snow, using the donated tractor. The IRS is aware of this, and did nothing.

KCE also told its readers about Berg owing thousands of dollars in back taxes for a property he purchased with GOE funds. Berg is now delinquent with three other properties in Kenosha County.

Just last month, Garden of Eatin’s incorporation status with the State of Wisconsin was revoked by the state for Berg not filing paperwork or paying the fees for several years.

Berg also didn’t pay the bill for his website, It has now been hijacked by a marketing company that purchase websites that are deactivated due to non-payment.

WIth all of these bills going unpaid, it poses the question – Did Berg spend any of the donations on the actual charity?

Alexandra “Allie” Volz

Berg’s girlfriend, Alexandra “Allie” Volz was alleged to have done the accounting for Garden of Eatin for the last couple of years was contacted. She said she had “no comment” when asked if she was involved in any wrongdoing.

Berg first found himself in the public eye in 2012, when he ran for Alderman. He lost big. He took last place out of three candidates, running against incumbent Alderman, Anthony Kennedy (D). Kennedy told Berg that he would help him if he ran next time, not against him, but instead for the County Board. Andy did in fact run for the County Board in 2016 and won – because no one ran against him. He was re-elected again in 2018, 2020 and just recently in 2022. All four elections, he ran unopposed. He did run for Sheriff in 2018 and got beat badly in the primary by then-Sheriff’s Sgt. David Zoerner. This means Berg never won a contested election. Each and every election in which he had an opponent, he lost by a wide margin.

Berg is a Sergeant for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and also works as an amature homosexual-porn content creator. His name is Sergeant Hard. Berg’s close friends in the community include big-time criminals Ray Roberts and Sharmain Harris. He considers himself a Black Lives matter activist and isn’t shy that he is a far-left democrat. On September 24, of this year, he responded to an email from a concerned tax-payer saying “Anyone who supports a 17 year old to go to another state to shoot and kill people, need (sic) to have their mental health checked.” He also posted on Facebook an untrue speculation about who gave Kyle Rittenhouse the AR-15 he used to defend himself. After the man who gave him the rifle confessed to police, he kept his comment up, doubling down on his untrue statement. Berg has also challenged a colleague and another citizen to physical fights recently. Berg has criminal convictions for drugs and an OWI.

KCE reached out to Berg many times to hear his side of the story. He hasn’t responded.

Redacted Bank Statement



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100 Responses

  1. Something we all knew for years and KCE finally proves it! Andy Berg is the scum of Kenosha, who has lied his way to relevancy. What kind of low life pockets donations that were given in order to help feed our community’s less fortunate??? If his alter-ego porn scandal wasn’t enough, I sure hope this is! He is a stain on our community and needs to resign immediately, otherwise the county board should take measures to remove him. He’s never won a contested election and we can flush this rag once and for all in April. Can’t wait to see him perp-walked into bond court with fraud charges!

  2. You are mistaken on the requirements under CFR26. You are not entitled to the organization’s accounting. You are entitled to their IRS filings, but you are not entitled to even information as to who is donating. Please check your facts and report accurately so your readers actually understand the law when it comes to exempt organization reporting requirements to the public.

    1. From IRS website:

      What tax documents must an exempt organization make available for public inspection and copying?
      An exempt organization must make available for public inspection its exemption application. An exemption application includes the Form 1023 or Form 1023-EZ (for organizations recognized as exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3)), Form 1024 or Form 1024-A, as applicable, (for organizations recognized as exempt under most other paragraphs of section 501(c)), or the letter submitted under the paragraphs for which no form is prescribed, together with supporting documents and any letter or document issued by the IRS concerning the application. A political organization exempt from taxation under section 527(a) must make available for public inspection and copying its notice of status, Form 8871.

      In addition, an exempt organization must make available for public inspection and copying its annual return. Such returns include Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income TaxPDF, Form 990-EZ, Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income TaxPDF, Form 990-PF, Return of Private FoundationPDF, Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnPDF, filed after August 17, 2006, Form 990-BL, Information and Initial Excise Tax Return for Black Lung Benefit Trusts and Certain Related Persons, and the Form 1065, U.S. Partnership Return of Income.

      Returns must be available for a three-year period beginning with the due date of the return (including any extension of time for filing). For this purpose, the return includes any schedules, attachments, or supporting documents that relate to the imposition of tax on the unrelated business income of the charity.

    2. Sounds like something that a flaming liberal democrat like Ted Kmiec would say while ignoring all of the sick shit that Berg has done! Fuck off!!!

  3. How did KCE end up with copies of the bank statements? Is there a law enforcement agency investigating this, is that where your access to bank statements comes from? It is very concerning that you can get this and post it, even if they are a nonprofit, did chase just give you a copy of this bank statement? If it came from law enforcement it is MORE concerning that they accessed it and gave it to you-even if FOIA.

    1. How did KCE end up with copies of the bank statements? [None of your business]
      Is there a law enforcement agency investigating this, is that where your access to bank statements comes from? [Yes, and of course law enforcement didn’t give me them.]

      1. And there you have it Another corruption in Kenosha, It would interesting to see what he has in storage or hidden over at u haul that he pays every month for .Im sure its not good! Well lets see how DA office handles this one . This guy is something else.

      2. Exactly! None of their business! Only a flaming liberal dumocratic moron would ignore all of Bergs sick ass bullshit and bring up a question like this! Sounds like Kmiec to me! If so, fuck him!

        1. No, only a dumb ass WOULDN’T question how someone got another person’s bank statements. It’s all okay until it’s yours, I’m sure.

    2. Hi ‘Anonymous’ or should we just call you Andy? Or better yet, SGT Hard?? Nice to know you’re reading! You should be more concerned about the legal issues you will soon find yourself in and less about how your scheme came to light. I’d hire a decent attorney if I were you, just dont use GOE dollars for it….

    3. Spoken like a true liberal. Forget ALL THE EVIDENCE in front of you of wrongdoing and focus on how it was obtained. Crooked mind set.

        1. Hahaha. You a defense attorney? Sadly many career criminals and crooks have gotten off due to the way “evidence obtained “, it doesn’t make them any less of a criminal for the deeds they have done.

  4. Watching and waiting for him to be arrested has renewed my will to live.

    Not all heroes wear capes, Mr. Mathewson 🦸

  5. This is just another example of the systemic corruption that exists in Kenosha. The incestuous power structure has engaged in this type of behavior for generations. They have a sense of entitlement because they are rarely to never held accountable.

    I have to say that if it wasn’t for the KCE. We would never know about this. The Kenosha News enables this corruption by its refusal to report on these types of things

  6. Wow! This dude is unbelievable! He begs for donations from people and he’s getting checks for $10,000 multiple times? Holy shit!

  7. GREAT job Kevin on keeping these politicians responsible for their actions.

    What is going on with Kenosha county board members? Not long ago Kenosha County Board Chairman Daniel Esposito was arrested for retail theft from Menards, and that quietly went away.
    Now Andy, Berg, you uncover more theft.

    Kenosha county board members be trusted with our tax dollars?
    What is going on in Kirkman’s house? Seems to be a free-for-all with no accountability.

      1. Yep. Bad. Pretty scary when we’re looking for other employment because of HR, and they don’t give a crap about retention.

  8. This dude is still asking for money on his wack election campaign!!!! How much money does this clown take for free! My god

  9. So wait. He does this and is accepting money and spending it on himself all while saying he’s helping the community, and his buddy Kennedy is accepting checks and bribes for the casino? WTF world do we live in!!! I wonder if all the people he begs for donations from knows he received multiple thousand dollar checks! What does a garden need that much money for when every event he begs for supplies and donations!!!! Wake the fuck up

  10. Not surprised. Him or Anthony Kennedy.
    Then you have the other corrupt community Steinbrink in Pleasant Prairie we’re nothing’s been done yet.
    The father still is in power.
    So is the former village corrupt the administrator.
    Stealing from the taxpayers and the giving public.
    Unbelievable. No justice. Wow WOW

    1. There are new faces in Pleasant Prairie. Monica and Mike now face a challenges against true conservatives. There are many seats up for grabs in Pleasant Prairie. Watch. Ready for change? All you have to do is spread the word and vote.

    2. Haribo is expanding , so John Steinbrink Jr. can buy a couple more wood chippers and expand his pool !!!

  11. It obviously don’t affect him. Hes still asking for more money for his campaign. Democrat way is free money for nothing. Good job Andy, and you’re a parent? Amazing role model.

  12. County board supervisor wow taking advantage of people….
    And I agree the corruption Pleasant Prairie is too extreme…
    Most of the trustees.
    The former village administrator.
    Steinbrinks plural.
    No justice.

  13. Thank you Kevin for bringing all to light about Andy. Andy Berg is a corrupt, dirty, narcissistic, short terd. He is an embarrassment to the military uniform and hopefully this terd will finally flush once and for all.

  14. Hasn’t Alderman Kennedy said this is his favorite County Supervisor? Hmmm birds of a feather.
    All Vets at the Legion hall should throw this guy out too! Of course nothing will happen most likely. Kenosha politics goes on and on with no consequences!

    1. He is a Veteran and is qualified to be in the Legion, DVA, and any other Veterans group. Everything here I am sure can be explained.

    1. Felix is my neighbor and he’s a really good family oriented man! He’s helped me with my yard when I was very sick and other neighbors as well. He has a good soul.

  15. The rush to vote for approval of the Casino and Berg’s corruption should raise questions of who profits/benefits from its existence. You don’t need to think too hard when you already know the answer.

  16. And there you have it Another corruption in Kenosha, It would interesting to see what he has in storage or hidden over at u haul that he pays every month for .Im sure its not good! Well lets see how DA office handles this one . This guy is something else.

  17. Well that tractor your referring to that he also used to make money off of doin snow, he has been trying to sell. Guess when the donations get spent, you sell other donations

  18. Just another sick ass, libtarded, dumocratic, egotistical, arrogant, piece of shit, crooked ass, political…..PRICK!!!! DRAIN THE KENOSHA SWAMP!!!!

  19. If you’re a homosexual, you can do no wrong in this town so let your liberal freak flag fly and nobody’s gonna say anything to you because you’re a homosexual..

  20. You get what you vote for Kenosha. Berg and Kennedy are prime examples of the people we the people have running our community. These people and others like them are alive and well and sitting on the city council and county board . These two stooges are the only ones to get caught . Remember that next time you vote for a incumbent candidate.

  21. This guy needs to be locked up with the key thrown in a toilet and flushed. Anyone associated with this egregious behavior also needs to be arrested. Why is Kenosha so corrupt?

  22. Maybe Andy is getting legal help from Jennifer Paine, the disbarred clown running Women and Childrens’ Horizons, who was exposed on KCE. Kenosha News didn’t have the balls to touch that one, either. Kevin, can you get the IRS 501C3 tax returns for Berg’s Good Eatin’s?

  23. I find this disgusting and sad. Monies that should’ve went to help families in the Kenosha area. What’s even more disturbing and disgusting and sad is that nothing will be done. Just like that idiot from Pleasant Prairie that stole thousands and thousands of dollars. Nothing happened to him neither. He even retired with his full pension.

  24. Prepare yourselves for the Kenosha County DA’s office to do nothing. The crazy amount of corruption in Kenosha County did not reach these levels by chance. The Democrats have done nothing but rob the taxpayers for decades, and no one is ever held accountable.

  25. I have tried to find info on Felix Garcia so that I can help him beat this complete fraud. Please reply with any info. Enough of Sgt. Hard!

  26. Kevin isn’t Berg an American Legion member too? I have relatives in that group I’m sure they wouldn’t want him in their midst. Have any contacts there?

  27. Prepare yourselves for nothing to happen. Prolly re elected and continue to be who he is. This town is more corrupt than ever. And no one does anything about it. Congratulations Mr Berg on being the laughing stock of Kenosha while you rake in money. Also, while you are applying for veterans comp, after posting how bad America is. You are a disgrace. Hope you read this and realize how hated you are. And your a father? Wow

  28. Geez Andy , it’s been a rough couple of weeks .
    First , the whole gay porn thing, and now it turns out , you’re an actual criminal. You may want to rethink your priorities.

  29. I can hardly wait until the next investigation comes out
    regarding one of the most recent associations to be in the news.
    Maybe just waiting to let the guy rack up enough personal spending.
    I know his reputation and he just loves flashing cash all over town.

  30. What shows the mentality of the left and the clowns. It’s all posted, showing he used donations. And what a garden needs donations in the 10’s of 20’s thousand is beyond me, while he ask for donations for pumpkins and such, bank statements show he used the account. Anywho, he still posts it’s a lie and not true. But idiots like him will share and post anything regarding a republican a believe it, hypocrites are insane.

    1. It is how they operate and all these “charities” are connected and donate to each other. Where did St Mary’s get 3k to contribute to Sgt Hard phony garden? Aren’t they all connected to CUSH as well? What other organizations are on bed together? Kevin, you should do a deep dive on this…

      1. I would like to see Andy actually respond with facts. He’s on Facebook calling it lies. Well how does a backyard garden cost that much in donations? And he asks for more at each “event” so let’s follow the money berg

  31. Liberals can see the evidence in their face and call it “gossip” and not facts if it don’t fit their agenda. But see a meme about trump and its facts. Idiots

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